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When a President’s Tweets Ape the Squeals of a Swine

| June 29, 2017

donalt trump time cover

President bogus.

What struck me in Donald Trump’s latest hurl of tweets, among other foulness, was the time of the tweets: around 9 a.m., when most of us have already been neck-deep in work for a few hours.

What is this president’s chief of staff doing, if anything, that would make it possible for the “leader of the free world” (the quote marks are necessary disclaimers should the phrase trigger an aneurysm) to have had the time a) to have a conversation with a staffer on what might or might not have been talked about on a morning cable news show, b) to take the time to address it in a pair of tweets immediately after a tweet about a sugar deal with Mexico. Was that it for the president’s schedule today? A photo-op on the sugar deal, then tweeting and TV watching the rest of the day? Of course the tweets were written just before the end of Morning Joe on MSNBC: he was watching. He was already on TV time for the day.

flaglerlive commentary, opinion dissentThat’s not the scandal here. It should be, but even scandal has become devalued in this presidency. The tweets about Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski are disgusting and too much like the “blood coming out of her wherever” attack on Megyn Kelly at that debate eons ago. But so is the serial tweeting of a man whose megaton vulgarity is hourly making America more crass than it was the day before.

It’s not exactly clear why Trump was attacking the Morning Joe duo today, though yesterday Brzezinski had made fun of a fabricated Time magazine cover Trump had created for himself and hung in “at least five” of Trump’s golf clubs, including one in South Florida, according to the Washington Post. The man who blurts “fake news” at every chance cooked up a bogus Time cover for himself and passed it off as fact, along with other vanity covers. This small mind controls the nuclear codes.

Then came the tweets.

From the mouth of any other human being, these would be the words of a swine. Let’s see now how quickly and fervently the Jeffrey Lords of the realm will rally around the swine, lipstick in hand.

But Trump’s tweets, his hurls to the masses, are now like our so-beloved mass shootings. They happen. They’re decried. They’re forgotten. Until the next hurl (or the next mass shooting). His GOP acolytes criticize them just enough to remain on the right side of propriety, but never denounce them. Like the right honorable senator from South Carolina who prattles on about how it’s beneath the dignity of the White House, but clearly not beneath it enough that he shouldn’t stoop to equally debased policies, written in the same style, designed to have the same violent effect not on a couple of television talking heads, but on tens of millions of people. (Sen. Lindsay Graham had no problem with Trumpcare’s demolition of safety nets.)

It’s the Paul Ryan approach, taking a break from pleasuring the president just long enough to spit out the requisite waiver: “Obviously, I don’t see that as an appropriate comment.” But there’s a job to do. And maybe the tweets are a hoax. Everything else is.

–Pierre Tristam

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83 Responses for “When a President’s Tweets Ape the Squeals of a Swine”

  1. Knightwatch says:

    This disgusting caricature of a man, of a human being, is an embarrassment to America and to basic decent human beings. This vile behavior will become worse as the rest of the world turns its collective back on him and the America he has created. My question…how can Republicans defend this behavior? What happened to principled Republicans? They are either gone or are too intimidated to stand up for America and against this hateful dishonorable person. That’s very sad because we can do so much good for this country working as a team. Not building useless walls, not denying health care and not insulting and dividing people, but working together to heal, to educate, to include and to protect the rights of all citizens.

  2. Veteran says:

    Go Trump!

  3. fredrick says:

    Ah yes…and then we have the liberal swine of the past administration, the liberal swine that was put up to run against him, and the do nothing political elite on both sides of the aisle for giving us Trump. An outsider, who does not have an issue giving back what gets dished out to him. It seems that the liberals still do not understand the message that was given by the election last November. People are tired of the political correctness, the do nothing politicians, administrations that put other countries needs in front of its own peoples needs and rights as citizens of this country. They are tired of being called, homophobes, racists, gun toting religious bigots. Tired of being told we want people to die, and live on the streets…. People are tired of the obstructionism of the left. They want things fixed. Keep on complaining, keep on getting in the way of what the election proved the country wants, keep putting up candidates that are worse than Trump, don’t do anything to get a message to the people that shows you are serious about doing what needs to be done, and you ensure that you will lose more ground in 2018. Of course you can deny that fact, think that people surely do not want REAL change and fool yourself into a false sense of security and be dumbfounded by what happens in 2018 when you are even farther on the outside looking in. We need to strong parties with strong and good messages. Get your crap together, get rid of Pelosi, Waters, Shumer and the other turds on your side of the aisle and the right will continue to get rid of the turds on it’s side of the aisle. It’s hard to say which side will have to flush twice.

  4. Diana L says:

    It is my sincere belief that this man child will be gone from the office of President of the United States in Aug/Sept, but with each vile action of his-I fear it isn’t soon enough. I would rather talk about policies and ideas but this situation is different, this situation is not normal.
    A note to the Intelligence Community, I trust you, I know you are working to save the United States of America, but please hurry, we can’t take much more. Love, Sane America.

