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2 Women, Both 19, Killed in Single-Truck Flip on US 1’s “Triple-A Curve,” 1 Man Injured

| June 12, 2010

The truck had to be lifted to enable a crew and the medical examiner to remove the body of a woman crushed in the wreck. (© FlaglerLive)

From the comments, from Amanda’s Mom: “Mandy’s “Celebration of Life Ceremony” will be on Saturday, June 26th at 12 noon. Location is White Chapel Church 1730 Ridgewood Avenue, South Daytona. The post will appear in the News Journal this Sunday and next Friday. Please feel free to wear whatever you want… jeans and boots are completely acceptable. It’s not about what you wear it’s about WHO we are celebrating and Mandy never judged anyone based on their outer appearance, she knew it was what was on the inside that made people special.”

Most people 40 or older who’ve lived around Bunnell know that stretch of U.S. Route 1, just south of town near John’s Auto Parts and Metals, as the “Triple-A Curve,” after an AAA service station-juke joint that used to be there years ago. A member of the clean-up crew who was working the scene of the latest accident there Saturday night said it should be renamed “Dead Man’s Curve” for the number of lives it’s taken in traffic wrecks over the years.

Mandy and Brandy, from Mandy's Facebook page.

The latest fatalities were two 19-year-old women from Ormond Beach: Brandy Bennett, who was at the wheel of a pick-up truck, and Amanda Copeland. Joseph Ure, 19, of New Smyrna Beach, was taken to Florida Hospital-Flagler with serious injuries.

At approximately 5:45 p.m., the trio was traveling in a 1998 Dodge pick-up truck southbound on U.S. 1 when “it drifted off the road, way off on the right shoulder there, lost control, and came across the median strip, and flipped numerous times,” said Lt. R.C. Brown of the Florida Highway Patrol, who was at the scene.

The truck traveled about 250 feet before coming to a rest. A deep gash in the median pointed to the place where the truck had slammed against the incline before going airborne and flipping on the northbound lanes. A driver heading north told police that she narrowly missed being hit.

The two women were ejected from the truck. Bennett was crushed by the truck and was killed at the scene. Copeland died at Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach. The witness saw Ure immediately walk away from the truck after it came to a rest, upright. None of the three was wearing seat-belts. No other vehicles were involved.

Both northbound lanes of U.S. 1 were closed immediately because traffic was blocked. One lane was closed southbound for emergency vehicles. The northbound lanes were kept closed until 8:45 p.m.

Debris, including truck parts, a tire, a cooler, at least one empty Busch Beer 12-pack carton, and a lot of dirt scraped off the median was scattered all over both northbound lanes in a trail. Towels and swimming suits were also recovered. “It was inside the bed of the pickup truck,” Brown said. “It looks like they’d come from the beach or somewhere where they were having a party or something.” In fact, the trio had been mud-bogging in Bunnell.

Beer cans were scattered around the scene as well, almost all of them crushed. An investigation is ongoing.

The old AAA service station, according to the Flagler County Historical Society’s Sisco Deen, was once operated by Mildred Close Nyland and Charles Mellford “Chick” Miller.

The 1998 Dodge before it was hauled off. (© FlaglerLive)

Looking at the southbound lane, where the truck was traveling, the gash in the median, to the right of the beer box, is where the truck catapulted onto the northbound lane after over-correcting from the southbound shoulder.
(© FlaglerLive)

(© FlaglerLive)

(© FlaglerLive)

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133 Responses for “2 Women, Both 19, Killed in Single-Truck Flip on US 1’s “Triple-A Curve,” 1 Man Injured”

  1. Upset says:

    The writer of this article should be ashamed of himself for displaying these images so quickly after such a tragic accident. Have you no shame, think about the families of these poor girl as you blast their names and reputation on the internet. GET A LIFE…

  2. sam eddy says:

    i loved those girls, ya they mighta partied hard n had a good time n ended up gone but i no they were jamin out to some country havin the time over there lives n ya no that makes it so much easier for me to say my goodbyes i love you girls n ill miss you PS: brandi i told u that dodge sucks lol

  3. Eric says:

    Its sad and tragic that these two great ladies lost their lives. With that being said: Why should the writer be ashamed? This writing will have little affect on the parents after what the girls are putting their parents through. Underage drinking and then driving on top of that. Now the parents have to wonder where they went wrong, when in fact I am sure the parents did a great job. It`s the girls fault only…period. You cant shift the blame from where it obviously belongs.

    sam eddy, its sad you find that saying goodbye is easier know they were drunk and driving and jamming to country music. They DIED Sam, they DIED from foolish acts that I hope you and friends can learn from. You are just trying to hide the pain. It might work “for now” but it will hit you when you least expect. Its ok to say you loved them and cry. I sure bet if they lived through it they wouldnt see it that way…they may tell you dont drink and drive and turn the volume down some. Go ahead and ask the guy that was with them and see how he thinks about it now. Sam Eddy if you dont get what I am saying here you are just a shallow person and you might not honestly care how someone dies except for your preconceived notion of how much fun it was to get there. That would be sick and sad on your part

  4. john taperson says:

    Whoever wrote this article should take a step back and think before they are so quick to judge and think what if it where there daughters. I hate how these damn reporters are so focused on there job instead of having any consideration for the families and friends.

  5. Kayla says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. These two girls had the biggest hearts, and aside from the drinking or partying the fact is that their no longer here with us. I can’t get the image of these photos out of my head. My heart goes out to the families of Mandy and brandy. I may not have many memories with these two girls but the ones I do will stick with me the rest of my life. They both had SO much going for them, I just can’t get over this. You girls know we all love you and nothing will ever change that! RIP angels. Gone but will NEVER EVER be forgotten. My heart goes out to this guy too I can’t imagine what’s going through his mind.

  6. sara says:

    Just because this photographer took a picture of some beer and they had some in the back of the truck everyone assumes they were drunk and thats the cause of this horrible accident. Everyone passes up the possibility of a tire blow out or just loosing control of the vehicle like people do. Always quick to assume what happened. My heart goes out to the victims and families.

  7. elaygee says:

    Drunk, speeding and not wearing seat belts, they earned what they got. The one who lived better have insurance because I am not paying for his rehabilitation with tax money. He chose to drive with the drunk driver AND not wear a seat belt.

    I livre off another SR in the area and we have to go out and pick up some of the hundreds of beer cans and bottles thrown out of passing cars on Friday and Saturday nights by people like this. Thats how the empty beer carton got in their pickup

  8. Attila says:

    It is sad to see. Period. Anyone loosing their life is tragic, but in your youth, at a happy time just makes it worse. As for the writer and publishing photos “so soon” it is the norm and I am glad he did Internet beat the TV news, as for his obvious conclusion that drinking was the cause I am ashamed for him while the on site evidence points to it an autopsy, blood alcohol tests, and determining who was driving will be required to answer.

  9. joseph says:

    I was in the middle of the truck. All I got to say is life can be short, tragic, and most of all unforgiving. I will say I can’t believe what some people post on here. You people claim the writer has no respect and feelings or what ever. Complaining about tax dollars. Think of how I may feel an you are going to be so ignorant to say that. One day you maybe in my shoes. All of you maybe in my shoes an may read post about you an break down an cry wishing everyone but the writer could be more sensible an respect how you may feel surviving a accident where two of your friends died.

