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Father-Daughter Injured in Motorcycle Collision With U-Turning Car on Seminole Woods Blvd.

| July 1, 2016


A firefighter spreads absorbant dirt where fuel spilled at the scene of the wreck. (c FlaglerLive)

A man and his daughter riding a motorcycle north on Seminole Woods Boulevard were hospitalized early Friday afternoon after they collided with a car that was performing a U-turn on Seminole Woods Boulevard, and that had apparently not seen the motorcycle heading its way.

The identity of the victims is not yet available. The man was trauma-evacuated by Flagler County Fire Flight, the emergency helicopter, to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach, with a severe bone fracture. His daughter was transported to Florida Hospital Flagler nearby. Both directions of Seminole Woods Boulevard were shut down after the wreck. Southbound traffic was diverted at Sesame Boulevard. Northbound traffic was diverted at Sloganeer Trail.

A Florida Highway Patrol investigator at the scene said the wreck was caused when a Palm Coast woman driving a 1981 Ford Crown Victoria south decided to make a U-turn where the road intersects with Slipper Trail. The northbound motorcycle struck the Ford on its right-front, ejecting both the man and the woman, neither of whom was wearing a helmet. But both were conscious at the scene.

“It was a legal U-turn,” the investigator said. “It was a right-of-way issue.” Charges are pending against the driver of the Ford, who remained at the scene, stepping in and out of an FHP patrol car as rain threatened shortly after the wreck. She was not injured in the wreck.

The motorcyclist appeared to have had little warning of the woman’s U-turn: a brief, eight-foot stretch of tire marks precedes the point of collision.

Two Flagler County Fire Rescue ambulances responded to the scene, as did an engine and a captain, along with the Palm Coast Fire Department and the Palm Coast Fire Police. The sheriff’s office was first at the scene. The vehicles were towed by Saxon’s wrecker around 2:15 p.m. and the roadway opened shortly after that.

20 Responses for “Father-Daughter Injured in Motorcycle Collision With U-Turning Car on Seminole Woods Blvd.”

  1. woody says:

    Let’s blame the road,the trees and not least the absence of a traffic signal.Most of the people in this city[ not all] either don’t pay attention or just plain don’t give a crap about other drivers.For the citizens who let me pass and don’t pull out right in front of me,use a turn signal so I have a clue for what you are about to do THANK YOU on behalf of other motorcyclist.

  2. Agnese says:

    thoughts for the father and daughter, just wish people would pay attentio

  3. Janie says:

    People treat Seminole Woods like the Autobahn. A couple of traffic light might help as well as making the speed limit 45 as it is on Belle Terre. Also, having the speed limit in the subdivisions at 30 mph is asinine. If the speed limit in the Towne Center is 15 mph, it should be the same in the residential areas. Prayers for the father and daughter because they hit a tank of a car. Although, a case can be made for the need of helmets. I understand why not wearing them, but so many tragedies could be avoided.

  4. Born and Raised Here says:

    A 25 year old car should be banned from the road.

  5. Can'tfoolme says:

    These accidents where the driver of an auto “doesn’t see” a motorcyclist are so preventable. For heaven’s sake, people -take a minute to really look (a second look doesn’t hurt) before you whip your auto into traffic. And, as Woody commented, start using your turn signals. I hope those involved in this accident will recover fully. My son was not so fortunate and lost his life because someone was in a rush and ran a red light.

  6. caitlin says:

    Lol “a 25 year old car should be banned from the road”
    First of all, what does the age of the car have to do with anything. A motorcyclist and his daughter could have been KILLED because of someones ignorance behind the wheel, BUT LETS BLAME IT ON HOW OLD THE CAR IS! Thats whats’ really important here! Im glad in youre little world in middle class flagler county, every driver can afford a brand new car! And on behalf of the people with classic cars and trucks.. You think that they shouldn’t be on tbe roads either!?
    I recently lost my father in a motorcycle accident due to someone’s failure to pay attention behind the wheel. I have been on a motorcycle with him and my fiance both, and have had to go through the fear of near collisions with cars, who just flat out don’t look or care to see us. I couldnt imagine what emotions where going through those poor people’s head. Prayers to the victims. I hope for a speedy, easy recovery.
    Thats what is REALLY important here. We’re lucky another daughter didnt have to wake up without a father. Or vice versa. God bless.

