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Why You Should Support FlaglerLive


There’s no magic to FlaglerLive’s success. From our end, it’s about hard work and commitment to great journalism for Flagler readers, day in and day out.

FlaglerLiveFrom your end, it’s about supporting that commitment with yours. That means contributing money. Here’s why.

There’s the obvious. We’re a small, non-profit operation. We have directors. We don’t have investors. We don’t promise ridiculous profits off the top. We provide news and reinvest what we make in the operation. It’s not a cheap operation. And it’s our living. Your contribution helps us keep going.

Just as important: we are developing three revenue sources: advertising, grants and donations. We’re going to take only so much advertising, because we don’t want to be vulnerable to advertisers’ pressures. Sooner or later FlaglerLive will lose a lucrative advertiser because of something we published. That’s fine. That’s the nature of journalism–good, fearless journalism, anyway, which is rare to non-existent locally these days.

Your donations and grants will shield us from those pressures, enabling us to lose the odd advertiser without compromising our mission–and without us ever having to compromise the quality of our journalism by trying to hang on to an unhappy advertiser instead.

So your dollar contribution literally fosters independent journalism here in Flagler, not some distant place on K Street or Wall Street. Invest in your backyard.

It doesn’t have to be much. But it has to be meaningful: $2 a month isn’t much to ask for those of you who don’t have much to start with, especially if you’re young or in economic difficulties. But it’s still a fraction of what you’d pay for a daily paper, for far, far more in return. And it’s less than half the cost of a cup of coffee. Our recurrent subscription button enables that monthly contribution.

If you’re better off, if you’re older, if you’re well employed, if you’re enjoying your retirement, be responsible and supportive, be exemplary: contribute more. Even if you disagree with some of the material you read in these pages. We’re not about winning your every agreement. That’s boring, pointless and so mainstream media. And it doesn’t enrich the democratic process. What we want is your loyalty to free expression, debate and fearless journalism. FlaglerLive is a starting point to all that. So are your contributions.

So here are your options.

The “subscriber” option is about choosing a recurrent contribution plan and letting that kick in once a month or once a week. That’s what we’d like to see you do most. You can contribute anywhere from $2 a month (our contributor rate) to $10 a week, our Davos Conference Rate (you never thought you could make it to Davos? Here’s your chance.)

So get to it. Choose the recurrent option.

Contribution options

Your other option is a straight, one-time donation of your choosing. Of course you can contribute $2. You can also contribute $1,000 or more, and we hope you do. We’re as serious as the heart attack we’re working on assiduously to keep FlaglerLive ticking. You can of course always return to make donations whenever you like, and we hope you do that too. Our donation system is like Louisiana elections: vote early, vote often, and keep voting after you’re dead.

That goes for you all with generous wills in your, and our, future.

Here’s that option:

You’re also welcome to mail in a check. The address:

P.O. Box 354263
Palm Coast, FL 32135

Whichever option you choose, you may remain anonymous if you so choose. This is a rolling census of your commitment. Make it pay. We sure will, as we do every day.

And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the top of our keyboards.

Pierre Tristam, Editor

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