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Drinking Game in Reidsville Drive Garage Leads to a Man Shot in the Stomach

| September 12, 2013

Edward Towers

Edward Towers

Word at first was that Jamie Goodell had shot himself. That he was cleaning his gun in his home at 62 Reidsville Drive in Palm Coast (in the R Section’s southwest corner, a stone’s throw from U.S. 1 and Royal Palms Parkway), the gun went off, and the bullet wounded Goodell in the stomach.

That, as it turned out, was not the case. Goodell, 44, was shot. Edward Neveony Towers, 57, a resident of 1B Regis Lane, was arrested in connection with the shooting and charged with culpable negligence and discharging a firearm in public.

Goodell was hanging out with Towers and Luke Skeans, 39, of 54 Reidsville, according to a police report. The three had been at the 62 Reidsville home together, drinking, according to Skeans. At some point the three started one of those drinking games what begin with a what-would-you-do scenario. In this particular case, it was about what each would do if her were being attacked, according to a sheriff’s office release. Soon, according to his arrest report, Towers took out a gun from his waistline–a 9mm Diamondback Arms.

He aimed it at Goodell. Placed the muzzle against his stomach. The gun went off.

Skeans began administering first aid, and before long another shot rang out. It was Towers, firing into the ground. It’s not clear whether Towers fired to check whether there were still any bullets in the gun–the arrest report suggests he and Skeans talked about whether the guh was empty or not right after the first shot–or whether the gun went off again accidentally. One shell casing was found in the garage, The other was found in the driveway.

When Flagler County Sheriff’s units arrived at the scene, it took several minutes to secure it so Flagler County Fire Rescue units (two of which had been summoned) could come in to administer aid. When they did, they immediately requested a helicopter. But Fire Flight, Flagler County’s emergency helicopter, was not available: it was grounded for maintenance. Volusia County’s emergency helicopter was not available, either. Goodell ended up being transported in a trauma alert by ground to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach.

When cops walked into the house, at 6:04 p.m., the black handgun was on a stool to the left of the garage entrance. When a cop entered the kitchen through the garage, he saw Goodell lying on his back on the floor, with a wound in his lower right abdomen.

Towers had a concealed weapon permit. Towers was released on $1,500 bond.

Skeans on Thursday evening disputed, in an email, some of the cops’ version of events. The arrest report has started by mis-identifying his first name and getting his age wrong by two years.

“I was not hanging out with Mr. Goodell and Mr. Towers playing some sort of drinking games,” Skeans wrote. “I am merely a neighbor and acquaintance of Mr. Goodell, and had only stopped by with a mutual acquaintance for a short time, to share in a social drink. Also, I did not at any time administer first aid to Mr. Goodell, within seconds of realizing that Mr. Goodell had been shot, I handed him the closest thing I could find, a towel, to use to apply pressure to his wound while Mr.Towers or myself called 911. In addition, the only conversation Mr. Towers and myself engaged in after Mr.Goodell had been shot was me telling him to put down his gun and insisting one of us call 911 immediately.”

“I have many social and business contacts in Flagler County that are successful, upstanding citizens, myself included, and one may view me quite differently by reading the article that was posted this morning,” he added, stressing that the story of the incident should be told correctly. “Engaging in situations involving heavy drinking, drinking games, and irresponsible and/or ignorant individuals possessing fire arms is not what I do, and one may be inclined to think that I would by reading your article and seeing how the situation and how I was involved was represented.”

Skeans concluded: “What happened yesterday evening was tragic, but an accident, an avoidable one. I was a witness, unfortunately, and nothing more.”

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16 Responses for “Drinking Game in Reidsville Drive Garage Leads to a Man Shot in the Stomach”

  1. Nancy N. says:

    Alcohol and firearms…yeah, there’s a great combination. NOT.

    Hope this idiot’s permit and all his weapons along with it are seized immediately.

  2. Christopher V. says:

    Sounds like a Mensa members meeting…LOL.

  3. Florida Native says:

    Palm Coast must have a sign on the I-95 exits ramps that read,”All knuckleheads,con-artists,drug dealers,rapists, and thugs welcome to our fair city.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just another true blue American, exercising his 2nd amendment rights.

