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Flagler Chamber and County’s Jobs Council Hosting $25-a-Plate “Unity” Lunch Aug. 17

| July 21, 2012

dale brill florida chamber of commerce

Dale Brill (Florida Southen College)

The Flagler County Chamber of Commerce & Affiliates and Flagler County Department of Economic Opportunity have teamed up to host “Unity in the Community” on August 17. The luncheon will be held at Palm Coast’s Hilton Garden Inn’s Town Center location at noon, with registration starting at 11:30 a.m.

In recognition of local efforts to drive economic development, Dale Brill, president of the Florida Chamber Foundation, will serve as guest speaker. He will share information about The Six Pillars of Florida’s Future Economy, a visioning program intended to serve as a “blueprint for securing Florida’s future.” An abbreviated version of Brill’s chamber biography is available here (and a dissenting view about Brill, by self-described Pinellas business owner Tom Rask, is available here).

“The Florida Chamber Foundation’s ‘Six Pillars Communities’ will play a critical role in ensuring that Florida’s future economy is made up of more high quality jobs, greater diversification and ultimately less reliance on residential tax payers,” Garry Lubi, chairman of the Flagler chamber, said. “Dr. Brill, a brilliant and inspirational speaker, is joining us to share his insight as a leader of this important program. I encourage all residents to attend.”

Helga van Eckert, executive director of the county’s economic development department, echoed Lubi’s enthusiasm about the upcoming event. “This event provides residents and businesses the opportunity to better understand the goals of economic development. Additionally, by teaming with the Chamber, it allows us to speak with a unified voice, positioning the County to better compete in business attraction, retention, and expansion,” she added.

The cost for the luncheon is $25 with advance registration and payment, or $35 at the door. Space is limited to 125 seats so reservations are requested by August 14. Please indicate a lunch selection, Chicken Cobb Salad or Club Sandwich.

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9 Responses for “Flagler Chamber and County’s Jobs Council Hosting $25-a-Plate “Unity” Lunch Aug. 17”

  1. JGA says:

    So far I count 2 luncheons, the 1 at Princess Place and now this one, a yaers salary for Helga and a lot of talk, but no new jobs in Flagler yet, in fact the unemployment figure just rose!!!

  2. Waste of money says:

    Maybe we are not paying her enough; $110,000? She only makes the same amount of money the guy leading the entire state economic efforts. I have heard her presentations; her comments or insights are always cliche after cliche. ” we have a beautiful community, if we all can work together”. She is a empty suit like all the other economic developers, except we pay her twice what the others were making.

  3. Will says:

    This article is about Mr. Brill’s presentation to a community luncheon, yet the first three writers are taking shots at Helga VanEckert who’s only been on the job a few months. What’s with that?

    Are there people out there who just don’t feel right unless they complain about something each day?

    As I see it, at least efforts are being made in the right direction and some of them (not all of course) should come to fruition. If no efforts are made, nothing is sure to happen.

  4. tulip says:

    I agree with Will. This new group headed by Helga appears to be a lot more sensibly focused then Enterprise Flagler was, and for years did very little except pay salaries. Helga has said that results will take awhile to happen and she’s right—the economy situation just can’t turn instantly and prospective businesses have to be “nutured” to come here.

    Give things a chance, perhaps some of the complainers should form their own group and get things done instantly, since they seem to have all the knowlege on how to do it.

  5. tulip says:

    Maybe some of the negative and complaining people should attent this luncheon and listen to the speaker, they might get a better understanding of the issues.

  6. Fraud says:

    Shut em down-a waste of money and an embarrassment to our county!

  7. rthomp11 says:

    Here’s my thought on improving our local unemployment….local businesses and government agencies hire residents of the county instead of those who live outside of the county. I think it should just be common since anyway. If you work for the county, then you should live in the county you work for. AND of course you should also be a legal citizen of the United States and be E-Verifed.

  8. palmcoaster says:

    @rthomp11. The unemployment is this county is not caused by illegal’s taking your job away…to start with the problem originates because there are no jobs after the housing/construction industry came to a stand still. Then the real impact of all the outsourcing that still takes place in this county further hurts.
    Some government entities, including the schools still outsource a lot in all areas, unfortunately; services, contractors, supplies, workers and equipment. The many banks sucess owed to the fact that take and safe keep all our $$, but outsource all they can as you can find out done by decisions made in the corporate headquarters, located generally not only out of Flagler but out of the state as well. Regarding local health care, the largest the service entity, the more they outsource, starting with the local hospital that if their policies would be fair to the local patients, that make them successful, they will use the local county suppliers, as they in many areas don’t. Not only that, given their business practices compete and take work from years of servicing locals physicians, away form local suppliers to contract elsewhere, when those MD’s move to the hospital locations. I only saw out of county construction crews and equipment while building their Annex in Palm Coast…can someone attest to this? Now the Annex is done and competes well with all the clinics and physicians that were for years working out of its vicinity in the Palm Coast Parkway, while they were always using the services of their local suppliers creating locals jobs..
    Also the FCCOC not only they outsource, they even compete with local suppliers.
    Now that housing and construction is still at a stand still, is when all this outsourcing should have stopped to create the jobs we need in this county. All the millions in consumables the above agencies use would create hundreds of jobs in Flagler County if were NOT contracted elsewhere under frivolous excuses.

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