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Making Allusions to Oklahoma Bombing, Palm Coast Man Threatens to Blow Up Flagler Sheriff’s Office and Kill Rick Staly

| April 26, 2018

Raymond Crown, left, and Robert Brandon.  threats sheriff's office

Raymond Crown, left, and Robert Brandon.

Two men are at the Flagler County jail following what began as a criminal mischief incident in the Hammock before degrading into a series of death and bomb threats by one of the men against a deputy and Sheriff Rick Staly, including threats to blow up the Sheriff’s Operations Center the same way that the Oklahoma federal building was blown up by an anti-government domestic terrorist in 1995.

Harold Bourgeois, 49, is a resident of 6024 North Oceanshore Boulevard. Wednesday morning (April 25), he woke up to see Robert Brandon, 48, allegedly slashing his tires and cracking his truck’s windshield with his fist. A window had also been broken on Bourgeois’ trailer.

He then saw Raymond Crown, 52, allegedly grab two chainsaws from the back of his pick-up truck and throw a bicycle at the front door while yelling obscenities and racial slurs at Bourgeois. The two alleged assailants then got into a Jeep with a third man and drove off. A witness got the vehicle’s description and tag number.

The total damage was estimated at $1,400, the theft value at $1,200.

Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies were soon able to conduct a traffic stop on Palm Coast Parkway and locate the chainsaw and the knife. Crown was ”resistive” to being handcuffed during the traffic stop, his arrest report states. Crown said the incident developed at Bourgeois’ property because previously, Bourgeois had allegedly kicked the side of Crown’s vehicle and “a dog was allegedly shot with a BB gun after being sent after someone,” the arrest report states.

Crown and Brandon are both residents of 90 Flamingo Drive in Palm Coast.

It was once Crown was placed in a patrol car that the incident took a different turn.

“Maybe I wanna kill a cop right now,” Crown said in comments recorded by Sheriff’s deputy Kyle Gaddie’s body camera. “I’m gonna get a garbage can of ammonium nitrate and blow up the fuckin’ Sheriff’s station with some grenades and go in there with my AR-15 and kill as many pigs as I can before I commit suicide by cop. What do you think of that fuckin’ Gaddie?”

The reference to ammonium nitrate appears pointedly intentional: Bomber Timothy McVeigh, a “sovereign-citizen”-type terrorist who did not recognize the authority of police or government, used a truckload of nearly 5,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer, to blow up the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City in in April 1995, killing 168 people and injuring 680.

Crown has a documented history of confrontations with law enforcement. In 2002, he was found guilty of fleeing or attempting to elude police in a chase, a third-degree felony that resulted in a probation term after a plea deal, with the state dropping charges of aggravated assault and firing a deadly missile. In 2010 he was found guilty of domestic battery.

His comments in the patrol car escalated, threatening to kill Sheriff Rick Staly and again threatening to blow up the Sheriff’s Operations Center and have himself killed by a cop before taking on the deputy: “I’ll fuckin kill you myself if I see you, you fucking pig.” You better watch your back, Gaddie!”

“You got a fuckin’ bullet coming in the head,” he continued. “Who’s to say if I have a fuckin’ gun or not. I might have a Desert Eagle and an AR-15 at the house and I might just fuckin’ use it on your ass. A half inch hollow-point in your fuckin’ head. How would you like that, Gaddie?” He went on to level racial slurs at Gaddie and additional threats on his life.

Crown faces a list of charges: grand theft, criminal mischief and threatening to throw a destructive device, all felonies, and two misdemeanor counts of threatening a cop.

Brandon has a long history of arrests, including for charges of aggravated assault, domestic violence, violating a protective injunction, aggravated battery, aggravated stalking and burglary, among others. He was charged with felony criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Both men were booked at the Flagler County jail “where they refused to cooperate to ensure they were not under the influence of alcohol or narcotics,” their arrest report states. “They were then transported to Florida Hospital Flagler and after being medically cleared were transported back to the inmate facility without incident.”