  10. $mith says:

    I can’t beleave this happened!!!! I was just talking to these girls Friday night…they were so nice and seemed like they had alot going for them!! When u heard about this I got chills and tears came outta my eyes….I didn’t know them as well as other people did…but I still know them!!! There families are in my thoughts and prayers!!! And girls as much as were gonna miss y’all…ure in a better place. RIP ladies!! Y’all will be missed!! And everyone that’s saying somthing just stop…if u don’t kno don’t talk!! Apparently the people that are talking shit have never lost doesn’t matter if they were drinking speeding or not wearing seatbelts….there gone and u can’t change it so shut up!!!

  11. Heart Broken says:

    This is such a tragedy. The only good that can come of this is that others learn to buckle up, not have alcohol in the vechicle (if you don’t want to get accused of drinking it), don’t drink and drive if you have been drinking,and to drive the speed limit. All the people in this truck were underage…why was there alcohol in the truck? It is obvious what had been going on, and I thank the reporter for reporting this with the graphics…it allows other to see reality. I hope the surviving passesnger will mend, and seek some mental help to deal with this. He has years to live with this, and without doubt, his life has been changed because of this tragedy. I will not call it an accident, because there are actions the three involved could have done that could have prevented this.

  12. Curious says:

    Joseph, I am curious – I have read about 5 accidents over the last 30 days with young people (teens and twenties) who were killed due to not wearing a seat belt. I have a 24 year old son that will not wear his seat belt. Why do younger people refuse to wear them? I really would love to hear your take on this issue.

  13. elaygee says:

    They think they can’t die. Death is for “other people” Being drunk out of their minds doesn’t help them make rational decisions either.

    AND, if you don’t wear your seat belt and get into a bad accident and don’t have insurance, you need to crawl off into a croner and fix yourself because YOU chose it. No tax paid rab and recovery for people who refuse to wear their seatblet. Want freedom? Pay the price when it comes do.

  14. Roxanne says:

    Elaygee, you are so abruptly one sided that it is sickening. Since Dodge (Joseph) is actually commenting on here, why don’t you ASK what they were doing instead of assuming. People like you like to talk crap and make yourself look like you know so much about people our age (I know all three). Fact of the matter is when you live in Samsula, or you go to hang out with large groups of people in Bunnell , there are a lot of people that DO in fact DRINK. GASP! But that does NOT mean that the driver was drinking. Actually, is there any where in the article that says that any of them were found to have alcohol in their system???? Do you know how easy it is for someone to empty out a case in the fridge and say, “Hey man, get rid of this for me.” Apparently you forgot what it was like to be young, and apparently you forgot that not all teens want to go out and get messed up. Maybe that’s what it took for you to have a good time, maybe not. Maybe that’s why you are SO on edge about being right about all of this and not accepting any “excuses”. You don’t know any of the people involved, or what they stood for. You don’t know what happened in the time leading up to the event. You don’t know how idiotic you are making yourself sound. LIVES WERE LOST. LOVED ONES WERE LOST, AND IT COULD HAVE POSSIBLY BEEN NO ONES FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW ABOUT YOU THINK ABOUT THAT?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Elaygee you way out of line this is sad not for you to point fingers. Their gone it doesnt matter what they should or could have done now. We need to celebrate these girls lives and the great people they were. We do not know if they were drinking or not if they were I’m not saying its ok because its not its a very serious thing but in the end it doesnt matter. I have never met Brandi or Mandy but I have heard alot about them they sound like great girls. This is a very sad thing and all of us teens and young adults can learn from it. For now we need to think about the great lives they lived and that their in a better place. Brandi and Mandy Rest in peace you are two very loved girls I may not know you two but I can see it from the people I know that know you and you will be in the hearts of many people forever!

  16. Jamie says:

    Ok All of you are acting so childish in this tragic time. Mandy and Brandi were loved by many and how it happened does NOT matter. All that matters is it happened. No body has the right to sit here and bash ANYONE whether it be the girls, the photographer, the author of the story, the guy who survived, or the girls families. It is a time of mourning and thats what people are doing. Respect that and stop bashing people. I knew Mandy for many many years. And i loved that girl to death and would do anything for her this is very sad and it just adds to the upsets to see people sitting here and bashing them. R.I.P Mandy and Brandi

  17. some guy says:

    It is sadd to hear of the loss of ones so young BUT to the ones who say it does not matter how it happened wake up that is what matters now. Maybe one other kid will learn to put on a seat belt drive the speed limit or not drink and drive nor get into a car with a driver who has.

  18. Brother says:

    Elaygee. You have no heart. brandys truck was always filled with empty beer cans cuz that was just her. I cant believe you can say that they earned what they got. You can burn in hell.

  19. Me says:

    I just can’t even believe you’re gone Mandy…This is all so unreal in a way, you were fine just yesterday morning. You were one of the best people I’d met in this town, you made everyone feel welcome and at home no matter who, what, where, when or why. God must have needed another Angel at his side, Rest in peace. To the reporter of this article, I understand you were just doing your “job” but a lot of your “facts” are actually quite wrong just to let you know…You didn’t know these girls and you clearly don’t know where they were before the accident or what their story was because a lot of this is wrong. Being a good reporter and doing an A + job isn’t pulling stories out of your rear, having no consideration or basing your stories souly on assumptions alone. You don’t know them like we do, don’t pretend that you do. I’m sure you thought “Wonderful, more teenage statistics to up my status” but guess what, that isn’t what it’s about…it’s about the lives they left, the now broken families and aching friends. Grow a heart Grinch.

  20. Brother says:

    By the way, the other girl was my sister. How would you feel if I told you that your sibling earned his/her death? They didnt earn it at all. They were two fun loving girls. So dont be so quick to judge just because you have to pick up beer cans on your road. BOO HOO

  21. Brother says:

    By the way, the other girl was my sister. How would you feel if I told you that your sibling earned his/her death? They didnt earn it at all. They were two fun loving girls. So dont be so quick to judge just because you have to pick up beer cans on your road. BOO HOO

  22. uknown says:

    Elaygee you are a nasty person and this should of happened to you instead.

  23. Sad mom of friend says:

    My daughter is a friend of Mandy and her family and is also friends with Brandy. This tragedy is just that. While the facts are what they are, two beautiful lives were lost at an age where most of us, if we CHOOSE to recall or admit…or not, all overindulged in life and threw caution to the wind on many an occasion. Somehow, we made it through and learned. Many of us grew up and had children of our own that are now teens or young adults as these two girls were. We teach them as much as we can and use our own experiences as examples however, we all know that our parents did the same for us but we had to experience things for ourselves to learn. God bless these angels as well as the loving families and friends that now grieve for them. Life is unscripted. We all have pushed things to the limit….and all thought ‘it’ would never hapen to us. This is only one example that none of us are exempt from tragedy. Use your energies to say a prayer for the families and friends of Mandy and Brandy and let the facts in particulars of this accident take their own course. Always say a prayer for your children everytime they leave the house. Educate them, love them and remind them that nobody is promised tomorrow and life is precious.

  24. Brother says:

    Joseph, I have a very important question. Can yo please tell me who was driving?

  25. sam eddy says:

    im sorry i was told that the message i was tryin 2 say was written wrong and im sorry. i should never have wrote any of that i loved those girls and i will miss there forever please discard my first message

  26. haddaway says:

    yea i gotta say i miss you both ..yall were my close friends and have had alot of good memories with you guys.always remember ill be thinking of you two..Love you both

  27. tango says:

    How dare you elaygee, just becuase they had beer cans doesnt mean they were drunk personally ive never met the girls but a very good friend of mine knows Brandy and from what she told me was that she was a very nice girl so you need to suck it up becuase guess what? your prolly gonna pay for his rehabilitation and becuase im just a kid I have no taxes so AHAHAHAHAHA PUT THAT IN YOUR JUICE BOX AND SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!! and as for the reporter I think he or she could have made this sound a little less bad the article implyed that the died becuase of drinking and ill have all of you know that there was no alchol in any of there systems.

