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Only 20 Percent Of Americans Support Health Law Repeal Without Replacement Plan

| January 7, 2017

obama repeal

The breakdown. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

The Republican strategy of repealing the Affordable Health Care Act before devising a replacement plan has the support of only one in five Americans, a poll released Friday finds.

The Kaiser Family Foundation survey also disclosed that shrinking the federal government’s involvement and spending in health care — the long-sought goal of House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican lawmakers — is less important to most Americans than is ensuring medical care is affordable and available. (Kaiser Health News is an editorially independent project of the foundation.)

Views split not only on partisan lines but also within the Republican Party, where nearly four in 10 think that the government should guarantee health care is available to the elderly and to low-income people, even if it means more federal involvement.

Despite the rout of Democrats in the election, which gave the GOP control of both the White House and Congress, the public’s view on the Affordable Care Act remains as divided as it has been since it was passed by President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats in 2010.  Currently, 47 percent of the public wants to keep the law, which upended the way insurers do business and expanded coverage to 20 million Americans.

Opponents have not coalesced behind the GOP’s two-stage plan of repealing the law immediately and then constructing a replacement. More people (28 percent) want a replacement plan announced before repealing the existing law than the share that says the law needs to be disassembled now (20 percent).

The survey found there are opportunities on both sides of the debate to influence public opinion. Twenty-two percent of those who said they want the law to remain switched their views when told that some consumers have seen large increases in cost. The same portion changed sides after being told the country cannot afford the expense of helping people buy health insurance.

Those opposed to the law are also willing to reconsider their views. More than a third of those said they would not want the law repealed after being told that some people with preexisting health problems would no longer be able to get insurance. A quarter reversed their opinion after being told some people who got insurance because of the law would lose it if the law were repealed. President-elect Donald Trump has said he wants people with preexisting conditions protected after the law is repealed.

Democratic fears that repeal of the Affordable Care Act will damage health care are not shared by most Americans. Six in 10 people believe the quality of their care will stay the same, and only two in 10 think their care will worsen. Families where someone has a serious medical condition are more worried, but even among them, only a third anticipate the cost of their health care will suffer if the law is repealed.

The poll found that the public’s most widely shared health goal is reducing the cost of care, with 67 percent of respondents calling it a top priority. Lowering the cost of prescription drugs is a top priority for 61 percent of the public, followed by addressing prescription pain killer addictions, with 45 percent listing it. Abolishing the Affordable Care Act is a top priority for 37 percent of the public, primarily among Republicans.

The poll was conducted from Dec. 13 through 19 among 1,204 adults. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points for the full sample.

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8 Responses for “Only 20 Percent Of Americans Support Health Law Repeal Without Replacement Plan”

  1. Common Sense says:

    If only, instead of all those futile attempts (and waste of taxpayer dollars) to repeal it, the Republicans would have put aside politics and worked with Democrats to correct the flaws and improve the ACA all Americans would be better off today.
    Republicans were and continue to be so hell bent on not allowing the ACA to be Pres. Obama’s legacy that they have ignored the health concerns of millions of Americans.
    We now have approximately 25 millionAmericans that would once again be without insurance if the ACA is repealed. What is the Trump plan for them? Consider that in the years since its inception Republicans have not formulated a single, workable plan to replace it.
    It is also interesting to note that many of the proponents of repeal, including Congress are not covered by the plan themlselves.
    What is the GOP alternative? Is there one? Will it have “death panels”? Will it “ration healthcare for the elderly”? Will it “bankrupt” the country?

  2. Knightwatch says:

    It is beyond belief, even repulsive, that 20 percent of those polled want to cancel health insurance for about 26 million citizens. This is sick.

  3. Ws says:

    Any person with half a brain knows Obamacare has been the biggest disaster of any president so far. It must be repealed. Gee whiz people don’t you pay attention to the damage Obamacare has done. GO TRUMP!

  4. Diana L. says:

    The Republicans have spent the past six years voting to repeal Obamacare without a concrete plan to address the health care crisis in this country. Now they are on the eve of being able to axe it, they vote to hide the cost of the repeal from the public.
    There are estimates that their agenda, with the repeal and massive tax cuts for the RICH will cost over four times what the Iraq war cost, let alone kill millions of private sector jobs, and most of all make us sicker. They call it an appropriate level of public debt. How do you hide $9 trillion dollars, you vote to doom the Office of Congressional Ethics.
    Let’s make a few billionaires richer and stick it to future generations. All for the sake of denying President Obama any legacy.
    It is irresponsible, over-reach and sickening.

  5. Spin Doctor says:

    ACA – Good intent, unfortunately when it was mandated and punitive base, big insurance took advantage of that fact. I willing to bet that had it been a voluntary program, reward base versus punitive based, it might of been a successful and affordable program.

  6. RJG says:

    I love the fact that we attack the GOP and say why did they not come up with a solution during its run. Well why haven’t the democrats fixed it, why did they pass into law the piece of crap known as ACA. Why all of the lies to get it passed. I don’t give a crap about Obamas legacy. Get rid of all of the fraud in Medicare and Medicaid, limit the markup on medications by Pharmaceutical Companies. There are so many ways to raise revenue and help those that need help. The fact is that, there are whole segments of our population that choose to use the ER as their doctors office. Even now that they have ACA coverage, they still come to the ER for a cough, pain in their neck etc….I am in the healthcare industry and see first hand, what most people do not. Its so easy to say lets give free everything to everyone…unfortunately its not free, and those that work very hard for their pay, are fed up and tired of paying for lazy, poor decision making Americans. I understand there are working mothers and single parents out there that need help…first they shouldn’t have had children if they cannot afford them…I am sorry that I am not PC..I am tired of the bleeding hearts out there…My wife and I struggled financially and chose not to have children until we could afford it…wow what a concept. I understand that individuals end up in circumstances, not due to their own mistakes…they deserve our help….temporarily. We have to hold people accountable for their own lives. Its about time we have someone who says they are going to change this stupidity…will he…don’t know, but I do know what the government that is there now and has been for the last 8 years was doing was a disaster.

  7. Flatsflyer says:

    If it gets repealed, more Republicans will suffer and die because of serious medical conditions and that my friends will be a really, really good thing.

  8. Traveling Rep says:

    Was this poll done by the same goofballs that predicted Trump to lose to Hillary by a yuugge amount? Funny how that did not happen. Yeah, go ahead and claim the pop. vote – fueled by Cali and illegal voters. Obamacare costs me $1000+ a month for my young family of 4. Oh did I mention that on top of that we have a $13,500 deductible? All told, it would cost over $25,000/year, if we could “afford” to use it. Sounds very “affordable”, right? How many insurers have pulled out of several state exchanges again? This wealth distribution scheme has imploded – in large part due to the young, healthy, college aged liberals who supported it; due to their complete lack of participation in it. Ironic, eh?

    On Jan. 20th I would like to welcome all of my fellow Americans back to capitalism, now go get a job!

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