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This Is Russell Landing: Flagler County’s Idea of a Homeless Camp

| March 6, 2019

russell landing

The shack at Russell Landing. (© FlaglerLive)

There was a sunny headline atop a Flagler County government news release issued in mid-afternoon Tuesday: “Flagler County takes action to improve difficult situation of the homeless.”

The release explained how the county had issued a “notice to vacate” to the homeless people clustered in a makeshift camp behind the Flagler County Public Library off Palm Coast Parkway, offering up an alternative. In the release’s wording, “the county-owned campsite at Russell Landing, assistance getting there, and transportation to and from the west side park location and a central location in town.” The release states the arrangement would be temporary.

“The site at Russell Landing offers running water, electricity, toilets, a shower, and a sink,” the release stated, with bus runs daily at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and individual transportation available on a case by case basis.

The reality is as far from an “improvement” as calling Russell Landing a “park.” It is barely a campground.

Few people in Palm Coast or Flagler have heard of Russell Landing until now because it is hardly ever visited. It is as far west and south of barely driveable Flagler befiore you hit water. It is literally at the end of the road–at the very end of County Road 2007, if you’re interested in the murky waters of Haw Creek, and at the end of another, lesser and unnumbered road, if it’s the campground the county has in mind for the homeless.

shack russell landing

Inside the shack. (© FlaglerLive)

Calling it a campground is a stretch, though it is occasionally used by boy scouts, according to one of two county maintenance men who were there this morning, repairing some electrical wiring by way of preparing the place for its eventual guests. The quick repairs suggest the wiring was subpar when the county decided to make it a homeless site.

The Russell Landing campground is actually a small shack roofed by corrugated iron, with a few cavities where doors and windows would normally be. No actual windows, no door. There’s nothing by way of amenities, including places to sit, aside from a bench outside the shack. There is electricity only in the shack, not elsewhere in the campground. (The electricity was off this morning, as the men rewired.) There are no lights anywhere in the campground, making it ideal, say, for stargazing, though it’s not likely the homeless will bring their telescopes.

Sink and shower. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Sink and shower. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

“Running water” is a stretch, too: the water spurts out of the single sink in the shack at more of a halting pace, and only from the cold water faucet. The hot water faucet produced nothing. Same thing in the one available shower a foot and a half next to the sink, an unseemly space good enough for one slender person. The shower is powerful enough, as is the well-water’s sulfurous aroma. The hot-water faucet was not functioning this morning. The floor of the shower would strongly recommend shower sandals.

Campsite bathrooms are fabled ground for all sorts of interesting organisms, and the two stalls in the shack, undifferentiated by sex, are no exception, though it’s common for long-standing water in a toilet bowl to curdle into indescribable colors. The floor at the foot of the stalls, which can’t be flushed, is another story. There was some toilet paper in the dispensers, though no visible evidence of spare rolls.

The campground is certainly rustic, quiet, surrounded by greenery–if you’re there to rough it for a few days, with the necessary equipment and vehicles should it become necessary to leave. Visitors to the campground usually come so equipped. But it is as isolated as it gets. The county news release did not mention anything about Russell Landing’s distance from town. It is 16.5 miles from the intersection of State Road 100 and Belle Terre Parkway, 22 miles to the library. It is accessible through 2.3 miles of dirt road off of County Road 2006, the last 0.6 miles being more dirt, ruts, grass and small craters than anything that can be called a road.

One of two stalls in the shack. Someone did not remember to put down the seat. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

One of two stalls in the shack. Someone did not remember to put down the seat. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

And that portion was actually gated and locked today: it took a county worker to unlock the gate and allow access to the campground. The sign at the gate is not inviting. Though it includes the universal icon for campgrounds, it also states: “Authorized personnel only.” De-authorized from the library campsite, the homeless will presumably be authorized personnel at Russell landing. There’s no telling what the path would look like during downpours.

