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Why Is the Palm Coast City Administration Treating 400 Employees Like Children?

| June 6, 2017

palm coast government wendy cullen email toilets

The Palm Coast administration is in the toilet. (Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain,’ 1917)

When the email was first passed to me I thought it was a parody, something written by a middle schooler typically thrilled by scatological funnies and equally oblivious to boundaries of propriety. You excuse that sort of thing in 12 year olds.

pierre tristamBut it was no joke. It was an actual email written last Thursday. It went out to all Palm Coast city employees—all 400 of them. It was an attempt to potty-train those employees, none of whom, it’s safe to say, is a child. It was condescending, presumptuous, degrading and foul. And it was unpardonable, considering the source: Wendy Cullen, the director of human resources, who would have been justified to fire any employee who would have sent that sort of email to colleagues.

Yet she sent it, herself clearly oblivious to boundaries of propriety. If you’re not one of those employees, consider yourself lucky not to be working in an environment where the very person who’s supposed to set the tone for professionalism and respect thinks it’s within her bounds to treat you like a child and give you lessons in hygiene.

There’s supposedly been an issue with bathroom cleanliness at the city. Cullen felt compelled to address it. No one can object to an organization’s administration looking out for its facilities and for communal respect among employees. Many of us in our workplace years have known the occasional memo-blast reminding the troops about essential courtesies. But this was no reminder, and there was nothing courteous about it. It was written of the very filth it sought to address.

“This is one of those e-mails that I can’t believe that I need to send but, alas, apparently I do,” Cullen begins, wasting no words to take on the persona of a boarding school matron. (The full email appears below.) She writes of the recent issues with cleanliness, then launches a five-point assault on decency. Examples, with apologies (mine, not hers): She wants people to flush. “Yep, I’ve heard that not everyone can remember to reach out either their left or right hand and pull the handle that replaces your deposit with clean water.” And: “Gentlemen, if you happen to miss the bowl completely, please take a moment to tidy up.” She has equally haughty words for women who “hover.” Then this phlegm-inspired hurl: “ If you feel the need to spit, hawk a logy, or sneeze in the area of the sink, please take a paper towel from the receptacle hanging on the wall and clean up your mess.” I feel the need to vomit.

At every point Cullen can’t resist assuming the attitude of a warden at a reform school, her sarcasm serrated with contempt: “it is my understanding that there is soap and water available for you to wash your hands.” “I don’t believe that I should have to reeducate our employees on things that you most likely learned between the ages of 2 and 5 but apparently I do.” This is how employees are talked to by one of our largest employers.

Of course Cullen wouldn’t—couldn’t—have written that without the approval of City Manager Jim Landon. She’s his right-hand (or is it left?). He sets the tone. The words may be hers, but the arrogance and contempt is all his: we see it in action regularly at council meetings or when he addresses the public. If he’s able to treat newly elected council member Nick Klufas, his boss, like a child and insult him to his face, as he did in a recent council meeting when he outright refused to answer one of Klufas’s questions (“I’m not participating in this”), we shouldn’t be surprised when he condones his lieutenant’s equally insulting behavior toward 400 people.

And if this is how the human resources director addresses 400 employees in an organization-wide email, imagine how those employees are treated behind closed doors when they may have grievances or other issues. Imagine how vendors or the public or businesses may be treated, if the example from HR is that know-it-all insults and condescension are the administration‘s first language.

jim landon

Is Jim Landon disconnecting? (© FlaglerLive)

 The Cullen email is too blatant, too blind to its own rudeness, to be an isolated thing. It reflects a disconnect that has a lot to do with an administration that’s been entrenched and barely accountable too long. It’s what happens when the same administration stays in place while entire batches of council members come and go. Power accrues in the administration, and with it the sort of arrogance Landon displays toward new council members—as he has toward Heidi Shipley, toward Steven Nobile in the past, toward Klufas now—and that Cullen is displaying toward the employees. All along council members have let him get away with it, rewarding and enhancing his misplaced authority. That email is just the tip of the bile.

