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A Woman Is Seriously Hurt When Car Crashes Through Guardrail and Into West Flagler Canal

| February 11, 2019

The victim's car being lifted by a crane last night: John's Towing of Bunnell pulled the car out of a 15-foot deep canal. (© FlaglerLive)

The victim’s car being lifted by a crane last night: John’s Towing of Bunnell pulled the car out of a 15-foot deep canal. (© FlaglerLive)

Jessica May, 34, was injured when she drove her car through a guardrail and went into a canal Sunday evening at State Road 100 and County Road 305.

Flagler County Fire Rescue paramedics transported May by ambulance to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach after rescuing her from a 15-foot-deep canal.

“Units found the vehicle partially submerged with [one] occupant still inside,” the county’s professional firefighters’ Facebook page reported. “A trauma alert was declared. Due to the depth of the canal (15ft) and the patients position, the crash was now a technical rescue. Crews used specialized skills and fastened a rescue system using ropes to bring the patient to the roadway.” Rescue 71, Tender 51 and Engine 92 had responded.

Authorities initially listed the crash as “severe.” Today, FHP said May was hospitalized but did not have serious injuries.

According to 911 notes, the crash took place just after 8:30 p.m. when the woman allegedly ran the stop sign at the CR305-SR100 intersection and crashed into the canal. A resident who lives at a corner of the intersection ran out barefoot and called 911, reporting that the water in the canal was up to the windshield, and that there appeared to be no movement inside.

The 911 caller said there was no response after calling out to anyone in the car, though the brake lights came on–as did hazard lights. Four minutes later, the caller reported some movement in the car. Dispatchers then learned that the driver was slumped over inside, and had blood on the face.

Both lanes of State Road 100 were shut down as rescuers executed their technical rescue. At 9:14 p.m., the Florida Highway Patrol took over the investigation from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. John’s Towing of Bunnell fished the vehicle out of the canal.

A still from a video shot by Flagler firefighters showing the silver car in the canal off State Road 100 Sunday night.

A still from a video shot by Flagler firefighters showing the silver car in the canal off State Road 100 Sunday night.

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17 Responses for “A Woman Is Seriously Hurt When Car Crashes Through Guardrail and Into West Flagler Canal”

  1. Dave says:

    I hope she is ok! Just because she ran a stop sign and committed a traffic infraction does not mean she deserves what happened to her as some people in this County may imply. At the most she should recieve a ticket for running the stop sign but in no way should someone have to suffer physical pain or worse just for breaking the law.

  2. Mary Fusco says:

    Dave, she is also very lucky that she did not kill someone by running the stop sign. I think you would be talking out of the other side of your mouth if it was you or a member of your family that were injured or killed due to the fact that she chose to run the stop sign. If someone wants to be stupid and kill them self, that is fine but don’t take out an innocent person with you.

  3. Stephanie May says:

    I appreciate your post Dave! Some comments are hard to read. Jessie is my sister in law and it’s nice to see that SOME people actually have a heart.

  4. Peggy says:

    They need to put the street light back out there. You can’t see anything out there. I’ve actually missed 305 because you can’t see a damn thing!!

  5. Flagler County Citizen says:

    Isn’t that a four-way intersection?

    Just trying to picture how she ended up going through the guard-rail. I do hope she will be okay too. Those canals are really deep and have often scared me driving by there.

  6. Heather says:

    Could you all be any more heartless? The intersection is pitch black and there is minimal warning strips. At 8:30 last night there was a downpour. She had been visiting her ill mother. She simply didn’t know she was at the end of the road. She has a crushed leg and a leg broken in three places. A gash from her forehead to her check straight through her eye. Bleeding in her lungs, stomach and brain. And doctors can’t discern what kind of brain trauma she has. She is 34 and, if she lives, her life is altered forever. So how about y’all stop judging and start praying. You – or your child – could be next and you would want the world to be kinder when you were in the pit of hell.