  5. John F Pollinger says:

    Never in my lifetime have I witnessed the complete breakdown of civility and prestige coming out of the oval office……SMH

  6. Sherry says:

    Thanks so much, Pierre. . . an excellent article!

    Right On! Knightwatch. . . as usual!

    Just watch. . . A few Republicans in Congress will again condemn trump’s behavior, then they will slink around to the back door to do his bidding. I’ve asking the same questions for months. What ever happened to Republican principles, character, honor, dignity, morals?

    The supposed leaders of our country. . . Republicans AND Democrats. . . are allowing one disgusting man to drag our country and society into a cesspool where it is becoming acceptable to repeatedly and savagely attack and bully others. . . simply because his feelings are hurt. Also where daily “lies” are covered up, or where he proudly “doubles down” on the worst of them.

    Is this the kind of statesmanship we should be proud of? Is this behavior the example that should be set for children? Is American quickly becoming the land of low life, crass, lewd acts and communication, back room deals, bribery, corruption, lies layered over lies,. . . a true “HOUSE OF CARDS”?????

    Trumptopia. . . is that the future of our country???

  7. JasonB says:

    You would think at this point even Trump’s most deplorable supporters would have got tired of these distracting early morning tweets, but apparently not. Why is Trump so obsessed with women’s bodily functions? Not just the blood references, but remember his reaction to Clinton when she was using the restroom at the debate. This man has deep psychological issues.

  8. Katie Semore says:

    What is it you find to be good about this fake excuse of a decent human being that you can cheer him on? You are going to look pretty pitiful with egg on your face as he goes down and taking everyone around him.

  9. Steven says:

    Only people who live in their parents basements and who feel they deserve handouts for life are the complainers! YOU ROCK PREZ. TRUMP!!!

  10. Mark101 says:

    The man is a total disgrace to the office of President of the United States. Using Twitter to ridicule a person is nothing short of immature for person in his position. Nothing but an embarrassment to the good citizens of the US. The man has some infatuation with blood and its relation to women. Pathetic. A sad day in America when our president ask like a child.

  11. Watching Closely says:

    He will leave the office of the President of the US…long before his first term ends. But it will take much longer than what time he actually spent in office to recover our standing in the world, and recover as a nation from the daily hate that spews forth from this man. There isn’t a bleach invented to clean up the sludge and stink this presidency will leave behind in it’s wake that has spread through the entire country. It will take a great deal of time before we indeed will make America Great Again….after the entire administration has been wiped clean of DC.

  12. MGforAmerica says:

    I’m with Veteran…Go Trump! Keep them coming. Morning Joe and Mika need to be cancelled. No news on that station.

  13. Edith Campins says:

    All Americans should feel insulted by Trump’s behavior. He is an insult to the office of the President. For years Pres. Obama handled the insults, the criticism, the lies with dignity, calm and composure. Trump’s crude remarks are an insult to all Americans. And his surrogates excusing his behavior because someone else said something is akin to five year olds using the excuse that he hit me first.
    I am so worried for our country. He tweets, he golfs, hold campaign rallies, he holds fund raisers, who is running the country?

  14. RickG says:

    This man is truly an embarrassment to this country. Let’s hope he doesn’t get us into another stupid war.

  15. Richard Smith says:

    Have you ever given any thought about WHY Trump got elected? He was a democrat before running for POTUS so his “vile” character fits right in with the rest of the loony democrats.

  16. YankeeExPat says:

    Me Thinks, Donald Trump spends too much time masturbating with a Mirror!

  17. Merrill Shapiro says:

    Veterans! What would happen if your commanding officer spoke this way? What would happen if the Chief executive officer of a Fortune 500 company spoke this way? Were you still in the military, what would happen to you if you spoke this way? Suppose your Pastor spoke this way?

  18. Richard Smith says:

    Bravo! Go Fredrick! I am SO tired of reading about people complaining about the current administration. BUT I never read anything about what the left wants to do for the American people other than what the previous administration had done for the past 8 years which is lie, play golf, cower to the world, play golf, let the JV ISIS team run rampant without a strategy to permanently eliminate them, play golf, state that you can keep your doctors, play golf, state that you can keep your insurance plan, play golf, lie about coverups, play golf, state that your health insurance premiums will go down, play golf, and the best yet, Benghazi was caused by a video tape and play more golf. OMG, people get a life and a grip!

  19. Veteran says:

    No Sherry, House of Cards, that would be the Democrats.

  20. June Carrieri says:

    I love my President.

  21. Pogo says:


    Proud to agree with you.

    @FL Readers

    Any witty, broad minded and valuable conservative voices with even a shadow of a conscience, a trace of patriotism, a drop of human decency? Time is running out.

