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Sheriff Fleming, Under Oath, Contradicts His Own Records in Hit-and-Run Case

| March 2, 2012

Sheriff Don Fleming, left, has been embroiled in contradictory accounts of his own regarding his phone call exchanges with John Fischer, the school board member, following a fatal hit-and-run that led to Fischer's wife being arrested in the case. (© FlaglerLive)

Answering questions under oath to a Florida Highway Patrol investigator a month ago, Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming contradicted several statements he himself had made previously, and phone records he had made available, regarding his involvement with John Fischer in the events surrounding a fatal hit-and-run in Palm Coast the evening of Nov. 10.

The sheriff tells the investigator that he had just two calls with Fischer—one from him, one to him—the very evening of the accident, and one other, later, about a school board issue. No more. Fleming’s cell phone records and his own acknowledgments at other times show at least six calls, half of them from Fleming, between Nov. 11 and 14, not including the two calls he spoke of under oath the evening of the crash, and not including what calls he may have placed or received from the Sheriff’s Office.

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“I first received a phone call at 6:48 p.m. on the night in question,” Fleming says in the FHP interview. “I was in the car with my wife, we were traveling to a restaurant to eat in Ormond Beach. The reception on the phone wasn’t the greatest. John had called me, said he thought his wife was in an accident, hit a—hit an animal. I said I’ll call you back as soon as I can get to my location. At 7:06, when I got to my location, I got out of the car and called him back. He told me she thinks, she thought she hit an animal. I gave him the number for the Emergency Operations Center. I said, give them a call, just let them know that you might have hit an animal, let them make—make a report. That was the end of my conversation with him that evening. The next day [Friday], I got into work here, I saw Maj. Clair, he told me that the lady was killed, and I said, I told Maj. Clair, I said, he called me last night, he told me it was an animal. That was the extent of my.” [Pecqueur did not die until noon Saturday.]

“OK, so he called you the night of the crash,” Florida Highway Patrol investigator Brian Wood asks Fleming.


“OK. Have you spoken to him since that time?”

“Um. One time,” the sheriff answers. “Yes. One time, he called me about a school board issue. And he just said, um, he said, can’t believe this. I said John, just praying everything should work itself out. I didn’t tell—I didn’t get into anything with him.”

That’s not the case. At least not according to Fleming himself, in other contexts. The account Fleming gave under oath, detailed as it was, was the third differing account he’s given of the sequence and nature of calls between him and Fischer surrounding the highest-profile fatal road accident in recent memory.

Audio: Sheriff Fleming Under Oath
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There was a fourth account: the day after his interview with FHP, the investigator received a call from Fleming who said he had a written statement he wanted amended to his interview. The written statement again changed the sequence of events, erasing the calls the evening of the crash, and the whole story about going to a restaurant in Ormond Beach, and replacing the sequence of events with the call at 5:30 a.m. the next day, when Fischer “advised his wife had been involved in a crash striking a dog.” Fleming, in that written statement, said he then called Fischer that evening again to follow up on the conversation. “No other phone calls were received or conducted,” the investigative report states, restating Fleming’s written words.

Fleming’s original concession that he’d had a phone exchange with Fischer cast a shadow on his independence and placed the issue at the center of the election campaign that’s drawn four opponents so far. Fleming’s subsequent alterations in his stories have further complicated the case—but mostly his, rather than Pécqueur’s, which was investigated independently by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Fleming did not answer his cell phone this evening, nor return a detailed message asking for comment about the FHP report. A similar message left with his spokeswoman was left unanswered.

The State Attorney released the full results of the FHP investigation, including photographs and more than a dozen recordings of investigative interviews with Jamesine Fischer, witnesses at the scene, paramedics, Pécqueur’s boyfriend, and Fleming. Fischer’s arrest last week, when she was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with a death involved, followed several attempts by the State Attorney’s office to meet with her again, for additional interviews, which she cancelled, then declined to set, the investigative report shows.

Some of the basic facts of the fatal accident on the evening of Nov. 10 are not in dispute: Francoise Pécqueur, a 76-year-old French immigrant and long-time resident of Palm Coast, was walking tiny poodle, Molly, on Columbia Lane, as she often did, within a couple of block’s distance of her boyfriend’s house. It was around 6 p.m. Fischer’s wife, Jamesine, 55, was at the wheel of her PT Cruiser, going to see a friend in the neighborhood. It was dusk or already dark. As she rounded onto Columbia Lane, she struck Pécqueur violently enough that the collision severely cracked the right side of Fischer’s PT Cruiser’s windshield, and sent cracks radiating up and across the windshield to about its midpoint. The collision was so severe that it lifted Pécqueur off one shoe and sent her almost lifeless in a swale. Pécqueur was a slight woman weighing less than 100 pounds. Fischer thought she hit a dog, and would maintain thinking so until the next morning when speaking to authorities. She never called 911, and did not tell anyone at the scene—paramedics, the person who stopped to call 911 immediately behind her, other witnesses who came to the scene—that she may have hit Pécqueur, even though the 3-pound dog she thought she’d hit was unscathed and at the scene.