The isolation is complete: there is no cell reception to speak of, so if an individual falls ill or gets in trouble, there is no way to call out, and if that individual has no vehicle, there is no way out: there is only the wait for the next county bus at 10 a.m. The site’s location demonstrably does not improve the safety of its dwellers.

That’s what the county is calling “action that will improve the difficult living situation for the homeless.” The news release quotes the county’s facilities director saying that “We are making every accommodation we can think of to help our homeless.”

A visit to Russell Landing suggests that that may be true only if the homeless were into dabbling in a few weeks of Flagler County’s version of Outward Bound, whose logo would be a fitting welcome to the campground: “Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.”

Note: an article on county and city officials’ reactions and explanations about the move on the homeless will follow later this afternoon.

russell landing

The view in front of the shack. (© FlaglerLive)

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62 Responses for “This Is Russell Landing: Flagler County’s Idea of a Homeless Camp”

  1. Laurie says:

    It’s nothing elegant by any means, but it has more amenities than living in a tent behind the library. Those that condemn this idea, how about you take the homeless into your private homes, or allow them to live in your yard in a tent. What do you propose as a more permanent solution?

  2. Anon says:

    I know for a fact that some of these people have jobs. Has anyone even studied the problem? They ride their bikes or walk to their jobs. They use whatever sinks are available to get washed. This seems like a horrible situation.
    I know people will say that these people brought it upon themselves, but don’t judge them so harshly without knowing the situation. There but for the grace of God …….
    Who thought of this?

  3. Really says:

    Some of these folks, straight from Daytona being the acid test, want nothing to do with any relocation for various reasons. Its a long term problem, but, better than having homeless behind a Public Library.

  4. Eric R says:

    What? No premium cable, HBO or WiFi. Shameful!

  5. Keep Flagler Beautiful says:

    Sorry we can’t offer them Beverly Hills, but this is a lot better than what most counties or cities offer. Homeless people in LA live under freeway trestles or alongside roadways in endlessly long encampments. I’m not saying either scenario is ideal, but why criticize a county that is trying to make an effort? If I had nowhere else to go, that building would look quite appealing. It’s all relative, isn’t it.

  6. CT says:

    So this park which the Scouts and other groups have used is no longer going to be a safe place to camp & have activities. Where do those groups go now??

  7. atilla says:

    It looks like an upgrade and perfect for those people. Head southwest, you can’t miss ti.

  8. Dave says:

    This seems more like an attempt to hide and sweep the problem under the rug! How will the homeless feed themselves without nearby buisness dumpsters? How will they make money without anyone around to donate or panhandle from!? How can you seriously expect people to survive out there? How will they get access to medical attention? This is very telling about the ones in charge and how they have no clue what they are doing. We need to keep our homeless close to town so they have access to the city and its amenities. It’s how they survive.

  9. Saddened says:

    I am deeply saddened by this whole situation. “But by the Grace of God go I” might be something that each and everyone of us could say to ourselves. And this is the best the county can do? Really??? This is what the so called brightest and best of our elected officials can come up with? REALLY?

  10. Not a freeloader says:

    And you’re complaining. That’s better than they had. Many of these people choose to live that way and we’re giving them free transportation, a place to shower and go to the bathroom instead of the Woods. Get them off the freaking parkway! If they can stand in 100 degree weather and panhandle surely they can flip a freaking hamburger or pack a grocery bag! About time something was done to control the situation. How about an ordinance to prevent panhandling now.

  11. Thomas Miller says:

    This is absolutely stupid. These people are going to destroy the landing

  12. Ben Hogarth says:

    To you or me perhaps FlaglerLive… but to a homeless persons eyes or that of Craig Coffey this is the 4 star hotel of camping. In fact, while we are at it, let’s extend an invitation to the homeless all around the State to stay at the luxurious Craig Coffey “eco cottage” suites in Princess Place. God knows, it’s the only tourism the County will ever see in the post-coffeygate Flagler County.

