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Barack Obama Stands Up to the Warmongers

| July 26, 2015

dick cheney iran diplomacy

A segment of Washington’s ruling class won;t accept that the all-war, no-diplomacy era of Dick Cheney and the neo-cons is over. (Lwp Kommunikáció)

By Jeffrey Sachs

The accord struck in Vienna to rein in Iran’s nuclear activities has warmongers fulminating. Citizens worldwide should support US President Barack Obama’s brave effort to outmaneuver them, taking heart from the fact that the signatories include not just the United States, but all five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany.

Many of the warmongers are to be found in Obama’s own government agencies. Most Americans struggle to recognize or understand their country’s permanent security state, in which elected politicians seem to run the show, but the CIA and the Pentagon often take the lead – a state that inherently gravitates toward military, rather than diplomatic, solutions to foreign-policy challenges.

Since 1947, when the CIA was established, the US has had a continuous semi-covert, semi-overt policy of overthrowing foreign governments. In fact, the CIA was designed to avoid genuine democratic oversight and provide presidents with “plausible deniability.” It has gone on to topple dozens of governments, in all regions of the world, with no accountability there or at home.

I recently examined one period of CIA activity in my book To Move the World: JFK’s Quest for Peace. Soon after Kennedy assumed the presidency in 1961, he was “informed” by the CIA of its plot to overthrow Fidel Castro. Kennedy felt stuck: Should he sanction the planned CIA invasion of Cuba or veto it? New to the gruesome game, Kennedy tried to have it both ways, by letting it proceed, but without US air cover.

The CIA-led invasion, executed by a motley group of Cuban exiles at the Bay of Pigs, was a military failure and a foreign-policy disaster, one that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis the following year. During the missile crisis, most senior security officials advising the president wanted to launch military action against Soviet forces, a course that could well have ended in nuclear annihilation. Kennedy overruled the warmongers, and prevailed in the crisis through diplomacy.

By 1963, Kennedy no longer trusted the advice of the military and the CIA. Indeed, he regarded many of his putative advisers as a threat to world peace. That year, he used diplomacy relentlessly and skillfully to achieve a breakthrough nuclear agreement with the Soviet Union, the Limited Test Ban Treaty.

The American people strongly – and rightly – supported Kennedy over the warmongers. But three months after the treaty was signed, JFK was assassinated.

Viewed through the lens of history, the main job of US presidents is to be mature and wise enough to stand up to the permanent war machine. Kennedy tried; his successor, Lyndon Johnson, did not, and the debacle of Vietnam ensued. Jimmy Carter tried; Reagan did not (his CIA helped to unleash death and mayhem in Central America throughout the 1980s). Clinton mostly tried (except in the Balkans); George W. Bush did not, and generated new wars and turmoil.

On the whole, Obama has tried to restrain the warmongers, yet he has given in to them frequently – not only by relying on weaponized drones, but also by waging covert wars in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere. Nor did he truly end the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; he replaced troops on the ground with US drones, air strikes, and “private” contractors.

If there is a threat from Islam, it’s from Saudi-backed Sunnis, not Iranian-backed Shiites.

Iran is surely his finest moment, a historic milestone that demands full-throated approval. The political difficulty of making peace with Iran is similar to that of JFK’s peacemaking with the Soviet Union in 1963. Americans have been suspicious of Iran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the subsequent hostage crisis, in which Iranian students held 52 Americans at the US embassy for 444 days. But their suspicion also reflects jingoistic manipulation and a lack of perspective on US-Iran relations.

Few Americans know that the CIA overthrew a democratic Iranian government in 1953. Iranians had had the temerity to elect a progressive, secular prime minister who believed that the country’s oil belonged to its people, not to the United Kingdom or the US. And few Americans recall that after the coup, the CIA installed a brutal police state under the Shah.

Likewise, following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the US armed Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to go to war with Iran, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Iranian deaths in the 1980s. And US-led international sanctions, imposed from the 1990s onward, have aimed to impoverish, destabilize, and ultimately topple the Islamist regime.
Today, the warmongers are trying to scuttle the Vienna accord. Saudi Arabia is in a violent struggle with Iran for regional supremacy, with geopolitical competition converging with the Sunni-Shia rivalry. Israel, the Middle East’s only nuclear power, wants to retain its strategic monopoly. The US warmongers seem to view any Islamist state as ripe for toppling.