Pécqueur died about 36 hours later at Halifax Hospital.

Fleming and John Fischer are friends. The News-Journal’s Frank Fernandez got a tip that Fischer had called his friend after the crash. In an interview with Fernandez in mid-January, Fleming conceded that he’d received a phone call at about 5:30 a.m. the next morning from Fischer, or 11 ½ hours after the crash, when Fischer told him Jamesine thought she might have hit an animal. Fleming told him they should call the emergency operations number. Five hours earlier Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies and Florida Highway Patrol investigators had been to the scene and began investigating the accident as a traffic homicide investigation, because Halifax medical personnel dispelled any notion that Pécqueur’s injuries might have been from a fall. They were looking for the PT Cruiser.

In that mid-January interview with the News-Journal, Fleming insisted that he’d acted properly, as a friend, telling Fischer merely to call authorities. He is quoted as saying that he’d had “no contact with FHP whatsoever.” Two weeks later, Fleming revised his story to the News-Journal, and said he may have actually spoken to Fischer the evening of the accident. Fleming said Fischer called him around 6:30 p.m. that evening, but wasn’t sure, and said the call may have taken place the following evening, though by then Fischer couldn’t still have been claiming that Jamesine had hit a dog, since it had been well established by authorities (and first reported that afternoon, at 4:30 p.m., by FlaglerLive) that that Jamesine had struck Pécqueur.

On Feb. 2, Fleming himself, in a letter to the editor that appeared in that day’s News-Journal, was more assertive: “John Fischer called me around 5:30 a.m. on (Friday) Nov. 11 to tell me his wife had been involved in an accident in Palm Coast, where she thought she had hit an animal. At that time, I told him to hang up and call the Emergency Operations Center dispatching center to report it.” He clarified: “I had two telephone conversations with Mr. Fischer in connection with this incident—not two telephone calls from Mr. Fischer, as reported by the News-Journal.”

Two days earlier, Fleming had himself called FHP to give a statement. He sat for his interview, under oath, with Wood, the FHP investigator. Fleming never mentioned the early-morning phone call. Nor the series of phone calls from and to his cell phone between him and Fischer. (He’s refused to release a fuller account of his calls.)

The account of the interview differs slightly from the recording in one regard: in the investigative report, there is mention of three calls between Fischer and Fleming the day of the crash, one of them taking place at 4:58 p.m. “about business matters.” In the audio of the interview, Fleming is asked if he’d received a call from Fischer since the evening of the crash, and Fleming says yes, one, about school board matters. The written amendment to the interview, on Feb. 1, appears to be a close replica of Fleming’s letter in the newspaper.

The investigator traveled to the sheriff’s office yet again on Feb. 6 “to make contact with Sheriff Fleming to clarify his statements.”  The investigator reports that the Jan. 31 interview was conducted before Fleming had his records in hand, “and that the sheriff was confused of the actual date that Fischer had called him.” The phone records, the report states, “clearly indicate that Fischer called him the day after the collision, not the day of the collision.”

The full interview with FHP lasts 6 minutes, though when all formalities are set aside, the substance of the interview is a little more than 3 minutes long.

Here’s the transcript of the January 31 interview with Wood:

Wood: “Reference to this interview is because of the phone calls that you received from Mr. Fischer. What can you tell me about those phone calls?”

Fleming: “I first received a phone call at 6:48 p.m. on the night in question, I was in the car with my wife, we were traveling to a restaurant to eat in Ormond Beach. The reception on the phone wasn’t the greatest. John had called me, said he thought his wife was in an accident, hit a—hit an animal. I said I’ll call you back as soon as I can get to my location. At 7:06, when I got to my location, I got out of the car and called him back. He told me she thinks, she thought she hit an animal. I gave him the number for the Emergency Operations Center. I said, give them a call, just let them know that you might have hit an animal, let them make—make a report. That was the end of my conversation with him that evening. The next day, I got into work here, I saw Maj. Clair, he told me that the lady was killed, and I said, I told Maj. Clair, I said, he called me last night, he told me it was an animal. That was the extent of my.”

Wood: “OK, so he called you the night of the crash.”

Fleming: “Yes.”

Wood: “OK. Have you spoken to him since that time?”

Fleming: “Um. One time. Yes. One time, he called me about a school board issue. And he just said, um, he said, can’t believe this. I said John, just praying everything should work itself out. I didn’t tell—I didn’t get into anything with him.”

Wood: “OK, so he never mentioned, you know, why there was a time delay between—“

Fleming: “No.”

Wood: “—when he spoke to you and when they called.”

Fleming: “I was actually surprised at how much of a time delay it was. When, when he spoke to me about the animal, I thought that was taken care of. I really didn’t pay much attention to it. Just. I get those kinds of calls all the time. I did what I would have done for anybody else. I gave him the number for the Emergency Operations Center. Did not seem like an emergency to me at the time. I did not know a pedestrian was hit, nor did I know that—she left.”