“We will not take threats of any kind lightly,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “Threatening to blow up buildings or kill law enforcement officers for doing their job will not be tolerated. Just this Tuesday, we had funeral services for two Florida deputies that were murdered while eating lunch.”

Asked if, due to the specificity of the threats and Crown’s status as a felon–who is barred from possessing weapons–a search warrant was being served on the property at 90 Flamingo Drive, a sheriff’s spokesperson replied: “The investigation is ongoing and I’m not at liberty to give any additional details on this case at this time.”

Brandon was being held on $4,500 bond, Crown on no bond.

10 Responses for “Making Allusions to Oklahoma Bombing, Palm Coast Man Threatens to Blow Up Flagler Sheriff’s Office and Kill Rick Staly”

  1. Ready says:

    OK let’s look at this and think about what the Cruz kid stated on facebook and to others about what he planned to do at the school down south and the fact that the FBI and local authorities were given notice twice about a month or two before he carried it out! So this guy wants to be killed by the police and has blatantly stated this more than once after he has killed as many “pigs” as he can and the sheriff himself. This will be interesting to see what exactly our local SA and law enforcement will do with this current and future criminal and the Public defender will present a defense for him???

  2. Fernando Melendez says:

    Okay obviously there’s something there, this guy carries a lot of anger, so thank God he slipped up and our sheriff’s deputy did what they’re supposed to do their job. Let due process take its place and maybe we can get him the help he needs. On another note, I wish to suggests to the publishers of this article to try to blank out the profanity which is socially offencive and or strong language for anyone to have to read. Thank you

  3. palmcoaster says:

    Why is so difficult to get search warrants of felons houses or of houses owned by drug and sex addicted elderly that claim to have “care takers” that are felons and even worse when the public record shows these elderly homeowners even bail out those drug offender young males and females and all while playing the victim?The only victims here are the innocent residents exposed to the drug trafficking, violent incidents and being bullied and harassed from these strategically owned houses among law abiding families with children and retirees residing next door to all these criminals released from jail over and over again. That is what happened in 25 Coolidge Ct elderly homeowner friends with the one in our block:
    Last evening I am just walking my dog at 9.44 PM and a car scouting our block (that has a “Neighborhood Watch” Sheriff Staly sign) is cruising back and forth and trespassing in neighbors driveways makes a fast U-turn directed at us standing on the grassy right of way to then drive up to the elderly enabler homeowner driveway and enter his house. What is needed a death to take place to arrest these trafficking drivers as we were told (after calling the sheriff) that they have a record and law enforcement knows them? The public record shows the sheriff activity report presence 37 times at this elderly home owner with “care takers” since January 2018. The parade of felons on different vehicles goes on day and night speeding often on our block with total disregard for neighbors with children or pets. Presence of emergency vehicles for drugs overdose at 2 am when neighbors need to rest to go to work and children to attend school in the morning. This elderly provides roof and transport to these felons and we need that the Florida Statute for Nuisance Abatement 823.05 of this house to be enforced for the safety and peaceful living of all law abiding residents in our block and also to preserve the value of our homes.

  4. Duncan says:

    Fine outstanding citizens in every other way I’m sure. Glad to see at least the mouthy one was held on no bond.

  5. Linze says:

    Put them in jail throw key away
    Not needed on our streets

  6. Layla says:

    Threats against deputies should be taken as the real thing and receive life in prison.

  7. Old Hammock says:

    In response to the palmcoaster…It’s called “Probable Cause”. You either have it, or you don’t.

  8. MannyHMo says:

    These threats should be taken very seriously otherwise it will escalate into a mass shooting. This deadly threats should trigger immediate search for weapons at his dwelling and that of his associates.

  9. Trailer Bob says:

    Pretty low bail for threatening to kill and blowup police and police department. That isn’t a much higher bail amount than a woman got for stealing at lowes this week. Is there some reason why this county sets such low bail amounts? Lets wake up and see the scumbags for what they are and what they are capable of.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is there something in the water here? Is there a new synthetic drug taking over the streets that we should be aware of?

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