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A Day Before School Starts, FPC Principal Dusty Sims Announces He’s Leaving District For
State Education Job

| August 9, 2018

dusty sims

Flagler Palm Coast High School Principal Dusty Sims during a celebration of the school’s football team last December. Sims is leaving the school. (© FlaglerLive)

Wednesday evening Dusty Sims was on stage at the Flagler Auditorium, welcoming more than 600 incoming freshmen about to start school at Flagler Palm Coast High School Friday. He told them what FPC’s letters stand for, metaphorically, anyway: “Focus. Purpose. Commitment.” He spoke of the innumerable opportunities at the school, urging students to take advantage of them. He spoke of this year’s theme: “If not you, then who?”

At about 8:15 this morning, Sims, the popular and charismatic principal at FPC since 2015, shortly after he’d been named Florida’s assistant principal of the year, gathered his faculty and staff in the school’s media center and announced that he would be leaving FPC by the end of next week.

The state Department of Education just tapped Sims for a job in the department’s accountability division, helping failing schools turn around. Sims will be overseeing such schools in the department’s northeast region, covering schools from Duval to Brevard. The actual title, characteristically interminable for state job titles, is Regional Executive Director for School Improvement of the Northeast Region.

The announcement was a shock to the staff and emotionally difficult to Sims, according to people who were there, who described the moment as bittersweet. Sims could not immediately be reached.

“I’ve always looked for providing opportunities for everyone, whether they’re an adult or a student,” he was quoted as saying in a release issued half an hour after his announcement. “Our staff has done a wonderful job in sharing our goal. Their success has provided me with this opportunity to help other schools in our state.”

fpc ib

Last December Dusty Sims spoke to the International Baccalaureate Class of 2017, the program’s most successful to date at FPC, with a 74 percent success rate. (© FlaglerLive)

“It was very hard for him,” one member of the faculty at the announcement said. “He loves not only the staff here but the county, this is where he established long-lasting friendships and helped students” become successful.

“First of all I’m happy for Dusty and his family,” Superintendent Jim Tager said this morning shortly after the announcement. “It’s an opportunity he wants to pursue. He made me aware of it a couple of weeks ago. I’d never hold anybody back from something they want to do to move forward. It’s a loss for us, he does a fantastic job in a very big school, it’s almost like his own city over there, he’s done a remarkable job at FPC.” FPC’s enrollment is at 2,500. It has 113 teachers, a support staff of 51, and another dozen or two staffers in custodial and food service ranks.

Tager singled out Sims’s role in bringing the school to within a few points of being an A rated school and in describing him as a “relationship-builder”–a theme Sims himself touched on Wednesday evening when he spoke to students, when he stressed the importance of relationships started in high school that would last a lifetime.

A replacement for Sims has not been named. The position was posted in mid-morning, with a salary range of $88,500 to $95,500 and an Aug. 13 deadline.

“It’s the beginning of the school year so I’d like to fill it quickly, but more importantly I’d like to find the right person for the job,” Tager said. Ideally, he said, he wants someone in place by the end of next week, with time enough to work on a transition with Sims. “It’s a great job so I anticipate getting some great candidates. Timing is a little bad but Dusty is doing everything to get the school up and running.”

Dusty Sims with School Board member Andy Dance in March, before the pair joined a student-led march in response to the Parkland massacre. (© FlaglerLive)

Dusty Sims with School Board member Andy Dance in March, before the pair joined a student-led march in response to the Parkland massacre. (© FlaglerLive)

There’s no doubt that the position will draw significant interest: it is coveted not just as a significant job in itself, but as a slingshot to high-impact education careers.

FPC has not held on to its principals for more than a few years at a time, with each principal going on to make much broader marks on education: two principals in the past decade and a half have gone on to be superintendents locally–Bill Delbrugge and Jacob Oliva. Oliva last year became a vice chancellor at the state Department of Education. Lynette Shott, the principal who’d taken over at FPC between Oliva and Sims, was herself soon elevated to a district position, overseeing student and community engagement.

“I’m a Matanzas parent, my oldest son goes to Matanzas, my youngest is going to go to Matanzas,” Jason Wheeler, the district’s chief spokesman, said after the announcement. “But FPC, that’s the high school here. It was a big, big deal for Matanzas to beat FPC in football. They could have lost every other game, but that made the season. And you look at administrators in others schools, here in the district office–how many people have come from that school. And you look at our teachers, how many of them graduated from FPC.” Wheeler added: “It just goes to show we’re producing some pretty good people here.”

Tyler Perry, president of the FPC Student Government Association, had shared the stage with Sims Wednesday evening, welcoming the new batch of students. He was at the school this morning with members of the association, helping teachers set up their classrooms. “I’ve had a number of principals,” Perry said of his years through the Flagler school district. “I’ve never had such a personal interaction with a principal. You can ask anyone at FPC, it’s not just that I’m student government president.” He described Sims routinely walking the hallways, high-fiving students, shaking their hands, asking them about their day, doing lunch duty and rarely sitting behind a desk. “To a lot of kids that’s really important, they want someone they can see face to face and Sims has always been that kind of principal.”