Wood: “So, during the initial conversation, you said the reception wasn’t that great. Did he mention that she had stayed at the scene, or anything like that, or whether she had left.”

Fleming: “To my, to my recollection, he, um, I just said let me call you right back because I couldn’t understand anything. When I called him back on the, on the second time, I think it was like a brief, a very brief conversation, maybe 4-5 minutes, I—we discussed, um, what he should do, I gave him the phone number, I said, is your wife home, he said no. So I didn’t. I didn’t, I really didn’t ask any questions pertaining to the accident because I didn’t know how serious the accident was.”

Wood: “OK, so he just indicated that it was simply an animal, thought she hit an animal. Did—and you said she was not home. Did he mention whether she’d called him? Or where she might have called from?”

A pause.

Fleming: “I, I’d like to say, I’d like to say I think so, but I don’t recall. I think, I think she had said that she pulled over to the side of the road. And I told him to have her call EOC.”

Wood: “OK. Now, at any time, has, has, have they spoken to any of your deputies about this—situation?”

Fleming: “Not to my knowledge.”

Wood: “OK. Um, that is pretty much everything I need.”

73 Responses for “Sheriff Fleming, Under Oath, Contradicts His Own Records in Hit-and-Run Case”

  1. Dede Siebenaler via Facebook says:

    Put them all in a cell together! Nothing but a lot of lying going on here! Why am I not surprised? Oh, and Steve Alexander is the defense attorney? Hmmmm… let’s see what else comes out about this nightmare of a case :-/

  2. Incredible is the correct word for much of this debacle. Good reporting.

  3. Anon says:

    Why would a school board member call the sheriff about a school board issue?? What could Fischer possibly want to discuss with the sheriff concerning the school board? I wish they would both resign. It smells waaaay too bad already and is only going to get worse. Both crooked.

    Please stay on this story. I look forward to your reporting on this issue. I’m a school employee and I have a child in the school system. So I have great concern with this whole mess. Thank you.

  4. Angela Smith via Facebook says:

    Fleming needs to knock off the Romney imitation, tell the TRUTH, then stick to it!

  5. Kip Durocher says:

    Flagler County needs a new sheriff, the one presently serving is sleaze
    up to his shoulders.
    Manfre is not the man. He is just a wannabe political hack.

  6. Frank Corsillo via Facebook says:

    I’d like to know when Flemming found out there was a fatal accident and what action he took as a result!

  7. Geezer Butler says:

    It’s always easier to recollect the truth as opposed to lies.

  8. ANONYMOUSAY says:

    Usually and frequently posting under one of the many “anonymousness’s” now settling on Anonymousay. Have to admit some of us commenting have been hard on the parties involved. But realistically which one of us would not have called our friend for help or advice. Not doing a flip-flop just being honest. Think of how many times you or I have heard or dropped a name for whatever reason. The thing we have to remember is the Sheriff may have been truly going off of what he was told even if he suspected more. Maybe he didn’t want to know the details “THEY said animal” he advised them on that. Legally what can one really say? (Yes, some have already posted that unbiased thought). Being a long time resident it does get frustrating when it appears some are above the law. But the funny thing is if I need law enforcements help I’m going to 911 for help. The deputies that arrive will be under the command of Sheriff Fleming can’t be a double standard. Looking at it now from a different point I’ll keep my judgmental comments to myself and let this work itself out. It’s starting to become a little obvious the Sheriff whom people say is very loyal to his friends to the point he hurts himself got caught up. It’s good to speak up and easy to do it ten rows back, but I would not want myself or any in my family or worst enemy to face the stress of this situation.

  9. roco says:

    Selective Memory!!! It’s easy to remember and repeat the truth but it’s difficult to do the same about a lie.. Both Fishers and Fleming should charged with abstuction of justice covering up a MURDER…

  10. palmcoaster says:

    @Anon. Remember that with the sheriff department family and friends plus the “S”hamer of Commerce members and fans, plus the County Commission with its chair Milissa Holland now marrying the sheriff second in command, all of the mentioned undeniably supporting in the last school board elections John Fischer, the schools and your children missed to have a great lady of integrity also a knowledgeable attorney Mrs Raven Sword that was defeated, of course, by Fischer. Look what you have to worry about, now. Fischer should resign NOW over full intent to cover up and Mrs. Raven Sword should be appointed to replace him ASAP. What a terrible example for the students!.

  11. Donna says:

    So, what is being said here is that the Fischer’s did report the accident to our Sheriff aprox 48 minutes after the accident, and our Sheriff did nothing. How dare him even ask us for his vote. Time for Fleming to resign. If you want more of the same cronyism, vote for Pollinger, since he and Fleming are friends, and Polllinger jumped into the race right after the Fischer incident. We need an honest Sheriff in our county and I believe that Ray Stevens can deliver that. Time for the good ‘ole boys to go.

