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Keith Johansen Arrested in Shooting Death of Wife Brandi Celenza, Faces 2nd Degree Murder Charge

| April 27, 2018

Keith Johansen.

Keith Johansen.

Keith Johansen, 36, was arrested shortly after 4 p.m. today at his Palm Coast home and charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of his wife, Brandi Celenza, 20 days ago. Celenza was 25 and had a 6-year-old son.

Celenza was shot once in the center of her chest and once in her right breast with a 9 mm gun.

The alleged shooting, Staly said, was the culmination of a domestic violence dispute that had been going on for a while between Johansen and Celenza, who had married just a year ago.

“We all knew from the initial time we were at the scene that the story the husband was giving us did not add up,” Sheriff Rick Staly said in an interview this afternoon. “I don’t know if we’re going to be able to release the video we’ve received yet, but the video was very telling on what was going on, least after the shooting and while he was on the phone with our 911 operator.”

Johansen had extensive video-surveillance equipment at the house at 23 Felter Lane. The video footage was stored in the cloud, on servers operated by a California company that “frankly jerked us around” for about two weeks, the sheriff said, refusing to comply with a search warrant–until it finally did late this week: detectives received the video footage only today, which sealed the case well after they had received a verbal report from the medical examiner that Celenza’s death was a homicide.

Brandi Celenza in a Facebook image.

Brandi Celenza in a Facebook image.

Celenza was actually shot twice: once with a non-lethal type of round, and once with a lethal round, Staly said. Johansen, he said, was in the habit of loading his weapon with two non-lethal rounds, followed by lethal rounds. Johansen called 911 at some point, a call that Staly said suggests Johansen may have been making up a story as he went along.

Johansen placed the call to 911 on April 7 at 10:37 a.m.

“My I have an officer?” he asks the dispatcher at the beginning of the 6 minute 44 second call. The released version of the recording then includes a silent stretch (identifying information normally blanked out), before Johansen, somewhat breathless, says: “I was in the shower. I heard gunshots.” He says something unintelligible. The dispatcher asks him to explain. “I was in the shower and I heard some gunshots. I think that my wife accidentally shot herself.”

He says she’s “lying down right next to the bed,” but he doesn’t see blood. Only a 9mm gun. He doesn’t see a wound.

“Have you tried waking her up? Do you see any part of her body where she got shot that you can possibly apply pressure?”

“I can’t see anything,” Johansen says. Then says “in the ribs, it looks like,” clarifying: “in the upper chest.” He says he thinks it’s accidental. He claims she’s breathing but “incoherent.”

Keith Johansen’s 911 Call

“I can hear her breathe though. Please hurry,” Johansen says.

“Baby please stay with us. There’s an ambulance on the way.” He then is heard ordering the 6-year-old boy to “stay here,” more than once. He describes two guns on the floor, and again, when the dispatcher asks him if he can apply pressure to the wound, Johansen says he can’t, saying he’s “wet” and “sliding” on the floor.

“You can’t apply pressure?” the dispatcher asks.

“I can’t see it,” Johansen says. He says he has wooden floor and doesn’t want to risk “sliding” or risk one of the guns going off. “There’s too much stuff right here.” He says he sees no blood on the floor, only on her shirt.

The dispatcher is incredulous. “Ok, but there’s probably, there might be a gunshot wound there, sir, so I just wanted to see if you can apply pressure there but you can’t do that. Ok.”

“What is around your wife that you can’t get close access to her?”

“OK, I’m moving the bed, fuck it,” he says.

He’s heard exerting some effort on the line until he says he sees the police at the door. The call end.

The arrest affidavit reflects the same undercurrent of suspicion or oddity in the way it summarizes the 911 call: “Again, the communication Specialist asked if he was applying pressure and Johansen stated that he was wet, sliding on his floor and that he could not see it (referring to the wound). Johansen stated that he did not want to risk sliding and hurting Celenza or have the guns go off. Again, Johansen stated that he could not apply pressure to the wound because there was too much stuff around her.”

