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Palm Coast’s Sean Farrelly, 47, Charged With Bribing and Doping 16-Year-Old Girl for Sex

| February 20, 2019

Sean Patrick Farrelly.

The code words he’d text the 16-year-old girl were: “Want to play”–47-year-old Sean Patrick Farrelly’s way of soliciting sex. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. “You sure,” he’d text. “I’m sure,” she’d reply.

The Palm Coast man would then offer cash, usually $30, maxing out at $40, adding alcohol and pot to the mix so, in his texted words, “your primed up.” He’d text pictures of himself with cash in his hands.

On Tuesday, Farrelly, who works in construction and excavation with a Palm Coast construction company, was arrested on a charge of statutory rape and charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a child and pot possession. The statutory rape charge and the unlawful sex with a minor charge are second-degree felonies.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office was first alerted to allegations of abuse on Feb. 17. A deputy questioned the alleged victim, who reported that Farrelly started making advances a year ago, texting pictures, pictures of himself with wads of cash, propositioning her, then moving on to more aggressive behavior that included walking in on her as she showered or as she slept, or allegedly assaulting her over her clothes in a vehicle.

Sheriff’s detective Frank Gamarra and a Child Protection Team investigator met with the alleged victim on Feb. 18, when the girl consented to a search of her phone that revealed numerous text exchanges. The exchanges show Farrelly tracking the girl’s locations and telling her to complete certain tasks or be at certain places, and using several coded words to insinuate sex. Detectives and Child Protection Team members again met with the alleged victim on Tuesday for a forensic interview, when she disclosed more details of Farrelly’s alleged conduct over time. Those details included allegations of Farrelly grabbing and slapping the girl’s butt since she was 15 and bribing her for sex.

“Detective Gamarra stated that there is an overwhelming amount of information and disclosure by the victim during the forensic interview indicating that Farrelly and the victim were engaged in sexual intercourse,” his arrest report states, “and other activities.” The comments gathered from the forensic interview corroborate with the text messages.

That afternoon, detectives Gamarra and George Hristakopoulos “utilized investigative tactics in order to monitor communications between the victim and Farrelly,” according to the arrest report. The report doesn’t detail the tactics, but intimate they referred to a controlled, or recorded, phone call with the alleged victim’s consent. She spoke with Farrelly of her concern that she could get pregnant despite his use of condoms, to which he said that wasn’t true, and that he would reassure her later. When the victim told him, “I promise you, you’re the only one,” Farrelly changed the subject and told her again he would speak to her later in person. Clearly aware that he could be recorded, he texted later that he did not want to talk about the issue on the phone. When the girl then tells him off in a text, using an expletive and “no more deals” (“deals” was one of Farrelly’s code words for sex), he texts back: “I love you everything is fine breathe deep.”

Farrelly then called back the alleged victim and asked: “You swear to God you’re not recording this conversation?” She tells him she wasn;t. He tells her he didn’t want to talk about it and end up in prison, and again talks about his worry about the call being recorded and him getting arrested. Those comments alternated with the girl’s worry about being pregnant, having morning sickness, and Farrelly reassuring her he had not gotten her pregnant. When she tells him she no longer wanted to have sex with him, he says, “Ok,” but didn;t want to talk about it anymore.

But he had a sense something was up. He asked her to swear he wasn’t being set up and if she’d spoken about their relationship to others.

Later that day the two detectives went to a location in Palm Coast’s LL Section and found Farrelly in his driveway. He immediately said he did not want to speak with them without a lawyer present. He was placed under arrest. A search allegedly produced a small amount of marijuana. He was taken to the Flagler County jail, where he’s being held without bond.

“Our detectives worked quickly but carefully to gather the evidence in this case and get [Farrelly] in jail,” Sheriff Rick Staly was quoted as saying in a release his agency issued this morning.

The case is still under investigation, with further ramifications possible.

15 Responses for “Palm Coast’s Sean Farrelly, 47, Charged With Bribing and Doping 16-Year-Old Girl for Sex”

  1. Steve says:

    Another Alleged middle aged perv on the loose herein PC. Inordinate amount of characters in this place. Geez ssmmhh

  2. Jackie says:

    Wow smfh…. Your poor kids!