  22. gmath55 says:

    @ Edith Campins says All Americans should feel insulted by Trump’s behavior. What? All Americans are not insulted! People can dish it out but he or she can’t take it.

  23. NortonSmitty says:

    You stupid Fox-Fellating morons, THERE IS NO LEFT!! Obama raised four times the money from Wall Street than McCain, Triple Romney. Clinton ten times what Trump got. You think it’ an accident not one Banker or any CEO ha been prosecuted in decades? Wake up and realize we are all being played.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Pierre and company, Once again you your communist friends have put your ultra liberal philosophy on what President Trump has said.

  25. fredrick says:

    Agreed Richard Smith….The conservatives in office have their issues too. It is unacceptable after 7 years of pointing out the stupidity of Obamacare, the lies that had to be said by the president to get it passed, not having a plan that could be approved on day 1 of this administration. It is inexcusable. We have given them the house, the senate and the executive office. No more excuses. Do Your Damn Jobs. If you don’t we will replace you with more outsiders who will.

  26. Benjamin Bartlett says:

    Trump’s politics aside–he lacks class and lacks the dignity
    that a president at minimum should possess. The guy
    tweets disjointed and incorrectly spelled harangues at his critics.
    Being a birdbrain explains the serial tweeting, I get it.
    When not at the presidential keyboard, he speaks without thinking,
    and lies like a dirty rug. He’s an overgrown, slow talking, petulant
    child with bad hair and diminutive digits.

    His keyboard must be specially modified to accommodate sausage
    fingers. (Vienna Sausage, that is..)

    His ardent supporters are like peas in the same pod with Donald.
    Now there certainly is a sizeable element of people who blow their
    snots out on their sleeve when a tissue is out of reach. (or a foot away)
    Donald Trump is definitely their man. Maybe they’ve come
    to realize that he’s an asshole, but heck, he’s their asshole.
    “Asshole” or not, his policies are going to double his wealth when
    he exits the office. So who are the real idiots? I guess he won’t have
    to file for bankruptcy anymore–our morally bankrupt president.

    The President (uggh) should consider impulse control, and be religious
    about taking his psychotropic medications, then perhaps try a new
    hairstylist who won’t color his hair anymore. I don’t know many
    urine-yellow blonds aged 71. The man is a clown, but there’s nothing
    funny about the USA being dragged through pig manure by this
    disgraceful man running the show. American prestige worldwide?
    Say bye-bye!

    COVFEFE y’all.

    I’d like to see Trump on Jeopardy. That would be funny.

  27. a tiny manatee says:

    I think the only people openly supporting trump at this point are the white power types or people entering the initial stages of dementia.

  28. Richard Smith says:

    Plenty of squealing going on here without any substantial positive alternatives for ALL of the American people. If that is all you have, then you need a reality check plus get a life!

  29. Just the truth says:

    I will never call him a President he is a disgrace to all of those honorable men that were true Presidents of the USA.
    How would he like someone speaking about his wife or daughter as he does other women that don’t agree with him and or like him?
    Doesn’t he realize or doesn’t he care that he is making our country look weak and not in control.

    His bull crap talk he will Make America Great Again, he has not done one thing in six months to make us great again. He is a liar, and an actor that needs to step down or be impeached. All he cares about is having his photo on the cover of a newspaper or magazine, he doesn’t give too craps about the American people.

    And for those that believe him, he has committed treason with the help of Russia. My heart goes out to those poor souls that think he is doing good for our country.

  30. Sherry says:

    Great Post “BB”! :)

    I am always disappointed when those who have no reasonable point to make retreat to the argument that others have been just as bad. That attitude of accepting that “two wrongs make a right” is a prime example of how allowing such behavior from ANY human being shows how our once great society is circling the drain into the cesspool of the despicable and UN-civilized!

    Saying that we are ALL now reaping what YOU have sown is a valid point. The man was a documented “sexual predator” and “bully” before YOU put YOUR vote in the ballot box. But, are you all not wise enough to discern the poisonous plants and eradicate them BEFORE they do great harm?

    This completely unhinged, demented person controls our nuclear weapons! And, those surrounding him in “our” white house are cowering family sycophants who likely will not stop him. What will he do when Putin flatters him? What will he do when Angela Merkel strongly disagrees with him? What will he do when Kim Jong Un spits in his eye?

    It is NOT a matter of party loyalty! It is NOT a matter of “doubling down” on your vote. . . no matter what!
    This IS a matter of trusting in the vast decision making power of the person with the power to destroy our planet.

  31. fredrick says:

    Having “class” is required to be a president?? While it would be nice both sides have had their share of classlessness.Was Bill keeping it classy when he was having “fun” with interns in the oval office? Where was the outrage from the left then? Trump was not elected to be classy. He was elected to get stuff done. He is a classless fool but he was like that before he was elected and he will be like that after his term is over. The left and leftist media will never understand that we really do not care.