    • FLATTRUTH says:

      Dear Donna . Not that I am taking sides but I would like to correct your inaccurate information. I believe the truth is that Mr. Pollinger filed initially to begin the process of running for Sheriff in the first week of NOVEMBER 2011….I am trying to stay objective so that we all (as citizens of this great county) can elect the best Sheriff for the job. In my research so far I know that Mr. Pollinger has stated time and time again that he has no friendship with Fleming. I do not understand why you keep trying to discredit Mr. Pollinger. If you support Ray Stevens, try stating what he can do for us and what he stands for and stop the misinformation campaign. When you make false or misleading statements and then…in the next breath say that you support Stevens it makes us wonder about integrity.

      • Layla says:

        Flattruth, when has Mr. Pollinger stated time and time again that he has no friendship with Sheriff Fleming? And why? And what has that got to do with this election or Donna supporting her candidate?

        If I support a candidate in this race, I do not feel any obligation whatsoever to tell you why and that does not make me unethical. It just means we have a difference of opinion.

  12. Will says:

    The question was asked – why would a school board member call the sheriff about a school question.

    One thought is that there ARE deputies in the schools. I can imagine many more legitimate reasons, like traffic problems at a school when students are released for the day, and so forth.

    No comment on the personalities or issues here – just a suggestion.

  13. roco says:

    Palmcoaster,,, Kudos. You said it all.. The entire Flagler county political system is broken and corrupt. This whole situation should be investigated by the state officials..

  14. Donna Heiss says:

    @Donna. Pollinger was in the race long before the Fisher mess. It is Manfre who jumped into the race right after the incident. It does not really matter. Any resident has the right to run.

    Just remember the media is a powerful tool. They report what will sell and have their own agendas as well.

    Your current candidates for Sheriff are:

    Donald Fleming (incumbent)
    James Manfre
    John Pollinger
    Ray Stevens
    Carl Tozzi

    Research all and be an informed voter.

    • Pierre Tristam says:

      That’s right Donna, listen to my good friend Donna Heiss. We have a big staff here that works tirelessly at advancing our vast and often sinister agenda (it’s so vast that I can hardly tell you what it is, though we are admittedly all for sluts and prostitutes), to ensure, of course, that we can charge you the highest price possible when you visit FlaglerLive.

    • Angie says:

      @Donna Heiss —John Pollinger was not in the race until January, two months after the incident. Ray Stevens announced his candidacy in Sept 2010. Everyone else, including Fleming, announced well after the incident.

  15. Donna says:

    By the way. Excellent reporting by Mr. FlaglerLIve. Bringing honesty to our community. As where else, this story would have been shoved under the rug, if the good o’le boys had their way.

  16. Joe A. says:

    Donna your statement is so far from the truth. Since you mentioned Mr. Stevens, answer me this. What does Ray Stevens bring to the table in 2012 that was different from 2008? If I am not mistaken, he was rejected by the voters in the general election with only 20% of the vote. Now he has redefined himself as a self proclaimed Republican. Don’t you think that is just being an opportunist?

    • Layla says:

      I can answer your question, Joe. Mr. Stevens was very clear when he ran in 08 that he was a Republican. As far as I know he is still a Republican.

      Has been a Republican all his life, something not everyone in this race can claim.

      • Ben Dover says:

        then he`s out in my book , republicans are theives

      • seenitall says:

        Except for when he ran as an independent.

        • Layla says:

          He ran as an NPA but stated very clearly that he is a registered Republican, always has been a registered Republican.

          How many other Republicans in this race can say that? In fact, that’s a great question for the Republicans in the debates….just how long have you been a Republican?

    • Angie says:

      An opportunist would be a lifelong Democrat in NJ only becoming a Republican in Flagler County to run for office.

  17. Johnny Taxpayer says:

    It’s beyond dispute at this point that as the article points out, 911 was called immediately after Ms Pécqueur was hit, medical personnel were on the scene with in minutes, and she was transported to a hospital to receive emergency care.

    That is not the same as someone hitting someone, failing to stop, and the person being left for hours without the much needed medical care.

    What else is there to debate?

  18. Thinking says:


  19. Donna says:

    Flattruth, nice try. No need to correct me. Pollinger is running for Sheriff and has been asked to comment on this sad situation. He won’t. We have the right to know what is on his mind. By not commenting, shows weakness. Sorry. With that being said, yes, I do discredit Mr. Pollinger as a candidate. Furthermore, I supported Ray Stevens in the last election, and I will in this election. No mis-leading statements here. As for integrity? That is pretty much all you are going to find on Mr. Stevens.
    Lets not lose the focus on this story that just broke. It sickens me to think what has happened here. A woman died, and people lied. We have the right to know what these candidates are thinking. Manfre was spot on in his take on this situation. He pretty much has Fleming at checkmate. The people need to hear that a candidate is running “for Sheriff” and “not against the Sheriff”. which is Pollingers own words. No false or mis-leading going on here. No mis-information campaigning. If you want more of the same, then vote for Pollinger.