  3. ASF says:

    He’s a predator and should be treated like one by the justice system.

  4. A kid from the area says:

    He had several different girls he would do inappropriate things to that told me as i grew up. They called him pops and he allways had a eye for his sons friends.

  5. Concerned parent says:

    This man has been doing this type of thing with children all the way back to 2010 atleast and was very fond of his sons friends who were females. Even was providing the same type of drugs or alcohol and and one point was even providing pills to his children and the young girls he was fond of. About time they caught him. Hope he suffers the strongest punishment allowed by the courts for his actions.

    I also hope that the other young women he victimized and abused or violated can come to grip with things has has done that are not right to them or fair to what they have gone through since they were victimized and step forward and cooperate with FCSO and allow him to receive what he deserves and should have coming for all his actions and violations of the children and women he has put through his games and crimes .
    I pray some if not all of the children can step up and trust the community and law enforcement and prosecutors have their day in court with the likes of this sick individual who has showing kids for years how little he respected them or others.
    Don’t be silent let your voices be heard from you to him that he does not deserve your respect or for you to stay quite no longer dont let him get away with what he done to all of you.
    There are people can and will help yall get through this process .call and speak to detectives Gamarra and George Hristakopoulos with flager county sheriff’s office.
    They will listen and help you

  6. Family is first says:

    Kid from the area.
    Sounds like you have things people might need to know who can make this man if ya call it that be held accountable for his treatment of them girls call the sheriff’s department and tell them what you know

  7. Mary Fusco says:

    This guy definitely needs a good long stay at the “green roof inn” but this story is very, very vague. What exactly is this guy’s relationship to this girl? How did he have access to her when she was showering and/or sleeping? What was she doing in a car alone with him? Where were her parents for the past year? Most importantly, to me anyhow, is why the heck does a 16 year old girl give her cell phone # to a 47 year old man?

    • FlaglerLive says:

      Mary, we withheld key details that would have answered your questions out of caution, at this stage, for the girl’s safety. The decision to withhold that information is always studied but no matter what we decide, it’s not necessarily always the best, as may be the case here.

  8. Really says:

    The use of drugs, alcohol in the act is Rape IMO dirtbag

  9. Hmmm says:

    He would walk in as she showered or slept?? Wheres this girls parents, parent, guardian, someone? I dont get it.

  10. howard tessler says:

    maybe it’s not enough to send them to prison . why are the crimes that they commit concealed from others in the general population ? Perhaps if these criminals had an idea of the fate that awaits them ( sex crimes against children makes you the lowest of the low ) it might be some type of incentive not to indulge in their perversions …. and if it doesn’t then a least they will receive a punishment far beyond what the courts can hand out .

  11. Angry says:

    From reading the comment section, it seems people knew this man was a predator for years, and nobody did anything or reported him? It seems to me like there must have been more people involved than just this man. Perhaps there is a kind of trafficking ring operating in Palm Coast? If that’s the case, there needs to be deeper investigation.

  12. Sara says:

    Why wouldn’t you say anything?!

  13. Angry is not the word says:

    For everyone’s information. The resource deputy at FPC was notified in 2009 0r 2010 that this man was involved with like 3 teenagers at that time. And the academy of excellence Bunnell was also also notified because he was a Volunteer Coach for an all girls team. So all people can do is notify the people of law enforcement and the schools. Then it’s up to those figures to figure it out and deal with the individual who is praying on the children of this community. So I hope the law or Sheriff’s department’s CID does it’s part in asking those other children to come forward and I think the child in the area commenting about this should also call the Sheriff’s department’s investigation unit and tell them what they know. If people knew more then some about all this. If you children dont step up and protect each other. You should realize it could cause some one else another teenager to be a victim of the same things yall know have happen to you or others.
    Please tell the right authorities so that this want to be man can receive the most punishment the law can allow.
    For doing to those kids what his shameless butt did.
    And anyone who knew he was doing these things by seeing it or being told by these kids are just as bad as him if they dont speak for these victims. That includes all the kids that knew he was doing these things and yall should say something it’s not fair what he put your friends through

  14. The Son says:

    Nobody in this comment section knows anything about this man

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