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Adam Putnam Says Orlando Mass Murderer Had Cleared All Legally Required Background Checks

| June 13, 2016

conealed weapons adam putnam orlando massacre

At least he had a permit. (kthtrnr)

The gunman who carried out a massacre early Sunday in an Orlando nightclub passed all of the legally required background checks for his weapons, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam told reporters Monday.

Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old St. Lucie County resident, had a clean criminal record, passed a mental-health screening to get a security guard job, lawfully purchased guns from a licensed dealer and abided by the state’s three-day waiting period to complete the purchase of guns, Putnam said.

“He held a ‘D’ license, as well as a ‘G’ license, which means that he is a security guard and a security guard who is permitted to carry a firearm,” Putnam said of Mateen, who was killed by local law enforcement after the attack at the Pulse gay nightclub.

“All of the information related to his application to receive those licenses was in order,” Putnam continued. “He was fingerprinted. He successfully completed the application, had a criminal background check. There is nothing in that record that would have disqualified this individual, who was a U.S. citizen, who had a clean criminal record, who underwent a background check and mental-health screening.”

Mateen’s licenses were valid through 2017.

Putnam runs the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which oversees weapons permits in Florida. The department hasn’t released Mateen’s application paperwork.

Putnam addressed the media after a meeting at the state Emergency Operations Center.

Gov. Rick Scott has labeled the mass murder at the nightclub — at least 49 victims were killed and 53 others wounded — as a “terror attack.” Putnam called it a “man-made disaster, rooted in hate, rooted in terrorist ideologies.”

Mateen, who federal officials say purchased two guns, including an assault rifle, within the past week, worked for G4S, a global security company with offices in Jupiter. He had been with the company since 2007, the same year Mateen applied for his first weapons permit.

News reports said Mateen, U.S.-born to immigrants from Afghanistan, had come to the attention of federal authorities in 2013 and 2014, but no case was ever produced. During the shooting early Sunday, he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group, authorities said.

Putnam said his agency is working with the FBI, along with state and federal law enforcement to “coordinate the appropriate timing of the release of those records.”

Putnam objected to a characterization that the FBI was blocking the release of the records.

“There is information in those records that is relevant to the ongoing investigation,” Putnam said.

Asked about the need for legislation that would impose restrictions on assault rifles or gun rights, Putnam instead discussed the ability of people hiding “an ideology so dark, that they’re capable of using the freedoms and liberties that this country awards all our citizens for the darkest possible motives.”

Putnam said his agency is working with Volunteer Florida to create a central type of organization to assist people who want to donate to charities in the wake of the shooting.

“It is fairly common in the aftermath of a tragic event like this for people to further prey on good-hearted people’s emotions and rip them off by creating a charity that has no intention of sending the money to the victims or victims’ families or anything related to the incident,” Putnam said.

–Jim Turner, News Service of Florida

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17 Responses for “Adam Putnam Says Orlando Mass Murderer Had Cleared All Legally Required Background Checks”

  1. anonymous says:

    Again, I’m so sorry to the families and friends of the victims that were needlessly killed and injured. I will send prayers to all.
    They are definitely putting weapons in the wrong hands and screwing it up for the rest of us.

  2. Knightwatch says:

    Yep… thanks to the Republican Party and the NRA (is there a difference??) you can legally buy all the guns you want even if you are on an FBI or Homeland Security watch list because the Republican-controlled specifically, that’s SPECIFICALLY, refused to strengthen gun laws that would deny the sale of guns to watch list suspects. Want to know why?? Well, they were afraid to deny those on the watch list their 2nd amendment rights on the chance some names are erroneously on the list. Rather than inconvenience the few and help protect American citizens, Republicans/NRA would rather protect against perceived encroachment on their coveted 2nd amendment. Apparently to them, young American deaths are acceptable “collateral damage” so that deranged or radicalized individuals can buy AR15s or AK47s and mow down innocent victims.

    Oh, and that abominable clown, Donald Drumph, vows to loosen current gun laws.

    America… you have a clear choice this November.

  3. Outsider says:

    So let me see if I understand this. Here’s a guy who has a father from Afghanistan that supports the Taliban, has traveled to Saudi Arabia twice for unknown reasons other than to go on “pilgrimages,” was twice investigated by the F.B.I. for connections to terrorists and making terror threats, works for a subcontractor for the Department of Homeland Security, and underwent background checks for the weapons permits and purchases. In spite of all that, he was able to commit this horrific act. Now who for one moment thinks this same government is capable of ensuring no terrorists are among the thousands of future Democratic voters, excuse me, Syrian refugees this same government is importing from a country halfway around the world has no functioning government, much less a criminal/jihadist database?