The disconnect may run deeper. From what I’m told, Landon is spending an inordinate amount of time working “from home” these days—the home he put up for sale in February, just days after securing a raise that brought his pay package to nearly a quarter million dollars a year. He’s supposedly got his foot on an RV’s pedal.

Maybe he’s losing touch. Maybe he’s checking out. Maybe he doesn’t want to use the bathrooms at city hall. Whatever the case may be, the council, on whom all this ultimately reflects, should demand an explanation of the Cullen email, and should demand an accounting from Landon, its one employee, perhaps reminding him who his bosses are and who’s owed respect—on the council and in the ranks.

The Wendy Cullen email to city employees:

From: Wendy Cullen <<>>
Date: June 1, 2017 at 12:12:55 PM EDT
To: All City Employees <<>>

Good afternoon, All.

Wendy Cullen. (Palm Coast)

Wendy Cullen. (Palm Coast)

This is one of those e-mails that I can’t believe that I need to send but, alas, apparently I do.

I have heard some complaints about the cleanliness of our restrooms. So, in order to improve conditions, I would like to remind people of a few simple rules and/or courtesies that should be followed.

1. It is customary that once you complete your business, either #1 or #2, you flush. Yep, I’ve heard that not everyone can remember to reach out either their left or right hand and pull the handle that replaces your deposit with clean water, ready for the next person.

2. Gentlemen, if you happen to miss the bowl completely, please take a moment to tidy up. Ladies, if you hover please take a moment to tidy up. Again, the person using the facility after you appreciates it.

3. Leaving the floor littered with toilet paper and the like is inappropriate. If you drop tissue, pick it up and place it in the receptacle designated for that purpose.

4. If you feel the need to spit, hawk a logy, or sneeze in the area of the sink, please take a paper towel from the receptacle hanging on the wall and clean up your mess. In fact, you may want to use a little soap and water to be sure that your germs are not hanging around the basin for the next person.

5. Which brings me to sinks. It is my understanding that there is soap and water available for you to wash your hands. It may be a good idea to do so at the end of your visit. If your facility is lacking in supplies, please let me know and I will be more than happy to rectify the situation for you.

Now, this is not related at all to the cleaning crew. They do a good job so if you think that I am implying that this is someone else’s fault, you are mistaken. I don’t believe that I should have to reeducate our employees on things that you most likely learned between the ages of 2 and 5 but apparently I do.

Finally – these simple rules apply to both MEN and WOMEN.

Wendy Cullen

Human Resource Director

City of Palm Coast

160 Lake Avenue
Palm Coast, FL 32164

Tel: 386-986-3720

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83 Responses for “Why Is the Palm Coast City Administration Treating 400 Employees Like Children?”

  1. Wow

    A simple email asking people to respect the bathrooms and keep them tidy would have sufficed.

  2. Steven says:


  3. I dont know, many adults have very poor pubic bathroom habits, I even pick other peoples paper towels from the floor- simply because they were, too lazy to push them down in the trash can or women not cleaning their seats afterwards (have seen this gross habit all my female life) etc-. I dont think it was at all, out of line & I feel sorry for the people who have to clean up after these lazy adults.

  4. After reading this article my head is spinning… wow.

  5. This is absolutely disgusting and disheartening.

  6. Mark101 says:

    I’ve seen those bathrooms, man it looks like a truck stop as you stand in urine on the floor. So, when adults act like children, well sometimes they have to be treated like children.

  7. All in all yes it was a disrespectful email. On that note, I would do the same damn thing. I’m sorry but if you want to act like 2 year Olds then being treated as such is not a far leap. Since there is no way to actually find out who is causing the issue and a bit inappropriate to address an individual about their hygienic issues if there was, a company wide email was the only option. I understand that it may make some uncomfortable but wouldn’t it be even more uncomfortable to be called into the office of a superior or coworker and addressed face to face. I agree it should have been worded completely different but a point is a point.