Obama is correct that America’s true interests, and those of the world, are with peace, not continued conflict, with Iran. The US is not a partisan in the Shia-Sunni struggle; if anything, the US confronts mainly Sunni terrorism, funded from Saudi Arabia, not Shia terrorism backed by Iran. Obama is also right that, despite Israel’s arguments, the agreement will reduce the possibility of Iran ever becoming a nuclear state.

The best way to ensure that outcome is to normalize relations with it, help its economy recover, and support its integration into the international community. Iran is a great and ancient culture. Its opening to the world as a place of business, tourism, the arts, and sports would be a boon to global stability and prosperity.

The new treaty will verifiably prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon for at least a decade – and keep it bound to nuclear non-proliferation thereafter. This is the time to begin a broader US-Iran rapprochement and build a new security regime in the Middle East and the world that leads toward full global nuclear disarmament. To get there requires, above all, replacing war (including the CIA’s secret wars) with commerce and other forms of peaceful exchange.

jeffrey sachs project syndicateJeffrey D. Sachs, Professor of Sustainable Development, Professor of Health Policy and Management, and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, is also Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals. His books include “The End of Poverty,” “Common Wealth,” and, most recently, “The Age of Sustainable Development.” © Project Syndicate

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51 Responses for “Barack Obama Stands Up to the Warmongers”

  1. karma says:

    Welcome to the new America folk. We take Iran for their word and think they are going to be truthful. On the other hand, we have an organization(PPH) here in this country caught telling the truth about abortion and we want to punish the group that exposed that truth.
    So now we lift sanctions on Iran and give them billions of dollars knowing they still support terror groups around the world. Here in this country, we fund PPH hundreds of millions of dollars to kill babies and sell body parts. I guess in many ways the US and Iran are not that different. One kills in the open and the other behind closed doors.

  2. NortonSmitty says:

    This guy gets it right.

  3. Geezer says:

    Every time I see a picture of Dick Cheney I am reminded to visit
    my local grocers and stock up on prunes. Prunes are a time-tested,
    and effective way to ease the discomforts of chronic constipation.
    Combine that with increased water consumption (not soda) and
    things will move along again as in your youth.

    Chemical approaches can make matters worse.
    Drugstore laxatives lead to dependence.

    I’m off to Price Chopper (no Publix here).

    Thank you Dick.

  4. Sue Mendenhall says:

    The only thing Barack Obama stands up to is to pee!

  5. groot says:

    Geeez, if I didn’t have these links to the liberal media, not sure how I was stay abreast of national and international news! I like a variety of news sources, some liberal, some conservative and some neutral. I don’t like extremism either way. I normally pick up my international and national news from larger metro newspapers, CNN, BBC and even, gag, FOX. What this community really needs is a neutral and informative site limited to local news and politics. We really do need that here because there is not enough communication about local news in this area.

  6. RickG says:

    I guess you war types out there won’t be happy until we again have thousands of our kids coming home in body bags all in the name of freedom. The only freedom they defend in that part of the world is corporate freedom. And for those of you so concerned about Planned Parenthood why don’ I see you speaking out on the unnecessary wars in the Mid East? Don’t their women carry fetuses as well when we blow them into a red mist?

    • sheila says:

      We won’t havhee to worry about our kids coming home in body bags as we will be able to bag them right here at home on American soil!!! Why send troops to other countries?? The question that so many idiots have asked ….. answer: so the infidels won’t come here. But, now the infidels are being bred right here along with their jihad! We should have wiped them out long ago, but now we are giving way to increased funding and support via lifting the Iran sanctions!

      For goodness sake, we could have at the very least gotten out hostages back !!

    • Layla says:

      Hitler and Planned Parenthood have something in common, Rick…..mass extinction of innocents. This is about as evil as it gets…American Nazism for profit.

    • Bob says:

      Apples and oranges RickG.

  7. m&m says:

    Obama has set us back 40 to 50 years when it comes to a race war. This is just another one of his plans to distroy this country.

