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Vehicle Chase Ends in Arrest Off Palm Coast Parkway After Pick-Up Overturns

| March 17, 2018

The pick-up truck that law enforcement was chasing overturned on Palm Coast Parkway near I-95, and its occupants fled. (© FlaglerLive)

The pick-up truck that law enforcement was chasing overturned on Palm Coast Parkway near I-95, and its occupants fled.
(© FlaglerLive)

A Dodge Ram pick-up truck overturned on Palm Coast Parkway, ending a police chase that began in Ormond Beach. The driver of the pick-up, sought by Volusia County authorities, fled on foot toward the Red Roof Inn, but was detained shortly afterward by Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies, who were to book him in what has come to be known for suspects as an inn with a differently-colored roof.

The chase began in Ormond Beach, according to Flagler County Sheriff’s spokesperson, and continued on I-95, but the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office left off the chase at 3:46 p.m. at the Flagler County line. Shortly afterward Flagler County Fire Flight, the emergency helicopter, was sent airborne to help in the chase.

Witnesses saw the white pick-up exiting I-95 and turning onto Palm Coast Parkway eastbound, where it then rolled over in a cloud of smoke. Witnesses saw at least one man fleeing the scene, possibly two, though Volusia County authorities said they were looking for just one male.

A man was seen running towards the woods near the Red Roof Inn, but at 4:04, he was already in custody, and Volusia authorities were on their way to identify him. Fire Flight was sent back to base at the Flagler County airport. The suspect’s identity is not known, nor is the cause for the chase.

The scene was cleared by 4:20 p.m.

palm coast parkway

(© FlaglerLive)

The truck after all things settled. (Ken Carter for FlaglerLive)

The truck after all things settled. (Ken Carter for FlaglerLive)

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17 Responses for “Vehicle Chase Ends in Arrest Off Palm Coast Parkway After Pick-Up Overturns”

  1. Shark says:

    Lucky no innocent people were killed – what was the crime? Probably nothing serious enough to risk lives !!!!

  2. Vicki and Brian Nixon says:

    Thank God he didn’t hurt anyone!

  3. Really says:

    Whatever he or she wad wanted for is multiplied 5x over. Idiot. Why do these morons think fleeing will get them anything.The more they do the more get locked up. GL genius

  4. thank you says:

    Thank you for keeping us safe FCSO and FC Fire Flight .. what a great job you did wrapping this up quickly… too bad that guy ran towards the red roof inn thinking they were safe .. (but later he/she found out they ran towards the “green” roof inn)… lol..

  5. Ray says:

    He was running toward the RED ROOF INN but now he’s at the GREEN ROOF INN

  6. Jenn says:

    Wtf is wrong with people??????

  7. BlueJammer says:

    Great photos, FlaglerLive!

  8. palmcoaster says:

    I figured were looking for someone yesterday as our county helicopter was circling around that area. Glad dude caught…wonder what he did for such a chase.

  9. Trailer Bob says:

    The way things are heading, maybe it should be 23 to drive a care, unless you have a permit to drive to and from a job. The rest of us all pay via insurance premiums towards all the lawsuits and medical/repair bills from these idiots. As young people get more and more stupid, maybe the age limit on driving, owning a gun, drinking alcohol should be looking into seriously.

  10. Katherine says:

    Kudos to the Flagler Sherriff who was behind this guy. Heavy traffic on 95 and we were on our bike as the idiot sped by with smoke and gravel flying. He kept lights off and stayed back some maybe thinking the fugitive would slow down. After flipping, the fugitive ran and sherriff went after with gun drawn; I felt awful he was all alone. And a big shout out to all the impatient people behind us on the palm coast exit ramp honking to get going……way to be safe. Smoke billowing from
    Truck, fugitive running and sherriff with gun out…….you go ahead In front and get where you need to. #maybethinkofothers #letthemdotheirjob #slowdown

  11. HHRep says:

    I use to be against the severe consequences that the death penalty presents, but you really need to understand that some people should not be allowed to continue their existence. Now this individual could have killed some innocent person cause all kinds of grief and anguish for their family and friends. Now, this clown is going to be locked up and we as tax paying citizens will be paying for his “bed and breakfast.”

  12. Jess says:

    He flew right by us on 95 with no front right tire. He was driving on the rim and it was loud and smoking like crazy. He got off on the Palm Coast exit and I’m assuming that’s when he flipped. There were no police behind him on 95. In fact we saw them coming the other way (southbound) with their lights on.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Two cops were at old Dixie exit with spike strip. They did follow him on 95….we stayed in middle lane as cop came up in right lane with no lights on (we assumed to hopefully slow the lunatic down). cop who chased him as soon as he exited his vehicle came off of 95. He immediately exited his cop car and chased the fugitive. Thank goodness no one was hurt and great job Flagler Sherriff.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bob, I don’t exactly get why you’re bringing this up. Nowhere in this article is his age stated, so why is it even an issue? And why should idiots like this ruin things for responsible children/teenagers? And you can’t tell me that kids of your generation weren’t just as stupid. We just hear more about it in this age of social media.

  15. Hunter says:

    To Mr. TRAILER BOB…. “Ugh boy, I was hoping to read this and then head up to the store but as I read your comment I was losing sight of what was on my grocery list. First of all, I’m 51, so I’m not one of your so called ‘young drivers’ but I don’t sit as high atop of a pedestal as you because I was involved in the daily life of first, my grandfather when alzheimers snuck in, to years of caring for my grandmother until she was 98 to caring for my mother with brain cancer at the age of 62, along with countless news stories over the years of elderly drivers mowing down innocent shoppers and children at Publix because.. Wait for it….. ‘I MUST HAVE PRESSED THE GAS PEDAL INSTEAD OF THE BRAKE’.(Ya think!?) yet they get off with a small ticket and because of their age their premiums for insurance stay the same. I’ve said this many times on this forum before because someone like you makes this ignorant comment, that I have lived at the end of Old Kings for thirty years and you can not drive by the IA Club, VFW, Elks, etc without these drivers pulling out onto the road and driving down the wrong side. They sit there for hours drinking subsidized drinks, all the while taking heart and BP medicine and then get into their living room on wheels and wipe a family out or someone walking to work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this and had to call 911 and follow them until police meet up. They are all over the road. Since my pets are begging for their night time snack, I will end this with so much more to say, but before you want the driving age risen to 23, let’s focus on a requirement where drivers must have a PHYSICAL driving test every five years starting at say, 70 or after major strokes. We pulled my grandmothers license at 73 because we started following her without her knowing to see how she drove, after all, she was born in 1919 and was proud to tell people she took her driver’s license test when she was in an orphanage when SHE WAS 12 ON A TRACTOR! … And the first time we saw her make a mistake we pulled her license and I moved her into my home. We kept her home as well and she lived there almost to the end, but she was never in need to get in a car. We made sure we took her places. I see people that can’t stand up in the stores or see beyond their hands and then get into a huge Lincoln and can’t even see over the steering wheel. So don’t be so quick with your pius accusations about age and driving. Elderly drivers, especially in Florida, and the accidents they cause are a multi billion dollar a year industry, despite the cute little insurance commercials where the 16 year old son has a fender bender. Let me ask you this, look up, CAR DRIVES THRU BUSINESS, On YouTube.. Count the times it’s driven by someone under 23. EXACTLY!

  16. Vicki and Brian Nixon says:

    God bless you my friend for all that you have done for your family members and I can say Amen 100% to everything that you just said! I agree 200%

  17. Born and Raised Here says:

    I would be a lot safer in a car with my grandson who is 18, then riding with a 70 year old man or woman.

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