  28. joseph says:

    Brandy was driving. If anyone may know when the funiral us can you please let me know. Thank you.

  29. JOSH says:


  30. Friend says:

    All of you ppl attacking these girls ought to be ashamed. Everyone of us has partied at that age, deny it all you want. EVERYONE has done it, and who is to honestly say they were drunk? Just because there are empty crushed beer cans in ones truck doesn’t mean a thing! A lot of ppl collect beer cans and soda cans and other aluminum cans to sell! Also, as I recall when I owned my truck, the bed of it held a lot of garbage that collected and was emptied on trash day! So what?! The simplest of things could have caused her to swirve her truck, and it doesn’t take much to lose control. I myself recently near missed an accident while the roads were wet and I hit a puddle that was totally unavoidable on a major highway where the speed limit was 50 and I was only traveling 40! I was lucky to not over-correct car and wreck into the police cruiser blocking my way of passing the huge puddle!! I still hydroplaned my car and came very close to hopping a curb. So what is not to say she saw an animal or something a swirved to miss and was just unable to control the car . MOST ppls reactions when they are about to be in an accident is to SLAM the brakes, which is the worst thing to do. AND ALL YOU PPL SAYING SHE WAS SPEEDING where is the proof I haven’t heard a word about speeding anywhere the speed limit out there is 65! Just because she had a fatal crash doesn’t mean she was speeding, and I personally never where my seatbelt so what does that have to do with anything either? All you ppl just bad mouthing these poor girls are sad. What if this was you, your child, your friend, your family? and don’t say it will never be me! because you never know! Both ladies had a lot to live for, and its just tradgic that they are gone! Both were nothing but nice, sweet, kind hearted girls! & the ones saying they got what the deserved, how dare you.. you should ponder your thoughts and remember karma.

  31. Brother says:

    Joseph. Thank you.

  32. Shanna says:

    If anyone knows about the funeral arrangements please contact me both girls were good friends to me and I would like to pay my respects. Thank you.

  33. cousin says:

    i dont think its anybodys buisness but the family and her close friends its sad that this happended like this and i cant imagine what

  34. friend says:

    I didn’t know Brandy… but Mandy was an amazing girl.. always had a smile on her face making us all laugh and just enjoying life. She will be greatly missed by us all. God always takes the best…. I’m so sorry this happened and will be praying for her family. Count your blessings Jo. Don’t feel bad this is not your fault. RIP Mandy and Brandy. If anyone knows when the funeral is please post info…

  35. disorderly conduct{flaglr chat} says:


    i hope a lesson is learned frm this somehow

  36. disorderly conduct{flaglr chat} says:

    and im glad he posted these pics asap

    maybe it will show young people how driving is a responsibility not to be taken lightly

  37. Candice says:

    As i stare at this white screen debating weather to say the wrong thing or the right I wonder WHY WHY WHY! and sometimes why just cant be answered or its just not worth knowing. I Loved every memorie with you Mandy. Sometimes things like these happen and we all hope that someday it wont be us nor our firends or loved ones. Then we have some self centered, rude, waste of a life person who just gotta make things worse with there small minded thoughts. I send all my love and support to these familes! Mandy….babygirl I LOVE YOU AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART!

  38. jacob ure says:

    wow thank god my brother is ok and iam so sorry for the 2 young girls famlies

  39. sarah says:

    mandy! you will be missed girly!!! we love you so much and we have ray, mrs. caprice, and your little bro jesse in our prayers! and who ever wrote about the beer cans… they through their empty cans in the back of the truck so they didnt litter… thats why they were crushed! so dont write shit unless you know the truth!!! anyways love you girl! thanks for all the fun times we had <3

  40. Passing by says:

    We were the first auto to stop when the accident happened. The dirt was still in the air from the crash. It was the worst thing I have ever seen. I will pray for the families of the girls and the young man involved. The lesson all people should get out of this is to wear your seatbelts.

  41. Hannah Smith:) says:

    Its sad to find out that something like this happend. they werent at a party they were at the mud bogs. i saw mandy and brandy there and spoke to both of them. and saw the truck crushed in the rode as i was driving away. i didnt know brandy very well. but i deffinantly knew mandy. she was a good person, and had a good heart. and its sick that such heartless people would write that they desrved that. when you die, would you like someone to say you deserved it? i loved mandy very much, i looked up to her as a big sister. haha. she was the first person to ever take me mudding. sure she liked to party and have a good time but that doesnt mean she was drunk! i have to say im going to miss her alot. and ill keep both girls and their families in my prayers. they will both be missed!

  42. Hannah Smith:) says:

    ps. ill wear my boots, big belt buckle, and short shorts with pride just like mandy, i always told my mom thats who i was trying to look like when i did!:)

  43. Nancy says:

    “Elaygee” your sheer Stupidity is not needed on this subject i can bet you dont even know these girls. To think that someone actualy has the lack of intellegance to post somthing on a topic you have no right speaking about . Brandy and mandy were and are to amazing younge women and for you to make such a rash asumption is just sad. Did you read a toxicology report? can you prove there were under the influence? Oh and for your information Have you ever thought your own neighbors may throw some of those cans and bottles????Hmm.. i think not so butt out this has nothing todo with you. What if this was your son or daughter and someone had written this on there page? Imagin what there parents are gona feel when they read your post’s. . For ther familys of the girls you are in my prayers stay strong threw your time of need and dont listen to anyone but your heart. And to the friends stay strong we’ll all help each other threw. Girls fly among the angels and smile knowing youll be forever loved<3

  44. L Hess says:

    This is so sad. My prayers to the families and friends. This section of the road is dangerous. Could someone post where they went to elementary school and high school?

  45. Hannah Smith:) says:

    she was home schooled untill middle school which she went to ormond beach junior high. and for higschool she went to Mainland highschool.

  46. Beth says:

    Mandy will be forever missed. So sad to loose someone but to loose them when they’re so young. Hopefully she’ll watch over those she left behind. RIP Mandy.

  47. Leaver of the rose says:

    My husband and I were one of the first on the seen. We were about 3 seconds behind the truck. We saw a cloud of dust, then noticed debris, then noticed the truck. My husband ran to the seen, while I called 911 among others including the house across the highway. My husband saw Amanda in the middle of the road and that there were people with her. He saw Brandy under the truck and Joseph outside of the truck. He asked Joseph if he was okay and who was driving. Joseph said, ” It was her under the truck, she’s dead man, she’s DOA.” Reguardless my husband tried to find something to try to pull the truck off of her, but was unsuccessful. My husband went back to Amanda and saw that she was exposed from her bathing suit, so he found something to cover her up. She was thankful. She was able to move one of her legs, but not the other. He faintly remembers her repeatedly saying “Oh my God.” To prevent more accidents from happening he started to direct traffic. Officers arrived shortly afterwards. We were advised that ER personnel had it from there. We couldn’t help but wonder and worry about the lives of both girls. We watched the 11 o’clock news and found out both girls had passed away. This news was extremely sad. On our way back home we stopped and left a single red rose in remembrance of these two young ladies. We sat and prayed for their families and that they knew the Lord for a good amount of time. My husband and I lived this same lifestyle about six years ago. We were footloose and fancy free. We were invinsible. Life was one big party. Then, we came to know the Lord, Jesus Christ and began to serve him like we had never served before. We felt in our spirit that these girls must have had families that loved them dearly. I do know that these kids were just doing what they thought what fun should be. It doesn’t matter how much we try to instill into our children ,they have minds of their own. We are only guilty, when we do not consciously and constantly educate and spiritually guide our children. Our love and prayers are with the families and friends of these two young ladies. I do believe God has a place for them in heaven. The advice to those of us who are still here is to reach out to Jesus today, because we are not promised tomorrow. Amanda obviously knew there was a God to call his name in her last moments. Maybe the sacrifice of her life was to bring you her family and friends closer to the Lord. “Behold he comes riding on the clouds, shining like the sun at the trumpet call.”