  32. PC Citizen says:

    Having read the comments on this page and the general reaction of the right to the behavior of this man (if I may call him that without seriously insulting the rest of our species) the thing that I really find astonishing is that there are really still people who support him. That just shows how low this country has sunk.

    As for the Trump supporting comments on this page I notice that they are the usual suspects who likely support this man due to their latent racism and hatred of the poor or anyone else who does not fall into their narrow category of what is acceptable.

    The members of Trump’s party who hold power are willing to forgive his childish and embarrassing behavior which makes this country a laughing stock and keeps anything useful from getting done in order to promote their agenda.

    They are salivating over the prospect of being able to impose hardship, suffering and death on the most vulnerable members of society in order to benefit the ultra rich. The morality of this country is absolutely in the toilet and I recommend that any sane, thoughtful person use some of their time off this July 4th to contemplate where we are and what kind of a society we really want. Our current government is not considering the best interests of the people of this country in any of what it has proposed.

    There is so much that these people in power could be doing to improve the lives of the average person in this country but as long as the current bunch are there it will not happen.

  33. MgforAmerica says:

    The Dems strategy is Simply RESIST. Does anyone think that is ever gonna get anyone on that side elected. Keep it up your just giving us Republicans power. MSNBC (low rated) just smears and degrades. Sorry that’s not what I want to watch but I must admit when I need a laugh I sometimes watch. It’s a joke. Like I said earlier… no news on that station. I far as Mika, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. This is ridiculous. REPUBLICAN STRONG

  34. Richard Smith says:

    We got the “Chicken Little” affect going on with lots of fear mongering in these comments. Yes, the sun will come up in the morning and set in the evening without any chickens raining down from the sky.

  35. Sherry says:

    And AGAIN trump lies are smeared all over his disgusting tweets. . . Morning Joe and CNN has greatly INCREASED their ratings in 2017. . . this from

    Yet the actual ratings data refutes Trump’s allegations. In the second quarter of 2017, Morning Joe marked its ninth consecutive quarter of growth. The show posted an average viewership of 997,000, making it the second-highest rated show in the 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. slot

    Morning Joe also achieved “MSNBC’s highest rating ever” in that time slot among viewers aged 25 to 54, overall has spiked in the wake of Trump’s election.

    Trump has also slammed CNN for low ratings, despite the fact that the network has posted a total day rating spike of 25% in Q2 2017, compared to the same quarter in 2016.

  36. Veteran says:

    #1 show in time slot is Fox & Friends!

  37. Jim R says:

    Calling Trump a swine is an insult to the swine, the swine has a thick skin ,something Trump certainly doesn’t have.

  38. Sherry says:

    My point exactly. . . we are all now living with the horrific results of the fear and hate that FOX has sold to its zombied, brain washed followers for over 30 years. Closed minds and hearts, principles and character thrown out the window, a dangerous, bullying, sexual predator in the white house.

    You should be so proud!

  39. Veteran says:

    The left wing “deep state” is doing all they can to get FOX commentators off the air with lies and deception. Why, because they know FOX speaks the truth. Go Rush, Mark Levin, Hannity, Guttfeld, Judge Jeanine and the rest of the conservative team! Yes I am proud. You never heard them calling Obama a schmuck or cock receptacle or I’m going to blow up the White House. You should be so proud of your compadres.

  40. Smarterthanmost says:

    All you people complaining about Trump should look in the mirror, that is exactly why we elected him. You seem to think you can continually support the Obamas and Hillarys and expect the rest of us to fall into line. Well, nothing makes me happier than seeing lib heads exploding every morning, I know it will be a good day.

  41. Steven says:

    President Trump is doing exactly what he knew we wanted him to do!! Obama destroyed so much of what we, the American people wanted for our country and destroyed our pride and it is payback time. It was time to turn the tables for a laugh and boy are we laughing now! We really couldn’t have imagined how many are in diaper pins! Life is great and can only get better!! Time to repeal and replace everything the previous prez did………….. destroy destroy destroy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, my tweet hearts LOL!!!!!!!!

  42. Katie Semore says:

    The ignorants shown by those here who find joy in Trump’s behavior frighten me for our country. What has happened to our great country that such ignorance in such numbers exist? If this continues our children will grow up in a country much like Jamaica, .Mexico or other third world countries. If this is what pride means to them, we are in for a very bad time. Those who claim that Obama destroyed, ruin or harmed America, please qualify your statement with a few facts, bet you can’t!

    @Veteran, that list of deplorables you named are what is wrong with America and are getting rich off the ignorance of many of our people.

  43. Katie Semore says:

    @fredrick, thank you for proving with your, “We don’t care” comment above, my statement about the ignorance of so many posting here.