  8. I can’t even finish reading this email.. I have said it before and I will say it over and over, once people get a little power they abuse… This Palm Coast City needs to have the swamp cleaned.. You jerks, yes jerks that are trying to maintain this city work for us, “The Citizens” and we don’t need your contempt. But you do need our votes and approval.. Flush your own, I have no doubt that those that cast stone… yeah yeah yeah, you get it..

  9. Ben Dover says:

    Too damn bad , if the filthy pigs behaved like adults in the restrooms she wouldn`t have had to write the email , the fact people are so upset over it means they are complicit in it , When I worked at Sea Ray Boats , I actually took a golf cart in the heat of the day out to a porta john by the guard shack because the restrooms in the building were too filthy to use, a lot of people wiped snot on the walls above the urinals, we even had a time for like two months where someone was writing FU the long version in their own feces on the walls. Then for 12 yrs I had the cleaning contracts on the golf and country clubs in town , I learned my first day that a mop makes a great toilet brush , people are disgusting , filthy animals , if they had them tiny spy cams back then , people would have been severely embarrassed in them clubs, no excuse for that kind of behavior.

  10. Brian says:

    Funny as #2 !

  11. Tired says:

    She’s always lacked professionalism and class, why would this be any different? Hope Landon takes her with him when he leaves!

  12. Terminus says:

    If the slop comes out of the barn – sometimes it needs a reminder how to behave. People are gross. People act like irresponsible, untrained heathers from the middle of a wooded forrest hidden away from civilization for most of their lives. Sometimes talking down to someone or even drawing pictures is necessary for comprehension.

  13. I read it as her trying to be comical yet direct in a gross situation. People should respect the facilities because they’re not the only ones using them. It’s common courtesy.

  14. W2GWendy says:

    Not surprised this is coming from Wendy. She’s places herself high above every City employee. She should go back to the hotel business where she came from.

  15. Linda Ruiz says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t find anything wrong with this email at all, why? Because at my work i have to constantly clean up our employees bathroom before I can use it to the point that I have to get gloves and Lysol wipes before I go because people is so disrespectful, they pee all over the seat and floor! Blood all over, feminine products misplaced I have complained to my hr so many times but they can’t send a email out because I guess people will get offended like the city employees! I think she needed to be that direct to get the point across!

    • Don’t forget how disgusting the guest bathrooms are too! You shouldn’t have to look at three stalls before finally finding one that’s slightly sanitary. Folks are grown and need to act like it. Janitors shouldn’t have to clean up after adults like that. We’re all old enough to go to the bathroom like we’ve got some sense. They wanted to act like children so she treated them like children.

  16. As a city employee, I did not find the email offensive in ANY way at all. Bathroom etiquette is not followed in many public restroom facilities, it’s the one place where it seems integrity is thrown out the window. I am more surprised Flagler Live would take the time to write about this and that so many people would care about this article! I guess that means if this is the least of peoples worries, it’s a great place to live!

  17. K says:

    You’re right. The kind of disrespect shown in that e mail is just the tip of the iceberg with that dynamic duo.

  18. I want to know how many people “replied all” to that email? THAT is an epidemic.

    But in all seriousness, the sarcastic, snarky manner in which this email was sent is not going to stop those who leave behind a messy bathroom. If anything, I see a challenge for those people to NOW leave behind something that will now require another email. Check mate.

  19. 10/ 12 years ago Palm Coast was so awesome!! Not so much anymore

  20. Not finding what is degrading about it? Truth hurts. Doubt it will rectify the situation, but other than putting cameras in the bathroom, really only way to call a nasty out.

  21. Worried Grammy says:

    The sad part is we actually pay people for this sort of garbage. Stop wasting your tax paid hours at work on such nonsense. If you can’t take the way the people YOU hired act at work, YOU clean it. You need to come out of the “Ivory Tower” and see what the rest of America already knows…people are slobs and your e-mail isn’t going to change them.