  48. granny says:

    I would like those out there that have the wrong idea about mandy to know she was brought up in christan home and in the loving arms of a family that was always there to support her. Her mother, father, and grandparents,and all family members are still trying to get there heart, arms, and mind around this event. Please out of respect and love for them only send love and strength now because there is a great hole in their lives that will never be filled. How would any of you feel if it was your daughter, sister, freind or grandaughter. What would you want?? Love strength or usless gossip? Send them LOVE and STRENGTH they all need it.

  49. DD Biscuit says:

    i hope to meet the people that have something bad to say. I new both of them and loved them very dearly. i will miss them very much. i will always remenber the good and the bad time we shared. my love goes out to the familys of both of the angels we have lost this week.

  50. Brother says:

    My sister went to Warner Christian Academy from K-4 through the 5th Grade. She went to Ormond Middle and then Mainland HS for 9th grade. She attended Morningstar Academy (Christian Homeschool) for 10th through 12th.

  51. john adam says:

    I can’t beleive this happened…. i havent seen Brandy in over a year and at the end of this month i was coming to florida to see her… You will be missed Brandy r.i.p.

  52. Kelley says:

    I am so sorry for the families of these girls and for the young man who survived. I’ve seen a lot and read a lot in my life, but to say someone “deserved” to die is malicious as well as despicable! For the friends and family of these three, I will keep you all in my prayers! May God grant you the peace and comfort you all need during this difficult time! I pray this will awaken the minds of the young to wear their seat belts. It will help save lives!

  53. Debby Dustin's Mom says:

    We are so sorry for your loss. Brandy and Mandy both were here in our home with our son Dustin. Both were happy girls with so much going for them. Brandy had such a hard time with that truck and would fill up her radiator with water from our hose. She was so appreciative of our help. Such an angel. Mandy would come into our home with her boots and short shorts. That was Mandy’s style. She was very personable and friendly to us. It’s sad as we mourn the loss of their lives. They will be missed. I believe they will thrive in heaven. We will see them again at our time. Much love to you both Brandy and Mandy. Your family are in our prayers. Debby & Derek Haddaway

  54. Lydia says:

    As Joseph’s friend, I would like to share something about him. This is Dodge’s second experience related with a tragic car accident. The first one was when he was 5 years old and my daughter was 6 years old, both were involved in a car collision many years ago, when his mother, the driver, got paralized due to that tragic crash.. Dodge and my daughter witnessed that terrible scene, and ALL three were using the seat belts. Praise the Lord, all survived!!! Dodge, I love you so much. Life is a God’s Gift. I know it won’t be easy for you to erase that scene from your mind, but Jesus will help you. PRAY TO HIM!!!!

  55. SHYVONKIA says:


  56. Kristen says:

    I may not have ever been close to anyone of the people involved however I did know them, and as always it’s sad to hear such a tragedy happen to people my age. I pray for the girls, The Families grieving, Dodge, The people who think teenagers are rotting in turmoil. I’ve been in my good share of accidents and thank God I do wear my seat belt, If you don’t now please start.

  57. wrecker driver says:

    I have saw alot of people get hurt and seriously injured or death over the years of working. that curve is the hot spot. people have had there first crashes some have had a few there. the road is not banked properly and to fast of speed has a big part to play in these crashes there. these girls had a short lived life and dont deserve that nor do i wish this on any family member. even if drinking was a factor in this crash. you dont know so dont be so quick to judge people cause YOU COULD BE NEXT!!! my hearts and prayers go out to the familes that this has impacted.

  58. Joseph friend says:

    I feel so bad about the tragedy, i’m hurt eve though they were not my kids, but they were somebody’s, i love my sons friends like if they were my own, may the angels take them to a better place in peace. And that morning Joseph game me a hug before he left, and me and my son were telling him not to go. i’m so sorry. May the soul of the girls rest in peace!!!!!!

  59. Christina Kirby says:

    elaygee you are so ignorant think about what you say before you say it. Think about there familys these are to amazing girls who would drop anything at any minute for anyone. My family is very close with Mandys and I can tell you this she was brought up very well with a loving home . So get your head out of your ass and think before you speek! Im also a nurse I can tell you no one will ever know the true facts of what happen except for the people that were there drinking or not they are kids have a little respect if not for your self for others ……. Mandy and Brandy you were andare so great i know you are both looking down on everyone with hope we love and miss you with all our hearts xo Forever and Always.

  60. Eric says:

    Every single one of you are bashing the writer of this story for NO reason. No where in this story did the reporter give their own opinion. He quoted Lt. R.C. Brown of the Florida Highway Patrol as saying “It looks like they’d come from the beach or somewhere where they were having a party or something.” Read the story and understand it before making judgments on it just as you dont want people making judgments on these three young people.

  61. AmandaBestfriend says:

    Mandy and Brandy were amazing people! They loved to live life to the fullest! They touched many of people in the short time they had ! They will be missed by many! Mandy I dont even no what to say! I love u soo much i wish i could have seen u one last time but when its ur time thats it i guess! but i will remember all the good times we had acting like goofballs walking home from the bus stop remember when the goose chased us down the street :) iam really going to miss u hunnie <3 XOXO You were always here when i needed u after my mom passed but thats what bestfriends do! Well i really cant belive what people r saying! She has never done anything to anyone to deserve this! She had a beautiful heart she would help when ever she could !(ELAYGEE YOUR A SELFISH PIECE OF TRASH! KARMA IS A B**CH! Ur lucky were on the computer is all i can say)

  62. Rachel Day says:

    RIP Mandy & Brandi, I love you both and considered you great friends. you both had so much ahead of you and didn’t deserve to go this soon. And as for the people that didn’t even know them and are writing some ridiculous comments, think of all the hurt and pain both of their families are going through before you open your mouth and say something . Both of these girls were amazing genuine people and didn’t deserve to die so young regardless if they’d been drinking or not. I love you both & you both will be missed more than anything!

  63. brittney m says:

    RIP Brandy and mandy! you will always be miss and loved! and my heart and prays go out to ya’ll family!

    love, brittney m xoxoxoxo

  64. brittney m says:

    R.I.P Brandy and mandy! you will always be miss and loved! and my heart and prays go out to ya’ll family!

  65. Tiffany says:

    I wen to Mainland and skated at the same skating rink as Mandy, I knew her younger brother Jesse as well. She was such a nice person. I always feel so sad after hearing of such horrible things like this happening to such nice people… It makes your really take a look at how fragile life is and how quick it can be over. My prayers go out to their families and I hope that people remember those two girls and how wonderful they were. I know they are in heaven looking down on all the ones they love. R.I.P. Mandy and Brandy. And God be with Joesph.

