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Man Shoots at Deputy in Palm Coast’s L-Section And Flees After Carjacking

| May 1, 2017

The Flagler County Sheriff's Sergeant's patrol car was shot at, with at least two bullets striking the vehicle. (FCSO)

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Sergeant’s patrol car was shot at, with at least two bullets striking the vehicle. (FCSO)

Last Updated: 11:02 p.m.

A man shot at a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy in Palm Coast’s L-Section late this afternoon, then fled in his own car, crashed it, and carjacked someone else before fleeing, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

Late Monday night, the Sheriff’s Office identified the suspect as Phillip J. Haire, 19, who two years ago was himself the victim of a shooting in the same neighborhood. Haire is a resident of 11 London Drive.

The deputy, a sergeant, was not injured. The person who was carjacked isn’t believed to have been injured. But the suspect is at large. The shooting took place around 5 p.m.

“We’re interviewing witnesses, we know who the suspect is, and the full resources of the Sheriffs’ Office are going after him,” Sheriff Rick Staly said at the scene just before 6 p.m. “I was very fortunate I did not have a deputy shot and killed today. The same thing with residents. This started with a domestic related issued.”

“A deputy was investigating a weapons case,” the Sheriff’s Office Mark Strobridge said, “suspect came by and shot at our deputy, he did not hit or injure our deputy. The suspect fled the area, crashed his car and carjacked somebody and fled the area.” The suspect is said to have fired in a drive-by shooting.

There are reports of up to 14 shots fired before the carjacking. The carjacking was reportedly at gunpoint.

The deputy had been dispatched to the 10 block of London Drive following reports of one individual threatening another there. When the deputy arrived at the scene, the suspect–allegedly, Haire–fired.

At least two shots pierced the sergeant’s patrol car on the driver’s side, with one shot drilling the driver’s side door and another closer to the front bumper.

phillip haire

Phillip Haire in two booking photos in the past year and a half.

“Our sergeant is a hero because there was a lady in a wheelchair who couldn’t get out of the way,” Staly said. “He protected her and moved her for cover, that’s why he couldn’t return fire, because he was busy protecting this lady in a wheelchair. Had he returned fire at the suspect, it may have drawn his gunfire more to the lady in the wheelchair.” The sheriff added emphatically: “”He made the right call of protecting the victim. I sure wish he would have shot the little shit.”

Staly described the scenes: “I have two crime scenes, both of my CSI units are dealing with the two different crime scene locations, one is on London Drive, the other one is US 1, just south of Old Kings,” where the suspect crashed his car.

Strobridge said Flagler County Fire Flight is assisting in the search, with help requested from St. Johns County authorities. “Hopefully we’ll have a description as soon as possible.”

Haire is believed to have fled by way of U.S. 1. He may be driving a 2013 Ford Fiesta, dark blue, with Florida tag EEYR82. He is considered “armed and dangerous,” according to the Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re confident we have the suspect identified, now it’s just trying to locate him,” Staly said in the afternoon, before he was able to identify Haire. “We’re going to work through the night to get this dirt-bag and put him in jail, where he belongs. I’m just thankful that no one was hurt and my deputy is OK.”

He added: “I’ve already told my team my expectations. We will find him, it’s just a matter of time. I hope we will apprehend him with no one being injured, including the suspect, but he’s already said by his actions that he’ll shoot at us, and if you shoot at our deputies, expect us to shoot back.”

The report that dispatched the sergeant to the location was at 11 London Drive. Haire was the victim of a shooting on nearby Lewisdale Drive two years ago. He was shot in the stomach. Zaire Roberts, 17 at the time, was sentenced to seven years in prison last August for the shooting.

“I encourage him to turn himself in before he or someone else gets hurt,” Staly was quoted as saying in the release issued late tonight. “We will find him and bring him to justice. If he shoots at one of my deputies, we will shoot back.” An alert was sent out to agencies statewide to be on the lookout for Haire. Multiple agencies joined with the FCSO in tracking the suspect, including St. Johns County and Putnam County.

The release the Sheriff’s Office issued tonight included a large picture of Haire taking a picture of himself before a mirror, flipping (himself?) off. The Sheriff’s Office provided no context for the picture, nor did it explain who providfed it, or whether the Sheriff’s Office itself took it from a social media account.

