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19 Year Old Arrested By Sheriff Last Week For Reckless Driving Rearrested on Hit-and-Run and Cocaine Charges

| January 4, 2018

Jacob Reardon, 19, is accused of crashing a Mustang into a Nissan in the B Section this morning, and fleeing the scene with his girlfriend. (FCSO)

Jacob Reardon, 19, is accused of crashing a Mustang into a Nissan in the B Section this morning, and fleeing the scene with his girlfriend. (FCSO)

Jacob Reardon may not be getting the message–not from a traffic court hearing officer, who five months ago fined him $356 for speeding at 84 mph in a 40 zone, not from Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly, who personally pulled over Reardon and sent him to jail two weeks ago on charges of reckless driving and pot possession, and not after crashing his car this morning in Palm Coast’s B Section: he allegedly fled the scene immediately after the crash, along with his juvenile girlfriend, who was hurt seriously enough in the crash to require a trip to the hospital. 

Reardon, 19, a resident of 1 Banton Place in Palm Coast, was later arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident with damage on private property, a felony. As a deputy was going through his wallet subsequent to Reardon’s arrest on the hit-and-run charge, the deputy noticed a small bag in the driver’s license window of the wallet, which allegedly tested positive for cocaine. So Reardon was charged with cocaine possession as well, also a felony. 

He is being held at the Flagler County jail on $5,500 bond. 

Jacob Reardon.

Jacob Reardon.

According to Reardon’s latest arrest report, he was speeding at the wheel of a white Ford Mustang at 8 this morning, through residential streets of Palm Coast’s B Section.  He lost control of the car, “left the roadway and struck a driveway culvert,” according to the report. “The Mustang became airborne and struck a parked vehicle, a Nissan Frontier, in the driveway at 83 Birchwood Drive.”

A witness, a homeowner at a nearby house, observed the driver and passenger exit the vehicle and flee, but she took a picture of  the driver and passenger with her cell phone just before they fled. The picture matched that of Reardon’s recent booking photo at the jail. 

The Mustang was registered to Kimberly Ann Musto at 1 Banton Place. Musto told deputies that Reardon was in possession of the vehicle. Law enforcement records also indicated that his girlfriend lives near the crash, a few doors down from 83 Birchwood.

Deputies contacted the girl’s father, who confirmed that his daughter had been with Reardon. Contacted by deputies, the girl told them she’d bring Reardon, but she made no mention of the crash. Reardon was detained at the Birchwood Drive home and brought back to a location near the scene of the crash, where the original witness identified him as the driver of the Mustang. Reardon was still wearing the same clothes as in the picture the witness took.

Meanwhile the girl’s father took her to a medical facility “as she was complaining of difficulty breathing and back and neck pain,” according to the arrest report. Reardon was arrested. 

“Two weeks ago I arrested him for driving recklessly, but I guess he didn’t learn his lesson,” Staly was quoted as saying in a release issued this afternoon. “Now he’s taking another ride to the Green Roof Inn. I hope he gets the drug help he needs and the courts throw the book at him before he seriously hurts or kills someone.”

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42 Responses for “19 Year Old Arrested By Sheriff Last Week For Reckless Driving Rearrested on Hit-and-Run and Cocaine Charges”

  1. woody says:

    3 time loser,at this point he will never learn.Let him do a little prison(not jail) time.

  2. Lonzo brown says:

    What is wrong with these young people?
    Not using their brains

  3. USA Lover says:

    Poor baby. Just give him a wittle bitty ticket and let him go. Poor baby.

  4. Really says:

    I say no regard for actions and no consequences in his mind due to lenient court system in this County. Slap on the wrist is a gateway to no respect for LEO or Legal system. Just glad no innocrnts were hurt this time. Bye bye

  5. ASF says:


  6. Will says:

    Somebody’s enabling this kid big time. Who pays his fines? Who lets him have a car? Crazy.

  7. Percy's mother says:

    A loser who will always be a loser.

    A lot of people are out walking their dogs at that time of morning. He could have killed or severely injured one or more innocent people. These losers think only about themselves.

  8. Lou says:

    Please lock this turd up for min 5 years in a hardcore jail.

  9. S says:

    I think we (the sheriffs dept.) needs to be proactive with this one before he kills someone .Obviously he’s not going to slow down .Three time offenders need to be stopped and put away for awhile.

  10. Bc. says:

    @really I could not have said it any better. Also this jackass needs to do time like I said last time he was busted it’s only a mater time before they scrape him off a highway. Let’s hope it’s just him and not a innocent family. Judges lock this this loser up please it just might save his life and the life of others.