    With both sarcasm and satire aside, you have to wonder how Flagler County got to this point. Why was the problem ignored for so long? And at what point is the community going to resolve itself to more action than the worn-out clamor of “NOT IN MY BACK YARD!” Each homeless person is a unique story, with a unique problem, and will require a unique solution. So cast those nets far and wide – while you can. Real problem solving takes an incredible amount of collective effort and dedication. This solution is at best, extremely temporary.

    Sad to say that the Future of Flagler County is very bleak. I suspect you will see a steady drop off of home sales and a rise in homes placed onto the market for sale. As other commenters have lamented in prior articles, the tax rates are the highest they can be for the lowest services they have. So many mistakes and more than a decade of mismanagement – an absolute tragedy and I cannot imagine how the County will dig itself out from this abyss.

    If anything Commissioners – let the homeless crisis serve as a testament to mismanaged (lost) decade Flagler County just ended. It’s up to you to determine where you (and they) go from here.

  13. Me says:

    This sounds like Donald Trump build a Wall to keep them out, So, this is how the County Officials and the City of PC resolve their homeless situation, put them on a bus and shipped them out of town. Out of sight out of mind.
    No compassion, no humanity, no resolution solved, just ship them out of our sight. And, then to read no cellphone reception in case of an emergency. Let this all play heavy on your shoulders when something, happens out there and no way for them to call for help, Shame on all of you.

  14. Stretchem says:

    Pathetic. Move the animals to this “camp” and repurpose the Humane Society on US1 to shelter, feed, and medicate the homeless.

  15. Jen says:

    Currently the homeless population is just that (homeless)! Living in tents with no water, no bathroom, no roof, no shower, and no transportation. I can understand that the idea of putting the homeless population out here in this environment may seem harsh, but at least the county is trying to do something temporarily. It angers me that this piece was written as a poor poor pitiful homeless population when in fact it would improve not only their situation a little, but also improve the area when they are currently living, stealing from, and actively engaging in their illegal activity. I mean at least they can go live their and then I am sure the county will be more inclined to build them a free gated community <— Sarcasm. It seems to me that the fact that the county is willing to put them up for free in this area and also making small improvements to make it a little more comfy is at least better than what they have now. That is if you do not include the free WIFI provided by the library. I mean they can even be transported to and from work (begging for money at all your big intersections and Walmart). Oh and lets not forget that those people that are on drugs and/or alcoholics will not be welcome to the homeless shelters that are eventually built which is why they are homeless outside to begin with. We have programs for transitioning families and I do not know about anyone else, but I haven't seen any homeless kids out there. so unless you are willing to provide food, shelter and running water for free at your house, I would suggest that maybe we give the county the opportunity to do what they are doing.

  16. Disgruntled Bunnell Resident says:

    How about the city of palm coast/flagler government officials, bus these people back and forth to palm coast where they are coming from? Since some of them may or may not already have jobs there… ha dont put it off on other residents in a different city who already have a problem with drugs and homeless population? Holland park has recently been renovated and has plenty of space bathrooms water fountains etc How about relocating them there? How does that sound mayor? There also wont be any need to bus them since they can walk anyway they need to go

  17. Flagler Local says:

    “We are making every accommodation we can think of to help our homeless.”….How about the homeless try helping themselves and get a J-O-B like everyone else. They won’t as long as the county continues to hand them a roof over their heads, running water and electricity. Everyone can start on the mental illness parade but let’s face it, most of the homeless are too lazy to work, drug addicts or have a criminal history. I feel bad for the residents who live out there because the crime rate is going to blow up. The only thing the homeless are going to do out there is trash the place and break into peoples properties which has been proven time and time again. Flagler county I’m a little short on my electric bill this month, think you could help me out while you’re busy giving out handouts?

  18. Concerned Citizen says:

    Out of site out of mind.

    Instead of addressing the homeless situation the county is moving them out of Palm Coast. I can only see how this will worsen the situation not improve it. By sticking them this far out with no resourcess they are hoping to forget them.

    It’s ashame that with all this money the county has to waste that none of it goes towards shelters. Our BOCC is only interested in wasting money on projects they get kick backs from.

