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Three Matanzas High School Students Arrested For Armed Burglary in Palm Coast’s F-Section

| September 16, 2015

armed burglary

The house at Fitzgerald Lane where glass breaking alerted a neighbor.

A ninth grader and two tenth graders who’d jumped the fence to leave Matanzas High School this morning were arrested and charged with armed robbery following two incidents in Palm Coast’s F-Section, the Sheriff’s Office said in a release this evening.

A caller to 911 said he heard glass breaking at 46 Fitzgerald Lane and saw three suspicious people in the area, according to the release. The caller provided the description of the three people to the dispatcher. When deputies arrived, they saw three teenagers (two black males and a white female) running from the area. The female member of the trio was apprehended without incident by Deputy Jesse Kocorowski. The other two fled into the nearby woods.

Flagler County Firefight, the county’s emergency helicopter, was called in as deputies set up a perimeter and began searching for the two. During the search, Deputy John Landi, the School Resource Deputy at Matanzas High School), provided the names of three school students reported to have jumped the school fence and fled from school officials at 9:30 Wednesday morning.

With a perimeter in place, K-9 Deputy Robert Tarczewski and his partner Repo tracked the duo to a wooded area near Flemingwood Lane and Flat Rock Lane. With the assistance of Sgt’s Jon Welker and Phil Reynolds, the two were apprehended without incident.

A subsequent detectives’ investigation determined that the trio were the same ones who skipped school and were allegedly involved in a burglary that occurred at 19 Fircrest Lane in Palm Coast. After entering that home and taking several items, the trio allegedly went to 46 Fitzgerald Lane and attempted to break into that home by throwing a stool through a window. This was when they were spotted by a neighbor and were ultimately reported to the sheriff’s office.

Nasir Clark, 17, a 9th grader, Emmanuel R. Nixon, 15, a 10th grader, and Ysis C. Sanchez, 15, a 10th grader, all from Palm Coast, were arrested and charged with two counts of felony armed burglary and other related misdemeanors, according to the release, which did not specify those misdemeanors but noted additional charges were possibly pending.

Deputies recovered property taken from the residence at 19 Fircrest Lane, including two bags that contained a .22 caliber starting revolver, numerous clothing items, jewelry, a computer and shoes. All of the items were returned to the victims.

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20 Responses for “Three Matanzas High School Students Arrested For Armed Burglary in Palm Coast’s F-Section”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This used to be a nice town until drugs took it over.

    • The Facts says:

      Can’t speak on the 17 year-old male or the 15 year-old female however the 15 year-old male, all I can say is he suffers from severe birth mental, physical and emotional issues to put it lightly no fault of his own and experimental medication hasn’t helped. Not making excuses for the kid but these are real problems he faces and can’t cope with. His family, the school, the state even the local police have repeatedly tried to help him. A person has to care about themselves if their to care about their own neighbors.

      • Anonymous says:

        @The Facts Says–That is a shame about the 15 yr old male. Now is the time to get him inpatient help, perhaps at a specialized residential school setting–and perhaps one that is a distance away form any “associates” who might be contributing to his delinquency and adding to his problems. If the school he attends couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get their act together to bring up more intensive solutions through an IEP plan, perhaps the court will now step in and offer up a specialized residential placement. After all, he won’t be 15 years old forever.

        • The Facts says:

          He did get inpatient, out patient and everything in-between. The next thing is probably indefinite commitment to an around the clock mental facility. With Bipolar and whatever else; when they’re ok they’re ok, but when they’re not lookout.

  2. Ray Thorne says:

    good kids..

  3. Daniel says:

    Good ‘ol Palm Coastt!

  4. blondee says:

    Hopefully the trio is sitting in a jail cell right now!

  5. m&m says:

    Sounds like they were home schooled.

  6. Linda says:

    Can they now be expelled???? And 17 but in the 9th grade? When can we drop him?
    Sometimes you can’t save everyone. They have made their choices and sadly set their destiny into motion into a place they will regret being. They don’t care about who they hurt. That is enough for me to say “Good-bye.” Have your life on the other side of the prison walls.

  7. GT says:

    Maybe the state will teach them a new trade like landscaping the side of the road in a orange jumpsuit.Do we really need a 17 year old in 9th grade?

  8. Donna Heiss says:

    Hey parents get your crap together. Parents these day are so into themselves that they have forgotten their primary job is to raise children with morals and respect so they will become productive adults. It’s your job. Do it.

  9. Rich Mikola says:

    Thugs in training. Welcome to Palm Coast. This will probably be pleaded down to jaywalking. I’ll bet the 17 year old ( you have to be kidding!) is looked up to by his much younger classmates. I’m sure his parent and his preacher will both testify that he’s a good boy, whose never been in trouble before.

  10. Kin says:

    Armed robbery? What in the story did I miss?

  11. Go Navy says:

    17 years old and in 9th grade…… I remember I was in my 2nd year of USN Radioman School in San Diego and had graduated from High School at 15 1/2. With my dad’s signed permission I enlisted in the Navy. Perhaps we need to bring back the DRAFT for under achievers who just want to rob and steal their way thru life. A good old 4 months of hard ass BOOT CAMP will straighten them right up !!!

  12. just an observation says:

    A 17 year old in 9th grade? Really?Just sad.

  13. David B says:

    Not my kids. They are angels;

  14. deedee williams says:

    The girl is a ward of the state she lives at a group home located in the L section and supervised by Community Partnership for Children the office located right here in Palm Coast. This child has been in trouble before and its just swept under the rug , these children under state care are disguarded like yesterday’s trash. they have no guidance.

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