  7. Geezer says:

    I hope that father and daughter recover very soon.
    They didn’t deserve that.

    I have two beautiful bicycles: a Gary Fisher 29’er,
    and a Trek 4800. They’ve been hanging up in a spare room
    now for 2 years. I’ve been buzzed one too many times by
    uncaring drivers.

    I have no more Harley or Indian motorcycle dreams, as I’d
    be too scared to be crippled or killed by some idiot Facebooking
    or in a hurry to go nowhere.

    It’s only going to get worse.

    Born and Raised Here: I think that that car is a wee bit younger
    than you think….

  8. theevoice says:

    first off the car is 35 years old..

    secondly and most important is flagler county drivers are thee worst in the country, bar none..

    the sheriff enforces zero traffic laws, what a joke!!!

  9. woody says:

    Hey Born and Rasised Here, what does a 25 year old car have to do with?Do you think a 2016 BMW would make a difference?

  10. Anonymous says:

    The drivers in this town run stop signs, run red lights, cut people off, ‘re and talk on the phone while driving and never use turn signals. I guess the deputies don’t care about the citizens of their county or about doing their jobs. All the want too do is go on the calls and ignore the rest of their job. Maybe Manfre should go on a ride along and see how much they don’t do. This is a disgrace! More accidents and people getting hurt or killed. Am I the only person who cares and sees this? Thoughts!

  11. Geezer says:


    Look at the car in the picture.
    That is not a 1981, more like a 2001.

    Look at it again.

  12. Bc. says:

    It sure as hell is not the care it’s the driver

  13. Anonymous says:

    80 year women – needs to be off the road who hit the motorcycle,

  14. local resident says:

    What trees? There are no trees in that area and it is wide open. People drive live maniacs and make U turns in front of other people coming. Why not go to the next street and turn around.

  15. damien says:

    I live right there off sesame by the park/playground, Its a very common occurance for someone to come south around the seminole woods corner at 60-70 MPH, miss their turn at sesame Blvd, and then pull a wild Uturn just after. I dont want a stoplight there, but maybe a larger “heads up” sign north and south of the Sesame/Seminole woods intersection that the street is coming up? I have lived there almost 2 years and still almost miss it once in a while… Maybe one of those big signs like they have out on US 1 warning you that Seminole woods is coming up, we need one of those on Seminole warning Sesame is coming up.

  16. Anonymous says:

    you guys even looking at the pictures? that’s not a 81 crown vic-its likely a 2001……

  17. Savannah says:

    To “born & raised” what does the age of a car have to do with the accident? People just need to be more aware of other vehicles on the road
    . The older vehicles are built a lot better than the newer ones. If I got hit I’d much rather be in an older car. I’d feel a lot safer.

  18. Old_Not Bold_Motorcyclist says:

    A U-turn is legal when the turn can be completed safely without interfering with the flow of traffic, and it is where it is not prohibited. Rather obvious that this was not a legal U-turn because it most definitely interfered with the flow of traffic. The driver of the car made a mistake and that was the ultimate cause of the accident. I don’t see how the investigator can claim it was a legal U-turn, except to say that a legal U-turn COULD be made there.

  19. Steve Wood says:

    The only thing this county cares about is money and how to screw us out of it. Praying for the father and daughter. My wife got a ticket for NO BACK UP LIGHT BY Deputy Rainey badge 107 cost us $171 to get it fixed and $100 ticket had to pay. $271 watch your back up lights.

  20. 20 something F PC says:

    While I see that this is an older article, to the person who said that residential areas should be 15MPH all I have to say is NO! I am more than capable of driving carefully in a 30MPH zone. If people are incapable THEY SHOULD BE OFF THE ROADS. When you hit 55 you should be RETESTED every year to maintain your license.

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