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Sheriff’s Rookie Deputy Mark Sousa Severely Injured in Motorcycle Wreck on Palm Harbor Parkway

| July 9, 2014

The diagram of the wreck included in the crash report.

The diagram of the wreck included in the crash report.

Mark Sousa, a Flagler County Sheriff’s detention deputy for the past year, was severely injured on July 5 when the motorcycle he was riding off duty swerved off of Palm harbor Parkway and ejected him. The wreck took place at 1:34 a.m. Sousa was not wearing a helmet.

Sousa failed to negotiate a curve as he was biking west just past Crystal Way, struck a speed limit sign, and was ejected about 20 feet into the woods as the motorcycle came to a rest some 50 feet from the speed limit sign, according to the crash report.

Sousa suffered “a severe injury to his left leg,” the report states, and was transported by a Flagler County Fire Rescue ambulance to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach.

The road surface was dry, and the crash report, prepared by the sheriff’s office, states that there were no extenuating circumstances–no unusual weather condition, no obstructions, animals in the roadway or other issues. Sousa was not tested for the presence of alcohol in his blood. The crash report concludes that no alcohol use was suspected, nor was drug use suspected. The report states that Sousa was going the posted speed limit–45 mph–at the time of the crash.

Sousa was riding a black 2007 Kawasaki that sustained $1,000 in “disabling” damages, the report states. Saxon’s Towing removed the wreckage. A sheriff’s spokesman said it wasn’t clear how long Sousa would be out of work.

The full report, produced by Sheriff’s deputy Frank Barbagallo, is available here, or see below.

Mark Sousa Crash Report (2014)

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18 Responses for “Sheriff’s Rookie Deputy Mark Sousa Severely Injured in Motorcycle Wreck on Palm Harbor Parkway”

  1. John Smallberries says:

    1:34 am, single person bike accident literally the morning after the 4th, and not tested for alcohol. Gee, I wonder why.

  2. Gia says:

    That poor guy sure z’got to learn about riding motorcycle.

  3. Tom Jacks says:

    This smells of a cover up to protect one of their own.

    • Ray Thorne says:

      A cover up would be to blame it on another source like an animal in the roadway etc… Would be easy to say. But what was said, puts the deputy at fault for his own crash. Where’s the cover up?

  4. Truth Be Told says:

    Trust me the last people to be covered for are the jail deputies!!! If it were a road deputy “maybe” jail deputy “negative”……

  5. Pc resident says:

    Funny no blood alcohol test, another wonderful FCSO coverup of one of there own, almost as good as the two wAnnabe chips bikes hanging in the bushes doing radar on old kings on the curve of matanzas woods

  6. Jane says:

    WHat nasty, rude insinuations – coverups, alcohol, etc. Lots of people drive around at night for many reasons – work, travel, etc. Many motorcycle crashes occur at night for many reasons – not DUI-related.

  7. Reinhold Schlieper says:

    Unless you ride, you shouldn’t be so smug. An animal in the road, light reflected from the road, debris on the road, an incompetent SUVers–they usually are–all could have had to do with it. SUVers tend to leave around here, don’t they?

    • Anonymous says:

      There are a lot of people that saw him the night of the 4th and know what condition he was in.

      • Questions1 says:

        Good or bad condition?! Either way- can go back and test now. Accidents happen, I think everyone should be greatful they didn’t lose a deputy, friend, family member. And, if the situation was different, people would be flooding this page with different opinions.

    • Shark says:

      Read the accident report. There were no contributing circumstances. It was just careless driving.

  8. avid reader says:

    No citation issued? The report clearly states the driver lost control of the vehicle. He should receive a citation for careless driving. A family member of mine had a similar type accident with no property damage and was cited for careless driving.

  9. jennifer Lopez says:

    I thought he was riding a bicycle, yes of course the DUI drug test should have been completed, just cause he is one of the boys,

  10. confidential says:

    I hope he has s speedy recovery and also watch his speed while on a vehicle. I am so glad there was not another vehicle involved. Cops are human and also have accidents, errors. Lets do not get on the political almighty impersonation and over judgemental.

  11. ⓖⓔⓔⓩⓔⓡ nepenthe for your mind says:

    It’s all conjecture at this point — I wish the guy well
    like anyone else who has hurt themselves.
    May his bones mend stronger than before while
    his wounds heal on the outside.

    He will come back better and wiser for his trouble….

  12. Shark says:

    It’s obvious that whoever did the investigation is clueless. Where’s the integrity and accountability Manfree has for his motto?

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