  66. Taylor W says:

    RIP BRANDY . i can’t believe this. i love you like my sister .. this is so not fair. you will always be in my heart. i hope your in a better place. i love u girly

  67. Leanne T says:

    I don’t know Amanda or Brandy, but I am friends with Joseph, and I know that they were great people if they were friends of his. He’s a great guy, and I am so thankful that he wasn’t the one who lost his life in this tragedy, but I feel terrible knowing he lost his friends, and that their families lost them. I just hope people will look at this and realize they need to be more careful with what they’re doing, and ALWAYS wear a seat belt. RIP Brandy and Amanda, God bless you. <3

  68. Responder says:

    It’s very tragic what happened to these two girls. My heat goes out to their families. May they Rest in Peace.

  69. haddaway says:

    elaygee….whoever the hell you are …this aint no joking matter …grow a heart

  70. our family is deeply saddened by the loss of two terrific young people. We knew mandy for years when our son dated her and had a great weekend at six flags over georgia that we always will remember. Before anyone gives judgement over what happened, reach out and hug your kids and cherish the time you have with them, This is simply a story of two good country girls, from nice homes, that were having a great day with friends with a very tragic ending. Get down on your knees and pray for the girls and their families because thats exactly what their families would do if it was you or your kids. Bo ,Becky, Cody and Ty Mack.

  71. ayla says:

    I see beer boxes on the side of the road all the time. Please show me where in this news story that says the driver was drinking? I remember just Friday seeing some on US! I just can’t recall if this is one of them.
    Prayers to the familys for the tragic loss.

  72. Chunky grits 4x4 says:

    I can’t beleave that this happened to these girls…I was just talking to them like 3 nights ago and they were fine!! I’m young myself…my parents always tell me that life is precious and I always just blew them off I thought it could never happen to me..but I almost flipped my vehicle aroud new years. And I wasn’t drunk or had been drinking…it just happened and I had no control…the families are in my prayers…and so it guy who was with them(I couldn’t imagine how he feels) y’all girls will be missed!! And for the empty beer cans…I myself have a dodge truck…and u kno how many people throw beer cans in the back!! I pretty sure just about every person with a truck has had a beer can in the back from time to time… It doesn’t matter what they were doing that’s none of ure business it’s the familes of the girls!!! There gone and u can’t change it so stop judging them all ure doing is making the people that loved them feel worse!!! I sure didn’t kno them like most people did but they were amazing girls as far as I kno!! And all the people who is talking nonsense think about the stuff u did when u were our age!!! RIP brandy and mandy!!!

  73. ChunkyGrits4x4 says:

    I can’t beleave that this happened to these girls…I was just talking to them like 3 nights ago and they were fine!! I’m young myself…my parents always tell me that life is precious and I always just blew them off I thought it could never happen to me..but I almost flipped my vehicle aroud new years. And I wasn’t drunk or had been drinking…it just happened and I had no control…the families are in my prayers…and so it guy who was with them(I couldn’t imagine how he feels) y’all girls will be missed!! And for the empty beer cans…I myself have a dodge truck…and u kno how many people throw beer cans in the back!! I pretty sure just about every person with a truck has had a beer can in the back from time to time… It doesn’t matter what they were doing that’s none of ure business it’s the familes of the girls!!! There gone and u can’t change it so stop judging them all ure doing is making the people that loved them feel worse!!! I sure didn’t kno them like most people did but they were amazing girls as far as I kno!! And all the people who is talking nonsense think about the stuff u did when u were our age!!! RIP brandy and mandy!!!

  74. Mommadoo says:

    I knew mandy well. She was best friends with my daughter and her best friend – 3 best friends. Mandy was INDEED from a very loving christian home. This young lady would go out of her way anytime the opportunity to help some came along. As a 17 year old she put a possy together to rescue a friends mother in another state who’s gotten stranded their without resources. She would have turned 21 this June 29th. Her age was incorrect leaving room for many other inconsistencies. I feel much sorrow for anyone who’d speak ill of the dead under ANY circumstances…. The parents of these young ladies will have a horrific road ahead of them, anyone bringing added unnessessarry pain to should be ashamed!

    It is not a perfect world and none of us are perfect but every parent is entitled to perfect memories of their child and no one should interfere with that.

    God has a special place His new angel Mandy and my heart goes out to her mom Caprice and her dad. I also extend my sympathy to brandy’s family – I hadn’t the opportunity to meet Brandy but pray God gives all parents, family members and friends the strength needed at this time of sorrow….

  75. Nikki says:

    Many was one of the sweetest people i know. I’ve known her and Jesse forever and she will be greatly missed, everytime I went over to her house she had a smile on her face and was always having fun. She was easy to talk to and I know how much her brother and family are gonna miss her! R.I.P mandy <3

  76. elaygee says:

    “Her truck was ALWAYS full of beer cans because thats just who she was” Sick people condone their bad behavior. They bought this accident with their beer cans. involved.

  77. Samantha S says:

    Samantha S Says:

    I did not know these two girls but they will never be forgotten!! When my step dad told me about this my heart sank and I did not know what to do!! I prey for these two girls every night bc I know how it feels to lose some one that they love alot. I had a couen who died from a car accident just like this one and he was thron out of the car just like these two young ladies. So I just wanted to let the families and friends of these two young girls that I am very sorry for ur lose and I am preying for yall every night before I go to bed!!

    Love Samantha S xoxoxoxoxo

  78. GETTIN REAL POED says:


  79. GETTIN REAL POED says:

    elaygee | April 20, 2010 8:34 AM | Reply | Report as Offensive
    Straight men should not be allowed near children. They shouldn’t be allowed to live near them or have contact with them. They should not be allowed to work near or with them either. They are responsible for 99% of all child rape and sexual abuse cases.


  80. Nick says:

    I knew Brandy she was one of my really good friends in high school. This accident was about 2 miles from my house in the Z section of Palm coast.

    This is so sad to see this. She was such a nice girl. Its hard to think that this could happen to someone we know.

  81. Wandalyn says:

    To all the people who are posting comments about people who deserve to die and about tax dollars and such other post, I have to say this. You were young once. You did stupid things. You made wrong choices. You were not perfect back then and today you are still not perfect in any way, shape or form. Today you are still making wrong choice in some way or another. This could have happened to you or to someone you love so very much! Should you die? Should they die? You have a death-date just like you have a birth-date. In someone’s death or in someone’s survial, we should hope that we can learn from it and become a better person, certainly not like the one’s that have hateful hearts like yourselfs! All that energy you have in your negative thoughts and your hateful feelings you should use it for the good for others! What have you done lately that helped change a person’s soul? Yes their souls! What have you done lately that really changed a person’s life into something positive? Take a look in the mirror at that face you see staring right back at you. Look at all of those years that have gone by. Ask yourself this question? Am I perfect? Did I ever make a postive impact on someone’s life that changed their life to be in a better place. Ask youself do you deserve to die? I encourage everyone and I challenge everyone to always be that better person! To be that person that will help people even if they made wrong choices. Help their families.

    Wandalyn (Dodge’s mother)

  82. Jessie James says:

    Brandy was an awesome and beautiful young woman,both girls were taken before thier time, my heart breaks for all those left behind, I pray the famlies can heal in time with gods love ,and to those HATERS so quick with the sharp tonge .. I hope you never have to feel the pain these famlies are feeling,its never right for a parent to bury a child keep your painful comments to yourself.