  44. gmath55 says:

    Ana Navarro (Political Commentator) is part of the stooges.
    Warren, Pelosi, & Waters – The 3 Stooges

    Top 10 Times CNN Reported Fake NewsTop 10 Times CNN Reported Fake News

  45. Dolo says:

    Yikes,what a bunch of crazies supporting ,Trump.I can only hope your benefits get cut by his shenanigans,and nepotism and cronyism.He has created a super swamp ,and drained civility from the ,Oval Office.Morons.

  46. Edith Campins says:

    Veteran, I guess you haven’t read the part of his proposed budget that cuts benefits to veterans?

    And please name one accomplishment for Trump. Carrier just announced more layoffs, the Ford plant he said wouldn’t be built in Mexico is now being built in China, he is on track to have played more golf in less than a year than President. Obama played in eight years, Mexico isn’t paying for the wall, the healthcare plan he said he had was a lie, ditto for the plan to eliminate ISIS in 30days and on and on.

    And CNN admitted their error, apologized and fired three people. What has FAUX ever done to about their lies?

  47. Edith Campins says:

    And this just for Veteran”, I don’t think the MILITARY TIMES is fake news.

  48. Brian says:

    Two left-wing losers who spend three hours every day personally attacking the president. Screw them, and the fifty people who watch them, and the stuffed-shirt pseudo-intellectual left-wing goofballs with whom they share their stage.

  49. Sherry says:

    Ahhhh. . . youtube. . . the highly credentialed place where trump supports get their “ALTERNATIVE facts”. . . how pathetic!

    Now let’s look at trump’s track record for telling the ACTUAL TRUTH. . . Politifacts has found that a whopping 79% of the time. . . 79%!!!!!. . . trump’s statements are Mostly FALSE, FALSE or Pants on Fire!!!!

    Take a look:

  50. mark101 says:

    @ Dolo, don’t forget you’re benefits will get cut as well. We just better hope this package never makes it to a vote. I don’t think it will ever fly unless the Demos assist and make it an united health care package. Right now its a richy good old boy package.

    PS: Trump : You’re Fired.

  51. Watching Closely says:

    Well said, both Sherry and Edith. Sadly the cult followers don’t want to hear facts, see charts, look at anything related to the truth. They want only their alternate facts and stick to them like glue. The saddest part of that is so many of them are going to be badly hurt by 45’s policies….and they don’t seem to see that coming. 45 claims it’s this country’s media. Ahhhh no… can HEAR his own words coming out of his mouth…SEE his own vile tweets coming off his stubby little fingers…watch and listen to video from all over the world of his actions and words. No one is making anything up!! It’s all there to see and hear.

    Let those with eyes see, and those with ears, hear.

    I have seen some real hate filled posts on here coming from the “right” (and there is NOTHING right about the so called right”)….Eventually we have to find some kind of bridge to all find things we do agree on…and slowly walk it back from there.

    All of us have friends, family and those dear to us on both sides of this. We HAVE to find a way.

  52. Veteran says:

    Edith, have not received a COLA increase in 3 years under Obama. Guarantee the military wil get a bigger pay raise under Trump. Don’t care what the liberal Military Times says. Don’t read it!

  53. Capt says:

    So many on here speaking endless babble, but they offer no opinions on how to run a government . Why, because we are all nothing but armchair want-ta-be politicians that think we know what is best for 321 million people. IF we are so darn good, why don’t we run for public office, Sherry you talk a good game, run for office, Pierre please run for office, Fredrick run for office. Come on make a difference right here in Flagler County or maybe the State House. But no, we are too busy criticizing with NO action plan on how to make things better. We enjoy the comfort of a keyboard and to hide behind what we have written. . Republicans and Democrats what a mess we are in and what an embarrassment to the world we all are. .

  54. Richard Smith says:

    Since when is a successful businessman supposed to act and be “presidential”? He wasn’t born, raised & educated to be a corrupt politician like what has been running our country for decades. Ronald Reagan wasn’t bred to be a politician either and in fact was a liberal democrat prior to running as a republican president. Plus, since when should Trump not circumvent the corrupt and vile media and talk to his constituents directly through social media? Just because prior presidents did not doesn’t mean that Trump should not also. What you people are missing is the fact that even though he is OUR countries president he is no ones back pocket. In fact he is nowhere’s even close to looking or acting like all of the other 99% corrupt politicians governing this country. He stated it quite accurately during his latest speech at the first Celebrate Freedom Rally held in Washington DC attended by hundreds of veterans AND Christians, “The fake media is trying to silence us, but we will not let them,” he said. “The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House. But I’m president, and they’re not.”

    Bottom-line, Trump doesn’t have to be, look, talk, behave, or act like someone YOU think he should be. All he has to do is protect this country from any adversaries that want to do harm to this country and its people AND follow through on his campaign promises because that’s why he was elected president of this country in the FIRST place.

  55. Watching Closely says:

    Richard, your comment about giving 45 a pass because he has no experience? REALLY?? Would you go to a doctor who was your electrician? ? Would you have a tooth filled or a root canal by your pool person? A prostrate exam by the guy who mows your lawn? REALLY….think about what are saying here. This is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD….and he has NO experience.

