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Xena Carrion, 17, of Palm Coast, Missing a Week, Is Back Home, Safe

| August 12, 2014

An image of 17-year-old Xena Carrion the Sheriff's Office is circulating as the search for the teen, missing a week (since Aug. 5) carries on.

An image of 17-year-old Xena Carrion the Sheriff’s Office is circulating as the search for the teen, missing a week (since Aug. 5) carries on.

Aug. 13 Update: The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office announced this morning that Xena Carrion was safely located by law enforcement authorities and returned to her home.

The previous story is below.

Xena Carrion, 17, of Palm Coast, Missing a Week; Sheriff Seeking Public Help

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in locate Xena Carrion, 17, of 27 Ramrock Lane in Palm Coast after the teen left her home early the morning of August 5–a week ago.

Cristobal Carrion, the girl’s 75-year-old grandfather and legal guardian, told a deputy that Xena had snuck out of the house and tried to sneak back in at 2:30 the morning of Aug. 5. “He then lectured her,” the incident report states, “due to believing that she was intoxicated.”

Carrion sometime later went back to bed “and believed that she was going to sleep it off,” the report states. When he woke up
around 8 that morning, Xena had again left, and again done so through her bedroom window.

Cristobal told deputies that he does not know where Xena may be, and she does not have a cell phone.

Curiously, Xena’s Facebook page has been active, invluding a posting as recently as around 11 a.m. today and another an hour earlier (“if i did something with u that dont mean i am yours no boo boo,” she writes, coarsely referring as teens would to a recent sexual encounter, “dont try to tell me what to do ok cuz u got no right to u not my man.”) She changed her profile picture on Monday, and is seen using an iPhone in that picture, and had changed it the day she’d run away as well.

On Monday, she posted: “I just want leave Florida and never come back to many bad memories.” She is in contact with several of her 383 friends.

“She’s not believed to be in danger or anything like that,” a sheriff’s spokesperson said today, only that she’s not returned home. The spokesperson later noted that detectives are using Facebook to try to locate Xena.

A deputy tried to locate the girl at an R-Section address where she had been located in the past, but the residents there said they had not seen her in two years. A friend of Xena’s mother was also contacted. She had not seen her, according to the report, but assured deputies she’d contact them should Xena turn up there.

Carrion was last seen wearing black tights, black shoes and a white shirt with a yellow design on it. A sheriff’s news release notes that Xena was seen several days ago in the area of the Winn-Dixie Plaza and at the Palm Coast library.

Anyone who has seen Carrion is asked to call Detective Erick Kuleski at 386/313-4911.

A set of images as they appear on Xena Carrion's Facebook page. Click on the image for larger view.

A set of images as they appear on Xena Carrion’s Facebook page. Click on the image for larger view.

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8 Responses for “Xena Carrion, 17, of Palm Coast, Missing a Week, Is Back Home, Safe”

  1. Rant says:

    Its got to END…….Facebook has got to END…… I can’t stand this crap anymore……What the hell has happened to society. Why is there so many narcissistic people that have to share their every freaking moment with pictures to the world ?

  2. A.S.F. says:

    This is obviously one very troubled girl. I hope she is found soon.

  3. k.d says:

    Go home Xena this isn’t what you need to be doing. Your so much better then this!

  4. Because I Can says:

    Prayers she will be located soon.

  5. Seminole Pride says:

    Way to much responsibility for a 75 year old senior to endure. Poor gentleman can’t even enjoy his golden years. This troubled teen has a lot of issues. First one is social media. Obviously she became addicted to it. Nobody needs 383 online friends, that’s crazy. Way to much freedom,. I see no structure or discipline under that roof.

  6. Genie says:

    Poor little girl, basically raising herself. There are just too many of these children. I am so relieved she is home.

  7. A.S.F. says:

    She may be back home but, by no means, is she safe…unless she gets some help for whatever issues she is dealing with.

  8. TomC says:

    What a waste of FCSO deputies’ time.

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