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Palm Coast Man Faces Felony Animal Cruelty Charge After Yorkshire Terrier Is Brutalized

| March 8, 2018

Brenden Geary

Brenden Geary.

Brenden Geary, 21, eventually did not hide what he did to Dixie, his roommate’s 11-pound Yorkshire terrier.

The dog, Geary claimed, has peed and dropped feces “all over that rug.” He walked in, “really frustrated, picked her up by her ears, and I choked her,” he is quoted as saying of the dog in his arrest report.

“Brenden stated he doesn’t know what is wrong with him but does not have the resources to find out at this moment,” his arrest report states.

A detective who examined the scene at 3 Winchester Place in Palm Coast on Tuesday described the back porch: “Substances were observed on the wall consistent with what appears to be blood spatter and smeared feces. The dog food bag located under the observed areas also had what appeared to be blood on it. The carpet where Dixie was located unresponsive had several spots in a line approximately two feet in length that also appeared to be blood.

Yorkshire terriers are typically small, feisty, loving dogs.

“The scene depicted a violent encounter, with the smudge of possible feces being located approximately five feet up onto the wall.” Annie Conrad, the detective, photographed and documented all she saw.

According to Geary’s roommate, a 21-year-old resident at Winchester Place, he’d come home to find Dixie unresponsive Monday evening, rushing her to Flagler Animal Hospital on Old Kings Road at 7:30 p.m. Veterinarian Trisha Doswell examined the dog and suspected abuse that included asphyxiation. The dog had been in shock when first brought to the hospital, with severe bruising on the ears, face, neck, throat and on the inside of the legs, according to the sheriff’s report.

The hospital contacted the sheriff’s office, as it was a suspected case of abuse. At the time, Geary was also at the veterinary hospital, but he claimed to have no idea how the dog ended up in that condition. Dixie remained at the hospital for treatment.

After getting contacted by Conrad on Tuesday, Geary agreed to speak with her. He drove to the Sheriff’s Office in Bunnell. That’s when he admitted, according to his arrest report, to brutalizing the dog in frustration.

Dixie tried running away from him after he threw her against the wall. “That’s when he grabbed her thighs and picked her up and sat her in the spot on the carpet where she was later found unresponsive,” his arrest report states.

He was placed under arrest and charged with aggravated animal cruelty, a third-degree felony. He remains at the Flagler County jail on $2,500 bond.

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28 Responses for “Palm Coast Man Faces Felony Animal Cruelty Charge After Yorkshire Terrier Is Brutalized”

  1. 2tired4it says:

    What a POS!!!! Practically kills an 11 lb dog and only needs a $2500 bond??? If people do this to an animal they won’t hesitate to do it to a human, possibly a child. This POS needs jail time and a HUGE fine and should have to pay for all of the vet bills, not to mention be put on a registry for animal cruelty so he can’t ever own an animal.

  2. Vicki and Brian Nixon says:

    So sad, I believe that animal abuse should be treated the same as if it were a human being these are God’s creatures and when he did was very very very wrong I hope he gets the help that he needs and that the dog recovers fully.

  3. Really says:

    Next he will do it to an infant or woman. Lack of intelligence is his handicap.

  4. woodchuck says:

    What a man,he’s just pissed off at the person who gave him that haircut.Disgusting.

  5. palmcoaster says:

    Such an unforgivable cruelty!!

  6. Granboomer says:

    So he bonds out then what? He needs to be mandated by the court to attend anger management for 6 months. Maybe he needs to go to Tomoka Correctional Institution, as an inmate, and learn to train animals for service. Who is the beast here…not the animal.

  7. Laura Shaver says:

    There is something very wrong with that young man.
    Whatever is wrong with our society it isn’t just guns.

  8. That'sTheFactJack says:

    That’s how they start. Future serial killer.

  9. JB says:

    can we pick him up by the ears and throw him against the wall,
    what a lowlife

  10. Stan says:

    This might be the start of a mass murderer or serial killer ,he sure needs some mental help. Just think, this could have been a young child.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Clearly, anyone who has mental health issues in Flagler County cannot expect to get any help here.

  12. Conner says:

    I’d call that murder and animal cruelty should be charged as that

  13. Trumpster says:

    Room for Rent. New room mate needed, former one is in prison.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How many more Geary’s are out there just waiting to ignite in a violent rage causing injury to a human o animal I wonder what his home life is like or what his room looks like. This character needs to be checked out further and closely watched from here on . I think he should be made to clean up all the dog waste at the FHS for the next several months

  15. Bev says:

    This is sick! I can’t believe he only has a $2500.00 dollar bail! This person is sick lock him up make him do community service and not be around animals or children! This is absolutely uncalled for! This angers me to no end! Spell Dog backwards you get GOD! This is one of God’s babies.

  16. Richard says:

    A serial killer in the making brought to you by our justice system by ignoring the underlying causes but surely get their bond money to help pay for their inflated salaries.

  17. Trailer Bob says:

    If you can brutalize a small dog, you can most likely do the same to other defenseless creatures, including humans. This punk should get time in a mental health facility.

  18. kathy roberts says:

    They should automatically get 10 years in prison. This type of person is not worth any money to fix his
    mental. I think the mental excuse for any criminals is just that; an excuse. To me…all people that commit
    horrendous crimes are obviously not mentally well. Give them the punishment despite the excuse. We
    don’t have money to treat all the screwed-up mental cases in the world. We shouldn’t even have to waste
    money on the likes of school shooter trials… many millions do we waste on that. They should just put
    some people down like mad dogs. They let DUI murderers out after about 2 years; so much for the victims.
    People that harm others or animals through abuse/neglect, or due to mental, drug or alcohol abuse should
    have to pay dearly for their crimes. Stop making excuses for them! Good thing for the scum of the earth that I am not in charge of their fates!

  19. Anonymous says:

    For some reason there is nothing more disturbing to me than hurting a dog. I feel much worse about abused dogs than I do about abused humans. I am not sure why I feel so much more emotional pain for the suffering of dogs, but I really hope this guy gets a taste of his own medicine.

  20. Donnie Riddle says:

    He deserves the same treatment as he gave this dog. Needs to leave flagler county, so the sweet smell can return to the air!

  21. Brian Smith says:

    Expect this person to get out and destroy someone’s life, then spend the rest of his life in jail.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What a piece if s***! And what the f*** is wrong with Flagler court system!? 2500 for nearly killing a puppy, but 10,000 dollar bond when I was arrested due to the courts mistake. And I sat in there for 2 weeks before that as well. Bulls***!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Probably because the dogs can’t speak up for themselves. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he abused that poor puppy.

  24. Jim says:

    Big deal!!!!

  25. diane grill says:

    sad day when a man beats up a little dog!!!! what kind of up bringing did he have???? He should be made to attend anger management classes and do community service with the Humane Society…. supervised. Does anyone know if the yorkie is up for adoption? I have a yorkie too, she’s percious, i’m sure they’d love each other.

  26. Anonymous says:

    There still hope for the human race because all the comments are showing love and compassion towards animals

  27. MannyHM says:

    For his own good as well as for,others, he needs to be monitored like a parolee. Focuse on cruel behavior to animals and humans as well as access to weapons. Protect others. Actually even folks who are inherently bad or evil if under scrutiny and know it, are compelled to behave civilly. Psychopaths totally lack sympathy for others.

  28. Jolene dehart says:

    I’m sure his future companions will be treated the same

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