    OMG. Your comment…and those that parrot the same ilk would NEVER do what I just said…yet with all glee and joy, you hire this total mental reject and broken machine to lead this country. I would say that you all deserve what is coming…but sadly…the rest of us are dragged right along with you.

  56. Sherry says:

    When a person is “Elected”/”Hired” to “represent” the American people that person has an obligation to comport themselves in a way prescribed by those he represents! It’s called “PUBLIC SERVICE” for a reason!

    Elected officials are most certainly answerable to those the represent! Even if he didn’t collect a pay check from the tax payers, this would still be the case. Donald Trump no longer simply represents himself. He now REPRESENTS AMERICA.

    As a patriotic AMERICAN. . .”I”. . . along with millions of others, and even some leaders of his own party. . . will continue to REQUIRE that he conduct himself in a civilized way! This is certainly not about being “bred to be a politician”.he has gone far beyond political correctness boundaries! . . This is about “COMMON DECENCY”!

  57. Ben Hogarth says:

    We are beyond our opportunity to reason with Trump supporters. They are a lost bunch who will wake up one day to find their fantasies have borne no fruit. Or perhaps their dementia will stay with them to their last dying breaths.

    Either way, it is the new generation of Americans we must focus on – those who will write the history books on Trump and his ilk and who will share stories for decades about cruelty and corruption.

    I think the worst thing we do is waste our time trying to convince the already-convinced neanderthals and bigots what right and wrong is. That was never our job, but it sounds as if their own parents or role models failed them. If Trump is their role model now, what further proof do you need that conversation with them is fruitless.

    Instead we need to start working and organizing for 2018 and every election beyond that into the foreseeable future. Let’s make sure Teump’s “forgotten” bunch actually fade into history as they should.

    They’ve earned it

  58. Sherry says:

    You make an excellent point Capt. BUT. . . you have no clue when it comes to who I am, and what I have done in my life. Why don’t YOU run for office?

    During my career years . . . while on the board of directors of the National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses. . . I flew to Washington to make presentations on behalf of that organization several times. I helped write position papers that warned of thousands of well paying “high tech” American jobs being “outsourced to India”.

    I continue to march in protest against wars and injustice and trump! I’ve volunteered for and financially supported my political candidates, the United Way, Public Television, Veterans, Planned Parenthood, the Humane Society, the DNC, Emily’s List, the ACLU etc. etc.

    There is NOTHING “arm chair” about me Sir! My open minded, “world” view comes from actually getting out there and interacting with people all over the globe. I have traveled extensively, and “lived”, for weeks at a time, in 59 homes of citizens, in over 15 countries, in the past 10 years alone.

    My international friends are appalled that we have such a dangerous, despicable person in “our” white house!

    I’m quite sure that Pierre can speak for himself. But, let me say this. . . Pierre and Cheryl Tristam work 50-60 hour weeks to bring valuable, FACTUAL information to our community. Pierre’s investigations on local issues have educated Flaglerlive’s readers on a myriad of important situations that would never have been reported otherwise. Pierre courageously speaks his mind and his heart, and is beholden to NO ONE.

    Pierre has great integrity! He is honest, ethical, honorable, and an excellent journalist. In my opinion, there is not one politician in Florida who has done more for Flagler county and our country than Pierre Tristam.

    Those of you who do not like what Pierre publishes are quite free to go back and finger your bottom lip while staring a FOX 24/7
    Those who want to engage in political discourse in a civil way. . . bring it on! Actual FACTS will continue to be presented by me, and others.

    Those who want to crudely “talk trash” and “bash”. . . I’ll continue to call you out as being ignorant, sad and pathetic.

    Come on Capt. . . . be un-trump like. . . apologize. . . you can do it!

  59. a tiny manatee says:

    “Hhhahaa they finally repealed that Kenyan socialist’s obamacareeee….” He wheezed with his last dying breath, content in having his venalator turned off after hitting his insurance cap under trumpcare. As his eyes closed and his past lay before him, fond memories of eating dog food out of cans because of cuts to social security designed to only benefit the wealthy played through his head. As his body relaxes and his soul exits stage left, descending to the teaparty heaven awaiting, a loud, staccato fart escapes that almost sounds like someone blurting MAGA from afar. ~fin~

  60. Steven says:

    We love you Donald TRUMP!!!!! Keep on tweeting and trolling and upsetting them twisted minds LOL!!!!!!!