  11. Steve Vanne says:

    I guess until he kills someone they might put him away for a long time. He has learn nothing at all. Sooner or later hes going to get some street justice and that will just break my heart. This kid is a loser…

  12. Born and Raised Here says:

    Driving is a privledge. It’s time they enforce more harsh pentalties for these reckless drivers.

  13. Just sayin' says:

    So all of these young kids who just smoked a little “harmless” weed are now moving up to cocaine and heroine. Wake up people, these kids are out of control. Parents need to step up and actually raise their children. Palm Coast has a huge drug problem and its getting worse. FCSO needs to start with the heavy hitters who are bringing the drugs into the county. But it seems like they do not know how to actually do any detective work!

  14. Richard says:

    If Florida would adopt a “Three Strikes” Law this guy would never see the light of day for a VERY long time. Do it Florida for the sake of innocent people that will lose their lives one day by this guys reckless behavior if he doesn’t get removed from society SOON.

  15. Complainer says:

    There’s hundreds if not more of these reckless toddlers with drivers licences speeding and cutting people off all over the place with no regard of anyone’s safety!

  16. gmath55 says:

    He is being held at the Flagler County jail on $5,500 bond. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a joke. He be out again driving fast.

  17. Geo-man says:

    What ever happened to 20 yrs. hard labor?

  18. Yourstruly says:

    Good job Judge!! ( sarcasm)

  19. can'tfoolme says:

    I can’t believe any young girl would be foolish enough to ride with this guy! C’mon, Sweetie – ditch him before he turns you into a fatality.

  20. Daphne says:

    5500 bail is a joke. He has no regard for others. How about 100k to 250k bond? Or no bond! He’s going to kill someone!

  21. palmcoaster says:

    Again and again my question is…what is wrong with our Florida court system our judges and our State Attorney Mr. Larizza? Letting this people go on bail by “announcement of no information” and to useless drug court over and over again is just criminal to the rest of the residents that do not do drugs and are law abiding citizens. Who is going to pay for all the damage done to the car parked on the driveway of that innocent resident? Some innocent could have been killed by this druggie criminal speeding in a residential B section. He needs to go to prison few years to get drug free and clean and learn to respect society.
    Is our court system, DA and current GOP system trying to save money by not sending these young addicted men and women to prison? I said it here before and I will say it again why let go on bail to commit the same crimes over and over again . Why so many wealthy bailer’s around Palm Coast exchanging bail money for “personal services”? Where is the justice for the rest of us?

  22. Jack Howell says:

    This young man needs to be placed in the Stewart-Marchman behavioral care center using the authority of the Stewart-Marchman Act. He is a classic case and needs to be rehabbed and needs to be in the residential program. There is a chance that he can be saved. Under no circumstances should he be released on bail.

  23. Resident says:

    They take his money first, get depth in our bank and see him next week take down more innocent vehicles with kids(who will follow his steps) in them.

  24. Resident says:

    World is round and everything come around.

  25. Jenn says:

    Wow. He really needs serious help with guys addiction and his license taken away and I say some time in a state person they think glad county jail is just a joke maybe prison will open his eyes. I feel for his parents. Thank God nobody innocent was hurt.

  26. This Mom's been there says:

    Best thing the parents can do is let jail time be served and get this young man into drug court. It saved my child life.

  27. Resident says:

    Give here some good pain killers, so we can have more fun in town. Lol

  28. KJones says:

    No one is enabling this “kid”. He’s an adult, and he works (or at least he did at the time of the last reckless driving arrest). This is on no one, accept him. Parents can’t control what their children do, once the leave their home, especially when he is an adult child.

  29. ConstantlyAmazed says:

    Don’t blame the kid, blame the “society” & the “Times” we live in. Once again we hear stories of 20 something year olds committing crimes, possessing drugs, no regard for the safety of others or the laws and everything is a joke. The end result of a society that has raised a generation without responsibility, fear of consequences or respect.
    They are the “Basement dwellers” no education, no jobs, parents who gave up, don’t care or are afraid. Raised in a time in America where SOCIETY told them I was politically chic to occupy space rather than show ambition.

  30. Anonymous says:

    He has had more than one chance, and now it is time for him to be taught a lesson…..lock him up for 5 years and give him time to think about it. He could easily kill someone and has apparently learned nothing thus far. We all the time read or hear about DUI arrests but rarely do we ever hear or read about driving while impaired or driving high. There are far more people on the roads that do drugs than drink alcohol. It is time for some changes to get these impaired people off the roads and given the same consequences. Again, our law makers have their heads in the sand and spend more time, money and energy on matters of less importance.

