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Mother Arrested at Bus Stop in Violent Confrontation With Deputies as Children Watch

| September 19, 2016

yisha Nicole Davis bus incident

Tyisha Nicole Davis.

Tyisha Davis, a 36-year-old resident of Ash Street Daytona North, was jailed Friday on charges that included battery on a police officer and disrupting an educational institution after she allegedly refused to let a school bus continue its route. Davis claimed the confrontation was racially motivated (she is black) and that she would not have been arrested had she been white.

The bus driver had just told Davis that her son had been involved in a fight on the bus, but Davis was not getting answers to the questions she was asking the bus driver, so she stood in the bus’ doorway, impeding its closure, as she called school authorities at the transportation department. The bus driver, 47-year-old Maryann Tomlinson, also called the department to request police.

The incident took place in mid-afternoon as the bus was dropping students off at the intersection of Almond Street and Mahogany Blvd. The bus was finishing a route from Bunnell Elementary. Five students were still on the bus at that point. (All their parents were contacted afterward by school authorities.)

When Tomlinson told Davis her 8-year-old son had attacked another boy on the bus, Davis started asking questions, which Tomlinson told cops she was “unable to answer,” so Davis allegedly “became hostile towards her standing in her doorway impeding her from leaving.” As Tomlinson was calling the bus depot, “Davis continuously screamed profanities and would not comply with repeated commands to move from the doorway and allow the bus to close the doors or move off the road,” the incident report states, relating Tomlinson’s account of the incident.

When deputies arrived Davis was standing in the open doorway of the bus, speaking on her phone, “visibly agitated,” the report states. Davis said she was speaking with the bus driver’s supervisor. The deputy, Benjamin Jurec, told her to step off the bus and come speak to deputy Crosbee, away from the bus, in order to put distance between the disturbance and the children on the bus, who were witnessing it all.

“Davis was immediately hostile and refused multiple verbal directions and commands,” the incident report states. “Davis then became noticeably more irate and hostile telling me not speak to her in that tone and to respect her because she was a Veteran at which time she started putting her fingers up into my face.”

The deputy continued his account: “I then attempted to escort Davis away from the interior of the open bus doors by her left arm, at which time Davis began to actively resist tensing up and pulling away from me. At that time I attempted to place Davis into an arm bar to regain control due to the unknown of any weapons she may have been concealing on her body and to keep her from entering the bus with the children. Both Deputy Crosbee and I gave loud and clear verbal commands for Davis to ‘stop resisting,’ which she failed to comply with our verbal commands. Davis then started to pull away from me, striking me several times by shoving her body back into me and kicking her legs.”

That’s when the deputies “redirected” Davis to the ground–a euphemism for taking her down. (Davis is listed as 5’4”, 150 lb., on her jail booking sheet.) Davis “continued to be physically combative with myself and Deputy Crosbee spitting as she was screaming at us until she was able to be secured.”

She was handcuffed and taken to the county jail.”She was verbally assaulting me during the entire transport with racial statements and profanity and accusing me of being racist,” the deputy reported. She claimed the deputy took her to jail only “because she was African American (but used the derogatory term). She also stated that this only occurred because she was black and if she was white nothing would have happened. She continued to state that this is why people hate cops and that she was going to sue the Sheriff’s office, myself and Deputy Crosbee because she knows her laws and she did nothing wrong.”

Davis had apparently come to the bus stop to pick up her 8 year old, bringing her 3 year old daughter. Since the children’s mother was taken to jail, the children, visibly upset, were placed back on the bus “for their safety,” the report states. They were eventually placed in the care of their grandparents.

Davis was charged with resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer–both third-degree felonies–and disruption of an educational institution, a second-degree misdemeanor. She posted bail on $7,500 bond and was released.

The sheriff’s office is not yet releasing the videos, saying the case is still an active criminal investigation, though she sheriff’s office has already filed its charges.

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36 Responses for “Mother Arrested at Bus Stop in Violent Confrontation With Deputies as Children Watch”

  1. Fredrick says:

    I don’t even know where to start……..

    Mother of the Year??