  4. Speaking the truth says:

    Adam Putnam is the only cabinet member I would put my money on. He does a good job and hopefully in a few years he will be our next governor! Nothing more can be done if one passes all the checks to purchase a fire arm. What is bothersome here with the Orlando mass murderer is that the FBI had him as a person of interest and didn’t have a system in place to alert them if a person of interest purchses a fire arm! There is no excuse for this, and the FBI has failed us! Had they done their job we would have immeidately known this man was armed and he could have been watched.

  5. Outsider says:

    Knightwatch, this is what happens when the government loses the confidence of the people. Obama has demonstrated his willingness to abuse the power of government, particularly through the IRS scandal, where it has been proven, and the IRS has admitted, it targeted conservative groups to block their ability to fund conservative candidates during the 2012 election. Additionally, as this may not have been published on the mainstream media outlets, Obama had directed that files on potential terrorists be deleted, making it more difficult to thwart these types of plots. When the government abuses it’s power, then it should not be trusted with the ability to take away rights of individuals. I wouldn’t put it past this president to put his political enemies on the watch list so he can strip them of their rights without due process.

  6. Common Sense says:

    This has nothing to do with the government losing the people’s confidence. You may feel that way, Outsider but most of the people don’t. This happens when politicians sell their loyalty to the NRA for campaign contributions. When the extreme right preaches hate for anyone who is different. When a presidential candidates fans the flames of xenophobia..

    It happens locally when groups like the RRR ban other Republican groups for not extreme enough. When the right wing media publishes falsehoods and people believe them, when common sense is abandoned and ignorance is widespread,

  7. Jim Bob says:

    They’s some tin-foil hat folks on Flagler Live today. Where were they when George Bush knocked down the Twin Towers?

  8. Knightwatch says:

    So, Outsider, are you implying or accusing this president of treason? Are you saying he has deliberately encouraged, even aided, terrorism against America? Do you believe this president is hunting down his enemies, perhaps to imprison or kill them?

    I have no answer for you, no antidote, except to encourage everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton.

  9. Sherry says:

    Thank you again Kinghtwatch and commonsense. . . fear, hate, racism, xenophobia, bigotry, prejudice, stupidity and horrific inhumanity surrounds us! Thank you for speaking out! Vote for sanity! Vote for Hillary Clinton!

  10. Just me says:

    I grew up in a town that almost every pick up had a gun rack and loaded guns within it. the trucks where NOT locked the guns in plane sight. the same was to be said about most in the schools parking lots. At 13/14 my friends and I would walk down the road with rifles or shotguns in hand. if hunting season or just to go out target shooting. I remember being stopped by local or State police to ask if we needed a ride and where we were off to and a good luck and be safe as we thanked them for a ride. It is NOT that we have GUNs it is that something in our National culture has changed to have such things happening. Like when fighting a illness a doctor looks to treat the illness NOT mask it. That is what the liberals look to do by taking away Constitutionally secured rights over what is the cause.

  11. My thoughts says:

    @ Just me says – I, too, carried a gun in Florida as a kid. The primary reason was to pop any pesky snake that was headed my way. I no longer carry any weapon, although the snakes I now encounter are all two legged. Despite that, I will not fire upon them. Why do carry your gun?

  12. Nancy N. says:

    Outsider, your comments are such a bushel full of conspiracy theory I don’t even know where to start. And really, if you are getting your “news” from the folks at the ironically named “Newsmax”, well, you need to get a little help separating fantasy from reality because that site is nothing but a propaganda machine for extremist conspiracy theorists.

    Your bigotry and ignorance show perhaps the most when you speak derisively of “pilgrimage” trips to Saudi Arabia as if it can’t possibly be believable that someone traveled to Saudi Arabia for that reason. If you knew anything about Islam, you’d know that it is a central tenet of their beliefs that all believers have the obligation to make the pilgrimage to Mecca.

    Try educating yourself instead of throwing around ignorant bigotry. Or maybe don’t…it just makes it easier for people to see how transparent you are.

  13. Geezer says:

    I know that the question from “My thoughts” is not directed at me.

    Why I carry: I like to walk and bicycle on trails, and have to consider a wild
    animals, and maybe a wild human in a remote area. I also carry a Kimber Pepper Blaster,
    as my first-line of defense against an angry dog, or crazy person.

    The funny thing is that when I carry, I avoid trouble like never before, as I don’t feel like
    “go ahead, make my day,” but more like: “I just want to return home in the same
    condition as when I left.” Everybody gets a wide berth, as a result of my mindset.

    I am aware that many guys take on the attitude: “yeah, f*** with me.”
    Regardless of “stand your ground” I will retreat to avoid a tragic outcome,
    especially with stupid arguments with strangers, or the rare road-rager.
    (I live in New England) And NO, there is no SYG law here. Like I care…..

    Up here, guns are no big deal, and most folks don’t carry in everyday life.