  22. Elaine says:

    I think it’s a witty and humorous email that spells out the message loud and clear. If each person using the facilities doesn’t “clean up” after themselves then who should do it? Everyone is entitled to a clean restroom. Would these slobs do this at home? My guess is NO but, sometimes people in public places feel they’re entitled to leave their mess behind and let the cleaning crew do it. That’s what they get paid for!! WRONG!! Put your big boy/girl pants on and be responsible and courteous for the next person! Great email Wendy Cullen.

  23. Just the truth says:

    Landon needs to go, let the Mayor of PC run this city. The tax payers that pay his outragous salary want him gone.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The “disrespect” is shown in rest rooms.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tax payers monty hard at work making public records as this is shameful……time for Landon to go, the City Chater to be reviewed and updated, and some hostile work cases to be filed.

  26. Elaine says:

    Great email Wendy Cullen! Gets straight to the point. Grow up people and clean up after yourselves. It is NOT the cleaning crews job to clean up after some slobs. Everyone’s entitled to have clean and sanitary restrooms.

  27. Just V says:

    Do have to say that as a woman having had to use public restrooms, I am not surprised that this has had to be addressed. I’ve had to walk out of some bathrooms due to how dirty and unhygienic they were. Was pretty sure I would catch some disease due to the nasty state of some bathrooms. Not to mention how many times I’ve seen people leave without even washing their hands.

  28. blondee says:

    A weak attempt at humor, but… yeah, most public bathrooms are pretty disgusting.

  29. This is a great email! People need to clean up after themselves, period!

  30. Dave says:

    Every job I worked on that the employees were mistreated, they would destroy the bathrooms as a way to act out against the current bosses that were mistreating them

  31. Mary Lynn Crosby says:

    If people would act decent, she wouldn’t have to address these disgusting behaviors. YOU GO WENDY!

  32. George says:

    As a custodian of 20+ years and one currently employed by local government, I have to disagree with this tone of this message. It’s not condescending, presumptuous, degrading or foul…it’s absolutely 100% spot on. People like to pretend that they aren’t guilty of the things mentioned in this email, but many do it every day. It’s not one or two or a few, it’s a great many. You just don’t see it every day because you aren’t the one cleaning it up. It is a shame that an email like this has to be sent and maybe not everyone wants to hear about it, but it’s a real problem.

    The reality of the situation is bathrooms don’t get cleaned after every use, every 15 minutes or even every hour. They get cleaned once, MAYBE twice a day (I’m talking about bathrooms in county owned buildings, offices, schools etc., not exterior public restrooms). Let’s assume that a bathroom gets cleaned and 10 minutes afterwards some lazy employee urinates all over the place, take a wild guess who gets blamed? Not the person who did, but the custodian. Someone else walks into the bathroom, sees the mess and assumes it didn’t get cleaned at all. This happens every day, in every single large scale county owned building. It’s literally impossible to know who is being lazy and disgusting. Putting up signs on the wall saying, “Please clean up after yourself” does nothing at all.

    Since you can’t place the blame on one person, because it’s MANY, you have a choice. You either allow people to be disgusting and pay someone to clean the bathrooms more often, which is crazy…or you address the problem and maybe it helps. More than likely though, people will continue to be lazy and disgusting while pretending it’s not them. I’ve been waiting for more than 20 years for people to be held accountable for their actions, I’m not about to start holding my breath. But pretending like it’s not happening isn’t going to solve it either. If you have any better ideas, feel free to voice them.

  33. PottiTrained says:

    Like people don’t need to be told a million times to keep the bathrooms clean? I’m with her on this subject; not a damn thing wrong with reminding people to be considerate of others.

  34. Ipleadthefifth says:

    At least they have bathrooms they can use at city hall public works has one bathroom and one porta Jon they share with inmates.

  35. BlueJammers says:

    Thank you, Pierre, for another delightful flood light article! On the same note, perhaps I should’t use the word “flood”.