Anyone with information about this incident should call the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at (386) 313-4911. Or, to remain anonymous, please call Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida at 1-888-277-8477 (TIPS). Callers may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

Lewisdale Lane off London Drive in Palm Coast, which was the scene of a shooting in July 2015. (© FlaglerLive)

Lewisdale Lane off London Drive in Palm Coast, which was the scene of a shooting in July 2015. In that shooting, the victim was the man who today is being sought as the suspect in a shooting. (© FlaglerLive)

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69 Responses for “Man Shoots at Deputy in Palm Coast’s L-Section And Flees After Carjacking”

  1. USA Lover says:

    Good old Palm Coast. More thugs and perverts than a Hollywood movie. God help us.

  2. woodchuck says:

    I’m glad he is a lousy shot and the deputy is O.K.Like I said before all sections in P.C.have issues at times.

  3. Diana L. says:

    It’s horrible to have a deputy shot at and thank God he wasn’t hurt. But c’mon man calling the suspect “little shit” and a “dirt bag” is bar room talk and not something that a professional sheriff should be saying in an interview. As a taxpayer, I expect my Sheriff to conduct himself in a more professional manner.

  4. Not Suprised says:

    Knew this was coming!

  5. Mark says:

    Now the “little shit” will just get a slap on the hand because the sheriff called him “a little shit”.

  6. Donnie Riddle says:

    Sure is great to have a working sheriff that gets right out there with his men !

  7. Not Suprised says:

    Oh yeah, remember when the suspects charges for a previous drive-by were dropped? Gee what prosecutor was responsible for that?

  8. palmcoaster says:

    Drug addicts attract and bring crime to our city!!

  9. Gkimp says:

    Really Sheriff? You had to tell your “team” what to do next?

  10. Pj says:

    Dirt bag house! Landlord needs to get rid of them and sell the house.

  11. Resident says:

    This house is a magnet for illegal activities. It’s always happening there.
    Get out of this neighborhood!!!

  12. Brian says:

    Palm Coast is racing towards big-city ghetto status!

  13. John dolan says:

    How about some details. The public cant get involved if we dont have a description of this dangerous felon.

  14. Shark says:

    Barney Fife could have done better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. John F. Pollinger says:

    I have watched with disturbing regularity, the assaults and murders of our law enforcement officers across the country for far too long. Sadly, the recklessness abandon by far too many using violence against law enforcement officers should be a warning to us all, how quickly the mindset in this country to use a firearm against police is more than just a danger to law enforcement…it is a danger to everyone. Flagler County has just been shown it is not exempt from this trend. Thankfully, this officer will go home tonight.

  16. W.Ryan says:

    It’s a dangerous job. Thankfully the Sargent is unharmed and the civilian is alive from this hair raising experience!

  17. Steve Vanne says:

    Our town is falling apart. Changed so much the 10yrs I’ve lived here. To many low life anymore. I used to leave my windows open but no more. Its so sad, there no respect anymore. Everyone’s in a hurry. No respect for ur neighbors. No respect when ur driving. Time to move on…

  18. Really? says:

    Staley refers to the shooter as “the little shit”!?? What a stupid, understatement of a comment that was. The person shot a gun 14+ times … And some were aimed at the police. The crime in this area is getting ridiculous.

  19. Alphonso Zeimers says:

    Why is it that all the quality people end up in Palm Coast. It must be the high paying jobs that abound in this really quality city or they could be living here because of the high oxygen content. With all these trees generating oxygen we have a surplus.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Repeat offenders. Catch them and put them away…for a long LONG time.

  21. Anonymous says:

    ok and what kind of car did he jack?

  22. Dave says:

    What kind of sheriff says things like ,lil shit!? And scumbag!? Could we maybe be a lil more professional?

  23. Brian O'Dell says:

    Following up to the “as a taxpayer” comment.. Again, i am glad no one was hurt but as a taxpayer myself i was thinking of some more harsh descriptions than “dirt bag” and “little shit” of the suspect trying to kill a police officer. Focus on the real issues than worrying about professionalism when someone is out trying to kill cops in our community. This dirt bag little shit needs to be off our streets, GO GET ‘EM!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Irregardless of what name the Sheriff calls the suspect, this person is still at large and committed serious crimes. Nowadays people are worried about the wrong things.

  25. Beaner says:

    What an unprofessional sheriff!

  26. Duncan says:

    I agree with Diana L.; think it but don’t say it, especially during a press conference. Defiantly does not help the Sheriffs persona.