    • Samuel L. Bronkowitz says:

      Set who back 40 to 50 years? White supremacists? It seems like he’s done a surprisingly amount of good for race relations. You might want to set down that dogeared copy of the turner diaries you’re so fond of and rejoin the human race, my chocolate-centered friend.

    • Say What? says:

      What are you taking about “set us back 40 to 50 years when it comes to a race war”? Do you say that because white America is feeling a little discomfort for once? Facing the demons of it’s forefathers? It’s funny how white people believe that all people of color in prominent positions must stay in their place and not recognize where they came from unless they get permission to talk about it. Every time the term “all American” red blooded American” take our country back” our old America” those terms keep us back 100 years. White people never have to feel other peoples pain until they go broke then they realize how close they come to being called a N****R!

      • My Daily Rant says:

        Say What; we White people have been paying for Slavery for over 100 years, and I would have to say None of us were Slave owners and most of our people were Immigrants not even living in this country at the time.Blacks get special treatment in education,welfare,jobs because of Allfirmative Action.Also when we have a problem we are not allowed to Riot and Loot like Blacks are.Stop always crying Racism take Responability for your Actions. PEACE

  8. Anonymous says:

    Iran has welched on every Non-proliferation agreement they’ve made throughout the years. Despite all their past “reassurances (shouted with great outrage in our faces, like, how dare we inquire about their intentions despite all their repeated threats towards both Israel and the US,as well as their empowerment of Assad and Hezbollah all these years?)–they have managed to build nuclear facilities both overt and covert and enriched uranium. They don’t even need Nuclear facilities to meet their energy needs, so we know that that is a complete farce. Now, we are learning in the congressional hearings that the US team that has negotiated this “deal” has not even seen a final draft of the whatever agreement will exist between Iran and the IAEA, the body upon which we will have to totally depend to “verify” everything that this deal (and the people defending it) are promising. How can we be so sure of the success of this deal if we don’t even know that critical component? And Kerry’s recent attempt to cast the blame on Israel if Congress decides not to give this deal the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is not just disingenuous–It’s a revolting way to ‘pass the buck” for a case they were not able to make…Maybe, just maybe, because the “deal” had too many holes in it to begin with.

  9. TBG says:

    All the republican presidential candidates are promising yet another war in the middle east involving US ground troops. After more than a decade of war, 7,000 US dead and TWO trillion dollars of borrowed money it was clear we couldn’t win. They all fail to mention how the next war would be different. Look at the history of how great countries and empires fail. All where serially involved in nonessential wars that they could not win and could not pay for. INSANITY!

  10. anon says:

    The author lost me as soon as he mentioned the UN. There as been nothing as worthless as this organization. They should be the ones taking care of the ethnic cleansing in Africa, the issues int eh middle east….. but they have no teeth. The only thing they can do is pass resolution after resolution with are meaningless……
    This administration has done nothing but weakening the US, making us the laughing stock around the world.

  11. YankeeExPat says:

    Dick Cheney………………. “Five deferments” 1959 thru 1966.

  12. I'm your HuckleBerry says:

    To HELL with who’s in charge at the top. You better start worrying about how your going to survive an America with 40 thousands illegal aliens that where incarcerated for MURDER and RAPE that where RELEASED by Obama.You better start worrying about the sleeper cell jihadists that are just waiting to cause CHAOS and DEATH to America. You better start worrying about your few dollars in the bank that will soon become WORTHLESS….There’s a lot more to worry about in America then who’s sitting in the money soaked White House making government bigger and the people poorer !!!

  13. Sherry E says:

    Why do I continuously read highly charged, emotional comments, with no basis of fact, in response to such excellent “factual” articles from a highly educated sources? Oh yes. . . for one brief lovely moment. . . I forgot
    about the FOX generated ignorant fear and loathing in the culture of Flagler county.

    The article, an informative read and a reasonable perspective. Thank you Professor Sachs! !