  36. John says:

    We have all seen this before at work airports fast food convience stores there are just dirty lazy people out there!

  37. Dan says:

    Clearly the FlaglerLive editor didn’t approve of this email, but at least half the commenters before me seem to be in agreement — there’s nothing wrong with calling people out en masse with this letter. If there’s a chronic problem with people not respecting the public restrooms, how else should it have been addressed? It absolutely merits some snarky attitude because everyone SHOULD know better, and if you’re offended that she felt it necessary to call people out, perhaps you’re a little too sensitive to be out in public nowadays.

  38. Tony A rutherford says:

    Good E-mail Wendy. If people act like little kids, then treat then that way. I just wonder what their bathrooms at home are like?

  39. Don’t see anything wrong with this email.. it is directed at certain employees and they know who they are.. but if this email offends you.. it’s time to grow up.. and quit being so fragile.. wow !!!!

  40. Apparently the employees behave in such a way that they need this memo. I don’t have an issue with her sending it if it’s necessary. But it certainly tells me that it’s no place I would want to work because the employees are low class idiots.

  41. Having someone to clean the restrooms is always a big help. Seems like with 400 employees, they could hire a cleaning crew. It’s a pretty easy concept, even for a city administrator.

  42. City resident says:

    Although the topic needed to be addressed I find the approach juvenile. Time to drain the swamp.

  43. wow says:

    It would be a worthwhile taxpayer-funded study to determine if the trend of uncleanly toilet behavior increases as Landon or Cullen speaks publicly. I’d pay for the data. It seems like that would be fun data to use to run them out of the City. Good luck getting a higher up position with data that proves every time you spoke publicly, toilets got stunk up. At my work, our toilets get plenty of use, and the worst condition you’ll find the restroom in is an unpreferred smell. It seems like there’s a much BIGGER problem than this email will ever “fix” is all I’m saying.

  44. Rober Lewis says:

    As a taxpayer, I’m appalled. I’m appalled that city buildings are treated like a rest stop bathroom. I’m not upset over the email, rather that such an email had to be sent in the first place.

  45. Bill harvey says:

    First of all there are four bathrooms on the first floor which are all open to the public so there is no ID that u have to swipe to gain access to them and than if u take the elevator or stairs there is another set of restrooms open to the public so if all these are the ones in question you cannot hold the city employees totally responsible. Wendy failed to mention which ones are the ones in question that only city employees have access or the ones that everybody in the city have access to

  46. woody says:

    Make the slobs go outside behind the bushes.

  47. tulip says:

    I have seen way to many public bathrooms that even maggots wouldn’t want to be, in and I’m appalled at how dirty and piggy people are. If the city workers are being dirty and pigs then they deserve to be thoroughly chastised and humbled.

    A nice politically correct and respectful email reminding people to clean up after themselves doesn’t cut it. It makes you wonder how clean, or not clean, they are at home.

  48. Born and Raised Here says:

    Obvisously the city has some disgruntled employees, who are taking out there frustrations,

  49. Wtf says:

    Totally deliberate. So stupid, they need to be treated like the disrespectful people that they are.

  50. RayD says:

    I worked 36 years for state and local government I have an MPA. I’ve seen a lot over the years and the Cullen email is the most asinine condescending infantile diatribe I ever witnessed. Ultimately, Mr Landon is responsible. Sometimes when people get too comfortable in their jobs and are not held accountable, stuff like this happens. Just mention housekeeping issues at the next all staff meeting and have the bathrooms cleaned more often.

  51. SCOTCHWORKS says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the content of Wendy’s e-mail. The ONLY people this type of behavior “hurts” is the housekeeping staff. Imagine going to work every day and having to clean up after the PIGS that are employed by the City of Palm Coast. This is shameful and disgusting at best. It makes me WONDER what TYPES of people have been HIRED by the CITY and what POSITIONS they hold that WE fund with our TAXES??? At least your commentary produced LOT of content PIERRE!!