  61. Capt says:

    @Sherry Why don’t I, well age and cancer for one and ongoing treatment for starters. . And one thing Sherry you’re talking like the people you always talk about. , I am not a Trump supporter I voted for the wicked witch of the west. And you don’t know me either. I felt you would make a good candidate but you go all commando, wow can’t take a complement. And for your misguided opinion, I support Pierre. PS: Before I got cancer, I worked for the DOD, hold a masters in Industrial Engineering and a masters in Civil engineering, and served 21 years in the Navy with 5 years stationed at McDill under the United States Special Operations Command. And PS I have traveled all over the world into some of the worst places any human would want to reside in much less visit, where hate will get you killed. Not really your everyday tourist attractions with freedom ringing everywhere. But poor, poverty, sickness and death so much it will make you sick. A lot of people are blinded by what they see on TV and the news, but the horror that is across the ocean is not always reported in its clarity. And yes we have a dangerous, despicable person in “our” white house! who feels he actions via Twitter makes him special to bully a woman, or his touting that he knows more than the generals during his campaign, well the man doesn’t know anything about war, poverty and or being poor, or to hold a brother in your arms that has his leg missing via an IUD. . Trump is just like professional wresting, they both are fake. So bring it on Sherry, bring it on,.

  62. Sherry says:

    Dear Capt., I most certainly am a big enough person to say that I apparently misunderstood your message and I certainly apologize if I offended you.

    I cannot agree with your opinion of Hillary Clinton. She, in my opinion, is a good woman in what is still a man’s America. I personally can identify with her struggles in the “dog eat dog” world of American politics and big business power plays.

    The last thing we need is to allow trump, and his fascist supporters, to divide reasonable, ethical, compassionate, honest people of high integrity from one another. You are now known to me in this way.

    With that, please know that I have lost dear family and friends to cancer over these past couple of years. You were included in my mantra today, and you have my sincere best wishes for a complete recovery and a return to healthy vitality.

    Keep up the “raising of consciousness”, “the pride in principles and character” and the “resistance to evil” . . . from an arm chair, a bar stool, in church, on television, on the telephone, over the dinner table, in letters, in protest marches, in interviews. . . everywhere, in every moment!

    It’s time to rise up and take our country back from the “Alt Right”!

  63. Sherry says:

    Ben Hogarth. . . a very well written comment and certainly excellent points.

    While those here who are injecting “factual” information into a trump ginned up storm of hate, fear, racism, lies upon lies and fascism are certainly finding it difficult to pry open the minds and hearts of his most vehement supporters. . . hopefully there are still reasonable, independent thinkers who will be inspired to search for factual truths. We must encourage everyone to look beyond the dishonest rhetoric of the “Alt Right” fear and hate, and to find their lost moral compass. If we open the hearts and minds of even a few people. . . it will all be worth the effort. If we save the soul of one person. . . we are blessed in the universe!

    Our country depends on us! The world depends on us!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Capt, Run for Public Office? Are you crazy? Look what poor Kim Weeks is going through just for trying to do her job and doing what was right for the voters of Flagler County. Sheri you and Pierre are just as outspoken as Mrs. Weeks, the good ole boys will try to rip you to shreds.

  65. Sherry says:

    While the master manipulator tries distract us with his horrific tweets. . . his new EPA head is working to destroy our clean air and water! This from the AP:

    Pruitt has repeatedly moved in recent months to block or delay environmental regulations opposed by corporate interests.

    Prior to his appointment by President Donald Trump to serve as the nation’s chief environmental regulator, Pruitt was attorney general of Oklahoma and closely aligned with the state’s oil and gas industry. In recent weeks, Pruitt has moved to scrap or delay numerous EPA regulations enacted during the Obama administration to curb air and water pollution from fossil fuel operations.


  66. MGforAmerica says:

    To all of the Trump haters who have been spurting here… Get over the election. Donald Trump won the presidency on Nov. 8. Take a deep breath and get used to it. I’m proud of all his accomplishments with many more to come. He is a victim of biased and hate media and politics and I applaud him for fighting back. Happy Independence Day. Proud to be American. God Bless the USA 🇺🇸

  67. Hopeful says:

    Trump is a moron but the Walmart types love him!

  68. Capt says:

    @sherry thank you. Well we are out here in Houston at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, have been for the last week, hoping for a little miracle of sorts. I sure miss home, friends. Well got to go, they are calling my name yet again., another blood draw.

    God Bless America

  69. Watching Closely says:

    Good Grief MGforAmerica, you must have your face glued to FOX and Friends. Trump knows… repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. First I am no longer certain at ALL that he won this election…..there are too many questions raised now about the Russian hacking (yes, Russian hacking of our election system is a REAL thing.) Second…IF he actually did win…he did it by cheating and fraud…something the GOP knows a lot about. Next…WHAT accomplishments would you be referring to?????? And again..more of your post repeating what you hear the twitter in chief say over and over….boo hoo..he’s a victim of media and blah blah no one loves him. Man up little trump boy. Man up. And you who defend him? SMH.

    I find this VERY annoying about all of 45’s supporters. Not one of them seems to have an original thought. Every last one of them repeats like a parrot the latest phrase they have been taught by 45. Kind of like 45…..what comes out of his mouth is whatever the last person he was with said. Check THAT one out…his own staff have said it over and over again.

