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Why I’m Voting Clinton, Unreservedly

| November 8, 2016

hilalry obama

I’m with them. (Hillary for America)

Later today, and still despairingly doubtful of her victory, I’ll be voting for Clinton. It won’t be a reluctant vote or a vote cast out of fear of a Trump presidency, though I am certainly fearful of that: it’s possible to fear one while enthusiastically approving of the other. It’ll be an eager, grateful vote. But not a blind one.

pierre tristam flaglerlive editor's blogShe has her flaws, as do her 43 predecessors: politics isn’t a Rotary lunch. That’s the difference. Clinton has flaws. Trump is a flaw. I’d rather the White House sat on top of a stretch of whitewater or even a teapot dome than on top of the San Andreas fault (or a missile silo in North Dakota). Comparisons explode the equivalence. There’s never been equivalence between the two. They’re not equally bad or distasteful except in the alt-right world of pre-Copernican conceptions of the universe, where facts are whatever the reigning mullahs of the times say they are. Like Trump’s absurd transmigration into a voice of the working class, the dispossessed, the rust-belted and white-aggrieved. That’s been the defensive if successful narrative of the Trump campaign, the recasting of Clinton’s 35 years in the public eye as a gorgon-headed reign of furies, as if anyone fractionally guilty of the manufactured cases against her could have made it this far in what’s amounted to inquisitorial gang-rapes. I’m not so sure most of her 43 predecessors, being of the weaker sex, would have. That she has tells me something. I didn’t like Margaret Thatcher, but I envied her Hester Prynne-sized balls. Looks like Clinton has her beat by a dozen. No wonder she needs pants suits.

But here I am falling into the same trap the Trump campaign intended all along: focus on Clinton’s manufactured character, not on her policies. If that’s where the debate had been there’d have been no debate. Trump is a Gertrude Stein-era Oakland of coherence: there’s no there there. In the end that’s what I’m voting for–not against Trump, but unreservedly for Clinton. For her stack of white papers. For her dull lust for policy and governance. It’s a long list of why. But here’s a sample.

There’s the self-serving part. She’s going to ensure that I can send my son to college without either of us running up massive debt. She’s going to lower my health premiums by introducing a public option, because she’s not going to kill the only health insurance program–Obamacare–that kept me and my family, and countless others, from going bankrupt because of my minor pre-existing condition.

That’s assuming she can get anything done with a Republican House or Senate, where the GOP has already declared its intentions to be as obstructionist of her as it was of Obama, at the nation’s expense. It’s not Trump’s risk of not accepting the election we have to worry about. It’s the GOP’s avowed decision that it will not do so. And you call her criminal?

Beyond the self-serving, she’s going to more appropriately tax the superich, whose massing of fortunes now matches the inequality of the Coolidge years. Inequality is as lethal to democracy as demagogues. She’s going to institute paid family leave as in the rest of the civilized world. She’s willing to invest in infrastructure at levels more like the 1960s than the 1980s. I’m voting for her because she’s not in the pocket of the oil and coal lobby, because she doesn’t think global warming is a hoax, because she won’t start a reckless trade war that would hurt the working class most, because she has a humane citizenship driven plan for immigration, because she is a sound hand on the nuclear lever, and because she will appoint the sort of replacements on the Supreme Court who won’t retreat from gay marriage or abortion rights or pretend that racism doesn’t exist and cops are more infallible than Pope Benedict.

That’s among many other reasons (among them, too, the very bile her name and defense of her elicit in comment sections, where the level of discourse is no more elevated than in Trump’s pussy-grabbing bus). And yes, because she’s a woman, and it’s about damn time.

Pierre Tristam is FlaglerLive’s editor. Reach him by email here or follow him @PierreTristam.

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33 Responses for “Why I’m Voting Clinton, Unreservedly”

  1. theevoice says:

    she is a liar and a thief..nice call!!?? ufm!

  2. Jan Reeger says:

    Again, I heartily agree with you. And am flabbergasted by how many can’t see the “flaw”.

  3. Veteran says:

    I voted for Trump. Not worried about missiles being fired etc. He will surround himself with the appropriate people as he does in a very successful business. I’ve had enough of the Clintons!

  4. Katie Semore says:

    All of this makes sense, except to the stupid who believe that Hillary could actually get away with all she has been accused of. Only those males with tiny hands are afraid of a woman with bigger gonads than theirs. Pity them and their rediculous support of the most rediculous person to ever run for president. Go Hillary, and send the orange phoney back to his golden palace. Tacky, just like him!

  5. jasonb says:

    I’m sure the haters will be along soon enough. It will be a refreshing change to say “Madam President”, and Trump can get back to what he enjoys most, scamming people and lusting after his daughter.