  83. Travis Bennett (brother of Brandy) says:

    Brandy was the most beautiful sister anyone could have. Amanda was a great friend.. They both left this world for no reason. And for all those publishers and news crew quit talking about “beer boxes empty!” and stupid stuff like that. they both hang around older people who drink. So for all the news media “BS” keep your hurtful,stupid, unnecessary comments out of this. R.I.P BKB [><]<3<3

  84. Guest says:

    What a tragedy. I didn’t know Mandy well but I bought coffee from her regularly. We joked around and had a little conversation each time. What a great attitude, mature beyond her age. She was positive and very nice every single time I saw her. And anyone could tell that she was also exceptionally sweet and a good person; there is absolutely no place for controversy or tabloid speculation, at least where she is concerned. I’m sick about this. I’m hoping her loved ones find strength and that she’s in a better place.

  85. SHYVONKIA says:


  86. Ryan says:

    brandy i will always love u no matter what u r in my head all the time.i will miss u both so mutch.i love u brandy you where my life we had so muych fun togeather i will miss that i wish i could hold u in my arms again and tell u how mutch i love u.i will miss both of u guys love ya i will pray for u everyday of my life

  87. TO ELAYGEE says:

    THIS MATTER IS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking ill of the dead is just terrible, slandering people you don’t even know one thing about makes it worse. THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. And for the person that googled you and found another post you made, about straight men and children…that is just hatefull and cruel. Your obviously need a deep awakening call. If you are a christian which I doubt you are, as a christian would never say the things you do I hope you have a one on one with Jesus. Because you need it.

  88. Pierre Tristam says:

    I’m the editor of FlaglerLive. The comment section is an important place for our community to be heard, whatever individuals’ beliefs or positions might be. It’s here for the exchange of ideas, reflections and in this case, the expression of great loss. It’s a reflection of, and just as importantly, a reflection on, the community, no matter the gravity of a situation. This is where a community is at its best–and worst. The fact that some people out there decide to act like asses reflects their idiocy and theirs alone. It’s also a reflection of the idiocy that exists among us. Sanitizing it would be dishonest.

    It’s just as clear that the overwhelming majority of people who express themselves are sincere, heartfelt and decent. Thank you for taking the time to write. The crassness and stupidity of a few doesn’t diminish that, nor can it possibly diminish who Mandy and Brandy were, and how they’re being memorialized in these outpourings.

    We abhor interfering with people’s words as they see them fit to type. There are some limits. Libels, slanders, outright insults and threats won’t be tolerated and will be removed. Beyond that, this is as close to a town square as we have, a public forum with all the quirks and limitations and worthiness of a public forum. We’re not children. We’re not a police state. We’re not judges of what is and isn’t “appropriate.” There’s enough of that going around. You won’t find it here. You may not agree with the thoughts and ideas of others, but respect for their right to express them, whatever the circumstances, and especially in the most difficult and challenging circumstances, is paramount here.

    Feel free to contact me by phone (the number appears at the bottom of every page) or email.

  89. Guest says:

    If someone would like, please post when services will be held.

  90. Breck says:

    I have known this family for 20 years, you do the math. The Dear’s hearts go out to the families of Brandy and Mandy. We are hear if you need any help. Love you all, Randy, Tina, and Travis.

  91. kelly prinzo says:

    branderz n manderz<3 love you guys i cant believe this. Brandi i thhought when we hit the tree that nite you understand DODGE SUCKS<3 to all of you dont ttake it offensively its a joke. Keep an eye out for us please, ill think about yall crazys every day. Brandi I guess you and i cant eat that pizza thats still in my fridge from like 3 months ago HA! i love you guys, me shane and dustin will hold the tribe down lol dizzy dear and thunderburp <3 forever in our hearts. left us the way you loved to live! im goin to miss your crazzy asses

  92. Missy says:

    I didn’t know Brandi or Mandy…..but my thought s and prayers are with their families. How deeply you must be grieving…and their great friends as well. I do however know Dodge….he’s like a second son to me. To the families of Brandi and Mandy….I will be praying strong for all of you…to Dodge….I love you and I’m ALWAYS here for you….know that.

  93. Anonymous says:

    wow i knew Brandy she was a nice girl at mainland HS

  94. guess who says:

    just for those that didnt know BK she has been doing controlled 360’s with gocarts on dirt since she was 5. Raced cars and trucks on dirt since she could reach the pedals. Mud trucks with high powered motors that grown men cant handle. Plenty of men will step up and say that she was beter than they were and they also drove race cars. This simple mistake is NOT something she would have done. She traveled that road alot. The shoulder there has plenty of room for corrections. We have been strugling with this for 2 days. Various experienced men have walked the site trying to understand. We cannot bring the girls back. Must live with loosing them. However it has been said that she had help trying to drive. someone else in the truck that did not know her very well may have grabbed the wheel. The truth needs to be said for the peace of mind of all involved. it was said at the scene when all were shook up however not since. If she had been allowed to handle a truck that she has drivin for 6 yrs they would all be alive to play another day. My family needed her sarcasim and goofy attitude…. I am glad the boy who is new to their group walked away however I need the truth to understand and come to terms with this. I just drove 2089 miles in 2 days to plan a 19 yr old goofy silly always make you laugh with a look girls funneral. we have said since she started driving that we never worried cuz she was born with an ability and gift. Too bad someone didnt know that and tried to help where it wasnot required.
    I will always need ya babygirl. u r my BRATT.
    when services are planed they will be posted. Her other bf made a new myspace under her name for all to use.

  95. m o m m a says:

    if seat belts had been on, the end result may have been different. however the lesson here is not to ride 3 in the front. If 3 had not been up front the seat belt theory would not be required and I would still be at work in N.D. being woke up at all hours and asked who sang what song with the phone up to the radio.

  96. Victoria - says:

    WOW!!! You everyone can confirm that the drive was drinking, however they don’t knw if she was ejected of cut from the vehical! They we’re both great people who will dearly be missed!

  97. guess who says:

    the tox reports not back so no proof drinking… old beer box is not proof. drinking was not cause of accident. someone grabbing the wheel may have been

  98. Holly-Dad's PCS says:

    Tina, we only spoke once and there are no words that I can say to ease your pain but know that all your work mates and drivers up north, are thinking and praying for you and your family. I have learned a lesson from this and will not let my children ride in the front of the pick up, any more or allow my 8 year old to ride in the front, at all. I’ve been lax and will take a lesson away from this. I won’t be the only one. May God be with you. Please remember that she has gone home to the Lord and is happy and we grieve because we aren’t able to see, touch or enjoy them. She is with you always and trying to ease your pain, too. Try to focus on the beautiful person she was, all the times you were with her, not on the events that took her from you. You are loved, you have a tremendous support system and don’t be afraid to call anyone, including me, to help you, it helps to ease our pain and guilt, also, if we can help in any way. Luv u sister.

  99. Kristen says:

    I did not know Brandy that well, i heard alot about her. She was fun and a great person. I pray for the Bennett family.
    Rip Brandy<3

  100. kari says:

    my hearts go out to brandis family. ive known her since she had training wheels on her bicycle. she was a great friend to my kids and me and she will be missed very much. i wished she could have had a long and happy life with her family and friends. u will always be in my thoughts and in my heart forever

  101. A Message For Guess Who Says says:

    I know it must be very hard for you to loose your little girl. It would be hard for anyone to loose a child. I know it will be very hard for you to come to turns that sometimes are loved ones can make mistakes or bad choices. Your daughter and her girlfriend and the boy were at the mudd bogg. They were having lots of fun. She was driving her truck right along with the big boys out there in that pit while her 2 friends were watching from the sidelines. I have no doubt that she was an excellent driver and a smart cookie. That night happened. It just happened. Just like the best Nascar driver in the world had his fatal crash. No one caused it. It just happened by his wrong move. It’s like your daughter. It just happened. No one is at fault. No one. She is in heaven now. In such a better place than this world we all live in. She will never suffer over such trival things or horrible things. She will always be happy. Some day you will be happy for her when you can handle the hurt. Please, pray for your family and her friends and her girlfriend and her family and the boys who survived. There are so many lessons to be learned from this for all ages. That boy will learn that to never get into a auto with friends that have been drinking. He will have learned to call for a ride if he can’t drive or if the driver. But when your under the influence you think you can do anything. Hopefully this will teach all of us that this is not so true. All 3 families will are going through a difficult time. 2 loosing a child and the other having to live the nightmare over and over and over and asking God why did you save me and not the girls. My prayers are for all 3 families. May God heal your wounds.



