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2 Men Stab Each Other in Confrontations That End Near Pizza Hut Off Palm Coast Parkway

| August 24, 2015


The stabbing took place in the parking lot at Palm Coast Parkway Plaza.

Last Updated: 7:23 a.m. Tuesday

A 21-year-old man and a 42-year-old man were both stabbed as a result of an altercation with each other in the parking lot of Palm Coast Parkway Plaza just after 9:30 p.m. Monday, authorities are reporting. Charges are pending.

The stabbings required calling in Trauma One, the Shands Hospital emergency helicopter based at Flagler Hospital in St. Johns County (Flagler County’s Fire Flight goes out of service at 8 p.m.). One of the two men’s stab wound was considered more severe than the other, but both were trauma evacuations.

An investigation is ongoing. A sheriff’s spokesperson said that based on preliminary findings, the first stabbing took place at or near 17A Braddock Lane before the two men separated, one of them going to the parking lot near Pizza Hut. The two then confronted each other again, in the rear of the lot, where the second stabbing took place. Both men stabbed each other in the abdomen.

Originally, the older man fled scene on a bicycle in the direction of Braddock Lane, where police found him and stopped him. He was found at the same address where the initial stabbing is believed to have taken place, 17A Braddock Lane.

The location of the second incident is adjacent to the Publix shopping Center between the east-bound and west-bound lanes of Palm Coast Parkway.

palm coast stabbing

The first stabbing is believed to have taken place at 17A Braddock Lane in Palm Coast. Click on the image for larger view.

Trauma One flew one patient to Halifax. A Flagler County Fire Rescue unit was transporting the second patient by ground to Halifax hospital as well.

“They both have gone through surgery, they’re both being evaluated,” the sheriff’s spokesman said early this morning. “The second stabbing at Pizza Hut is much more severe, although they’re both life-threatening injuries.”

Both men are from Palm Coast. It’s not yet clear whether separate weapons were used, or whether the weapons were found. The sheriff’s office is withholding the identities of the suspects for now beyond noting that the younger man is white, the older is black. “We’ll probably have charges early this morning. We’re not certain on whom yet,” the spokesperson said. “We have to get to a point where they can be interviewed.”

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23 Responses for “2 Men Stab Each Other in Confrontations That End Near Pizza Hut Off Palm Coast Parkway”

  1. Footballen says:

    Another Monday night in Palm Compton yo!!!!!!!! We really have become quite the mecca.

  2. Banjomatic says:

    The best way to avoid a knife fight is to get a permit and carry a gun.

  3. Patriot76 says:

    It’s the hard knock life…. in Palm Compton

  4. Anonymous says:

    No wonder Palm Coast was rated as the 10th worse place to live. Its far too often there are stories out there like this and thefts in our city! The appearance of the city is beautiful but the operations/ management/leadetship and crime activity is pathetic. Just another day in the neighborhood/hood.

  5. Donna Heiss says:

    I’m pretty sure us taxpayers are paying for their life threatening injuries. Sick of P.C’s crap. Paradise no more.

  6. groot says:

    Stay classy Palm Coast. Well, that’s an oxymoron.

  7. David S says:

    Anonymous I agree with you on this one maybe we need to post these comments on some billboards so everyone will see !!!!

  8. GT says:

    Looks like we have to pay for another chopper ride. WEEEEE!

  9. HG says:

    All the people that are bitching about how bad Palm Coast is PLEASE pack you shit and leave. Go live in Orlando or something. You people seem to think Palm Coast is so bad. REALLY. Check the stats and you will see it’s really not bad. JS

  10. Donna Heiss says:

    HG, it’s the Wal-mart of Florida. We have great shopping don’t we? All I have to do is go a block for a dollar . Yipee! Really thought once they built town center, it would be a nice district. Well, not in my lifetime. 2 not just 1 dollar store. Working on getting out since change seems impossible, although many of us have tried. It’s just not for me.

  11. GH says:

    I’ve been “bitching” about how bad Palm Coast is for 25 years. Its still a “pretend paradise” ! Sunshine, if I leave it will NOT be to any other Florida city or town. Nope , I’m going to the mountains. You twerps stay here and deal with the “corrupted police force and county commissioners”. The criminals are the LEAST of your problems !!!

    • Geezer says:

      Keep on bitchin’. I did it until I rented a 26″ truck and took my show elsewhere.
      It’s the best decision I’ve made in years. I go to bed at night wondering where
      all my stress went. I’m not exaggerating.
      And yes, I have a mountain view and it’s spectacular!

      Anybody looking to move to Palm Coast: DON’T DO IT.
      Check out western NC, TN or anything not called “Florida.”

      If crime doesn’t get you in Florida – a sinkhole will.

  12. David S says:

    Donna I wish we could too but with my other half’s employment its impossible for us right now,the city has promissed us the world but we as citizens of this town we have been screwed.

  13. tulip says:

    When someone finds the “perfect place to live” I sure hope they post it here so we can all move there. Other than that I could think of far worse, more expensive places to live than Palm Coast. Apparently many people like it because our population is steadily increasing. Unfortunately, as more people come to live in an area, the more crime there will be.

    • Footballen says:

      Panama the country. I am pretty sure all those involved in this incident is part of our ever growing illustrious homeless population.

  14. historically says:

    When people don’t like where they live, they move. It really is that simple, now if you are poor and can’t afford a move then, first, stop living above your means and second, you should stop complaining because P.C. is alot better then where you probably should be living on your income.

    • Nancy N. says:

      A lot of people in this town are still upside down on their houses that were bought at the peak of the housing bubble and so are trapped and can’t move without taking a financial bath and destroying their credit. Also, it isn’t just as easy as getting up and moving somewhere else when you have to work for a living. Only the independently wealthy have the ability to just up and move wherever they want, whenever they want. The rest of us have to go where we can find employment. Based on your not-so-thinly veiled contempt of poor people I’d say you don’t work for a living. Try showing a little respect for the rest of us who do, because someone has to checkout your groceries, fix your plumbing, and write news articles for you to use as a platform to denigrate other people. What would you do without all of us peons?

      • Geezer says:

        As a fellow paeon with calloused hands and an ornery back – I thank you!
        Rich, poor, or in-between: we all wind up as the same dust.
        The previous commenter is worried about his property investment in PC
        and takes a dim view of people (the worker paeons), who tell it like it is.

        Funny how those with lots of money worry the most about………… money.

        Welcome to Palm Coast – lock your doors, activate on the alarm.

  15. jamie badala says:

    All this crime, and all our code enforcement can do is drive around and complain about the weeds and swampiness of our yards, that were built on swamp land to begin with, yet the crime goes on, while making newcomers think we’re a high class city! I love it here, but what I don’t get, is we have a lot of high level crime, while being fined for low level distractions for things in our vicinity we can’t control without spreading pesticides, and what ever else code enforcement inflicts on us!

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