  6. Ken Dodge says:

    I paid for my two kids’ college educations. If Hillary wins I will look forward to helping to pay for yours.

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    I have for the most part remained neutral thru this campaign season. I feel that neither candidate is really qualified to be president. Yet it will boil down to the lesser of two evils.

    Both candidates should most likely be in prison. Both have committed major offenses but it has all been swept under the rug in the name of politics.

    Trump should be investigated indicted and incarcerated for sexual assault. If he has been doing shady business and not paying proper takes then that to should be addressed. Sadly his money and whatever perceived political influence he has will probably not make that happen.

    Hillary Clinton has been investigated for mishandling classified information. That very same act has sent lesser people to prison for up to 20 years or more. We all know that the FBI and AG’s office was pressured by the White House to not take action. Had it been anyone else that person would now be in custody. Not sitting in a comfy office eagerly awaiting election day results.

    Along with the classified information issue there is also the ongoing Clinton Foundation investigation. I think it’s just barely scratching the surface. Let’s also remember that this is a pattern with this family dating back to Arkansas.

    Politicians will tell you anything and make promises to voters to get elected. Whether a President fulfills what they have promised remains to be seen over the next 4 years.

    To make myself clear on a presidential candidate I will say this. I do not care about party affiliation, gender or race. Whoever runs for that office should be the best candidate for the job. Sadly we now live in a society where that is perceived to be naive and wishful thinking. Not accepted behavior.

    On closing thoughts.

    What saddens me the most this election season is the diversity and adversity caused by rival voters. Almost every time a discussion starts about politics insults fly. I have seen grown people twice my age resort to name calling and outright threats of violence. All because of someone not agreeing with their point of view. Sad isn’t it?

    Our country is supposed to be better than that. Regardless of political or economic environments we still live in a far better place than most. We have rights that only most people can dream of. Of course the right to disagree comes along with that. But can’t we do it respectfully and maturely?

    Here’s to hoping that things return to somewhat “normal” after this madhouse of an election year comes to an end.

    And here is some food for thought. If we aren’t happy with the way the Presidential Election process is carried out then way not insist on a change?

  8. Fraudisreal says:

    Here’s why I voted for one of the other 4 (Susan Sarandon luv ya)

    She does not support the $15 minimum wage.

    She shows no support for legalizing marijuana.

    She supports TPP.

    She has sold fracking and Monsanto.

    She supports offshore drilling.

    She has no position on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    She opposes the labeling of GMOs.

    She opposes the breakup of big banks.

    She takes lobbyists’ money for campaigning.

    She opposes a binding climate treaty.

    She supports unconditional military aid to Israel

  9. Ws says:

    Who cares why you’re voting for Hillary to murderer. I’m voting for Trump who is not a murderer so how about writing a story about that!

  10. Just a thought says:

    Zip on your thick-skin suit my friend.

  11. orangeatan says:

    Pierre for President! Love ya Pierre!!

  12. Jojo says:

    I have held my tongue about this election ever since the candidates started posturing for position because I naively believed that there would not be a chance in hell that any sane person would actually be gullible enough to buy the load of crap that is Donald Trump. I’m in construction and have followed him since the early eighties, gleaning insight into his absolute genius and mastery of self promotion and business acumen, but he is just that – a brilliant businessman, and if you know anything at all about him, you know that this is just another business venture to him and he is suckering millions of people into believing his shtick so that he and he alone will engineer a way to profit from it, completely destroying what is left of America along the way – not making it “great” again, as he claims. Just look at the demographic of his constituency; either uneducated, unintelligent, or uniformed.

    If I were to vote, it would reluctantly be for Hillary, agreeing with at least some of the reasons you mentioned Pierre, but I have a different view of the “UNaffordable Healthcare Act than you do, (admittedly a selfish one) because where it helped your particular situation (and I am genuinely glad that it did) it was one of the contributing factors that did cause me to declare bankruptcy. My premiums went up, my ability to get my wife and child insured was virtually eliminated (because of the cost I could now not afford), and I just cannot support yet another policy that takes away our last, most basic right as humans: to freely breath air.

    I am not allowed to own land, (if I don’t pay my property taxes they will take my property away – that is renting, not owning), I am not allowed the right to work, (I have to pay income taxes that go for programs and policies that I may or may not support, that means I have to pay for the privilege to work…), I could go on and on with the “complaints”, but I don’t because all in all I do my part like everyone else so that I contribute to society. But the Healthcare Act was the last straw. Our society actually voted in a policy that – in dumbed-down, basic language – demands payment, either in the form of contributing to some insurance company’s CEO’s seven figure yearly bonus, or by the tax imposed (excuse me…they don’t want to call it that… “penalty”) to be allowed to breath American air. America…land of the free, as long as you can afford it.