    • Joe A. says:

      Donna you never answered the question.:

      What does Ray Stevens bring to the table in 2012 that was different from 2008? If I am not mistaken, he was rejected by the voters in the general election with only 20% of the vote. Now he has redefined himself as a self proclaimed Republican? You danced around the issue. What does Ray Stevens bring to the table?

  20. Donna says:

    Donna Heiss…..Darn straight that Manfre jumped into the race after our current Sheriff lied to us. He has witnessed a horrible injustice that just happened in our community. Manfre is a standup citizen for publicaly condemning this behavior. Never said that Pollinger has no right to run for Sheriff….. just saying that he is weak on this issue. Stay tuned, more to come on him.

    And Donna reminded me, how much money FlaglerLive makes on printing the truth. Infact, where do I go to donate?

  21. Donna says:

    Joe A. Sorry, but with all due respect, you have your facts wrong. This post is about our current Sheriff withholding important information. I truly believe that the current Sheriff should stand down. By Pollinger not taking a stance on this issue, he is viewed to be weak, and will be discredited. The campaign is months away, and it will probably a three man race. Tozzi, Manfre & Stevens…… The two men that came out strong on this issue was Manfre and Stevens. We can at least credit them for taking a leadership position and commenting on a horrible tragedy…. pointing out to the public for months, what a miscarriage of justice that took place. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It is for standing up for what is right and what is wrong. I see at least two strong men that are very capable of being our next Sheriff. This is an incredibly sad story. In the end, it makes me realize that Ray Stevens is that man.

  22. palmcoaster says:

    Jim Manfre Democrat or William Karback Republican. Any of these two candidates running for sheriff I will vote with confidence, as I know they are experienced law enforcement men also family gentlemen of top integrity. Is not about the party, but about our law enforcement protecting us all.
    Was enough with one newcomer that the uninformed residents supported and voted eight years ago and reelected, look what we had and still have.

  23. youngrepublican says:

    Dont you think that making false or misleading statements under oath to an investigator from FHP is enough to ask the sheriff to step down? At least until it can all be sorted out? After all, if a line officer made false or misleading statements to an investigator, investigating a traffic homicide he would be suspended? I do realize that the Sheriff, being a constitutional officer is not required to be state certified by FDLE, but this type of activity by a certified officer or deputy could and probably would lead to a loss of their certification? The sheriff needs to step down while this is sorted out.
    As far as the candidates for the upcoming sheriffs election, Which one of these candidates have real experience? Ray Stevens Don Fleming and Mr Pollinger all come from very small towns. Manfre has no real experience as law enforcement officer. Folks we are a growing county with real crime problems, we should be conducting a nationwide search for a candidate. How do you think other communities do it? We should be advertising the fact that the poisition is opening up in places like Miami , Philly, New York, and LA, locations where there is real crime fighting experience. The last thing this community needs right now is another sheriff without any real, proven and documented experience. Our future should not rely on individuals that win a popularity contests.

  24. Donna Heiss says:

    @ Pierre, no disrespect intended toward you or Flaglerlive. Look at the news journal, fox news, etc. There is an agenda behind their reporting. Always has been.

    I feel as though you have been honest in reporting the facts. That’s why I keep coming back. You have been my number 1 local news source.

    Again, sorry for any confusion my post may have caused.

  25. Maryjoe says:

    Johnny…SHE didn’t make the call…someone else did. She lied about having hit her..or anything for that matter when at the scene and LEFT. It’s a felony.
    As for Mr. Fleming…be it that he can’t recall the truth or lies, who the heck wants someone in office that can’t remember a chain of events he was involved in? He’s supposed to be a professional law officer. He should be out of office for a failing memory at the very least, lol. What the heck?!

    • Johnny Taxpayer says:

      because someone else made the 911 call as soon as the tragic accident happen, we should look Mrs Fischer up for 30 years??? Come on.

  26. Donna says:

    Joe A…….Just to set the record straight, Ray Stevens was a registered Republican all of his adult life, but ran with no party affiliation in 2008. Never changed his party registration. If you did your homework, you would have known that. However, this issue on this post has nothing to do whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. It is about a woman that died……a call was placed 48 minutes after the accident to our current Sheriff…..and he never reported it. Sorry, I don’t buy the “hit an animal” story. Six phone calls about hitting an animal is saying that the people of this county are stupid and I take great offense to that. What is most probable that will take place in the trial is that, Mrs. Fischer, did leave the scene of the accident….however, reported it. That will make a big difference in her sentencing. I am so damned angry as to what happened here.