  52. Al says:

    Good humored email from Wendy Cullen on a difficult topic. Those complaining about the email including the author, who seems to have an issue, should grow up and clean up after themselves, mommy can’t follow you everywhere. As for a reply to Mark 101…I have 30 years and 3 million logged miles all across this great nation driving a semi. Some of the nicest, hardest working and most respectful people I have known have been truckers and some of cleanest rest rooms are at Truck Stops and Travel Centers all across this great country.

  53. PottiTrained says:

    I was speaking with some employees who say they have never experienced this type of mess in any of the “employee” bathrooms. Is it possible Wendy was looking at the public bathrooms? I was told these can get pretty disgusting at times.

  54. Jan says:

    One solution: For the men’s toilets, they need to “reframe” – paint a fly in the middle of the toilet bowl, right above the drain – reduces “spillage” by 80% as the men aim for the fly.

    This started in an Amsterdam airport, has now spread all over the world. Effective, cheap, and easy. It will make a difference!

  55. Anonymous says:

    For the people calling employees pigs and disgusting, pretty offensive to make judgement…some do work hard for a living or to support their families…been to plenty of nasty restrooms in the county at various places….not just an issue here….so I’m assuming the people with the nasty remarks have been to good to have to use a public restroom…its society not an isolated issue!!

  56. JustBecause says:

    I’m sorry, but all those indicating email was appropriate are missing the point. This email is coming from an HR Directory. Being an HR Director, it’s your job and responsibility to set standards within your organization and to lead that organization. Sending this type of email not only shows her lack of professionalism, but she is defining the culture that all other employees will deem as acceptable.

    HR is supposed to be he “safe” place to go to for employees. If I was employed at the City, I would definitely not be looking up to Wendy in any way. Nor would I feel safe to approach her with any real concerns. Her condescending tone in the email clearly tells me she is unable to treat anyone with respect.

    I’m not defending those who clearly can’t clean up after themselves. But a simple professionally written 1 paragraph email could have gotten the point across just as easily.

  57. Bob says:

    It sounds to me like she was in the men’s room at McDonald’s,, she is right I’ve heard complaints before

  58. Jolene dehart says:


  59. Itsme says:

    This place is an authentic JOKE!!! I am not surprised tha Punk City is nothing but a bunch of money hungry, incompetent, self- loathes idiots

  60. Itsme says:

    Very nice Cindy!!! Love what you wrote

  61. gmath55 says:

    I find it funny that there are 52 comments on this subject. And, the article or subject has been online for only nine hours. LOL

  62. Layla says:

    Why has his contract never come up for renewal? It seems that NOW may be the time to reexamine that.

  63. Hmmm says:

    As a city employee who knows personally what’s going on in these restrooms, I thought the email was necessary. If you don’t know the whole story, don’t judge. Thank you Wendy.

  64. flagler1 says:

    I suspect after this e-mail that the problem will increase.

  65. David Schaefer says:

    Hold it and go at home !!!!!!

  66. Benjamin Bartlett says:

    Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean–your aim will help!

  67. Benjamin Bartlett says:

    No job is finished until the paperwork is done.

    I’m sorry–I simply couldn’t help myself!

  68. Layla says:

    Words cannot express what I am thinking of this situation. While a memo might have been necessary, addressing employees in this manner with these words speaks volumes about the caliber of city employees all the way to the top.

  69. city worker says:

    awesome email I’m sure that if it was there bathroom it would be clean 400 city employees cut that in half and I’m sure u will have some actual hard workers that care

  70. anonymous says:

    Putting up signs on all the stalls and washstands might help as well. I was in a big box store the other day and a woman with a child was in the next stall over. They touched the door, locked it, and sat down (or hovered -whatever). They flushed with the handle. They touched the door handle opening it, and the door, and then, without washing her or her child’s hands (all those ‘other people’ germs now on them) I heard her give a paper towel to her child and say don’t touch that (exit) door handle without using your paper towel. I smiled to myself at such a way of thinking.
    I wash my hands with soap and water after using the bathroom every single time. YOU may think you didn’t touch anything but you DID – everyone else who has touched those handles/doors in finishing their business. I do use a paper towel to push down the towel trash in the containers because it’s an easy thing to do and you are only touching YOUR papertowel and it’s a good thing to do as well.

