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Boy, 13, Arrested in Assault and Robbery of 10-Year-Old Over Sneakers at Ralph Carter Park

| July 27, 2016

ralph carter park

Ralph Carter Park is in Palm Coast’s R-Section. (© FlaglerLive)

A 13-year-old boy and resident of Riverina Drive in Palm Coast was arrested on a second-degree felony robbery charge after allegedly beating down a 10-year-old boy playing Pokemon Go and taking his sneakers at Ralph Carter Park Tuesday afternoon.

The incident took place at about 5:30 p.m. The 10-year-old boy was playing Pokemon Go with his brother at the park when he said he was approached from behind and slammed onto the concrete sidewalk and beaten up by two juveniles, who then took his sneakers, a pair of bluish-purple Amour worth $35.

The boys’ mother was nearby, and the alleged victim soon told her what happened. She told her sons to get in her car and point out the two assailants, which the boys did–a somewhat older boy, James F., and a girl, Jerkiah J. The boys’ mother stopped her car near the two juveniles and told them to give back her son’s sneakers. One of the juveniles was defiant, saying: “No, what you going to do?” They then fled into the woods.

A call to 911 reported that one of the two juveniles was on a bicycle and wore a white shirt, the other was on foot, wearing a black shirt. Another caller to 911, a Flagler County Sheriff’s correctional deputy, was in the area and was able to follow the young suspects in his vehicle until they disappeared behind a house on Roger Court, near Rymfire Drive. They left the bicycle behind as they ran into the woods.

A sheriff’s deputy checked the area of Roger Court and Roger Place, noticing an idled bicycle in the area, then a wooded trail that led from Roger Place west toward Riverina Drive. On Riverina, the deputy located two juveniles running from the area behind 29 Riverina, and back toward the front of that house. One was wearing a white shirt, the other a black shirt, and one had a backpack. Both were “sweaty, dirty, and covered in grass as if they were just running through the woods,” James’s arrest report states.

The black-shirted girl, Jerkiah, told the cop the backpack was hers and gave permission to have it searched, which a corporal at the scene did. A pair of sneakers that matched the description of the stolen pair was in the bag. Both juveniles said the shoes were not theirs. The two boys who’d been assailed were then brought in to identify the juveniles, which they did, though the alleged victim was not sure who had struck him from behind. But he claimed to be sure that James had taken his shoes.

Jerkiah told the cops that she was not involved, but only ran with James after the incident.

James was charged with robbery, his legal guardian was informed, and he was taken to the Flagler County jail for booking. He was later turned over to the
Department of Juvenile Justice. The sneakers were returned to the victim. The victim sustained minor injuries as a result of the incident.

It was the second violent incident in Palm Coast somehow connected to Pokemon Go. Earlier this month Michael Pagliro, 38, of 41 Primrose Lane in Palm Coast, shot at two teenagers who were playing the game in early morning in a car on the street in front of Pagliro’s home. The boys were not injured. Pagliro was not charged, though the sheriff’s office at the time said charges were pending.

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26 Responses for “Boy, 13, Arrested in Assault and Robbery of 10-Year-Old Over Sneakers at Ralph Carter Park”

  1. See No Evil says:

    Well, how long before some innocent child is going to be murdered over some damn Pokémon Go crap ?
    Palm Coast has beautiful parks and a tribal citizenship !!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    And we are told crime is down in Flagler County! Why is there not more patrol in the “R” section of Palm Coast and less patrol cars parked on the sides of the roads in medians and parking lots doing nothing to prevent crime? The home values in this area of Palm Coast are going down, down, down. Since the school children here have a dress code this crime must have been related to the current dress code. By the way, I didn’t see a single child dressed inappropriately in the newspaper in Judge Stens courtroom during summer camp and they weren’t wearing uniforms. The school uniform policy needs to be abolished, school is not prison.

  3. My2Cents says:

    Oh, stop it, Pokemon Go had NOTHING to do with it! Stop drawing conclusions where there are none. Gezzzzz……….

  4. former resident says:

    Palm Coast is becoming a new Mondex. Just sad.

  5. Veteran says:

    Wouldn’t let my kids go anywhere near Ralph Carter park.

  6. D man says:

    “No, what you going to do?” Look, a future leader in the making. Black, white, yellow or red, whats your choice. Put him on the side of the road picking up cig butts for a couple of months.