    • FLATTRUTH says:

      You are right, the issue is that a poor innocent beautiful life was horribly ended short by someone who demonstrated no regard for human life. That was followed by involvement by our Sheriff….yes our own elected official who’s elevated position demands that he protect us from criminals who show disregard for life. Yet in this situation, he demonstrated the same “I didn’t know what’s going” attitude. I am so saddened that Fleming thinks that his attitude is acceptable….his Chief Deputy thinks that it is acceptable, his Majors think it is acceptable, his Captains think it is acceptable, and SOME of his lieutenants think it is acceptable. Corruption starts from the top and works its way down like a cancer. I wish we had the ability to remove Fleming and his group from power….but that ability is entrusted to our governor. Let us all join together and let our governor know that we demand more…the citizens of Flagler demand more from our Sheriff. We want a Sheriff that we all can trust to enforce our laws with NO bias and NO preferential treatments to anyone because of the office they hold, the friends they have, all the way to the color of their skin. We all have the ability to speak with one voice as a community…. for a woman who can no longer speak for herself. Let us tell Governor Scott together that we demand more..we demand justice. REMOVE SHERIFF FLEMING FROM OFFICE and restore our confidence in our community. Please write to

  27. PalmCoast says:

    I will vote Ray Stevens without a doubt!!
    New is better than what we have or had!!

  28. Robert Lewis says:

    Donna I am confused at your comment. Do you want someone to run for an office or to be controversial and run against someone. You have done well and played on Mr. Pollinger’s words. But I believe you have greatly misinterpreted what he is saying, unless that was your prerogative.

    You want a candidate that comes out personally attacking another candidate. That is disgusting.

    I believe Mr. Pollinger is trying to be above the muck and the mud and be a civilized human being. Pollinger’s campaign tactic of running For the Office not against the individual speaks volume to his character. His focus is on the Office and serve the people not a political vendetta against another candidate. There is a distinct difference between running for the Office of Sheriff and running against the Sheriff.

    Donna, I commend you for your loyalty and support to your candidate. But as an independent , I am turned off by your negative campaigning. I am tired of candidates throwing mud at each other. I want someone who cares about the people. I sincerely believe Mr. Pollinger is a man of moral character and high integrity. He has struck me as such an impressive individual.

    • Layla says:

      Where do you draw the line between fact checking and mudslinging?

      I would rather find out who our candidates are now than after they are sworn in. FlaglerLive, will you help us?

      I still don’t understand why you are accusing Donna of throwing mud. She is making a statement, her opinion and her’s only.

      Mr. Lewis, how would you suggest we vet these candidates?

  29. Anon says:

    Will, I thought about those same issues re: deputies in the school, etc. The problem with that reasoning is that the individual schools’ administrators deal with the sheriff’s office on school matters in regard to deputies, etc. NOT school board members. So I have to dismiss that reasoning in my mind. I still don’t know what the heck Fischer needed to discuss with Phlegming re: school board business.

    They should both step down ASAP. Raven Sword should have been elected. MHO.

  30. Donna says:

    Anon, I hate to break the news to you, but they weren’t discussing any school board issues….. Come on now,…..stay with us here…

  31. You suppose says:

    Fisher supported school uniforms…does he not support his wife wearing a uniform is why his involvement makes this story is so complicated, and why his wife was bonded out so quickly?

    How long will it take before this all plays out in the courts, and will it be moved out of Flagler County?

  32. ANONYMOUSAY says:

    @palmcoaster: ooohhh, you struck a nerve by mentioning Mrs. Sword. I’ve known her family for some time now. I honestly thought of that vote as I posted. Figures you would be the one to magnify it. But your right! Unfortunately this tragedy has put some other issues that seemed under the radar now on front stage.

  33. FlaglerNative says:

    As many comments as there is on here… looks as though none of you expected this.

    Elected officials = Corruption

    It’s as simple as that.

  34. Anon says:

    Looks like David OBrien’s plan is falling right into place afterall.

  35. Think first, act second says:

    Fleming says in his report to the investigator that “I get those kinds of calls all the time”. Who has his cell phone number? it isn’t published so how can he be getting calls “all the time” unless someone, typically a friend, has his phone number? I am sure that he does not indiscriminately give out his cell phone # and I am confident that the Sheriff’s office will not give it out either. Sounds like embellishment of an answer to me!

  36. elaygee says:

    Doesn’t that make the Sheriff an accessory to manslaughter? The woman would be alive if treated promptly.

  37. JGA says:

    Just out of curiosity Donna, you are about the 100th person I heard mention about these ” good ole boys”. Just who are these ” good ole boys I hear people mention time and time again, maybe you could devulge some names to put with the cliche’ so some of us new comers know who they are? Thanks!

    • Liana G says:

      Welcome newcomer, the safest way to do so would be to read FlaglerLive often, and pay attention to local gossip (for news that don’t make it to print) and goings on at our local gov’t agencies and their business counterparts.

      FlaglerLive is the best thing to happen to this community, and public support is crucial for it to operate and serve the public good.