  70. Jim says:

    Actually, I blame this whole mess on the Electoral College. Fifty years ago, in my school civics course, I was taught the Electoral College had two purposes. First was to ensure that the low-population parts of the country were not overwhelmed by the high-population parts, but the second was to act as a brake on the popular vote. The founding fathers were wary of pure democracy, believing that it could devolve into mob rule and that momentary passions could be exploited to elect a demagogue. Presumably calmer heads would have an opportunity to resist the election of someone who was clearly unfit to be president. If only it had worked that way what a different world we would be living in.

  71. Richard Smith says:

    The left media continues to implode along with its liberal followers like sheep in a line running off a cliff. ROTFLMAO

    I watch CNN & MSNBC just so I can get my fix of vile people who ridicule, demean, lie, and show their true colors exactly like what our POTUS exhibits. The only difference is that Trump is president and they are not.

  72. Sherry says:

    Simply becoming president. . . “by hook or by crook”. . . does NOT make trump the omnipotent lord God almighty, king, queen, emperor or even dictator! Although trump and many of his brainwashed followers certainly think so. Elections are not Nascar races. . . where a winner is declared. . . a big check is presented. . . and then everyone begins preparing for the next race. Managing to be named the president is NOT the END of the mission. . . it is only the BEGINNING. Elections are never just about “winning” the office. . . It’s about “representing and serving” ALL of our citizens, and actually “governing”.

    trump is still the narcissistic, insecure, megalomaniac, school yard bully, sexual predator, misogynist he has always been. Holding the office of president has NOT elevated him in any way beyond that.

    Please cite specific lies published by MSNBC or CNN. . . and please be sure to include any retractions or repercussions for their mistakes. Then we can, again, show factual evidence from Politifacts that indicates that trumps statements are either FALSE, SOMEWHAT FALSE or PANTS ON FIRE a whopping 70% of the time. . . while there have been absolutely NO repercussions, retractions or apologies from trump.

    “When you lie down with DOGS. . . you are bound to get fleas”! I can hear many of you scratching right now!

    On this “Independence Day”. . . my fervent wish is to be “independent” from trump, pence, and their fascist, Alt Right supporters. As a true patriot, I say. . . IMPEACH trump!

  73. Traveling Rep says:

    Shadilay to all!!! Happy 4th of July.

    I would especially like to thanks our President: Donald J Trump for his tireless efforts to Make America Great Again.

    In breezing through these comments, it appears that there is liberal dura mater splattered everywhere! The exact intended result of our great leaders tweets!


  74. Veteran says:

    Really Watching Closely, it has been proven in testimony that Russian hacking had nothing to do with the outcome of the election. Better check what the democrats did in their own primary. Is your face glued to CNN?

  75. Pogo says:


    You really think the Ivy League educated degenerates that run Wall Street; the homegrown oil sheiks who have owned the Republican party since the Gilded Age and the Romney Mormons are Walmart types?

    Yes, a lot of Peckerwood losers love the trump because it sounds like them, but it wouldn’t be POTUS if the shameless, soulless men and women who called it a liar, criminal, ignorant – a cancer – etc, didn’t vote for it.

    Add the people who threw away their vote just to protest. What is the difference between a Green who voted for a spoiler (and by doing so, elected every evil they claim to oppose) – and the dead enders, end timers (Christian Taliban) and all the Samson wannabes shouting FU at the rain?

    Want to get involved in something worth doing? Try these: register Republican and end them from the inside. They do. Vote for a Democrat. The GOP doesn’t. Get rid of the Electoral College. Here’s another damn good idea:

    Ranked Choice Voting

    The Fair Representation Act

  76. Sherry says:

    @gmath55. . . Trying to pivot away from the Politifact numbers will not work! It’s a matter of degrees!

    While trump is FALSE . . . a whopping 70% of the time

    Hillary Clinton is show as TRUE/ACCURATE. . . a whopping 75% of the time

    Yes, all politicians lie . . . but, by a massive margin, trump is a much BIGGER LIAR !!! .

  77. Sherry says:

    Here is the link to Hillary’s Politifact numbers:

  78. Edith Campins says:

    Veteran, The Military Times is liberal?

    Your not receiving a COLA increase has nothing to do with who is president. Do you know how it is calculated?

  79. A tiny manatee says:

    I love moron reasoning, “hillary clinton was a crook therefore everything trump does is ok.”

    It’s like watching a three year old argue why they should get another cookie, cute but nonetheless wrong.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Now that Coomey is gone, will the new Chief charge Hillary criminally? Trump is draining the swamp and apparently there are those that don’t like it. Toooo bad.

  81. snapperhead says:

    Not worry comrades…Precedent Trump doing good on Making Merika great again….Hahahaha…hahahaha,,,,hahahahahahahahaha..@real Vladamir Putin

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