  14. DwFerg says:

    I wonder what America will be like when a new PRESIDENT is elected next year. In either case, It seems our problems and differences will Remain. There is enough venom and bad blood just on this website that is clear proof that our unity of purpose and divergent philosophies will require a Miracle to resolve. Dick Cheney bashing is a bit retro, OBAMA bashing is old news, and Donald Trump drama is more publicity than political. His followers want hope and change, just the opposite way we are getting it NOW ! I want to be optimistic, but it is a daily challenge following the News…Flagler Live is a cross section of AMERICAN values. Diverse opinion, and conflicting political philosophy. Here’s hoping America can rally around our core values and heal our major differences. , Peacefully and Civilly….

  15. Tired of it says:

    What a bunch of liberal crap. If the author thinks so highly of the Iranians than maybe he should go and live there. The only way we are going to protect our country is by getting involved on a greater scale and keep the crazy radicals from destroying our way of life. Look at what is going on in the Middle East with these radical Islamists killing innocent people. What do you think will happen here if the War Mongers as you call them are a kept from doing what needs to be done. Want to eliminate the issues in the Middle East? Let our Generals do what they do best. Our president is a joke. He has ruined our country with his half ass approach to containing the threat from the crazies and now wanting to have a group hug with Iran and the Cubans. The end of his term is not coming fast enough!

  16. ken says:

    If the only thing I knew about this issue is that Obama favors it and Benjamin Netanyahu opposes it, that would be enough for me to oppose this. It is inconceivable that Netanyahu would oppose a deal that would make Israel safer. The same can not be said for our bungling president.

  17. Dave says:

    “”” Iran is a great and ancient culture. Its opening to the world as a place of business, tourism, the arts, and sports would be a boon to global stability and prosperity.””, this guy misses so much. Iran sponsors terrorists, they chant “they hate America” and they will do everything under the table or behind some rock to kill the people of Israel and the people in America.

  18. My Daily Rant says:

    Obama has gotten us in more Conflicts using our Militery than any other President that I can remember and he got the Nobel Peace Prize what a waste, and yes I watch Fox News theres a reason it is the most watched News Channel. PEACE

  19. Commom Sense says:

    Republicans are criticizing the agreement but I notice they don’t mention any specifics. Neither do the critics on this site. What exactly is everyone objecting to? Who has actually read the details of the agreement?

    Do Republicans have a better alternative? No.

    Do we want to go to war with Iran? No.

    So…critics…let’s see you come up with something better.

    • Bob says:

      One point, the requirement to give the Iranians 24 DAYS notice before an inspection!

    • Patriot76 says:

      All valid points, but I promise you it will be lost in translation. Warmongers are typically people who have no concept of reality. They listen only to what they want to hear and preach to what they listen- like a broken record. If they hear it on Fox News or some fear-filled radio talk show; it must be true because they believe so fiercely in it. Funny how radical Islamic Jihadists use the same system of self-validation.

      Celebrate the man who questions his own actions and intentions.. Be wary of the men who labor in the critique of others

  20. Patriot76 says:

    I don’t know which to fear more…

    1 radical 10,000 miles away or 10,000 radicals 1 mile away..

    I used to believe that education sets man free.. But I’ve come to realize is that it only sets man apart.

    We all have to be educated to some degree, but I really do feel sympathy for the Warhawks who believe the only good option is a military option. Clearly they failed to read “The Art of War” – a guide to winning any war

  21. Sherry E says:

    Yes, it is tragic the so many ill informed citizens of the USA are so loyal to FOX. For the proud believers in FOX News, this from

    Back in 2003, the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes conducted a survey on public knowledge of terrorism and the then-recently launched Iraq war. The report found that “[t]hose who receive most of their news from Fox News are more likely than average to have misperceptions” about these issues of grave national importance. And the difference was stark: According to the report, Fox News viewers were “three times more likely than the next nearest network” to hold inaccurate views of 9-11, WMDs in Iraq, and international support for the war.

    Last week, the Program on International Policy Attitudes released another, wider-ranging report on “Misinformation and the 2010 Election,” which examined the accuracy of news consumers’ views on tax policy, government bailouts, the economy, climate science, and President Obama’s background. The findings were in line with the 2003 survey — Fox News viewers were “significantly more likely” to be misinformed.

    This from Forbes:

    A poll by Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey showed that of all the news channels out there, Fox News viewers are the least informed.

