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Barney Davis, 56, Critically Injured in Motorcycle Crash on Seminole Woods By RaceTrac, Dies

| December 16, 2017

The scene on Seminole Woods Boulevard looking south just past the southernmost entrance to the RaceTrac gas station, where Davis fell before his motorcycle overturned and came to rest further south. (c FlaglerLive)

The scene on Seminole Woods Boulevard looking south just past the southernmost entrance to the RaceTrac gas station, where Davis fell before his motorcycle overturned and came to rest further south. (c FlaglerLive)

Update: Barney Davis died of his injuries overnight Sunday.

Barney Davis, a 56-year-old resident of Palm Coast, is in critical condition following a Friday evening motorcycle crash involving a van on Seminole Woods Boulevard near the RaceTrac gas station.

Davis was riding his Harley-Davidson south on Seminole Woods. Pavel Voloshin, 29, of Palm Coast, was driving a 2014 Nissan van north on Seminole Woods at 8:20 p.m. Voloshin sought to make a left turn to take Pinnacle Drive, a street that connects to the RaceTrac gas station. According to a Florida Highway Patrol investigator at the scene, Voloshin did not see Davis on his motorcycle, and violated his right of way as he crossed the southbound lanes of Seminole Woods.

There never was contact between the van and the motorcycle. But Davis, apparently taking quick evasive action to avoid a collision, either lost control of the motorcycle or attempted to lay it down, overturned, and was ejected, crashing onto the pavement without a helmet.

Davis, a machinist at an Ormond Beach company, registered a 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale when paramedics evaluated him immediately after the crash. A 3 is the lowest possible score on the 15-point scale, with 15 being conscious, walking and alert, and 3 being unresponsive, if still breathing. He was transported by Flagler County Fire Rescue ambulance to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach.

Voloshin’s van was intact. He parked it at the south end of the RaceTrac station and awaited instructions, gave his statements, and observed, as authorities went about investigating the crash. A couple in a truck bearing the markings of a glass company from Bunnell had also stopped and provided witness statements.

Seminole Woods Boulevard’s south lanes were reduced to one during the investigation. The northbound lanes were not impeded. The Flagler County Sheriff’s office was first on scene. The Palm Coast Fire Department and Flagler County Fire Rescue responded along with FHP, and the Palm Coast Fire Police regulated traffic.

FHP ruled the crash not alcohol-related. Charges are pending, however. Typically in right-of-way violations, the violator faces a negligent or reckless driving citation, assuming the crash does not result in consequences worse than injuries to another person.

Palm Coast’s and Flagler’s roads have been taking a particularly heavy toll this year, with fatalities topping 30 and injuries in the hundreds.

Debris from Barney Davis's motorcycle, which traveled several feet further after Davis took evasive action. (c FlaglerLive)

Debris from Barney Davis’s motorcycle, which traveled several feet further after Davis took evasive action. (c FlaglerLive)

The motorcycle. Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

The motorcycle. Click on the image for larger view. (c FlaglerLive)

The motorcycle's lights never went off--but were clearly on as Davis rode south. (c FlaglerLive)

The motorcycle’s lights never went off–but were clearly on as Davis rode south. (c FlaglerLive)

The Nissan was intact after the crash. (c FlaglerLive)

The Nissan was intact after the crash. (c FlaglerLive)

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25 Responses for “Barney Davis, 56, Critically Injured in Motorcycle Crash on Seminole Woods By RaceTrac, Dies”

  1. Steve Vanne says:

    As a fellow rider I wish all the best to this rider.
    Guys and Gals please wear ur helmets.

  2. Trailer Bob says:

    Wear a helmet when riding in Palm Coast, as there are many distracted drivers such as the one who hit the guy. Hope the biker pulls through with no serious permanent injuries. Listen People…look at the road and turn your neck a little as needed so you don’t kill others. Palm Coast has some of the worst drivers I have ever encountered on the road. Everyone is in a freaking hurry to go nowhere.

  3. another vet says:

    another cage driver “didn’t see the motorcycle” PAY ATTENTION people

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    I hope Mr. Davis will recover from his injuries.

    This has become a dangerous stretch of road. Even more so since Race Trac opened up. If you turn onto Seminole Woods from 100 people turn last minute to get to the gas station. The lack of turn signals is not surprising of course. I hear there is a shortage of blinker fluid in this state…

    Coming from 100 passing the store I see numerous customers who edge their way into stopped traffic. Gotta get there first right? To those who just pull right out violating that right of way. I have to drive this stretch of road every day for work. I always dread this intersection.

    The main reason the death and injury tolls are so high in Flagler are not lack of Law Enforcement or signage or lights. The high number attributes to lack of respect and the willingness to follow the rules of the road. It seems we have become a society with the mind set that it’s my vehicle and I will drive as I please.

    Driving is a privilege and not a right. Posted speed limit signs are not a suggestion but the law. 45 on Belle Terre doesn’t mean do 60. Like wise Red Lights and Stop Signs are not optional either. If we all slow down a little follow the rules and show some respect we might make a difference.

    Let’s set aside those devices and pay a little more attention driving. It might just save a life or 2.