  103. Chris Thomas says:

    I believe Mandy was the girl who served me coffee before class twice a week last semester, she hit me as a very positive person with a lot to offer.. My class was horrible, but her positivity each time I saw her made class a little bit easier to deal with. I didn’t know her directly, but I hear people all over campus talking about them both, and everything I hear is positive– I think that I was right to assume she had a lot to offer, and it bothers me that people that know her even less than I did would say so much negative, as if they have a right to judge off of what the media says!

    I have met a lot of people in my life, and there aren’t that many people that strike me as that positive and has a smile for everyone.. so before another person judges, remember, you don’t know anything that actually matters from a news article, and if it was someone you DID know or care about you would be singing a different tune. Think before you speak, and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

  104. Dena says:

    I would first like to say that my heart aches for all involved in this tragedy, the young people, their families, and their friends, and I pray God gives them strength. I usually do not comment on stories and never have before, but this story hits close to home. You see, my nephew Dodge was involved and some of things written have cut deep. I would like to add an unbiased statement even though it may be hard because family is involved, but I will try my best.
    Everyone always tries to find a reason behind such tragedies. If we have a definitive answer for “why” something happened, it makes it a little bit easier for us,”the living”, to move on and come to grips with the unfortunate event. I have to say however that sometimes there is no definitive answer, accidents do happen, and we must have faith in God.
    No offense to anyone, but I don’t care how good of a driver you may be, accidents happen everyday. To speculate that someone else grabbed the wheel? How would anyone besides the three involved know this? Even the best drivers, Dale Earnhardt for example, have accidents and succumb to the circumstances. The reason “why” for the most part remains a mystery and we do not get the definitive answer that we were searching for. There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration…….speed, tires, gravel, alcohol, seatbelts, etc…………. To speculate, point fingers, and make accusations without the facts is horrible and does not help anyone, it only fuels the fire of controversy. The only thing that is factual at this point, that I am aware of, is that none of them were wearing their seatbelts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I know a lot of people are hurting, but please post your opinion based on the facts, that is what is fair.
    Everyone is grieving right now and all involved need love and support. The hurt is not going to go away over night and will probably be with us for a very long time, but to dwell and speculate on “why” is not healthy for anyone. I did not know Mandy and Brandy, but my thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends. They need love, comfort, and support and that is all that should matter.
    My nephew Dodge is hurting as well. It must be awful to be relive this day over and over again and wonder why you are still here and Mandy and Brandy are not. Stay strong!

    Prayers for all of you at this very, very difficult time and may you have peace in your heart. God Bless all of you.

    Dena and Wesley
    (Aunt and Uncle to Dodge)

  105. Mudd Bogger Fan says:

    I saw the 3 at the mudd boggs. They were all laughing and having fun! We all were. Have anyone of you been there? It’s fun. You can bring your own truck and bogg against others. I saw the girl Brandi driving out there by herself with the other trucks. She was good! She beat me! When the 3 of them were leaving I ran up to the truck and told her myself she was awesome. She was driving, the guy was in the middle and the other girl was sitting by the other door. They did not have their seat belts on and yes they had been drinking. We are all guilty of this. I myself drive after I had a few. I bet some of you have too. If not now I know you did years ago! It was just an accident. No one is to blame! I do agree that if they had seatbelts on they might and I say might be alive but then again flipping so many times the injuries could have killed them too. So all you people out there playing the blame game should stop and pray for the 3 families and friends. Don’t forget God is in control of every situation!

  106. The Sparks says:

    God bless both families from your neighbors on Janice Lane who care about you.

  107. guess who says:


  108. Kevin says:

    WOW I still just cant bring myself to believe yall are actually gone forever…. I have known yall for a while now and in that time yall have been great friends, and have helped me in so many ways…yall will be loved and missed forever…R.I.P. MANDY COPELAND AND BRANDY BENNETT…GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. disorderly conduct{flaglr chat commoner} says:

    its obvious the mud boggs needs an underage drinking raid!!

    i stay away frm there-the people with common sense know that whole area is a disaster on sunday

    and now 2 kids are dead

  110. april says:

    oh yea and to add to my previous post for the ones that know Brandi….. DID SHE DRINK BUSCH??? Hell no she was a bud light girl… LOVE YA AND MISS YA GIRL….. please post when the funeral service will be held I would love to be there and show my respect cause she was an outstanding girl……thanks brett for stopping by and letting me know it is reallly appreciated that is for sure…….

  111. Words alone can not express the deep sadness in our hearts. Brandy yours was a light like no other. You will be missed.
    A Memorial service will be held at Dale Woodward Home on Ridgewood Ave. in Holly Hill at 1pm on Sat. Jeans, Camo and Boots Mud Bogz off St. Rt. 100 after.

  112. amy says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, I didn’t know Amanda too well but I used to talk to her while she was working at the college when I would get my coffee in the morning. Just from the short conversations that we had I knew that she loved her family very much. She was very sweet. Always sharing her smile no matter what kind of day she was having. I hope that the love and support from family and friends will help to bring you peace. The familys are in my prayers.

  113. sue says:

    God’s blessings on each family member—brothers, grandparents, parents, and friends. It is breaking my heart.

  114. Amanda's Dad says:

    Thank you everyone. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I would not wish our pain on anyone.

  115. Terri says:

    You couldn’t have named this girl better! She was a chip off the old block! Brandy drove like she was born to, hunted better than most, & had a quick whity sense of humor & smile to match. She was a life force ( that macgyver gene ! ) & I agree this wasn’t Brandy, she didn’t panic. You both raised 2 great, well behaved kids & who have had wonderful relationships with you both. If there is a lesson here, it is to live each day to the fullest, Brandy sure did, she enjoyed her life & most of all her friends & family. We could all learn from her. Hug your kids, let them know you love them, believe me this girl knew she was loved! I’ve never seen a Daddy prouder & with good reason! You and those of us who know her, can understand the questions & how this is more than unbelievable, this was out of character! Just know that your extended family ( camp) loves you & we are all grieving with you, & will be here for each and everyone one of you. All my love xoxo

  116. UNCLE MARK says:


  117. Amanda's Mom says:

    Mandy’s “Celebration of Life Ceremony” will be on Saturday, June 26th at 12 noon. Location is White Chapel Church 1730 Ridgewood Avenue, South Daytona. The post will appear in the News Journal this Sunday and next Friday. Please feel free to wear whatever you want… jeans and boots are completely acceptable. It’s not about what you wear it’s about WHO we are celebrating and Mandy never judged anyone based on their outer appearance, she knew it was what was on the inside that made people special.

  118. friend says:

    Both of these girls were remarkable young women. Its just horrible reading some of the bad things that were said about them. My condolences go out to both families and all friends. Mandy was one of the sweeetest ladies I’ve have ever met in my lifetime. She never had one bad word to say about anyone and she was always there for someone when they needed her the most. She was brought up very well! Brandy was the same way & both girls parents should be proud of both of them, for the great things these ladies accomplished and the impacts they’ve made on everyone around thems lives. I will never forget them, they will always be a part of me.