    People were asked questions about news habits and current events in a statewide poll of 600 New Jersey residents recently. Results showed that viewers of Sunday morning news shows were the most informed about current events, while Fox News viewers were the least informed. In fact, FDU poll results showed they were even less informed than those who say they don’t watch any news at all.

    Readers of The New York Times, USA Today and listeners to National Public Radio were better informed about international events than other media outlets.

    There are many more polls and studies which show FOX News watchers to be the least correctly informed . . . . Yes, it is tragic that so many insist on defending a program with an agenda to manipulate through fear and negative emotional triggers. Try PBS instead and NPR instead for factual information!

  22. Sherry E says:

    Regarding Black rioters compared to White rioters. . . our White citizens are just as violent, however the media portrays them quite differently. Have an eye opening read:

  23. Anonymous says:

    @Sherry E. says—-Not everyone who has some doubts about the Nuclear Deal with Iran as it currently reads is a Republican or a “FOX news watcher”. How sad that you, of all people, are dumping everyone who has the temerity to express concerns about the security holes in this deal into the category of a “warmonger.” Just like the author of this article, who is using the same inflammatory rhetoric in his wild attempt to shoot the messenger for the message…All in the hopes that no one will bother to read the fine print of the message, even if lives depend on it. Which, they very will might.

  24. Anonymous says:

    So, let’s attempt to answer the more relevant question which is, what is the alternative to this deal? I think it’s a fallacy to assume that it is this deal or nothing t all. The only thing that brought the Iranians to the table in the first place were the sanctions, so we know that they have been working. Have they completely kept Iran from their Nuclear proliferation activities? No. But that, in itself, should give people pause. Here is a regime that is quite willing to let its own people mire in ignorance and poverty while they take the resources and funds they do have, even with the sanctions in place, and use them to fund, not only those Nuclear activities but terror operations throughout the region. Many supporters of this deal like to say, on the one hand, that the Iranians actions and intents have, so far proven to be completely peaceful and legitimate. But, if their conduct has been so peaceful and compliant to begin with, why do we need a Nuclear Deal with Iran at all? If, as today’s so-called “Progressives” like to claim, Iran never had any aggressive intent to their Nuclear activities (unlike Israel, which is out to conquer the world, apparently, and kill Palestinian children for lunch), then why should we need to go out of our way to bargain with them at all? Why are we even talking about their getting the go-ahead to do whatever the heck they feel like doing in 10, 15, 20 years? I mean, it’s all just paranoia promoted by israel to think that Iran would even hurt a fly, right? Despite their backing of the genocidal Assad regime and their material supports of Hezbollah and the Houthi’s–while their own people starve, all because the US levied these sanctions on them for no apparent reason–right? So…We’ve already established that the “peace-niks” (after all, if you can call those who object to the deal “warmongers”, others can call those who won’t stand for any criticism of it “peace-niks”) are talking out of both sides of their mouths by saying Iran is no threat but we MUST make a deal, any deal with them, right away, this moment, or Armageddon will result. Here’s what we can do: (1) Leave the sanctions in place if they are working… but it’s a little late for that because Obama, Kerry & Co. have already promised them half the store and we can’t put ourselves in the position of being Indian Givers. So, we can make it very clear that we MEAN IT when we say those sanctions will “snap-back”, just like we have always said they would, if they cheat. And that means clarifying what the compliance agreement and protocol is between The IAEA AND IRAN and making sure that Iran follows all of it, every bit of it, to the letter. That means, Iran doesn’t get away with any funny business, LARGE OR SMALL. Chances are, they will “test the waters” with small infractions first, before attempting the larger ones. We should act, and act swiftly and exactly as we’ve said we would, without negotiating any further as to the “sticks” Iran will receive, now that they’ve managed to get us give them many more “carrots” than we initially proposed we would be willing to grant. Congress has a right to ask for, and receive, an in-depth description of what the protocol between the IAEA and Iran entails…Without the Energy Secretary saying in the Hearings, “Sorry, I don’t happen to have it with me” and then Kerry following up with a muttered, “It’s the same protocol as before so don’t even bother to ask”, as he’s leaving the Hearing, on his way out the door. It’s a tall order, I realize, since Zarif has already made veiled threats about how Iran intends to react if the US attempts any “snap-backs” for any reasons whatsoever. Sorry, Mr. Kerry and President Obama…but you got into this. Now, it’s up to you to not only follow through, but to describe to Congress just how you intend to follow through. if you really seriously intend to follow through. Unless, of course, the US intends to make Israel do the heavy lifting for what the US won’t take responsibility for, now that we’ve put both ourselves AND Israel in the crosshairs, even more than ever before. (2) Kerry, Obama and Obama’s “cracker-jack” (sarcasm intended) Middle East Advisory Team can stop trying to publicly insinuate that, if Congress refuses to approve and pass the deal as it currently reads, it’s all Israel’s fault for the deal falling through. It’s like a schoolboy saying, “You don’t like my term paper? Blame my Dog! He ate it!” The Obama Team needs to stop demonizing Israel and alienating our country’s only true democratic ally in that part of the world out of spite and to promote their own politically expedient agenda. It’s one thing to try to negotiate with your enemies to avoid the unthinkable. It’s another to think that it’s OK to kick the guy who’s climbing the ladder right behind you, in the naive hope that that your real enemy on the ground will feel beholden enough to you to not kick the ladder out from beneath you entirely.