    You can’t run from the long arm of the law and why take a shot at a Cop. It’s a shame what is happening to Palm Coast.

  27. Mad neighbor says:

    How could people possibly stick up for this guy? I drive by this house often because my parents live down the street. They are constantly outside eyeballing everyone and looking for trouble at that house. Bet people would feel differently if their family/children had to drive by this day after day. Hope this guy gets what he deserves and then some.

  28. r&r says:

    Maybe the draft into the army would let scum bags like this get some discipline instead of a threat to society. The judges just let them free to roam around and continue the way they are.

  29. r&r says:

    The people who say Staley was wrong in saying what he did are is part of the problem. They support thugs like this instead of law officers who put their lives on the line trying to protect you.

  30. woody says:

    Mr, Haire has visted the news on Flagler Live multiple times,probably not the last.

  31. Resident says:

    Palm Coast is not a bad place. It seems like most of the crime is coming from this one group of kids who all either hang out or live at that house in the L section. This has been going on for years. It’s 3 shooting now I think in 3 years.
    Feel bad for home owners in the area who need to live with this nearby. The police need to put him away for a good long time. This wanna be thug truly belongs in jail where other inmates will make him feel really comfortable.

  32. Maiden says:

    just curious why the Police wouldn’t warn the residents that this kid is out there.
    you know he’ll be hiding in this neighborhood…warn us.
    my dog was barking at all hours last night in my house.. That never happens. Scary.

  33. Constantly amazed says:

    If the Sheriffs office needs any volunteers to help in answering phones, gassing up vehicles or whatever to free up as much manpower to catch this ANIMAL please let us know.

  34. Shark says:

    Yeah – because he didn’t do his job.

  35. Proud To Be American says:

    So glad no one was injured in this senseless act. ts about time we have a real Sheriff who stands by his officers and tells it like it is. Enough is enough with you politically correct cupcake snowflakes. This guy shoots an officer, an amazing Sergeant by the way, endangers multiple lives and you have the nerve to comment about Mr.Stalys bar room talk, as u put it? How about a little respect and support for our men and women in blue? I think more citizens should do ride alongs with these officers to see what they deal with on the daily.I know I speak for the majority when I say keep up the great work Sheriff Staly, a dirtbag is a dirtbag and im glad you’re not afaid to say it.

  36. John Brady says:

    I think this man needs to learn a skill. Maybe 50 years in a state correctional facility will teach him a useful job skill
    I am usually a very forgiving and understanding individual but with a son in law enforcement, these actions are beyond the pale.
    No matter how bad his upbringing and education, he and he alone is responsible for his action.
    Maybe car mechanics would be a good skill

  37. Ken says:

    I hope he is arrested and gets a long sentence for his crimes without getting hurt. Second how unprofessional is the Sheriff.

  38. Ken says:

    I hope he gets arrested without anyone getting hurt.

  39. The Geode says:

    Do you people even bother to READ the article or watch the news? …or do you just skip to the bottom and ask dumb questions in the comment section?

  40. Enough is Enough! says:

    Diana L I couldn’t agree more with you. Can we please keep this professional????

  41. Sherry says:

    She said sarcastically! HELL NO! We don’t need NO gun control!

    Our hard working officers are in a battle that is impossible to win! With the “Wild West” created by the NRA. . . we are literally in an “arms race” between law enforcement and civilians!

    When will we finally come to realize that more guns, guns, guns on the streets only creates a more unsafe community!!!!

  42. Barry List says:

    Well said Sheriff, a couple of memorable quotes for a man who supports his troops. Glad you all went home tonight.

  43. RayD says:

    Oh yeah, that guy. I used to see him leaning into cars on my way to Planet Fitness pretty much every day. He seemed to be passing small items back and forth through open car windows and this was even after the arrests and crippling shooting. I see he has moved on to bigger things now.

  44. Again, How??? says:

    I recall in the past reading about Phil in legal trouble thinking that he’d end up in prison that time for whichever charges he was facing. How about the breakdown of the judicial system that did not take care of him before on gun charges. Had justice been served initially this does not happen.