    In Florida, guns have become a religion of sorts.
    There’s a lot of stress in Florida, maybe it’s the 20,000,000 people and the sense
    of every man for himself, or fear of violent crime.
    Soon you’ll be sharing the sunshine with 40-million fellow Floridians.
    The FL population is forecast to double in ten years or so.
    I wish you well..

    Carrying a firearm calls for maturity and self-control, I hope to always live up
    to those standards.

  14. Outsider says:

    Common sense, have you looked at any polling data regarding the people’s trust in government? I can assure you the majority does not trust the government, and if you disagree, cite a poll that shows this; I couldn’t find one. The presidential candidate you refer to is only suggesting that we keep people out who have a tendency to want to kill us, and others, an idea I happen to agree with. Can you provide specific examples of the right wing’s “falsehoods” you speak of? I can’t address such vague accusations. Knightwatch, I didn’t accuse the president of anything; I just published the facts. Is that the first conclusion you made after reading the article? I do believe this president punishes those who disagree with him. I’ve posted a link to remind you of his words, not mine.

  15. Outsider says:

    Nancy, would you also deny that one of the first things Obama did as president was have all references to Islamic radicalism removed from federal law enforcement training? I am speaking from ignorance? No, I am speaking with facts to back me up. Yes, there is a conspiracy, and here is the evidence:

    Yes, pilgrimage is a tenet of Islam; so is lying to promote Islam. Apparently, sharia law dictates a woman may not reveal her husband’s secrets. This is why the Orlando murderer’s wife didn’t reveal he was planning a terror attack on the night club, and was also considering Disneyland as a target. This is why she didn’t reveal she helped him case the targets before the attacks. Hence, 40 dead and 50 wounded. The shooter is part of a larger conspiracy, with links to the so-called “blind sheik,” mastermind of the 1993 WTC bombing. Yep, good old Islam. Thirty years ago was when I first learned of the five pillars of Islam, as well as the sixth, Jihad. Yes, my ignorance is showing. Did YOU know that one of the first things Morsi did when he became president of Egypt? Yeah, Obama’s buddy freed Mohammad al Zawahiri from prison, who is the brother of number two man at Al Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahiri. Mohammad was imprisoned for his role in the killing of Anwar Sadat, a real peace maker. Did you know Obama invited this man to the White House? Now, I realize this is a bit of a rant, but I have read about Islam, and these are just a few facts that come to the top of my head, so please, feel free to disagree with my opinions, but don’t tell me I’m ignorant of the FACTS.

  16. Sherry says:

    Here’s an actual FACTUAL analysis from Pew Research that shows President Obama’s “confidence rating” for doing the right thing in world affairs at well over 50% in the USA and a median of 65% in the 40 countries studied:

    Our twice elected President is certainly NOT the “totality” of our government. . . that would include ALL the state and local governments, in addition to all the branches of the Federal government.

    Now, let’s take a look at those Federal agencies. . . the vast majority of those have very high favor-ability ratings with the exceptions of the Republican controlled Supreme court and especially the Republican “Obstructionist” Congress with a favor-ability rating of just 27%! Which factually proves that the majority has much more confidence in our Democratic President than in the Republican controlled areas of our Federal government:

  17. Outsider says:

    First of all, Sherry, I could not give a rat’s ass what the rest of the world thinks of Obama, although I find it interesting they didn’t poll the good people of Iraq and Libya. When the people of all these countries actually pay tens of thousands of dollars a year in federal income taxes like I do then they will have earned the right to voice their opinions. More than likely they are just the recipients of my hard earned tax dollars, and just as it is here, the people there vote for those who give them money. I will remind you that George Bush gave $15 billion to Africa to fight AIDS, which even earned him Bono’s approval. As to your second link, thank you for proving my point; it clearly illustrates a decline in confidence in the federal government over the last decade or so. Sure, some agencies have high approval ratings. I mean, if you go to a national park, it’s open, and they keep those buffalo from trampling the idiots trying to get their picture taken with them, what’s not to approve? As for the post office, you mail a letter and it gets there; bravo! And who really knows what the hell HHS does anyway? When it comes to the four agencies that can really screw up your life, they don’t fare so well. The justice, education, veterans and education departments are way negative, and for good and obvious reasons, to those who have been paying attention. The “Republican” Supreme Court actually has the nation’s approval by an eight point margin. Finally, regarding your “obstructionist” Congress comment, let me say the founding fathers intentionally created a three branch government to serve as a system of checks and balances. What you, as a good Democrat refer to as “obstructionism” is actually the system working as designed. A majority of voters put the Republicans in control of congress specifically to block Obama’s liberal agenda. The Democrats dislike the Republicans because they oppose (somewhat) Obama’s policies; Republicans such as myself oppose them because they are a bunch of spineless jellyfish who seem afraid to fully exercise the authority granted to them by the Constitution, so in totality their approval rating is low.

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