  25. Knightwatch says:

    Our president has just given conservative warmongers a valuable lesson in true statemanship. He helped unite key international powers behind a diplomatic solution to a problem that has vexed virtually the entire world for more than a decade, and has ensured that Iran will not have the materials to build nuclear weapons that would threaten us, or its neighbors, for at least 10-15 years.

    I shudder to think of what may have happened with a no-nothing Republican like Walker, Bush, Rubio or worse, The Donald, in the White House. I’m thinking righteous far right-wing bluster and military threats based on false presumptions, followed by an ill-fated invasion that would turn the Middle East into one very large anti-American battleground for a generation. Think Bush 2’s wars cost lives? Try invading Iran.

    On an even darker note, the unprecedented, disgusting and inflammatory statements by Republican candidates on the Iran accord should be roundly condemmed by all Americans. Not only are they insulting to a sitting president, they undermine U.S. diplomacy worldwide. These people are unfit to stand in the same room as President Obama much less be trusted to sit in his chair as leader of the free world.

    Oh yeah … screw Netanyahu. Despite what Republicans think, neither he nor Israel determines what’s best for America.

    • Patriot76 says:

      I do agree on your arguments in support of the statesmanship of President Obama and Ambassador Kerry.. I also believe any GOP candidate or former President Bush Jr/Sr would lack the skills to negotiate such terms. It is unfortunate Americans tend to vote for candidates that resemble themselves instead of a candidate who has the abilities required for high office. It’s that same vanity that translates into terrible policies by these individuals. I believe there are good and sound arguments against the Iran deal… Unfortunately the GOP lacks the talent of individuals to make that argument.. So sad

  26. Patriot76 says:

    Finally someone who has a learned understanding of foreign policy. You do bring up a lot of valid points, but I will simply add that ultimately the lack of military action against the North Korean regime (for obvious reasons) for their unilateral show of nuclear testing was the catalyst for other nations to go against the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in the first place. Economic sanctions simply aren’t enough, but no President would order a tactical strike against a regime that would retaliate with 10,000 conventional warheads aimed at Seoul – and in contrast to the jokes about their middle systems.. Their conventional weapons are quite capable.

    So long as there is a lack of enforcement (militarily) from the UN or NATO, these regimes will continue provocation either for the use of nuclear arms or for the negotiating power nuclear weapons production may provide. As for Iran – they wanted the prominence of nuclear capability, but more importantly – the seat at a very powerful table of nations. Economic sanctions probably forced their hand to take an economic package as a runner up prize, but they will most certainly use the research in the next ten years to propel their capacity of nuclear arms in the next decade after the terms of this agreement are over.

    I hate saying it, but this has created a precedent on a diplomatic level that is dangerous all-around.. How many more nations will pursue nuclear weapons openly or in secret.. In hope that they too will get free money from the west?