  7. Annoyed says:

    This is complete bullshit… how does a 38 year old WHITE man shoot at two teenagers but doesn’t get charged here this black child gets processed and charges applied… what the child did was not excusable at all but seriously can we be any more fucking prejudice in this God for saken town

  8. Sunny D says:

    Typical ghetto behavior. Used to see a lot of this kind of stuff down in south florida. Too bad it’s happening here too.

  9. Hmmm says:

    What does school uniforms have to do with this? The kids are on summer break!

  10. vlok says:

    So this aggressive kid is is the result of Pokemon? Any chance this kid is a product of his environment? lack of parenting? poor role models? or what about just a mean kid?

  11. theevoice says:

    diversity is just wonderful eh? NOT….

  12. David B says:

    First it’s stealing shoes, next it’s robbing convenience stores. The making of a criminal. Where is the discipline of our youth, today ?

  13. Obama 2016 says:


    Totally agree. I think Michael Pagliro will be charged if we keep on the sheriff’s office.

    Stuff like this has been happening for years when kids beat up each other to take clothing, toys or electronics. Lets hope the sheriff’s office teaches them a hard lesson and makes them better kids.

  14. Pickachu says:

    Pokemon Lives Matter

  15. Dennis says:

    Obama 2016, why does the Sheriff’s Office have to teach these kids a lesson. I know if were me when I was a kid my parents would have taught me one hell of a lesson. One I certainly would not have forgotten. Since when is it up to society and government to raise children!

  16. Outsider says:

    His “legal guardian?” So what you are saying is his parents are nowhere in the picture. Hmmm, could that be part of the problem?

  17. dave says:

    Kids shouldn’t have their nose glued to cell phones. Run around and play, be aware of your surroundings and any danger. Parents, supervise your children while they play at the park. Especially if they are young and sheltered children. Cell phones can wait till the child is atleast 16 no matter how responsible you think they are. Technology can’t raise your children, it is something you must do constantly.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Palm Coast is worse than Mondex ever has been or will be. There is more crime in Palm Coast than anywhere in the county. People are moving to Mondex to get away from all the riff-raff in Palm Coast. Don’t slam Mondex until you do your homework “former resident”.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Do you honestly think the kids got new sneakers for summer break? I would bet these shoes were worn or would be worn to school. Why is there a need for uniforms, other than the schools to sell spirit shirts and make money off the policy, when even uniform policy clothing doesn’t stop crime, reduce gangs or help a child to learn as can be learned from this story?

  20. Obama 2016 says:


    As usual you missed the point.

    When I was a kid and we did something wrong and the police got involved they took the time to explain what we did wrong and the scare the crap out of us so we wouldn’t do it again. We then got hell from our parents. Most times it was pranks like putting newspaper on windshields or setting up Christmas lights in June on a neighbor that would take our baseballs or bikes when we played outside because it was near their property . Nothing major just dumb kid stuff.

    But I never said the Sheriff ,society and government has to raise children but if we took the extra time out to make sure they know what they did was wrong it could teach very young men a lesson they wouldn’t forget. If they where high school or older they should know better.

  21. retired says:

    Hey annoyed, I just read the article for a second time and I didn’t see the race of the boy or girl. I wonder if you’re the prejudice one because you assumed they were black based on the girls name.

    In addition, I believe the 38 yoa homeowner may still be charged as it is still being investigated. There was a delay reporting the incident. In this case it was reported almost immediately.

    If the homeowner is wrong, he too should and will be arrested and prosecuted. I will also add that knowing what I know about the DJJ system, he would not have been held unless he had a prior history or this was a very violent offense.

  22. W.Ryan says:

    Good police work. Too bad it didn’t happen with the Pokie man shooting. I would have put the cuffs on him on the spot because a crime of attempt on a person(s) life or reckless act happened endangering persons.
    Two worlds!

  23. mafungo says:

    Thuggin at 13 what a bright future.

  24. Tired of it says:

    That little punk will never do any time. The SA will drop the charges like they have on so many other thugs only to have them reappear at a later date having committed more violent crimes.

  25. DaveT says:

    @ Annoyed . So true. A person can steal some tennis shoes and get arrested but a grown man shooting at kids doesn’t. But I guess in Flagler County you actually have to actually hit someone to get arrested. In the case of the man shooting at the teens he didn’t hit one. But even this case listed in this article, crime among kids and teens is on the up swing in Flagler County, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be in the news.

  26. Ken Dodge says:

    Flagler Schools do not have a Uniform Policy; it is a Dress Code.

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