  2. Ken Dodge says:

    Q. I would like to talk to my child’s bus driver about a problem on the bus. How do I go about this? Couldn’t I just meet the driver at the bus stop location?

    A. Parents are not allowed on a school bus unless specifically authorized. Parents who decide to board a bus, ignoring the warning of the bus driver, are subject to arrest and prosecution under the law. To talk with a driver, please contact the school your child attends and request a conference with the driver. Please provide the bus number and or driver name, if possible. The school will be more than happy to coordinate with Transportation Services and set up a conference. It is important to understand that bus drivers are only available for conference between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM., Monday – Friday.

  3. Sw says:

    Considering what she is I expect the classless unadult like behavior. Nice example you set for the

  4. Patricia A. Brooke says:

    I feel really bad or her poor children. I understand about standing up for your children until there is proof of wrongdoing but her behavior was wrong here, especially in front of all those children.

  5. woody says:

    Quite the role model,her kids have probably witness this type of belligerent behavior before.Tired of the race card though.

  6. W.Ryan says:

    In an immediate stressful situation such as this, when and how soon will information about a child become available? Her behavior was deplorable but I also see that if information was forthwith this incident may have been different. As a parent I want answers and telling me to call tomorrow is not the answer I want to here. Is there a crisis prevention/intervention available.

  7. Steff says:

    What a shame, can’t help but feel sorry for her kids.

  8. Nancy N. says:

    Ken Dodge, the Polk County Public Schools transportation department rules are relevant how to this situation?

  9. HAHA says:

    Nothing makes the white population of Flagler county comment quicker than an article about a black person screaming bias.

  10. Bartholomew says:

    W. Ryan
    The bus drivers often don’t have the answers the parent is requesting. A fight happens on the bus. What led to,the fight is probably not known to the driver. So the question parents usually ask is what did the other child do that started the fight. Bus drivers rarely catch that part because they are driving the bus. What the bus driver sees is students engaged in a fight. Usually the driver writes up a referral for both students and the schools zAsistant Principal or Designed investigates the fight. They will interview those involved, witnesses and may request the bus video. I say request because sometimes the garage can get it, sometimes they cannot for whatever reason. The school official makes decisions about punishment (based on the District’s Matrix of Discipline).

    Getting a bus video requires pulling the hard drive from the bus, downloading it, compressing and then posting it in a share file. Some of the video is less than great on the older buses that have not been retrofitted with high def cameras. The new buses has, I don’t know have like 5 cameras, and pretty much full coverage.

    An easy investigation is usually done within one day. More complicated investigations usually take longer. These time frames are dependent on the APs additional duties and each school is different.

    So the bus driver saying I don’t know is probably accurate and getting immediate answers before an investigation is unlikely.

    Oh and telling your child to fight back is usually not a defense for a fight at the elementary level. Children blur the lines of what would constitute self-defense. I hit him because he said go ahead hit me is not self defense.
    I know that is not a popular response to the I told him to hit back parent and as a parent I accepted that fact and that my child would be included in consequences if he/she hit back. I did not give the school any grief about that.

    Finally how did the fight start…someone will say….”well, we were just playing and…..”

    Hope that helps answer questions if not, I think Mr. King at county office should be able to answer any additional questions.

  11. W.Ryan says:

    Her child was released to her as I read through again I suppose. It wasn’t clear to me at first. Still the protocol could be tailored to prevent these incidents or soften the results. It’s a two party incident and no matter how it works out the narrator has the upper hand which is usually the authorities.

  12. IMO says:

    I/M/O when the boy attacked the other student the bus driver should have stopped the bus and immediately reported the incident to her supervisors and school officials. Be guided by their directions.

    If the boy was not controllable the bus driver should have stopped the bus and called the Police.

    Bus drivers are simply that “Bus Drivers.” They should not be speaking to parents about a child’s disciplinary problems especially in front of other children. That is the job of School Administrators.

    That is just my 2 cents for what it is worth.

  13. Tim says:

    W.Ryan…. Immediate answers may make you feel better, but the driver probably did not have all the details because she was driving the bus (her primary function). The delay until “tomorrow” is so school officials can review the on board video/audio to compile the most complete and accurate picture possible.