    I’m glad it works for some people, but it has caused more harm than good for my family, so I cannot get behind it in any way, shape or form. I might as well vote for someone to come into my house and just help themselves to all I own and have worked for, and then tell everyone how great it is and that they should do the same. Let me be clear, I would and do, gladly and voluntarily give all I can to help someone in need, or to contribute to a worthy cause, but I believe it should be my choice – hence the word “Freedom”.

    I know you have an unwavering faith and sense of duty towards this system Pierre, but I believe with every bit of the same conviction that you have that the American system we have in place now is as foreign to what was originally intended for our country back in 1776 as eating deep fried Indonesian scorpions. The system in place now is here for the sole purpose of keeping those on positions of privilege, power and wealth in those positions, and us poor paycheck-to-paycheck schmucks “in line”. It will never change unless our society abandons the mentality of greed that has poisoned almost every soul you talk to. Trump is a billionaire, one of many in our country, think he (or Hillary for that matter) would lift a finger to help you out by personally helping with your medical bills? Or help me out of my bankruptcy (which was caused, by the way, by greedy people just like them)? I read that by the end of this election, more than four billion dollars will have been spent – just to get elected, the bulk of which is only used to be able to see who can top the other candidate’s insults. Do you realize the good that four billion could have done for real people who are losing their homes or suffer life threatening health issues?

    I wish I were more intelligent, and more educated. I would start a campaign against the greed and hate that Americans seem to enjoy so much today. We exalt programs like “The Walking Dead” then wonder why the news is nothing but shootings and killings. We vilify and abhor rapists and sexual predators, but can’t wait for the most revealing and blatant sex scene in our favorite smut flick, interrupted, of course, by a cascade of advertisements promoting sexual stimulants, toys and aids. We have become a nation of whores, with our sole purpose and goal being to get more and more and more, get all we can, and he (or she) who dies with the most wins.

    When will we start caring more for each other than ourselves? When will we offer help to someone who needs it of our own volition instead of enacting laws that demands if from those who can least afford to give it?

    This reply is already too long, so I will stop, but I would like to see an election year where no one voted. Imagine the message that would send – we cannot raise up arms to this tyrannical country anymore, we can only speak with our voices, in my case, my silence. I will not vote for the “lesser of two evils”. I will only vote when this nation offers a candidate that speaks for what is important to me, what is important to our earth, and will help those who truly need it, instead of rewarding those who cause so much inequality and pain. So far, I’ve only seen and heard lip service from those who want to remain rich, powerful and privileged.

    I vote No on Amendment 1, No on Amendment 2, and I’m writing in Pedro for president. (see Napoleon Dynamite).

  13. palmcoaster says:

    Good points Pierre!
    Democrats when elected get oblivious that they have to watch every step they take like a hawk, because when goofing there is a tree with a rope and the lynching mob waiting for them. Democrats are held to much stricter standards that are ever held Republicans while in office, showing us all a distinctive virulent bias against a misstep committed while at the executive desk.
    One after the other even our elected constitutional local officials had been witch hunted by GOP’s relentlessly until they leave, are removed or loose the next election. The lies, fraudulent data and distorted events become the political feeding frenzy of the ignorant loud groups. Significant bullies like I saw yesterday Ted Nugent offering his crotch to all Trump opponents on TV. Versus POTUS defending and elder military man with a Veterans for Trump sign in his rally, respecting his right of free speech specially after serving our country and being an elder was POTUS defending him. Versus a stomped and kicked man holding a similar sign but reading “Republicans for Hillary” in Trump’s rally. The attitude fueled by Trump to his supporters overflows with hate and hope if he is elected he will control that overflow or we will all be in real trouble.

  14. Fraudisreal says:

    Pretty obvious now that voting will never bring the change. A strong:democracy needs a free press which we no longer have, we just have 30 people who run everything, federal or local. Lots woke up this one though so for the movement …onwards!

  15. woodchuck says:

    Jeeez, not to bias.

  16. mike says:

    I just went to vote in Flagler Beach and when I signed in to get my ballot there was a Maria Barbosa postcard ad on the table where they checked my ID.
    When I sat down at the voting cubicle there was another Maria Barbosa card in the cubicle. Isn’t this some sort of violation? Is the system rigged?

  17. greenbean says:

    Hillary for prison!
    She is a LIAR! remember Bengazi?
    She is married to a LIAR! remember Monica?
    She is being supported by a LIAR! remember “if you like your plan you can keep it”?