    Remember this next election. It’s time for fresh faces and for us to have Commisioners that represent us and not special interests.

  19. Knows Jack says:

    Even as bad as you portray this camp to be please tell us how where they are is better for them and the rest of the community.

  20. Fredrick says:

    These people need help. Some will accept and be thankful some have deeper issues that will leave them unable to move on from their present state. Some people referred to the those encamped near the library refereed to the as a “problem”. How about offering a hand instead of a boot.

  21. Representation has failed us AGAIN says:

    Despicable! This is not even fit for an animal to reside let alone a human. Those in the county who made this decision should be immediately fired! If not all homeless people in the county are not treated the same, the county should be sued.

  22. palmcoaster says:

    Thank you Flagler LIve for your dedication and courage to report to us all the miserable conditions that they want to enforce into those library grounds homeless campers…Shame on the FCBOCC and anyone in government that will agree to this forced migration to a place worst than the want they were until now. I can see again and as usual the county taxpayers mainly Palmcoasters paying for any potential ensuing lawsuits.

  23. Flagmire says:

    Whoever thought this was a good idea please identify yourself so we can never listen to you again.

  24. lnzc says:

    Russell is a whole lot better than our service men are living in

  25. Dan Floyd says:

    I am in disbelief at the people complaining about the “accommodations”. I have dealt with the homeless. They are given every opportunity to live a clean and sober life and most don’t want any part of it. We spend money and resources to try and make their life better and they end up right back on the streets. If anyone thinks we aren’t spending enough on the problem, feel free to throw away your money on beer and drugs and donate. if you think the “accommodations” are sub-standard, I’m sure there is room at your house. Practice what you preach, otherwise stop telling me that I must keep throwing my money away.

  26. Local says:

    How about a nice city park in palm coast? Oh ….ok….

  27. The original woody says:

    A roof over there heads,running water,toilets,power and taxi service and people are complaining?Then more them in your house.

  28. Pogo says:

    @Let them eat cake

    Will resident rump attend the ribbon cutting?

    In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread.
    – Anatole France

  29. atilla says:

    It sounds like Bunnell wants them so they don’t have be disgruntled.

  30. Just a thought says:

    You have to ask why. They are living on Couny land within the city limits of Palm Coast. Palm Coast is forcing the county to evict and clean up the property. Why is it that Palm Coast is not doing the same to any other homeless camp that’s on city property….

  31. Concerned Citizen says:

    @ Laurie

    I have been fortunate enough to assist our homeless on a regular basis. What bout you?

    You and Edith Campins keep chastizing us into taking homeless people into our homes and having them at our dinner tables. By your tone you are the only one housing these folks?

    I’m just curious as to how many homeless people you have at the moment in your house?

  32. Michael Cocchiola says:

    Once again I see where some “conservative” residents are attempting to demonize the homeless. It’s a Trump thing. I’m surprised these rock-hearted citizens don’t bring up “rapists, murderers… and I suppose some good people”. The homeless need help. And don’t hand me that conservative trope about offering our homes to care for the homeless. That’s just another distraction out of the conservative playbook.

    The homeless, despite a myriad of personal issues, are humans. They are citizens. They have the same rights as the above complainers. We need to help the homeless find good shelter. They need food and facilities to keep clean and healthy. They need help finding work or medical assistance. Their kids need to go to school. This is what any caring society does for those whose lives took a turn that left them living in a tent in the woods.

    We cannot hide these people in a tiny corner of the county and declare the problem fixed. That’s not what civilized people do. So, let’s open our minds, and maybe our pocketbooks a bit, and find real solutions. Other cities, other countries have found solutions. So can we right here in Flagler County.

  33. Rick says:

    It’s far better than the feces sprawled hotel they are living at behind the library. 🤔

  34. Anonymous says:

    Looking at the pictures, it’s really not that bad, but they could improve/expand the bathroom facilities. As for no cell phone service in case of an emergency, that doesn’t make a difference because unfortunately you’re going to get crap medical care if you’re homeless and have no money anyway. Remember how the world functioned before cell phones, it wasn’t that long ago.

