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Pastor Jim Raley to Strip Club: Not In Our Midst

| September 22, 2010

cheaters strip club gentlemen's club ormond-beach us route 1

Coming to a marquee near you.

The former Saddle Jack’s Bar and Grill at 1545 N. U.S. 1 is being turned into a Cheaters, the pink-pigmented strip joint (not to be confused with “Cheaters” the television series of a different voyeuristic kind). Cheaters’ Cocoa Beach twin claims “the hottest girls in Florida with over 40 beautiful women ready to cater to your every desire,” though it still goes by the pretense of a “bikini bar.”

Its arrival on the outskirts of Ormond Beach, an easy ride across the Flagler County line, triggered an outcry–and plans by Ormond Beach to annex the property in order to paste more stringent rules on it, such as forcing it to remove its pink outer skin for something more brownish. Some 120 people turned out at an Ormond Beach City Commission meeting last night to press for the annexation. The commission voted unanimously to annex, and is schedule to complete the matter on Oct. 5. The following is an opinion column contributed by an activist against the strip joint.

By Jim Raley

I am privileged to chair the group “Unity in the Community.” We represent thousands of concerned citizens who stand in opposition to the adult entertainment venue “Cheaters” attempting to open on U.S. 1 near the intersection with I-95.

One of the main questions that many critics of our efforts are asking is this: Why are we fighting the expansion of this business in our area? Why on earth are they fighting a harmless “Bikini Bar”? They see “Cheaters” as a win for the community in the sense that it will create much needed jobs and tax revenue. However, we need to look at the entire picture and simply weigh out the facts.

pastor jim raley ormond beach calvary christian church center

Pastor Jim Raley

The track record of these owners in other cities, such as Cocoa Beach, has been to establish “Cheaters” as a beachhead. They then purchase surrounding properties and expand their businesses. Entire areas are converted into places where strip clubs, porn shops and sex stores abound. Already, the owner of Vanacore Construction has said that he has fielded several calls from people interested in leasing space to open businesses for porn shops and sex stores. They desire to move in as close to “Cheaters” as possible.

First and foremost we must not kid ourselves. These guys are in the sex business. Even “Cheaters” owners won’t deny that there will be poles and private rooms available for those who wish for a more “intimate” experience. Bear in mind, this part of U.S.1 is the gateway into Ormond and Daytona to the south, and Palm Coast and Bunnell to the north. Are these clubs and stores what we truly want as the welcome centers for our city?

To address the economic impact, it must be noted that wherever these types of businesses flourish property values plummet. The little tax revenue that would be produced by “Cheaters” and these types of venues would quickly be erased and eclipsed when compared to the loss resulting from the depreciation of home and land values.

There is also a huge development slated to go forward in that area called “Ormond Crossings.” It will eventually produce millions of dollars in tax revenue, and meanwhile employ many people through the construction and completion of this vast project. Do we want to risk frightening away potential investors because we allowed “Cheaters” and their friends to invade our community?

Finally, is this the really the type of business image that we want? Our area is filled with a lot of good, decent, moral folks of every conceivable background. We want to raise our families and live in a place we can feel safe and be proud of. And make no mistake about it, we are united and we will be heard.

So to address our critics who feel like it would be a win if “Cheaters” and their associates come this way, read this carefully. If they come to our area, we will lose and they will win. They will get rich off of our pain, the pain of seeing our property values decrease, the pain of seeing investors walk out on us, and the pain of a moral and ethical blow to our city and county. May we unite and declare, “Cheaters” will never prosper in our community.

Raley is the senior pastor at Calvary Christian Center. Reach him at

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53 Responses for “Pastor Jim Raley to Strip Club: Not In Our Midst”

  1. Dan says:

    There is nothing wrong with it, its kept neat outside and shouldnt bother anyone. Besides any of that they are creating jobs for these poor economic times, not to mention has anyone seen how busy they always are??? Their parking lot is packed! I wanna open one in palm coast!


  2. john says:

    The post by the girl who says she was beaten by the door girl is a perfect example of why you should not believe opinions without seeing for yourself. I was the manager at the club that night. The thing that Elizabeth forgot to mention about her ordeal is that she was trying to get in the club with a fake ID that is why the door girl would not give it back. She also forgot to mention that she attacked the door girl first, and also that the entire thing was on video and that when the cops saw the video they went and arrested the girl for attacking our employee. She also forgot to mention that since she was seventeen and her father was with her that he was also arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The girl did get beat up, but that was because the door girl was a lot tougher than she was. LOL


  3. matthew fowler says:

    the paster is so wrong i think the clubs a good ideal women are gonna be sexually active whether their paid too or not i don’t like the preachers line of work he gets paid too read the bible and tell ppl his interpretation of it whose too say what hes saying is or isn’t wrong at least with the women they don’t try too run a persons life by trying too spiritually convince them they are doing something wrong and besides i here during biker week they bring in tons of tourist if u know what i mean so when they do that they are helping all around them i mean there are restaurants in that area too i work at one of them and the tourist who go into cheaters are often know too walk across the street and get some food so again the preachers wrong cheaters is bringing in revenues in more way than one daily


  4. palmcoaster says:

    I believe that porno media, movies, adult stores and strip clubs only increase the chances of sex crimes committed against children and adults being more numerous and often, as the uncontrollable addicted want to relieve their sick fantasies on anyone they can lay their hands on, as can’t afford the cost of materializing their deviations. Just my personal opinion.


  5. NortonSmitty says:

    Just how did this old chestnut get resurrected?

    PalmBrother, for a man who seems to have a rather well thought outlook on most of your posts regarding the ability of our fellow man to take care of himself and his neighbors without Big Brother bracketing our options in life, I’m kinda’ surprised to see you go all Church Lady Pilgrim on us at the subject of sex. And I think you are 180 degrees off of what is causing our problems today. And in spite of what the Glass Teat bombards us with every day, we have much less of these sexual attacks today than we ever had in the entire history of mankind. But the ones that do happen get better exposure.

    In my personal opinion, since the dawn of time every little town or city from Timbuktu to Tibet, from Rome to Russia, from Peru to Pittsburgh, every few blocks in every community in every economic strata, there was a small locally owned business that provided a unheralded but necessary basic service to stabilize the populace. A place where the men could go to unwind, blow off steam, congregate and be men. Even if they were poor, ugly, insecure and lacking in every basic social skill. Before they got to the point of being “uncontrollably addicted”.

    In case you haven’t figured it out by now, a cathouse.

    And as far as affording the cost of materializing deviations, I could afford it in high school with an after school job bagging buns at a bakery. Of course in high school, my deviations were pretty basic, $20 for all I could think of.

    My point is that today the normal desires we like to inflate to the level of sick deviations, you know, the ones we all think we should be ashamed of, get bottled up until they explode in the small percentage of our fellow citizens that make the headlines. The rest of us, we just know we’re missing something.

    I know there were problems with the old system, but by eliminating it is our society better or just more pious?


    • jack hoff says:

      norton, sir, your a friggin genius. i was way too annoyed with this to comment this way, but you said it all.


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