  18. palmcoaster says:

    A big difference how an opposition protester was treated by TRUMP and by POTUS:

  19. Sw says:

    No reservations. ?? Surprising coming from you. The dame wins by a nose….

  20. Anonymous says:

    BY GOD, IF YOU HAVE A BRAIN, it SHOULD be OUT OF FEAR— gee, he gives to NOone, hes had a bad TV show, & gone belly upin Business 3? times? FEAR THAT>

  21. Tired of it says:

    Not a bit surprising that you voted for Hilary. You have always sided with the liberal jerks that are runinng our country. You came to this country as an immigrant and you have been successful. With the Democratic way of running our country your son will never have the opportunities you have had.

  22. Retired Citizen says:

    I have never commented on an article before – but feel I must comment on this one. Mr. Tristam, you are going to vote for Hillary for what she promises the government will “give” you!!! This is not what the government is supposed to do. They are not there to give the citizens everything. If your child wants to go to college, then it is your place to pay for it – or let them work to pay for it. Even if it takes a few years extra. It is your responsibility to pay for your own insurance. If you had continuing insurance, you wouldn”t have pre-existinig conditions – they would have been covered from the start. I have worked fulltime since I was 17 years old, never made a great deal of money, but made sure that I didn’t spend more than I had. I don’t have a lot of “things” that other people do, but I have everything I “need”. I have gone through many medical conditions (including cancer treatments) and didn’t end up with huge debt because I made sure to keep my insurance in force. I have been able to come through these many trials because I trusted God to give me the strength, not because I looked to the government to give it to me. One other thing – if the government pays for everyone’s college, health insurance, feeds you, and gives you a place to live – where do you think the money comes from? Someone has to pay for it and they are not all “the rich”.

  23. karma says:

    Funny how you can support someone that oversaw the killing of Omar Kadafi in Libya and over saw the chaos unfold in Syria. She may have more blood on her hands than Bush. Do Muslim lives only matter when Bush was having them killed!

  24. Anonymous says:

    The people who vote for the likes of Trump deserve what they the four years of regressive misery they will suffer if he wins. But the rest of us don’t.

  25. A Deplorable says:

    WAKE UP…. There is a God… and he has delivered us from the evils of HILLARY.

  26. Thatsforbernis says:

    This was for Bernie DNC

  27. DaveT says:

    America has had enough with this good old boy establishment politics and they spoke out against a crook and a dishonest person. I’ll take 4 years with Trump any day over 4 years of Hillary ( well we had Hillary with her hands in the jar already as Sec of State and it didn’t workout) Hillary just to dishonest for America. .

  28. GT says:

    The people have spoken we are all tired of being treated like morons! We need to flush the crooks out of Washington and replace them with people we can trust and Hillary is not to be trusted, Bye Bye you crooked bitch!

  29. footballen says:

    America has spoken once again. We have the freedom and liberty to choose our leader every four years. Every four years just about half the country is butt hurt about the decision. I love the idea that for the first time in my 50 years that I can recall a candidate that isn’t really married to any party has won. He ran republican but very few of his (career politician) republicans backed him. He spent half what the Democrats spent and and from what I understand a good portion of it was his own money. He has a chance to walk in and not have major strings attached. He can look at both parties, major media and everyone else aside from the common joe and say “I do not owe you anything”. I got here with the help of the common and often forgotten peace loving Americans who have been abused for decades. Just plain old common sense, peaceful, law abiding, tax paying, hard working people who seem to never get acknowledged for all they carry in this country.

  30. Pogo says:

    What is the word for whining and bellyaching about a rigged game until it’s won on an obscene technicality, i.e., the electoral college?

    Duh people have spoken? Well yes they did: And Clinton won the popular vote by a quarter of a million votes.

    Now the really funny part: Trump, the-most-of-his-life-a-Democrat played the shitheads in sheets who elected him. And spanked the phony liberals too. Trump wrote the book – well him and his ghost writer – Duh Art of Duh Deal.

    The so-called “conservative values” crowd that elected an adulterous, vulgar, blowhard; Russian agent, swindler, and megalomaniac are already being sold out to the elites they’re so bitter towards. Thanks for the lift – suckers!

    And God? She certainly DOES have a sense of humor. That I can tell you…

  31. jasonb says:

    So here we are. I was not a Hillary fan, I voted for Bernie in the Primary, but unlike the Republic party who openly stated that “we hope he fails” when Obama was elected, I’m at least willing to give Trump a chance.

  32. SMART GUY says:


  33. says:

    I don’t care who voted for who , why etc trump is our president and accept it and move the country forward Sounds like a bunch of babies playing in a sand box

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