  35. Percy's mother says:

    DAVE and “Concerned Citizen” . . .

    Let the solution start with YOU!!

    You start the ball rolling for these people. Offer some of them a job doing yard work at your home (or cleaning, or painting or . . . ) in exchange for bathroom privileges and a meal, and while we’re at it, since they’ll be working around your house, you can also offer them a spare room in your home (with bathroom privileges). Why wait for big daddy (government) to do anything when you can do something to help out these people? Every little bit helps, you know.

    Come on “DAVE” and Concerned Citizen, when are you stepping up to the plate to be the first persons to offer assistance?

  36. Steve says:

    I’ll go ahead and just say it. See you later not wanted here thats the message I get . Most dont want anything to do with changing. That’s my experience.

  37. paul Pritchard says:

    We can do better than that.
    We should do better than that.

  38. Anon says:

    I have seen this place at Russell Landing. It is disgusting. I can’t believe the Boy Scouts really use the building. Really bad idea.

  39. Edith Campins says:

    This isn’t about helping the homeless. This is about getting them out of sight so those offended by the sight of the poor in our community will be appeased. How will they ever have a hope of getting a job if they are put there?
    Remember the internment camps for the Japanese during WW2?
    How about native Amercans living in reservations?
    Do we not learn anything from history?

    And yes, I have assisted and helped the homeless here. Those of you pontificating on their situation have probably actually never lifted a finger to help or even talked to a homeless person.

  40. hawkeye says:

    this place is a lot better than where there at now, the problem I have with these homeless people is that they eat , sleep ,shit and piss all in the same place,animals dont even do that, I have had many people try to mooch money from me and I offer to let them work around my house , guess what ,none of them at all wanted to work . Thats why they get nothing from me including sympathy , and by the way , I am not a republican or a trump supporter. I believe people should earn what they want.

  41. Tae says:

    Pause. Did anyone catch the part in the article that says the Boy Scouts use that camp? who’ s bright idea was this? So we are using the tax payers dollars to maintain a park, to pay for transportation for non tax paying vagrants? Wait til the homeless from out of town catch wind of the hobo express the city of Palm Coast is funding. was this voted on?

  42. Lorri says:

    This is HORRIBLE!!!! It needs to be renovated and add Windows and Doors put in. Plus an addition to make it larger for the HOMELESS PEOPLE. We should ALL DONATE Furniture, Beds, Dressers, Mirrors, Sinks, Cabinets, Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave etc, etc. We ALL need to come together to renovate this for the HOMELESS.

  43. Mary Fusco says:

    Percy’s Mother, I have just ONE question. How many are living at your house? You go first. LOL.

  44. Whitebird says:

    Bravo to PC for having the guts to take some action. These crybaby liberals would have you believe they have all the answers. Just look to how they solved the homelessness in other cities around the country like SF and LAX, oh wait!

  45. Dave says:

    Percy’s mother , I help as much as i can, I’ll admit i never had someone homeless stay the night but i have had them over for hot meals and doing work for money, I’ve had beach days with the homeless and sometimes just sit and talk is all someone needed but i most certainly have done my share

  46. deb says:

    Get these people into some type of covered habitat with restrooms, trash cans, a huge roof over their head, hire some of them that really want to work to provide maintenance of the grounds and if they report some homeless keep abusing this area, well, its time to lock those up. Not all of these people are bad, some actually want help.