    • Knightwatch says:

      Well said, “76”. There is a risk, as always. But we should be prepared to accept some risk to avoid another Middle East conflagration. We’re still trying to sort out the last one that, in my opinion, led directly to ISIS. By that I mean our invasion of Iraq provoked a real fear of 21st century western colonialism and plowed up ground already fertile with anti-western radical Islamic fervor. We attack Iran and we provoke anti-western radical Arab fervor. Now the whole region is inflamed and armed to the teeth. Worse, our allies will not back us up this time.

      Think about it.

      • Bob says:

        Wrong Knightwatch. ISIS is the direct result of Obama not leaving troops in Iraq, against the advice of our military leaders.

        • Patriot76 says:

          Bob, I really don’t know where to begin to reply to an assertion that is so antagonistic and unfounded in reality. Here is a fact – the day after President George W Bush announced the dismantling of the Iraqi army following the invasion is the day the first IED insurgent attack occurred..

          Every advisor who favored and supported the extraction of US forces from Iraq knew the vacuum would create opportunity for new factions to emerge. ISIS however, became more prominent than anyone really envisioned because of the nearby Syrian Civil War. We didn’t leave Iraq in ignorance.. We entered in ignorance. We left knowing we would continue to suffer the consequences of a front we should never have entered.

          It would be extremely naive and ignorant to also assume that the situation would be better if US troops were still in harms way.

          • Bob says:

            Bush was gone. Remember Obamas famous words”I will pull our troops out of Iraq”. Generals said to leave a force in place but Obama didn’t listen, hence the vacuum which ISIS gladly filled! If we left 20,000 troops there ISIS would stil be in Syria.

  27. nomad says:

    Why shouldn’t Iran be allowed to have nuclear weapons when America and some of its allies have – Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan. The sanctions did not deter these two countries from trading with other countries – some openly, some not. Funny how Israel, yes Israel, sells its excess weapons it gets for free from America to Iran. How is that deal made possible between sworn enemies? And what did Israel get for viciously opposing this so-called lifting of the sanctions? More free aid and weapons from America, more support for settlement building on Palestinian lands, and US/UN turning a blind eye to war crimes and human rights abuses against the Palestinian people by Israel. The only reason the sanctions were lifted in both Iran and Cuba have to do corporate America influential pushing to get access to both these countries markets, which were off limits to them as a result of these very sanctions.

    • Lancer says:

      Because the countries you mentioned, who have the bomb, aren’t globally recognized as THE state sponsor of terrorism in the world and don’t chant “Death to America! Death to Israel!” on a weekly basis.

  28. Anonymous says:

    @Knightswatch Says– Your “Oh yeah…Screw Netanyahu” says everything about your clear understanding of reasonable political policy that needs to be said. You say “Screw off, donkey” to your long-standing (and only) Democratic partner in a hostile and increasingly unstable region of the world so you can make nice-nice with a rogue regime that has vowed not only their complete destruction, but your’s as well–loudly and often–even while you are in supposedly “fruitful negotiations” with them. Very reasonable. Not. And, by the way–blaming the “Zionists” for every thing large or small thing that might go wrong in the Middle East, including other nations policies in regards to it (like US policy), dances pretty close to “those damned Jews, they ruin and try to control everything in the world” territory. But it would take a modicum amount of honesty and self-awareness to realize that.

  29. anon2 says:

    I hope that at least a few of the negative thinking FlaglerLive posters turned off FOX news and switched to the live congressional hearing regarding the treaty on CSPAN. The rudeness of some of the senators and congress people asking questions was flagrant and downright disgusting. They asked questions and interrupted Secretary John Kerry before he could answer. Apparently they did not want answers, just the opportunity to do some grandstanding.

    One interesting fact that has escaped poster “Bob” is that the shelf life of nuclear material lasts well beyond the life of anyone on earth today. Therefore it is easily detectable beyond 24 days.

  30. Lancer says:

    It’s the fox argument…again!!!???

    How ’bout you turn off abccnnnbcmsnbcnytimeswashpostchitribune, etc., etc.?

  31. Lancer says:

    Any statement regarding “The Iran Deal” has to start with:

    Supposing Iran doesn’t cheat…

    …and since they are, without question, the global leader in state sponsored terrorism…what makes anyone think they won’t.

    This deal goes beyond naivette and borders on treasonous.

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