  45. Steve says:

    I support local law enforcement but this Sheriff is a moron! He tries the “tough guy” approach far too often. He’s opening his department up to liability and the words he speaks when he encourages his deputies to shoot suspects spits in the face of what law enforcement is about. No question, the Sgt. Would have been justified in returning fire at the suspect. No question that this perp is a dangerous criminal who needs to be removed from the public. Heck, the Sheriffs own Public Information Officer Bob Weber has himself shot a suspect, albeit in that case it was an unarmed black male (several years ago). Those baiting comments will result aid in litigation the next time someone shoots a suspect. Staley is trying to mimic former Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary, who Staley was an Under Sheriff for. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with being tough on crime, but Law enforcement officers should not be encouraged to shoot suspects. It’s an absolute last resort to protect ones life. Geez, this guy is nearly as moronic as the Polk and Lake County Sheriff…

  46. Disgusted says:

    To shark,
    The deputy did his job. He kept the man from killing his parents. Deputies are not supermen. This is not tv. This is real life. How much law enforcement time have you put in. ? Where did you get your training?

  47. jane doh says:

    the criminals will always be able to get the weapons. Just like during prohibition – the criminals always were able to get the booze.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Maybe after they are done catching this guy, then the cops can do something about all the ridiculous speeding on that street as well.

  49. jp says:

    Attempted murder in America is aggravated assault in America……our justice system is a joke…..when you start taking crime seriously, and keep violent criminals in prison for natural life things will change. But America is the best place to life if you are a criminal! Its heaven….Everyone is out on low bond and probation

  50. CC says:

    Maybe after they are done catching this guy the cops can do something about all the ridiculous speeding on that street as well.

  51. Dave says:

    Criticizing the Sheriff does not mean you are sticking up for the suspect. All it means is that we expect a more professional person in the important position ,instead of what sounds like a child or immature adult at best. Police aren’t suppose to show emotion, they have a job and there is no room for that type of irresponsible behavior

  52. Section 8 says:

    I disagree, not ALL Section 8 recipients are out here wrecking havoc. Most of us work Full-Time, take care of our family, and take better care of homes both inside and outside. Please STOP all of the accusations that Section 8 people are wrecking the city.

  53. Deputy says:

    @ Dave and all the others criticizing the Sheriff.

    Deputies aren’t suppose to show emotion? So we’re suppose to hear our co-worker calling out a shots fired call requesting assistance with the sound of gunfire in the back round and not show any emotion? Easy to say from behind your computer screen. We live in this county and care about the citizen’s and each other. We are going to do our best to handle each call professionally and base our decisions on facts and evidence, but at the end of the day we are emotionally invested in this community. I take it personal when a scumbag is going to not only shoot at his own family, but also the Sergeant that is standing next to them trying help. We want this guy off the streets to keep your families safe as well as ours. I support my boss for calling him what he is. No need to sugar coat it. Everyone wants to live in a safe community, but very few want to do the work of keeping it safe.

    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men (women) stand ready to do violence on their behalf” -George Orwell-

  54. r&r says:

    Dave people who say Staley is wrong support the criminals. Staley is the BEST sheriff we’ve had here in the 15 years I’ve been here. The Police protects YOU so support them.

  55. Don h says:

    When we first moved to Palm coast 5 yrs ago we lived in the house on Lewisdale where this hoodlum was shot. That street was the perfect place to do business, there were street lights but for some reason they were never turned on when we lived in that neighborhood. I called the police a few times but they must of had a scanner, once the police were dispatched they would take off. i still live in Palm Coast but on the other side of town.

  56. Freddy says:

    Sheriff Staly you are doing a good job. Ignore the political correctness police who thinks choice of words is more important than catching criminals and saving lives. Sheriff Chitwood in Volusia county has been calling them scumbags for years in front of news cameras and he too is doing a good job. Keep up the good work.

  57. Pcbest says:

    BEST SHERIFF IN 15 YEARS. Finally a sheriff who tells it like it is, while taking care of the citizens and his people. Now let’s catch this scumbag and put him away!!!!

  58. disgusted neighbor says:

    This section of Palm Coast has beautiful homes and good people. Unfortunately, this address has been a major problem for it’s neighboors. There are cars parked all over the place , blocking the street ,along with the people who own them. It has been a little better , the calm before the storm I guess. This house is right at the entrance of the neighboorhood so there is no way to avoid it,other than move(a thought). There is a lot of construction in the area ,which homes go for over 200,000,some closer or above 300,00. It’s a shame. These incidents and release of charges on the violators have nothing to do with the Police. The courts are bleeding hearts (Judges) and let the people involved in these shootings back out on the streets. The house is owner occupied. This house IS the problem. People walk their dogs at night, or simply walk or ride their bikes to get excercise. The people are friendly and other than that house, it’s a safe area. I commend the Police, but it’s like they are banging their heads against a wall everyday. It’s a shame that this society finds it unfashionable to support the Police.Well I do.