  47. steven hannan says:

    Will provided transportation to this encampment allow for transportation back to the city for jobs or is this merely a containment facility? Also, IMHO, unsexed bathrooms is quite progressive and not to be mocked

  48. Local resident says:

    I cannot believe that the county would even consider moving the homeless people to Russell Landing. This is a peaceful, fishing, canoeing and kayaking area and having them living there would completely destroy the park. It is bad enough that the local drug dealers use the park for their dealing but now this? There are no stores, no people to panhandle from and how are they going to get back and forth to town? We local residents don’t want this kind of activity in our neighborhood any more than Palm Coast wants it. Does the county actually think these people will stay there? This is not a livable building. It is meant for boy scout camping on a temporary basis. Some of us like to walk in the park on the boardwalk, picnic or fish and what are we supposed to do now? Go on our walks “packing heat”? There is wildlife living there which would be disrupted, there is fire danger if these people are out there building fires. It is INSANE. Palm Coast needs to keep their homeless people and not dump them on those of us who live in the country. We live here for a reason. We don’t want to live in fear of being robbed, accosted and having our homes broken into by people who have been dumped on us by Palm Coast.

  49. Little new york says:

    What do you get when you have a community comprised of tens of thousands of liberal New Yorkers who fled New York because of high taxes and crime?? Twenty years later you get Palm Coast, a little New York with increasing taxes for liberal New Yorkers and high crime. They are like a plague!!!

  50. Toni B says:

    I was so excited when my pastor announced that our men would be moving the homeless to a camp in Bunnell. I thought it was a great idea until I saw where they were moving to and the amenities that are missing. You say they have one toilet that doesn’t work a shower that is despicable, no cots and I am sure the electrical is not working properly. We are doing a disservice to those who do have jobs where they were able to ride a bike or walk to, now they don’t have that. Please, stop hiding the ugliness of the world. If the county wanted them out they should have moved them. Once they are out there then what? Medical issues arise, there will be violent confrontations where someone may die and can’t even call for help. Then whose fault is that. If we can spend thousands on dogs, cats, whales, dolphins, etc., what about people for God sake. I definitely will be putting them and our county officials in my prayers from this day forward. You mean the county couldn’t provide at least a portable toilet? Wow. As many of us are living 1 paycheck away from being in the same predicament but for the grace of God. We need to be a little more compassionate. Can you at least fix the potholes. We are our brothers keeper. They are human beings.

  51. Completely Appalled says:

    This is the most ridiculous idea the county “leaders” I think I have ever heard. First they decide to mow down all the trees and woods behind the library to get the homeless out, then they look around for the first place they can find that is far away from precious Palm Coast, to dump these people. If they must pick on the residents of the West side of the county, why not use the park in Mondex (Daytona North) as the “temporary” fix? It has actual, working bathrooms, (when the local vandals aren’t busily destroying them), picnic tables, grassy areas and there is a gas station, a Dollar General store and other places for them to buy supplies. Russell Landing is a peaceful park at the end of a dirt road with NO stores, no bus service, no cell phone reception or anything whatsoever. We people in that area have homes and farms and we don’t want these people breaking into or vandalizing our homes, stealing and/or killing our livestock, throwing their garbage, drinking, drugging and starting fires. This is a heavily wooded wildlife refuge and one campfire getting out of control could cause irreparable damage. Also, Haw Creek is full of alligators and one drunken idiot being killed by one would probably result in the county being sued and rightfully so. This is by far the most stupid idea the county has come up with yet. Why not put them in the building at Bing’s Landing? Why not put them in Varn Park, Wadsworth Park, the little park off 100 behind the nursery in Bunnell, the park behind the old jail, etc.? Why is the west side of the county being picked as the dumping ground? I guess we’re not as important as the Hammock Beach or the Flagler Beach people. “Let’s just get rid of the problem by dumping them on the west side. Those people don’t count.” This is disgraceful. Why not use the empty Sheriff’s Department building as the “temporary” place? Why not use the old Bunnell jail instead of tearing it down? Why not use that building on Otis Stone Hunter Road and US1, which is sitting empty? Why not use the old Builder’s Square building on the corner of Espanola Rd? Or use the park in Espanola? Why not use the fair grounds? There is plenty of room there and it is a paved road and near stores. It is unbelievable to even consider using Russell Landing. Whoever thought of this is disgusting and despicable.