Like faculty and staff, Perry described himself as “a little bit conflicted,” but he said that “most of all I’m excited for him. Obviously it’s a little bittersweet. He’s done such an amazing job here at FPC in making this feel so much like a community.”

Sims, 41, is in his 20th year as an educator. He started his career as a teacher and head baseball coach at Harrison High School in Indiana. In 2003 he joined the staff at FPC as a baseball coach and 10th grade English teacher, when Bob Nocella was the principal. Ten years later Nancy Willis, the principal at Old Kings Elementary at the time, hired him as an assistant principal. He returned to FPC in 2011 as dean of students under then-principal Oliva, and became assistant principal when Shott took over. He has three young children. His oldest is an 8th grader this year and had been looking forward to entering FPC as a ninth grader under her father’s leadership.

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16 Responses for “A Day Before School Starts, FPC Principal Dusty Sims Announces He’s Leaving District For
State Education Job”

  1. DRedder says:

    Well then I guess he got bump in pay and a better benefit package. Who can blame him?
    As far a FPC being a few points away from an A rating, it’s still not an A.
    Kinda like the lower standards the district accepts and promotes with the “A/B” Honor Roll. Seems that in this day and age instead of holding the pupils to a higher level and instilling challanges, they just lower the bar and promote mediocre preformace mimicking the me too of everyone gets a trophy.
    Perhaps his in his new position he can fix the leaks socail acceptance and push Flager Counties School System above the point shortage to an actual A+.

  2. BobbCobbEsq. says:

    Think about this the next time you are “asked” to support a levy…

    By the way, 20 years in education for a 40 year old?

  3. Tyler says:

    Mr. Sims did so much to cultivate an inclusive environment for everyone at FPC, and really made this school feel like a family. His legacy will live on for generations. I’m proud to say that Mr. Sims was my principal, and I wish him luck on his future endeavors.

  4. WTF says:

    Who the hell does this the day before school starts?

    Wrong on so many levels.

    Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

  5. Jan Reeger says:

    I got to know Dusty when he coached FPC baseball and my Grandson Joey was playing. Dusty is one of the really “great” guys. It has been fun watching his progression and achievements. Wishing him all the best and knowing more good things await him.

  6. woodchuck says:

    Dusty was great guy but bad timing and much like most school administrator’s always chasing the big dollars.

  7. Alexia says:

    I am so sad to here this. Mr. Sims is an amazing principle. From my sons 8th grade graduation until now, he has done nothing but give me faith in the High School education system here. He will be missed more than he knows. I wish him all the best!

  8. thomas says:

    What a classy guy!
    Nice thing to do to the students and faculty.
    He deserves to fall on his face in his new job.

  9. Really says:

    John Fischer for Principal

  10. Anonymous says:

    First Olivia now Sims …….starting to see a pattern …….

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Teacher says:

    I can’t think of a more deserving individual for a position of this level than mr. Sims. As a teacher at FPC, I can honestly say I work at the best school, and that he is the best boss and builder of leaders I have ever met. Instead of trying to do everything his own way, Mr. Sims constantly elevated those around him to even higher levels by providing strong leadership and empowering them to be great.
    Regardless of what anyone says on these comments, I hope Mr. Sims knows how many people are proud of him, and are thankful to have been able to work under such a great leader.
    While it is definitely sad to see him go, I know that he will continue to work hard for students and education, and can now make an impact on even more students lives.

  13. Fat Boy says:

    Congratulations to Dustin. He was a good teacher and a better administrator. Like the article mentioned, he was always interacting with the students and staff. Hopefully he will be able to use that technique in his new position, as it is one of his greatest strengths.

    As far as the “timing” of the move, well ,you have to take an opportunity when its there. Blame the state for the timing of this opening, not the applicant. Last time I checked, jobs with more responsibilities and require more work time, usually pay more, so I don’t agree with the “chasing the money” line. Workers move up in private industry all the time. Many people claim that educators are lazy & happy with mediocre pay with good benefits & a lot of time off. Here, a man pushes himself ahead and gets criticized for it?

    Good luck to Dustin. You served Flagler Schools well & deserve your new position.

  14. Jim says:

    Kind of reminds me when Steve Spurrier quit on his team at S Carolina mid season….I’m sure the admin at FPC appreciate this move.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful comments on what a great guy he is…………. leaving the day before school starts does not sound like he really had the best interest of his students in mind . School board now has to scramble once again for a mediocre replacement …….. this school will never be able to get out of its own way to achieve a A rating . Mr. Sims had one thing in mind Himself .

  16. 2 cents worth says:

    Mr. Fanelli should be the next Principal.

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