  7. Jessie's Aunt says:

    Do not assume that she purposely ran a stop sign and tried to kill herself MARY. Jessie is one of the most caring, loving, and Law Abiding persons I know. She would give her life for a stranger rather than hurt one. Now she is enduring a lot of suffering and facing several operations. We dont know what happened. Maybe her breaks failed. Maybe something medical? Maybe we will never know. One thing we do know is that she can use a lot of prayers right now. Not assumptions.

  8. Local says:

    No….its aT. 305 stops at 100. She went across 100 and through the gaurd rail. West flagler county needs more attention to roads.

  9. Lance Carroll says:

    There are several environmental factors to consider concerning this vehicle collision. First off, the rain and subsequent mist/fog should be considered. I drove this stretch of road last night and the visibility was restricted as per weather conditions. Additionally, the lighting at this intersection is, well, non existant. Furthermore, there is a paving project that has been ongoing for, months on CR 305. Subsequently, roadway signage and required temporary signage may be insufficient as per road construction. I do know that the road updates have been long overdue in the westside of Flagler County. I do know that former County Commisioner, Hutch King, struggled to have the westside roads be brought up to safe standards during his tenure as county commissioner. Again, there are many factors in concern of the dangers of the intersection at SR100 and CR305. THERE ARE FLASHING STOP SIGNS AT THE INTERSECTIONS OF CODY’S CORNER AND INTERSECTION OF CR305 AND CR304. WHY IS THERE NO FLASHING STOP SIGNAL AT THE INTERSECTION OF SR100 AND CR305???? I AINT DUMB AND I AINT GUESSING THAT THE INTERSECTION AT SR100 AND CR305 HAS BEEN NEGLECTED AS FAR AS SAFETY IS CONCERNED! ALTHOUGH, THE PAVEMENT IS AS FRESH AS PAVEMENT COULD BE…. Respectfully submitted: Lance Carroll

  10. The original woody says:

    You reap what you sow.

  11. too many bad drivers says:

    why are there so many bad drivers around here? just last week two elderly ladies drove their suv into the pond at waterfront park. i mean seriously people if you cant drive please stay off the road.

  12. The Truth says:

    CR-305 and SR-100 is not a four way intersection. It’s a T-intersection. You can either go right or left at that intersection coming from CR-305 so running the stop sign was likely caused by some sort of medical issue or perhaps falling asleep. Regardless, I hope this woman is okay and I am glad no one else was hurt.

  13. Dave says:

    Mary, you are one of the people I speak of, you feel the need to shame an injured person for something that had No other victims, we also dont know what really happen, this person could have had a seizure or medical emergency that cuased her to run that stop sign, yet you want to call this person stupid and try to make yourself feel better about your own life but the truth is you will never feel better about yourself until you learn to love yourself.

  14. Flagler County Citizen says:

    I see now. She crossed the guardrail going toward 100 from 305. I was picturing the intersection of 302 and 305 for some reason. Yes, it s a T. The lighting is really bad there, actually.

    If it was dark and stormy, that explains why she ran the stop light, and if the lighting is poor there, that further explains it. I do appreciate the insight some folks are giving on this.

    How scary this must have been, and it won’t end when she’s out of the hospital. Hopefully she’ll have some help to recover, manage the insurance issues, and recover a vehicle.

  15. Sally Crawford says:

    Jesse So sorry, Jimmy and I are sending healing prayers.

  16. Sally M. says:

    Right now she and her family need prayers. Not negative comment or accusations of being a bad driver. Shame on those of you with negative comments full of assumptions. Hope you never have to experiment this yourself or any one of your friends or loved ones!

  17. Jan DiMillo says:

    Their is no light there, just a stop sign new blackened road no bumps to hear your coming to a stop sign it was a very dark and foggy night with rain,it’s called an accident.And she was in worse shape than they said.I just came across these statements and it saddens me to see the conditions of the hearts of some people that talk crap Stop it, and be productive in praying for Jess and Her Family. We all have family and things happen.My Son is no longer here because of an accident.You got something to say about that.I say thank You Lord for protecting Jess then and now,and help her as she goes through this pain and healing process in Jesus name Amen

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