  52. snapperhead says:

    Why can’t the tax exempt local temples of deceit take God’s children in and cloth and feed them? Isn’t that what the big fella in the sky would want?

  53. A Human says:

    Obviously they would starve to death.

  54. T says:

    They need to work and pay in not a junkie or drunk

  55. Outsider says:

    For years my daughters and their friends would take horses to the arena near this location to ride. While they don’t do this much anymore, there are others that do. So why is it a good idea to put homeless people, many who are alcoholics and drug addicted among our daughters? Why is it a good idea to put them among our sons and daughters who fish, hike, and kayak in this area? We live out here because of the lifestyle; why do you think we want to give that up by taking on your problems? How arrogant are you to think we are just a bunch of dumbass rednecks who are so stupid we”d just roll over and play dead while you throw your refuse on us? We have jobs, we pay taxes, we have dreams for our children and if you thought for one minute we would accept this you are sadly mistaken. We are not, nor will not be your dumping ground. Shame on whoever owns this brainchild.

  56. Shucks says:

    Peaceful camp for kids, pets locals to enjoy. Good Idea, They will obey the laws as well as in camps in Palm Coast .
    Property behind Goverment building much better . Closer , a!I needs met , use building facilities. Clean ,marked men women and any ….. Brilliant. Oh and they even have security there that check you to keep others safe !

  57. Concerned Citizen says:

    @ Percy’s Mother

    Since you are so judgemental I guess you missed the paart where I have repeatedly stated I have done my part to help. Which includes feeding and clothing and up until recently giving money until I realized what it went for most of the time. So by not giving money and still addressing basic needs how does that make me a bad person?

    In regards to the living situation mine is a bit fluid at the moment as I transition from renting into owning so no I am not able to house someone. So I ask YOU how many are living and working around your house? And I’m not quite sure why I have defend myself to you.

    While some of the folks are homeless and in a bad way not by choice asome are living this way by choice. I know for a fact some of these people panhandling make more in a day than I do working 8 to 5 and don’t pay taxes. It’s hard to feel sorry for some of them when they can stand and panhandle but don’t want to work. . Then go charge their Iphone on someone else’s awning and use free wifi. And yes this does happen and quite frequently.

    Percy’s Mother you should spend a day with me at work cleaning up after these folks on others properties. Might change your outlook a bit.

  58. J Kranz says:

    I am flabbergasted that people that are apparently so destitute or are down on their luck could ever get so lucky!!! There surely is NEVER going to be an answer to homelessness for many different reasons but there MUST be some sort of solution. Step up NOW or you’re going to pay the price much later . Please ACT now you elected officials! We voted you ‘’IN’’ to do something about the future of Flagler County. My children and grandchildren live here. Their future depends on a strong government!!!

  59. A Human says:

    They would starve out there.

  60. Palmcoaster says:

    Glad the tyrannical move to the (concentration) camp in the boondocks was scrapped and that government is looking into a more humane option!

  61. Connerned Citizen says:

    For those insisting we take these poeple into our homes read the Flagler Live article on Thomas Binkley.

    A Palm Coast family took a homeless man in and he molested their children. That was the thanks they got for helping one of these unfortunate people.

    Not all homeless people are nice folks who are down on their luck. There are unfortunatley bad people in the mix who look to prey on those helping them. Unless you plan on having background checks run probably not a good idea to open your family to that.

    And having spent my time in the public safety sector I realize that it could happen to anyone.

  62. John C. says:

    I moved to Palm Coast because of the clean, quiet and peaceful environment. I am not interested in having Palm Coast turned into the streets of L.A. and San Francisco. Most of these so-called homeless people hanging out around the Flagler Library are young and clearly not physically impaired. They also seem able to afford cell phones and booze. No one objects to helping those who are truly incapable of taking care of themselves, but we do NOT have any obligation to provide ANYTHING to otherwise perfectly healthy young people. THEY have an obligation not to be a burden and an eyesore to the public who actually pay taxes.

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