  119. kari says:

    no one has the right to say anything bad about these two girls. ive known brandy bsince she was two and she drove everything under the sun. she is a shining light and will never be forgotten or loved any less. all of us that knew you will see u again because you will be in the light when its our time with a smile,hug and a joke. we will be together again soon. love you and misss u. and for all these people with nasty comments your mom should have taught you if you cant say something nice keep your mouth shut so give these parents some respect and shut up they are hurting enough

  120. person says:

    awwwww:( that is so sad who cares what you people with dirty comments have to say. you wouldnt like it if it happened to you and people laughed. so dont you dare do it to brandy or mandy. they are loved and cared for alot more than you can ever imagine so spit on some one elses grave but not these 2.

  121. mh says:

    i didnt know brandy as well as i knew mandy. at first i didnt realize what two girls and guy it was. until i realized i knew joseph ure. i have known him for a very long time and thats where i knew mandy from. this is a very sad moment for everyone. seriously, i dont think they would drink and drive from all that way. people throw beer cans and boxes in the back of trucks all the time. i had one of my best friends die in a roll over crash of 44 on june 10 2008. you want to tlk about the worst days of my life. it happens to some of the best people. you may have met those people the night before and then find out the next day they died. im pretty sure that these girls are in a better place now. mandy and brandy will be dearly missed without a doubt. imagine on what you guys did when you were younger. try being in that accident and then getting taken away from your loved one. its hard for the parents. its hard for the best friends that these girls have. i look at it with my best friend, god needed her for a special job. joseph knows excatly who im talking about because she was his friend too. kara lauren maday. i didnt know mandy for a long time. sometimes i didnt even really hang out with her. the only times i would see her is when she was with joseph. its sad to see someone go at a really young age. i just hope the families can cope with this. these 2 girls should have the most memoriable memorial out of anyones. these girls deserve every little piece of everyones heart. i pray for these families 100% imagine if it was your kid. RIP MANDY AND BRANDY! <333

  122. Chelsea says:

    I Did Not Know Them But Some Of My Friends Did.And Iam so Srry For Your Lost.I Would Say I Know How You Feel But I Cant…Liek They Say The Good Die Young.They Will Be Missed.No One Deserves This.But I Guess God Needed Two Pretty Girls Up There.

    And For Elaygee All I Got To Say Is Karma Is A Bitch Just Rember That..People Were Seatbelts And Still Hve A Chance Of Dieing So Why Dont You Stop Hateing And Runing Your Mouth Cuaes It Just Showes How Dumb And Cold Harted You Are And How Scaerd Yoou Are To Put You Real Name So Grow Up.And Rember Karma Is A Bitch.You Will Get Yours!!!!!!!!

  123. Gayna Tarus says:

    We had the pleasure of knowing Brandy. She’s a beautiful girl and alot of fun to be with. I am heart broken over what has happened. So young and full of life. I did meet Mandy, also a beautiful girl. These two are like sisters. They will be dearly missed. They are with our heavenly father looking down over all of us. Remember them, for they will always be close. May God be with both families during this time of loss and for the future ahead.

  124. paul radtke says:

    brandy was the greatest grandaughter anyone could ever have! for someone to say bad things about her at this time is unforegiveable. what goes a round comes comes around your day will come we all look for answers, this was a mistake the brandy we loved and miss dearly would not have made. she was use to off roading ,sand,mud for her to jerk the wheel that hard to the left ,only being inches off the road with the right side of the truck [ NO WAY ] she was a loving person, yes she also could hold her own that was part of what made her a joy to be around brandy will be in our hearts and prayers forever. grampa and grama radtke

  125. Anna says:

    I knew brandy.
    we never hong out …outside of school. really becuz we hong out with diffrent people… but i love brandy shes was a good friend and the sweetest person… and when i found out was yesterday…. i wish i could have said good bye and i really wish i didnt lose touch with her when i left school. i never thought out of all person she would go i guess u really never hope for it. its hard to believe really seeing i jus talked to her online about 2 weeks ago.i am so sorry for her family and really close freinds becuz i know how much she touched ur lifes …. just from the little she touched for me becuz she was there when i needed her…. and i only wish the best for u.

  126. Michelle says:

    I didn’t know any of the victims, but my heart goes out to them and their families. This situation is so tragic and could have happened to any of us. At some point most of us have driven after a few or many drinks, we have also driven without seatbelts fastened. Don’t let the loss of these two angels be in vain, think before you drink and get behind the wheel also, buckle up. R.I.P. Amanda and Brandy!

  127. Tirra J. says:

    The driver Brandy is my best friend I kno her drivin as well as her daddy does I was the only one allowed in her truck besides her parents when she first got her license an believe me when I say yes maybe the alcohol had some affect on this wreck if she had even been drivin but in all the yrs I have hung out an been with her she’s never over corrected or mad the littlest thought of loosin control if she would have lost control she wouldn’t have freaked out thats her its how she is she’s not scared of anyone or anything she has the biggest heart, helping hand an month, dependin on when you catch her. She truly is an amazing woman an will never leave this earth in thought’s. Mandy I didn’t really get to kno, I hung out with her an Brandy a few times she’s too is an amazing beautiful an one of the kind girl these two were so fun to be around an hang out with. I love you Brandy an Mandy. The true CCG’s Branderz Manderz an Tirra. I love yall.

  128. UNKNOWN says:


  129. unknwn says:

    i think its horrible people are hurting and all others can do is bash, who cares they were having a good time the boggs are fun they clearly left the world doin what they loved thats havin a drink with good friends isnt that how yall all wanna go instead of goin all alone so why dont yall shut up, ive recently met someone that new one of the girls very well and to see the pain in his eyes breaks my heart so why dont the people that have bad things to say shut up think about it..what if it was you girlfriend boyfriend daughter etc. how would you feel, its very sad yes but others that drive weather your drinking or not think back and think of the people that will hurt when your gone, for the people that wanna talk crap my father passed yesterday in car crash guess what he wasnt drinkin so drinking isnt the caause of every accident which is what this was, so chill with the bashing people are greving let them greve in peice ok jus chill, i feel for the families of the girls keep your head up and be happy there out of this drama filled nasty world there in a happy place were people dnt talk shit and judge people…r.i.p. girls

  130. Anonymous says:


  131. DALLAS SIMSON says:


  132. CCGs forever says:

    Brandy, I love you an still think everyday. I love you an I’m always goin to miss you, I have found myself wantin to call you about everyother day cause theres always something new happenin in my life an I kno I cant trust anyone the way I do you. You kno my hole life story from the day I was brought in this world till the day we were forced to say good bye, But I kno your still here lookin after me an my little girl that i wish you would have gotten to meet, yall have the same bday she was your bday percent this yr you were so happy ill never forget the look on your face when you walked in that hospital room an they told you i was goin to have her that day on you bday. I love you Bran.

  133. CCG says:

    I can’t believe it’s been almost two year’s since I have seen her all this seems to have happen so long ago but I feel like I have just seen her not to long ago. :( I miss her so darn much and think about her all the time I’ve still only been able to stop at the site twice I don’t really want to go out there it’s bad memories I rather go sit out somewhere or ride by somewhere we have good memories than go out there to a bad one. I love you Brandy, Mandy you too girl I hope you two are raising heck up there lol we know ya’ll are ;)

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