      • dontbesoparanoid says:

        Yes by all means “pay attention to the local gossip” true or not it doesn’t matter. Get in on it now while its hot. Don’t worry If you don’t have any of your own gossip to share, just jump on someone elses bandwagon and go from there.

        • Liana G says:

          Have you heard the latest?

          Gossip is more than just idle chatter, according to recent research. It helps us navigate our complex social world.

          By Lea Winerman (Monitor Staff April 2006, Vol 37, No. 4 Print version: page 56

          …”They’re finding that, contrary to popular opinion, gossip isn’t always bad. Although it can be used to harm others (see “Whispers as weapons”), gossip is also the glue that binds social groups together (see “Bonding over others’ business”) and a valuable tool that helps people learn the rules of their social worlds (see “Learned it through the grapevine”). In fact, some psychologists suspect that, despite gossip’s reputation for triviality, our need to chatter about one another in fact may be the evolutionary spur that pushed humanity to develop language (see “Bonding over others’ business”).”

  38. Bullgator2410 says:

    Mr Pollinger refusing to become all tangled in the mess gets my vote. The duty of the Sheriff is not to have an opinion on current events. The duty of the Sheriff is to protect and serve and provide the same services at or below the same cost to the taxpayer on a daily basis. Oh, and just one lil snide remark, this ain’t Vegas but if I were a betting man–one word–tipobrien.

  39. Bubba Fatti via Facebook says:

    This guy can’t even get his lies straight.

  40. Donna says:

    To Robert Lewis……….I must a agree with you. You are confused. Your endorsement of Pollinger is very sweet…..infact has given me a toothache….However, let me point out that there is no candidate mud slinging here. Now let me point out to you, that a woman has died here, and I want to hear what our current candidates for Sheriff have to say about that. You judge a candidate by what he says, what he can do, and how he feels……we have the right to know what is on his mind. Now, Pollinger may be a man of moral character and high integrity…….but appears to be very weak on the issues and that concerns me. What I find discusting, is that a candidate will sit back and say nothing……nothing to the people who about to go into the voting booth later this year…

    It sad to think, when a person speaks the truth about one other’s candidate, it becomes discusting, mud slinging, character assasinations and negative campaigning. This becomes your defense because your candidate decided to take the “so called” high road, and not address the issues with the voters.

    Stevens and Manfre came out strong on this particular issue. The public knows where they stand and what they bring to the table. As for your boy, he sits there silent because he doesn’t want to offend anyone. Well, I am offended that Mr. Pollinger is silent on this issue. Goes to his character as a candidate, and he is percieved to be weak. Since when, does a candidate for Sheriff refuse and will not comment on the current issues? My question is then, why is he running.

    I am pretty much done as far as giving him anymore campaign tips. You can throw the kitchen sink at me. I am right, and you are factually wrong.

    Bullgator2410……..Really? You wrote: “Mr Pollinger refusing to become all tangled in the mess gets my vote.” I truly believe that you wouldn’t be saying that if that was your mother that was hit and killed. If these are your reasons as to why you are voting for this man, leaves me to believe that you are a reckless voter. To think that you are going to cancel out my vote is disturbing. Remember to vote Wednesday November 7, 2012! I’m thinking that litmus test for voters is starting to appeal to me right now. (rolling eyes)

    JGA….. Well, for starters….you can start reading FlaglerLive everyday. Then pick up the Observer and Daytona Beach News Journal….compare the stories…..and in time, you will figure out who the good o’le boys are….the ones that make their back room deals, smoking on their cigars, patting each other on their backs and telling one another what a good job each of them are doing… Sweeping stories under the rug… The worst of all…..not commenting on current events…. not letting the people speak at council meetings…. looking at their wrist watches and telling the people of this city and county, that their time is up…… forgetting it was the people that put them in their seats….. I don’t know….. stick around JGA and in time you see what I see…….great to have you around!

    [Donna, please refrain from attacking commenters individually. You’re welcome to object and tackle the substance of what they say, but not them personally. It saves us editing time at this end.Thanks.FL]

  41. Donna says:

    I am pleading with Mr. FlaglerLive to interview all the current Sheriff candidates, individually, and post their stories here, so we the people can hear them loud and clear on this issue and all the other law enforcement issues that we face in Flagler County. There is no better time than now to get these interviews in the press. All we get a small soundbites and snippets in the press. I want to hear what they have to say about this particular issue. I am looking forward to hearing statements from Manfre, Stevens and Tozzi. Don’t even bother asking Pollinger. He has clearly refused to comment on this issue.

    [All political candidates, including candidates for sheriff, will be interviewed extensively and their answers posted as the election approaches.–FL]

    • Layla says:

      I think I would agree. I’d like to know how each of these candidates would respond to a situation like this before I cast my vote.

      Good point.

  42. smiller says:

    How can we respect our elected leaders if they continue to lie to us every time we turn around?
    They ALL need to be replaced ALL of them!