The affidavit continues: “Keith Johansen provided a recorded statement to law enforcement with numerous inconsistencies that led investigators to believe this incident was not accidental. Also in his interview, Keith Johansen told investigators he was alone with Brandi and her six-year-old child at the time of her death, the residence was secure with no signs of forced entry, and he was sure that Brandi was not suicidal and did not kill herself.”

“I was at the scene, nothing looked right to us, nothing sounded correct,” Staly said, “that’s why we were so tight-lipped on it. We wanted the suspect to think we were believing his story until we could determine the facts of the case, so we very painstakingly went very slow, methodical, working the case with the medical examiner. When they gave us a verbal report, they determined it was a homicide and could not have been a suicide or an accidental because of the injuries to the victim. We had search warrants for phones of both the victim and the suspect,” though Johansen’s phone was heavily encrypted. It took a while to make it past the hurdles.

The case involved numerous such complications and what to detectives had seemed like a made-up story by Johansen. The Sheriff’s Office could not rush the process before leveling charges, Staly said, so as not to start the clock on the court case and short-circuit its effectiveness.

The surveillance cameras’ positions and functionality proved key in helping detectives seal their case.

“On April 5th, 2018 there is a camera within the bedroom where the incident occurred pointing directly to where the deceased was located on April 7th, 2018. On April 7th, 2018 that camera is no longer there and there is no video evidence showing that location,” the affidavit reads. “The deceased and Keith Johansen are seen in multiple video segments within the master bedroom in clear, heated arguments on April 5th, 2018.”

Finally, there is this video evidence, on April 7, four minutes before the 911 call: “Keith Johansen is seen on video surveillance with a shirt and boxers on in the living room area and grabs the pair of jeans he is wearing at the time of the 911 call at 1037 hours. At 1033 hours you can hear on audio of the video surveillance approximately 2 seconds of Keith’s voice in an argumentative manner and then the motion activation is no longer active on the cameras. At 1037 hours Keith is seen and heard on video surveillance with 911 telling the 911 operator he is checking for injuries on the victim while he is clearly depicted removing narcotics evidence in the living room and hiding it prior to law enforcement arrival.”

That may explain why Johansen sounded out of breath in the recording.

“He is not checking the body for injuries or looking for the location of injuries,” the affidavit reads.

It is not clear to what extent the 6-year-old boy witnessed what alleged confrontations took place between his mother and Johansen. But he was at the house at the time of the shooting. He is now with his biological father.

“Great job by our detectives,” Staly said, “and the community should rest assured that we have a capable team with the ability to investigate very intricate and difficult cases.”

The investigation involved all of the sheriff’s major-cases detectives, under-cover detectives, the Crime Scene Investigation unit, and many others.

“Our detectives take every case serious, especially homicides,” Staly said, explaining why he said it was important to work the case deliberately, without rushing it. “We have a great track record for clearing homicide cases quickly, generally major cases, and everybody worked together as a team and worked very closely. They were trying their best to give closure to the victim’s family before the funeral because there was disagreement between the husband’s and the victim’s family, and unfortunately, while we did as much as we could, these cases take time to do them correctly. We helped the victim’s family as much as we could legally for the funeral.”

Keith Johansen was arrested at his home in Palm Coast this afternoon. (FCSO)

Keith Johansen was arrested at his home in Palm Coast this afternoon. (FCSO)

26 Responses for “Keith Johansen Arrested in Shooting Death of Wife Brandi Celenza, Faces 2nd Degree Murder Charge”

  1. Jeff says:

    Another Palm Coast loser bites the dust.

  2. Stan says:

    Another fine job by Staly and all the special crime units and all our super Sheriff,s under Staly.Very fast work done by all! Great job!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree with the logic of cutting a violent suspect loose for weeks when you know it’s him, but it seems they were keeping good tabs on him. Fortunately, he didn’t attempt to flee or harm anybody else in the meantime.

