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18 Year Old Wounded in Drive-By Shooting on Palm Coast’s Bressler Lane; Suspects in Custody

| December 21, 2018

The shooting took place outside of 36 Bressler Lane in Palm Coast this morning.

The shooting took place outside of 36 Bressler Lane in Palm Coast this morning.

A drive-by shooting shook Palm Coast’s B-Section this morning at 10, leaving a man of about 18 seriously injured.

The man was shot in the stomach outside 36 Bressler Lane near Bridgehaven Drive, just north of Palm Coast Parkway. It’s not clear how many shots were fired, or from what sort of weapon.

The drive-by vehicle is believed to be a silver four-door sedan, possibly a Mercedes, which was later possibly seen on Palm Coast Parkway, going toward U.S. 1.

The victim was transported by Flagler County Fire Rescue, by ground, to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach. There was an attempt to bring in an emergency helicopter (Trauma One), but weather interfered.

“The situation is contained and there is no threat to the public. Please avoid the area,” the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page at 10:55. In a text at 11:05 a.m., a sheriff’s spokesperson confirmed: “Everyone believed to be involved is in custody,” suggesting that more than one suspect was involved in the shooting.

[This is a developing story.]

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15 Responses for “18 Year Old Wounded in Drive-By Shooting on Palm Coast’s Bressler Lane; Suspects in Custody”

  1. Stelios Kontos says:

    you hate to see it

  2. Flagler Female says:

    Gggrrrrreeeeaaaaattttt! We moved here from a major city thinking we were escaping this type of crime. I guess there just isn’t any safe places to live in this country anymore. We have decided to let the thugs and low lifes run everything. SMH!!! (And YES I see they are in custody – they will just get out and do it again!)

  3. anonymous says:

    This is exactly why I moved out of this freaking God-forsaken town four years ago!

  4. Rain says:

    @anonymous….You think this is the only town where this happens??? This type of incident is happening EVERYWHERE.

  5. HsyRide says:

    Looks like it time to move, its a bedroom community no industry, but they still think its necessary to do turf wars like children. Now while they have them in custody ask them what they thoughtvwas going to happen the day after they shot someone like it was the old west, did they think their life would go on like nothing happened.

  6. payback says:

    i bet this is tied in to the Z section shooting

  7. Wow says:

    Guns keep us safe. *Sips more Koolaid*

  8. Pc says:

    Bring good jobs to this shit home town .
    And lower the rent and kids will stay out of trouble
    Arrogant government idiots .

  9. Anonymous says:

    ^^ Y’all need to stop acting like palm coast is doomed because things like this happen here sometimes. Lol wherever you go there will be some kind of violence. At least it was targeted and they weren’t shooting at innocent people as some type of terrorism. Stay away from the wrong people and you’ll have a less chance of becoming a victim :)

  10. mark101 says:

    Its not that bad, YET ! just listen to the Orlando area news each night where there are numerous killings. yet Palm Coast as the population grows has its little sharem but with this growth comes more crime.

  11. Agkistrodon says:

    @Wow, Yes guns in the WRONG hands are NOT safe. A vote in the wrong hands in NOT safe either. A car in the wrong hands in NOT safe, A Computer in the wring hands in NOT safe, A baseball bat in the wrong hands is not safe, a Neck tie in the wrong hands is Not safe, a knife in the wrong hands is not safe, and an ink pen in the wrong hands is NOT safe. Lets ban them ALL……..
    “Sips Turkey on Ice”….. If we go by YOUR line of thought, perhaps we should Ban EVERYTHING, as EVERYTHING can be used as a weapon, ….In the wrong hands. Don’t blame LAW abiding citizens for the acts of those who Don’t follow the rules.

  12. Anonymous says:

    We live on this street. That house has been a dump for years. Look up all the violations it’s received on the code enforcement site. Owner took in a bunch of boarders to pay the mortgage. Almost every night there are 9 cars parked overnight in the driveway and swale. Trash everywhere, as you can see from the photo, which looks cleaned up. Guy owns a sprinkler system business and has the crappiest lawn on the street. Low life’s at their finest.

  13. gmath55 says:

    Orange City Florida by far is worst. Always on the news.

  14. Really says:

    Hope Moultrie is convicted of attempted murder bye bye hotshot

  15. Jeff says:

    They are charging the shooter with “Aggrivated Asault”. I am not a lawyer, so I am unclear between the difference between (Charging Someonewith) attempted murder and aggrivated asault.

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