  5. Sherry Epley says:

    (tongue firmly in cheek) Oh No! We don’t need no gun control!

    Now, we even sell them to the blind, as well as the idiots!

    Yes, we are totally under the control of the NRA. . . much better than insisting that our political leaders actually listen to those that elect them. . . right????

    • Anon says:

      @ Sherry Epley: I am amazed at the article you posted the link to. Amazed at the unenlightened “state” both of the author and of Iowa. We have some outstanding services for the blind in Florida, especially in Volusia County, and I personally know several blind individuals who have their CCW’s. These individuals are not “considered” legally blind, they are blind as in totally blind. I have been to the range with two such individuals and I can tell you firsthand, they are well trained, safety conscious, and both of them consistently hit their targets “dead on”. I won’t bore you with the details of how this is possible, but CCW’s and gun ownership is not limited to sighted American Citizens. And maybe would-be robbers/muggers should reconsider before sneaking up on a blind person – one never knows.

      • Anonymous says:

        ” I won’t bore you with the details of how this is possible…” Oh, Please, PLEASE bore us with the details of what you witnessed when the two totally blind people “consistently hit their targets “dead on””. Because if you can’t I’m calling Bullshit on your made up NRA fantasy post.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Anon says–And how would a blind person be able to tell that they were being sneaked up on by a bad guy? What if someone they knew happened to be behind them at the wrong moment and, before they could announce themselves, be shot by someone who, in a heightened state of anxiety and unable to see (therefore heightening their anxiety even further), whirled around and shot them. Sorry Mom/Dad?Sister/Brother/Friend…benign stranger…I thought you were out to get me! Add a lifetime of guilt along with that person’s other burdens…all in the name of the gun industry…But, don’t you know…They’re just trying to protect us! ignore all those dollars flowing into their pockets from their charitable and patriotic work (built on a mountain of paranoia and hyperbole!) I would rather give that blind person a whistle, an alarm system, an alert call button and a service dog!

  6. Tyron says:

    Here we go again….White middle-aged men drinking and playing with guns ! At least the Black gangbangers actually shoot each other because they are aiming. You white guys need to practice more on LIVE targets. Shooting paper range targets just don’t ” cut the mustard ” .

  7. anonymous says:

    You have got to be kidding? These are the responsible gun owners everybody brags about? So I guess they become irresponsible when they kill an unarmed kid or shoot their friend in the stomach? But up until that point their all geniuses.

  8. NortonSmitty says:

    I’m thinking these R Section Rejects drank a bottle of cheap Vodka and one said “Hey, lets play Russian Roulette with my new 9mm Automatic. We’ll put one bullet in the clip, cock it and pull the trigger. It holds sixteen bullets, so our odds are pretty good.” After the first one was shot, the tried it again and couldn’t believe how bad their luck is. It’s called thinning the herd.

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow wow wow, it’s not the gun’s fault people, we should be allowed to buy gun’s as long as we can use them, that means mandatory safety training. sorry I’m not foolish enough to trust the elitists running this country to have all the guns. be real people just because idiots are screwing up don’t mean gun’s are the enemy, Bullet’s could be limited that would make it better. limit everyone to 50 rounds a year, pretty sure that would solve some issues

    • Anonymous says:

      …Another stupid argument about how guns don’t kill, people do. AGAIN, it’s fools with guns in their hot little hands who kill people…We simply don’t want so many guns in the hands of so many fools…Pretty easy to understand…except to the NRA and their rabid drooling devotees.

  10. Sherry Epley says:

    Please! Does any “intelligent” person actually think that a blind person being able to hit a target in a gun range (if that is even possible) is the same as NOT hitting an INNOCENT person in a real life confrontation? Responsible gun ownership should NOT be about perfect aim. . . what is should be about is NOT shooting the WRONG person!

  11. anonymous says:

    Bad gun bad bad gun. Lets outlaw guns so criminals and idiots can’t get a hold of them. Works for drugs right?

  12. Seminole Pride says:

    Darn Bubba. I ask for a shot !. Not a Shot !.

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