  4. Layla says:

    If this keeps up, we’re gonna need a much bigger jail.

  5. dma says:

    Thank you to Sheriff Staly and his team. I’m glad the family now has answers. God bless her family.

  6. Really says:

    Now a 6yr old boy has no parents sad smh

  7. Donnie Riddle says:

    Hats off again to Sheriff Staly and his department on another fine job. He going to have to add on to the green roof inn because theirs not going to be many vacancies before long.

  8. Jenn says:

    I knew it was him from the beginning what he did to Brandy is disgusting and horrible and to her son who had to witness that. I hope he rots in prison he is nothing but a piece of s***and I’m glad the family now has closure

  9. Richard says:

    A great candidate for the Florida death penalty, wouldn’t you say.

  10. Wow says:

    Crazy to think less than a year ago this psycho was my neighbor. Never had a good feeling about him.

  11. BlueJammer says:

    Great police work! Thank you, Sheriff Staly and FCSO!

  12. palmcoaster says:

    Such a young beautiful lady and mom to be murdered in this manner. My sincere sympathy to her family. Now her child lives with his father and hopefully is a better man and father for this innocent child (that may be let psychologically damaged), than his criminal step father. May the Almighty look over this child.

  13. Trailer Bob says:

    First I want to thank Sheriff Staly and his team for some really good police work. How sick do you have to be to kill a beautiful and kind woman this way…or any way? I guess the fact that there were narcotics involved somewhat explain the story. Should just dump this ahole in the ocean…

  14. markingthedays says:

    Go to hell Keith.

  15. Pitching Wedge says:

    After battering Staley and FCSO about this story earlier, Anonymous is strangely quiet now. Great job Staley and FCSO. Another dirt bag off the streets.

  16. MannyHM says:

    Commendable work indeed. There is restraint in making a conclusion hastily. Only after careful analysis was an official pronouncement made based on evidence.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lucky for you. Not so lucky for my baby girl

  18. His uncle. says:

    That is where you are wrong. I lost my sister in law, that bastard can go fuck himself, my nephew has no relation to that walking body bag. Nephew is with his dad.

  19. Dave says:

    Women please be careful when getting involved with a man who owns a gun. They tend to be more cowardly and beat on women.

  20. Bill says:

    I remember a similar incident a few years ago were a thief head buttered his his wife and then on an other occasion blew her away with a rifle. Keith Johansen is the same type of A#1 dirtbag.

  21. Jenn says:

    @ his uncle I am truly sorry for your lost. You and your family are in my prayers.

  22. EJR says:

    He will rot in hell

  23. Concerned Citizen says:

    @ Dave where do you get your statistics from? I own fire arms. I am trained and keep them secured when not on the range shooting. I hope the day never comes to have to use one.

    I have also never been in a domestic situation nor do I beat on women. I was brought up to respect women and love them. I’m secure enough in my manhood that women are never a threat and that if you can’t get along with someone get away from them.

    LOL at all the Staly worship on here. Staly doesn’t put the hours in on these cases. He just shows up to get his name in the papers. His Detectives, Deputies and Crime Scene Technicians are the ones working until 1 or 2 in the morning.

    If you’re going to give credit to someone for just doing their job then start with them first.

  24. Dave says:

    Concerned I just said be careful, from many of people I know and from many domestic cases involving a woman being abused by a man with a gun. Especially in law enforcement. Of course I would never say a crazy thing like every man with a gun beats on women, but it certainly seems to lean that way. People have guns for security, which means they feel insecure without a gun. So given a bad mix of circumstances a man will reach to that security for empowerment.

  25. Jenn says:

    This is really not the place to debate owning firearms an innocent life was taken have some respect

  26. DavidwithaD says:

    She was a wonderful loving girl and a sweet caring mother. .this has cut me deeply.

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