  43. palmcoaster says:

    This is the former Flagler County Commissioner Pat McGuire also police benevolent chief that witch hunted Jim Manfre from his seat :
    along with the rest of the Commissioners, Darby, Hanns, King, O’Connel and late during Manfre’s Sheriff tenure…and among other things over a printed informative calendar. They did it with the undeniable help and attacks of then County Manager Haas the same one that now works for developer Mori Hosseini and are threatening to sue the City of Palm Coast if the undermined nearby residents, oppose them to build a higher density development on their vicinity. Haas was the county manager when ITT left and suddenly and significantly the density for one family home was changed around the area in discourse now. Will be very informative to learn when Mori Hosseini (one of the good ole boys) bought that land. Now out of the blue Hass shows up representing his interest…hello? Are you getting it JGA?

    • Layla says:

      Oh, we’re getting it, alright. There was supposed to be a hearing yesterday on the design of the new matanzas interchange, the one most of the residents don’t want but Mr. Hanns does. The cost of the design will be $700,000.

      Money speaks much louder than constituents, especially developer money. Until we cut off that steady flow to our elected officials, expect more of the same.

  44. The first Anon says:

    Donna and the three who “liked” your comment to me: I’m fully on board. Stop looking for things to attack people with. I was simply pointing out the stupidity of his comments under oath. No need to call any of us out and try to humiliate us. Thank you.

  45. Think first, act second says:

    pcoaster, Haas did not show up “out of the blue” to represent Mori’s interest here. He was fired in Dec 2005 from the Flagler County Admin. job and in February 2006 went to work for Mori as Senior V.P. of corporate land management after taking $180K severance from the county.
    Then in 2008 got Mori to give George Hanns $2,000 contribution for his reelection, guess who on the board did not vote to fire him, yep, Hanns. Is this known as quid-pro-quo?

  46. Joe A. says:


    There is a major is a major difference between taking a position and take an opportunity. It is easy for a candidate like Ray Stevens to pretend to take a stance. The reality is as a Lieutenant for the Ossining Police, he has never had to make a decision as an administrator. He served at the pleasure of his Chief. He never served as a chief or administrator position to make a decision.

    Ray Stevens is simply capitalizing on an unfortunate event. So Donna, you never mentioned why Ray Stevens is the best choice. You just mentioned why other people should not have the position. Ray Stevens had his chance four years ago and was rejected by the voters.

    Donna I am sorry. You have turned me away from the Stevens campaign. This story is about Sheriff Fleming covering up a story. It had nothing to do with Ray Stevens. But since your brought his name into this, opens up a bag of worms.

    When you are ready to talk abou Ray Stevens accomplishments against any of the candidates you will find that he is all talk. Ray Stevens is alll talk. He can not back up any of his talk with what he did.

    He is a typical politican. All talk no action.

    • Layla says:

      Maybe Mr. Pollinger won’t mind sharing his entire record from his previous state?

      • Angie says:

        What about his local record? Pollinger already displayed his “leadership” quality and skills to one local organization who trusted him. He talked a good talk, but he left them high and dry, unfulfilled commitments and responsibilities. Pollinger, like Manfre, loves being King, but just don’t expect him to do anything that amounts to anything.

        Pollinger is not being magnanimous by not commenting on this incident. He is friends with the sheriff just like Fischer is.

  47. hahahahaha says:

    The Bubba System at its best. He (Flemming) should resign immediately and so should Fischer. At what point does someone not politically connected or maybe with an ounce of common sense raise a question that its took several months for this women to to be charged with a crime. Or a million dollar civil suit was settled weeks before she was even charged with a crime. A boogar eating moron could have figured this out with a broken pencil and a piece of scratch paper from the tidbits that were in the local fish wrapper newspaper days after it happened. No wonder this county is the laughing stock of Florida.

    • Kip Durocher says:

      It is not the “Bubba System.”
      All these people are from the north.
      It is the Yankee System

      • hehehehehe says:

        kip. doesnt matter where they arefrom, its still the bubba system. its politically correct or at least half way ok for a guy to have a neighbor thats say, a cop or judge or a clerk of courts to get them out of a parking ticket or even a speeding ticket. but a traffic homicide is WAY out of line. just remember the golden rule. he who has the gold rules.

  48. palmcoaster says:

    @Kip Dourcher. Bingo! They are mostly from NJ and some from NY.!

  49. Maryjoe says:

    Johnny Taxpayer: I didn’t say she should get 30 years. Nor do I think she’s going to get anywhere near to that. But I do think she should be punished. Yes, from what I understand she’s never been in any kind of trouble before. But she is guilty of a felony. What punishment she gets for that is up to the courts. One can only hope that it’s a fair and just decision not influenced by anything other than the facts. It would help if people would stop lying or ‘forgetting’, especially our present Sheriff. IMO, if she were suffering from shock about the whole thing, which honestly I can understand, within 24 hrs she should have been at the Sheriff’s office with her attorney handling the situation. She didn’t even have the decency to do that. Disgusting.

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