  14. Retiredlawenforcement says:

    Oh now I see its racism.

  15. Rich O says:

    Nancy, I’m willing to bet those are the rules nationwide. You can’t let a belligerent parent on a bus with children on it. The driver had no idea if this woman was armed or not. Plus her playing the veteran card and the black card. I’m so sick of people pulling out either card. I’m a Vet and never once have I used it. She was acting like an idiot and she got what she deserved a set of pretty shiny bracelets and a Uber ride 😎

  16. Born and Raised Here says:

    This woman who interfered with School Property and a School employee from performing her duties was in violation of both State and Federal laws, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I would consider this matter a Hijacking and Kidnapping. I am certain there is a protocol that must be followed if she would like to correspond with this School Officials about the incident that occurred involving her son.

  17. Hmmm says:

    Its upsetting how the race card is thrown so easily. It takes all credibility away for the times it may actually be true. Its getting old. Its crying wolf! Save it for the individuals it really happens to. And I’m not even white!

  18. says:

    I do hope she sues the county, the school dept and the Sheriffs dept! She has every right to request answers to a question that the bus driver was involved in. I see that the victims are the ones who are in hot water, not the ones who instigated first! I hope she finishes it!
    As for being a veteran, Thank You for your service and speak how you want to! This is America!

  19. Concerned Parent says:

    I was always taught in the service to show respect if I wanted respect.

    It wouldn’t have made any difference if this mother was white or black, if she had of respected the requests by the Deputy, we would not be reading any of this story.

    Thank You Deputies Juric & Crosbee for doing what needed to be done to protect our children!

  20. wryan says:

    @Hmmm- What race card? There may have been a tinge of race factoring into this! She broke the rules for stepping on the bus but lets face it, Her expletives came out because of provoker that already had preconceived notions after the initial contact. The narration was writing by the controlling power and I see more angles in it as we gloss over the police report. There was sensitivities that wasn’t approached and locking up a woman that had a three year old wasn’t traumatic for that BABY? Racism hasn’t gone away because school is integrated, Not even white…get a grip!!!…It’s frustrating!!!

  21. Ken Dodge says:

    Nancy N: The Polk County rules are based on, and illustrative of State of Florida Statutes and FDOT and FDE guidelines.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I feel like maybe the situation escalated in a way it didn’t need to. Bus drivers report different things to parents. I also know that if there’s a question, people on that road have a history of honking–possibly making the bus driver want/need to hurry. I think a possible solution is to drive back to the garage and initiate a phone call or have the parent call for a conference. That way, a parent isn’t shocked at the stop–wanting desperately to find out what happened so he or she can properly discipline or console his or her child.

    Curt responses can aggravate worried parents. When a person feels someone is not responding or listening, they get frustrated, which appears to have happened here. This particular bus driver is a heavy stickler for protocol, which parents don’t always understand when in the moment. My husband tried to talk to her and stepped his foot on the steps and the bus driver quickly told him to step back. He wasn’t conversing about a stressful situation, but I can see how a parent wouldn’t know that rule. My husband didn’t. I didn’t. In the heat of wondering why the bus driver drops a “your kid was in a fight” bomb without giving answers, Mom was thinking, “answer me,” and bus driver was thinking, “Get off the bus!!!”

  23. Richard Mikola says:

    It’s always the ‘race card’. It’s getting so tiresome!

  24. carol says:

    Let’s make America white again!!!

  25. The Oracle says:

    Thank you, to the professional actions of Deputies JURIC and CROSBEE. Thank you for helping to keep our citizens and students safe. TYISHA DAVIS, should receive full due process, and if found guilty, she should apologize to the deputies, and serve time in the county jail. This type of alleged behavior has no place in civilized society.

  26. Geezer says:

    What a fine example to show your kid. Better to be a people-whisperer than a potty mouth.
    If you want answers quick–why not call the FCSO, and report that your kid was in an altercation?

    After all, your kid can’t be the antagonist with the example you’re setting–right?