  5. Jenn says:

    People really need to pay more attention to the damn roads and not their damn cell phones or anything else. Because this idiot didn’t see him which makes no sense to me, how do you not see a light or hear a motorcycle? Maybe you should lower your radio. Prayers go out to mr. Davis and his family. I hope he makes a recovery. As for the idiot driving the van he should get a penalty ticket or something maybe jail time or even maybe having to take his road test again.

  6. gmath55 says:

    How can you not see the motorcycle with 3 headlights! Looks like Pavel Voloshin will get a ticket for failure to yield the right of way or maybe even more charges. Lets hope Barney Davis makes it.

  7. 2B Gon Shortly says:

    Open your eyes people motorcycles are everywhere As you can see Barney’s bike was well illuminated.Hope he will be OK…And always wear a helmet.

  8. Anonymous says:

    From just looking at the pictures you have here of the road, notice the surface of the road. It is rippled up like heavy truck traffic has been taking off on it, or stopping along this stretch. That may have contributed to the motor cyclist not being able to regain control after having swerved so abruptly to avoid a collision with the Nissan car that turned in front of him. When you run over areas of roadways in this condition it makes you car shudder. I can only try to imagine what it does to a motor cycle, especially while in the process of an emergency maneuver to avoid an accident. More investigation into this by authorities may be prudent to avoid future accidents. The roadway definitely should be scheduled for some resurfacing.

  9. The Truth says:

    I hope this man pulls through and recovers completely.

    I realize the need to be cautious but please stop acting as if motorcycle riders are all perfect. Far too many times I see riders zig zagging through traffic and driving far to fast and recklessly. Everyone needs to be cautious, not just car drivers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t matter if the driver said they saw the motorcycle or not, they are responsible to see their surroundings when they get behind the wheel. If you are not capable of seeing your surroundings and being responsible, you don’t need a driver’s license. Responsible people can’t risk people like you! This is horrible. By the way, you sound like a politician in this county with your denial and irresponsibility.

  11. Troy says:

    Barney was a damn good man and a great father. He always saw the good in people even if they were assholes. NW Indiana will miss you! Rip until we meet again

  12. Deborah Klahn says:

    It’s sad to say my relative did not survive. Please watch out for motorcycles.

  13. Sonny Williams says:

    Barney was my cousin. He passed away. 😢

  14. John Yankovich says:

    I’m 70 and still ride a bike tho now its a 3 wheeler. Please wear a helmet. When Palm Coast had 30,000 population traffic wasn’t so intense. When you’re on a bike the best you can hope for is 50% control of the road. There is not a biker out there who hasn’t had a close call at being cut off. With population here over 75,000 you have to drive defensively!!!!!!

  15. Laurie says:

    Well said!

  16. HonkeyDude says:

    Nice to see no one blame the condition of the road causing the motorcycle to loose control.

  17. family friend says:

    mr davis has passed

  18. Anonymous says:

    He passed

  19. Stanley Wolak says:

    Helmets save lives Folks!!!

  20. Rick Kang says:

    This accident and many other accidents like is the reason I sold my motorcycle; too many people in complete FOG while driving! STOP texting while driving! Obey ALL traffic laws! Speed KILLS! If you drink or do drugs, NOT drive! Slow down during rainy or foggy weather! Leave early for work or appointments! Everyone should with Drive Common Sense so that we ALL can Live a full life!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Looking at the condition of these roads I would say the county or state has some liability in this. I cannot see how one on a bike or motorcycle could safely drive on such poorly maintained roads. Sadly this man had to pay the consequences for our local government that is worried more about pretty city halls, the air port and other things that don’t benefit us like our roads, safety, and other vital matters. Take some of the outrageous monies (about a half a million dollars annually if you consider what they are paid and their benefits and allowances) being paid to the city manager and county administrator (don’t understand why this county needs two of the same, or why the county administrator is being paid so handsomely when he is only representing the areas of the county that are not in city limits-which is about 20 percent but our city council members and county administrators are to blame for allowing these wages to get out of hand at our expense—-all she be fired and/or not reelected!) and pay for the needs of the people–homeless people, poor people, shelter, food banks, children, people struggling to keep there power or water on, etc.

    I would also like to add that yesterday as I was coming into Bunnell from Ormond on US 1 a motor cycle pulled out of the White Eagle on to US 1 and nearly got creamed. The problem in that area is this BAR. Either close the BAR or put a barrier along the highway in front of the BAR where those entering and exiting the BAR would have to go down the Old Dixie road to get into the BAR and back on to US 1. Please need to make a turn to get into the BAR and not just be able to access it from US 1. This would be less expensive than a light or round-a-bout and save lives. A round-a-bout or light is not going to stop people from pulling out in front of traffic when they leave the BAR when the light or round-a-bout is 200-300 feet south from where they are pulling out into traffic.

  22. Lon B says:

    Unfortunately Barney Died this morning! He will be missed!

  23. Jenn says:

    So sad may he rip.

  24. Lori says:

    RIP Barn-Dog. Love you.

  25. Anthony says:

    Had the pleasure working with Barney Davis a great Father And Friend
    and he will be missed. RIP

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