  31. Donnie says:

    When the sheriff stopped him the first time he said he didn’t know who he was. Reckon he knows now?

  32. Mark101 says:

    This falls right on the courts inept attitude about justice and when to apply it,. .Does it take a death of some Innocent person before the court in Flagler County actually does something right and locks this person up for YEARS.

  33. Just the truth says:

    Why would any parent allow their daughter to be with this loser? Keep him in the green roof inn for awhile. He is a punk and obvious has no regard for the law. Sentence him to enlist in the army, they’ll teach him how to follow rules.

  34. Mary says:

    I have a delinquent living up the street from me. He has been in trouble since I’ve been living in my neighborhood which is 12 years. This kid drives recklessly down my block destroys peoples curbs digging lawns up. He has no respect for anyone. He has a record already for pointing a gun on an elderly couple. The neighborhood put together a petition to get him out since he is a renter but the owners don’t care cause he’s mother pays her rent. This kid is a bad seed and it’s just a matter of time that something horrible happens. He has been arrested and all they do is fine him and off you go. I do believe the law does not have strict enough laws in the meantime the people in the area feel like hostages. Very disturbing how they allow this to continue.

  35. palmcoaster says:

    @Maryn and our DA and Judges:

    We have the same issue in our block with and elderly enabler playing the victim and bailing out these young men and women all the time with the excuse that are “his caretakers”. So after released of few months, weeks, days or overnight in jail they come back to his residence to start the meth making, usage, trafficking, the loud profane language fights, the violence, the high speed chases, the adjacent properties trespassing, the elderly harassment, the school children endangerment, etc etc…Here the problem is the house owner that bails them out brings them back in and also provides transportation in exchange “for caretaker services” This house owner pays the victim but to the contrary he is the enabler of these female and male felons activities among a community of young hard working good families with children and retirees that have to endure the release of these felons by DA and judges in court. Our sheriff does a great job catching them over and over and throwing them in jail…so the courts release them…What a fatal joke.

  36. Concerned Citizen says:

    Please stop defending this man. He isn’t a kid. He’s an adult who decided to do drugs and drive recklessly. He then put other people in harms way by running into someone and then running from the Sheriff’s Office.

    You choose to drugs and drink alcohol. And you choose to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and put others at risk. This man had several chances to realize he needed to correct his ways. He chose to ignore those chances and went for big this go around.

    He needs to be incarcerated for a decent amount of time. There also needs to be appropriate fines and restitution involved to pay for the damages he caused and for tying up LEO resources. Probation after incarceration with strict supervision. No more second chances.

    Instead of defending this man and making excuses how about feeling sympathy for the innocent person who had their vehicle ruined because this man decided to have total disregard for others.

    And oh by the way hopefully Law Enforcement and parents address the fact he’s hanging out with juveniles.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Palmcoaster—the problem is with our State Attorney and the stupid voters keep voting him back in office. He is NOT prosecuting and doing his job!! His staff is incompetent and he can’t keep staff….he has had the largest and most turnover of any SA in the State of Florida for multiple years. The State Attorney’s office tells victims that they don’t have the time, resources and money to prosecute. Imagine that….and we spend like $175,000 a year on this man! Something is terribly wrong and there appears to be no where to turn other than to the governor. Our law makers have it set up to where we the people are helpless and hopeless. There is no accountability for the State Attorney and he does what he wants because he knows he can. Now, do you really think dirty tricky Ricky is going to do anything? Not likely, but if enough people contact him and tell him to make this State Attorney do his job and not be selective at who he prosecutes at least it will be said and we will have done our part. Never should selective prosecution be tolerated!

  38. Jenn says:

    Nobody is defending him at all.

  39. 2B Gon Shortly says:

    In the words of Hank Hill…”That boy ain’t right”

  40. Dave says:

    Hey Mary and others being so harsh, try baking him a cake, have the neighbors sit down n talk with him , lets reach out to these lost souls n show them they have a community that cares for them

  41. Steve Vanne says:

    Dave u live in a fantasy land. This man (boy) has learned nothing. He leaves his underage girl friend and runs like a coward. Hes going to hurt someone down road or worst kill someone. Yes he needs help but HE’S the one that has to ask for it. But I and most people in Palm Coast don’t see this happening…

  42. Old Hammock says:

    Sentence him to California, the land of the idiots. May one day that state and its Liberal morons who run it all fall into the Pacific Ocean and disappear.

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