  27. wryan says:

    When whites use the “Race Card” its called The Law! … Lets not “Take America Back” Trumpster!

  28. anonymous says:

    I don’t get why the officer wouldn’t try to talk it out first in a calm demeanor. yelling commands at people immediately WILL agitate most people the officer should be respectful of other people also. Just because she didn’t move the officer immediately put HANDS on her INITIATING the violence and at that point the officer ESCALATES the situation so it is a hostile encounter. Charging her with battery on a officer is ridiculous. Police need more training in descalating situations like this. Officers should have shown some respect because she is a human being no need to grab her because she isn’t moving I guarantee you if the officers showed respect and tried to reason with her calmly this would not have ended in a felony ruining her life. I am disappointed

  29. citizen says:

    This woman was cussing out a bus driver while children was on the bus, who knows what she could have done next. GREAT JOB OFFICERS! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OUR CHILDREN SAFE!!

  30. WhataShame says:

    The mother was out of line, but I believe the bus driver should not have said anything to the mother either. The bus driver should have reported the childs actions to the office and let THEM call the mother in to report her childs behavior. Telling the mother just invited the situation to occur. The mother was wrong, but she was given the opportunity to act like a fool because of what the driver did. Keep it all off the bust. The kids these days see enough nonsense. This was wrong.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What questions was this lady asking? If she couldn’t get this answers “she wanted” from the bus driver then she could have gone home and dealt with her concerns in other ways.

  32. footballen says:

    Anonymous: to try and answer your question. When any unauthorized adult illegally boards a school bus where innocent children are on board the drivers sole responsibility becomes to protect all those children. Bad people do not always announce their intentions, they do not always produce hidden weapons immediately. Police in particular are trained over and over constantly to be aware and take precaution for the “what if” factor. If a Police Officer waits until a weapon is produced in a situation like that it is often too late. They do not get the luxury of survival should they wait to see if there is a weapon. For decades Police have done what every other profession has done. They have studied past incidents where officers have died and they train in a way to prevent it. Risk management. They have to determine whether they have the luxury of taking a wait and see stance or if others lives are potentially at risk. Believe it or not it is a very complex job.

  33. Sherry says:

    Here’s the core of this issue. . . read the footballen comment again. . .

    OK. . . this attitude is pervasive in our society!

    Even with those who protest that they are not racist. . . there most certainly is some amount of prejudice and bias. When a person of color is involved in a situation of potential conflict. . . those involved automatically assume that person is dangerous and maybe even armed. GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!

    In my opinion, there were several mistakes committed by all the parties involved:

    1. The bus driver should NOT have confronted the mother with the misbehavior of her child! The driver should have reported the incident to the school authorities. I wonder if the driver also said anything to the parent(s) of the other child involved.

    2. This article only tells one side of the story. . . we have not yet heard the mother’s view of the incident. Perhaps she grossly over reacted because she felt humiliated by the driver. . . who refused to answer her questions. The mother should have cooperated with police. . . BUT. . .

    3. The police should have treated the mother with some modicum of respect, as “a mother in distress, and in confrontation.” They should have arrived on the scene prepared to de-escalate the situation. Instead, they immediately judged her and treated her as a criminal. Perhaps she felt surrounded by a pack of wolves.

    I can imagine that this kind of very unfortunate incident mirrors the emotional bias and prejudice that happens each and every day with people of color all over our nation. . . too often escalating and ending up with violence and massive injustice.

    This kind of situation will not change until fundamental attitudes change, and we finally accept and love ALL humans as our brothers and sisters, regardless of our differences. . . INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!

  34. Ollie says:

    I raised 4 kids who were schooled here in Flager Co., I truly believe children should be held responsible for their actions (ie: fighting on the bus or at school). Parents should try to be better examples of what people should act like. In this case maybe the child was “acting” out because his role model (mom) is the example to learn from. And stop teaching them to play the race card, who sees color? Be an adult, teach your children right from wrong, stop blaming everyone else for your actions.

  35. Sw says:

    The race card is all they know. It is called guilty of self persecution and I have been tired of it.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I think, when police arrive you should do what they say.

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