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Paige Dalporto’s Latest Disillusions

| December 6, 2009

West Virginia's T. Paige DalportoTo describe himself, T. Paige Dalporto, the West Virginia photographer, poet, song-writer and performer, writes a poem:

A railroad
runs through my life
dirty tracks remind me:
this is no earthly
garden of Eden…

…a hollow tunnel
carves my veins
and before I cross
the river
I have to cross
the tracks.

Here he is in his latest video:

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2 Responses for “Paige Dalporto’s Latest Disillusions”

  1. t. paige says:

    adhd theater?

    emilio pooped all day. had a show this evening…not too bad—students and faculty mostly showed up, but had a nice relaxed time and several students were really cool…really liked the german girl…was able to communicate fairly well with them, except for the Jamaican. are we really on here, poke, poke, testing, testing.

  2. T. Paige Dalporto says:

    So what we have right now is a new “us-themism”, a mentally contortionistic malleable Gumby “toy reality”. Imposed by certain political groups whose main goal is to dominate and control us … all of us and to enforce this “us against them” line of thinking.

    They have gained control through the media and through funding by those super powerful super wealthy individuals and groups who have always had this undue influence on our democracy. In spite of the movement to get the money out of politics.

    Their way is: rewarding those who go along, and punishing those who don’t.

    So they needed to take advantage of this opportunity that arose after 911 which was probably planned and executed by the neo cons to move us away from cultural norms and get us thinking away from moderation and towards acceptance of surrogates to tell us what we should think and feel and how we should act.

    That’s how we got here…this new dawn of extreme paranoia and us-themism.

    It has been coming for a long time but why did the powers that be finally decided to act decisively?

    if you look back at the chatter from 2000, the think tank, The Project for a New American Century came up with this idea of an event needed to galvanize the American people into action. 911.

    But once Afghan and the Iraq wars were sold to us most people began to realize that we were lied to.

    That for example there were no WMD’s in Iraq. They realized that the people who had been on board were quickly jumping ship due to the interference of the Internet and honest reporting of what was really going on contrary to the mass media storyline…the official version of 911 was suspect. It was a whitewash we began to realize, a ruse.

    So in order to justify these wars they had to make up some kind of rationale. And out of all of the chaos after 911 a new story line emerged from the Outlet … a new propaganda line was manufactured for mass consumption and deciet, to sway public opinion a certain direction…thought programming, through intervention and reeducation on a mass scale. Like never before.

    Doling out money like candy to those who could be bought or who had been raised up by the new New left…and bought it, the Neolibs emerged in full force.

    They raise the bar to such heights that only the most hypocritical could advance in this new system of thinking. Concern and consciences were assuaged by this promise of Utopia. With money and position to those who demonstrated their allegiance to the hidden hand…ie, those with nearly all of the money power and resources needed to bring about such drastic change and institute draconian measures practices policies and standards of behavior that no one could possibly achieve. With privileges and rewards to those subservient or hypocritical enough to pass muster. AND equal doses of punishment to dissenters and slackers, i.e., most of America.

    It appears that there are two camps of elites both vying for control of this great prize…America…
    trying to have their way with her.

    When the one failed the other stepped up and said let me have a go with her. It’s basically a situation like the one rapist fails and the other rapist says, it’s my turn with her and I’ll show that bitch who’s boss.

    So where the neocons failed due to the Internet truth movement, the Neo liberal movement now was in a key position and ready with their substitute for truth, the narrative, and the agenda.

    Whereas the neocons were extremists from the conservative ranks…in other words they called themselves conservatives but were not, when they were outed as neocons, fakes, phonies and frauds, with a tyrannical bent, and lost public support due to the Intransigency and repugnancy of George Bush and Dick Cheney and the like, this other far left group funded by the elite power money brokers swimming in cash came into their own.

    They had been in the background steadily indoctrinating young people in the colleges and had infiltrated liberal groups like neo feminists and other interest groups and had grown very powerful partly because of the failure of the neocons.

    So the neoliberals and their cohorts in the media … and charities, and think tanks, foundations and these interest groups, became very viable and very powerful and very wealthy.

    They wanted above all else to retain this power this wealth and this glory, and Hillary Clinton was their great white hope.

    All these hopes were dashed with the outcome of the 2016 election.

    But all was not lost…Hillary had a deep well of resources available…a well funded deep state elite back up plan: Impeach the President of the United States of America.

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