    That being said, Landon should have NEVER been allowed to get such a massive salary. He makes MORE than the city manager of Los Angeles, CA!

  71. palmcoaster says:

    Resolve this issue by requesting keys to be handed for the bathrooms use like in many gas stations convenient stores that use the key request as a deterrent to intentional mess or just plain messy users.
    Was this issue unsuccessfully addressed on staff meetings by supervisors, before this email sent?
    Probably the issue is as bad as the communication intended to resolve it…

  72. PottiTrained says:

    Like I said. After speaking with some employees who told me they never encountered anything remotely resembling the description made my HR, I’m wondering if she wasn’t looking at the public bathrooms at City Hall?

  73. Mike B says:

    Good for you Wendy! Adults that act like irresponsible children need to be treated as such.

  74. Veteran says:

    I think she hit the nail on the head! Every restroom I walk into has these problems. There are some adults that are flat out disgusting pigs. She spelled it out in detail. Too bad the pigs won’t stop being pigs.

  75. Hammocktime says:

    WHOA…400 employees? An administrator that rakes in $250k?
    These are far more important issues!

  76. Edith Campins says:

    Well Pierre, disagree with you on this one.

    If adults don’t behave like adults they can’t complain about being treated like children. Think for a moment how bad the situation had to get to warren this.

  77. Layla says:

    Leadership starts at the top and sets the tone. Agree with Palmcoaster on this one.

  78. Sherry says:

    The “leaders” of any organization SHOULD “set an example” of PROFESSIONAL communication. They certainly should not publish anything in writing when they are angry or upset. In this case, the HR Director had a valid point, but did NOT communicate it in a “professional” way. The memo should have been stopped and rewritten before being published.

  79. Paul says:

    Which is more disgusting, Landon’s salary or the filthy restrooms? Both should make us sick. Why do we need a city manager? I thought the mayor and city council were being overpaid to run the city.

  80. Steven says:

    I used to work for Parks and Recreation years ago and the men’s bathrooms were by far cleaner than the Women’s bathrooms were!!! Tampons, tons of toilet paper and even SH*T on the floors, clogged toilets and UNFLUSHED toilets!!!! I’m talking any bathrooms anywhere!! Ask Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc. employees!! Disgusting to say the least. Hey ladies, clean up after yourselves!!!! Hey I know, let’s give Code Enforcement a job they might be able to handle for a change since they screw up most of the time!! Restroom Custodians!!!!! I doubt they could handle that job!! Bahahahahahahahaha! And to hear Mr. Landon’s name dropped as many times as I have, he must be doing a great job, stepping on the right toes and pissing off people trying to skirt the system! GROW UP!! I stand behind HR on this matter!!!!!!!!!!! A clean bathroom is a happy bathroom!! Don’t leave the restroom the way you leave your home!! CLEAN UP!!!!!

  81. mary says:

    Have worked in retail environment for over 20 yrs in which our bathrooms are for employees and public use.
    The disgusting things people leave behind ( unflushed toilets,garbage-even food refuse left on floors or sinks) ladies hygiene necessities not flushed or left on top of garbage along with dirty diapers ( adult and child ) are just among the least of the atrocities,and we as employees are expected to keep it clean,of which I can promise you it is always just one or two employees who end up doing it because the bosses have never addressed the issue with any seriousness. I am thinking of taking a copy of this email and hanging it in our break room ( another issue ). I thank Wendy for taking the initiative to bring it to everyone’s attention with a tongue in cheek attitude- the haters have never have had to clean a restroom I am sure!

  82. Steven says:

    I agree Mary!! Have you looked in the microwave lately???????? :(

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