  59. Anthony says:

    Ok. I coached basketball in town for 8 years , I coached Phillip for one season. I have been a Palm Coast resident over 11 years now. One: that area has been trouble a longggg time. the kids used to tell me many years ago that drugs were sold in those homes. So far, sheriff’s Manfree and Fleming have not stopped it.
    Two: Sheriff Chitwood used the same language as he stormed into in Daytona…look how much he cleaned it up (not) No need to use foul language, you are a role model to our youth. actions speak louder than words.
    Three: The town is better but still not youth friendly. there is only ONE public access indoor basketball court. at Carver Gym.There about 10 courts in the school system but they are unavailable without having 10,000 dollars or some ridiculous price tag. The more i could practice and play games the more the kids were constructively busy and being mentored.
    Four: there are NO jobs the older kids need work. its horrible. plenty of trees, paths, golf, no work. Melissa Holland , Nick Klufas, I hope you guys do a better job.

  60. Rich says:

    I can’t believe that some of the people commenting on this article are actually calling out Sheriff Staly for calling Phillip Haire a “little shit” and “scumbag.” Wake up you snowflakes! A thug, and that is what Haire is, a thug, made a conscious decision to fire a handgun at least 14 times in the direction of at least two people, one of which was a deputy with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, and you actually care that the Sheriff made these comments! I’m somewhat puzzled by your rationale here. If Haire is capable of this blatant disregard for life and authority, then what else will he do in the near future? In the relatively short time he has lived there he has been shot twice and arrested at least four times for drugs and violence.

    The neighborhood is very nice. Cosmetically, the house doesn’t look that bad. It is unfortunate that Haire had to run from his troubles in Daytona Beach to his father’s house in Palm Coast. He ran from his troubles but they caught up with him two or three years ago at 11 London Drive.

    As a resident of the neighborhood, I pray daily that Haire would move out permanently and take all his troubles with him so the peace and quiet of the Matanzas Woods section would return. Maybe my prayers have been answered.

  61. Big sister says:

    I now this was coming because I was his neighbors and I think it was like 49 times now the police came

  62. not surprised says:

    The kid was not always a bad kid. I knew him young. Good football player. Something here makes kids turn. Good parents have kids that turn out bad too so it is not just the upbringing. You can be the best parent on record and still have a bad kid. It is a shame to see kids that could have a great future in this chaotic world lose it all for unnecessary actions. Everyone stop with the banning of guns. You can ban them all day long and people will still get access and people will still die. I hope it does not end badly and either he is dead or an officer or worse an innocent bystander and he is apprehended and sentenced.

  63. gmath55 says:

    “Wild West” created by the NRA – I laughed so hard. This has to be a joke! LOL. Get real. There is nothing wrong with owing a gun in proper hands and protecting ones family.
    HINT: Sherry criminals don’t buy guns and they don’t belong to the NRA. Wake UP!

  64. GWOT Veteran says:

    Sherry, if you want gun control that bad I suggest moving to Chicago, they have exactly the type of gun control laws you are looking for, I hear it’s quite peaceful up there. Also, which additional law is it that you suggest that he would have followed when he clearly didn’t want to follow the one about SHOOTING AT A POLICE OFFICER?

    In the meantime I will hang on to my guns until every last criminal, like this dirt bag, hands over their guns.

  65. FlaglerLive says:

    No comments about 11 London Drive being a Section 8 property will be approved and those that were have been removed: It is not a Section 8 property–not that Section 8 issues would even be relevant except, as was clearly the case, as a pretext for a few commenters’ veiled bigotry. Not here.

  66. Diana L says:

    I did a ride along with a deputy during my Sheriff’s Academy. I can express my comments on the Sheriff’s language as I am a taxpayer, as I suspect many of you are. Police actions matter when it comes to court and prosecution. If you want this guy prosecuted, I suggest that our officers act in a professional manner. It’s a tired and straw man tactic to say people don’t support the police when they have any comments that in any way suggest to the police perhaps they could have handled it better. I live in this community, I pay taxes, I support our law enforcement and I care about this community. Your “snowflake” name calling is laughable and shows exactly what you are made of. Your silly names and intimidation tactics do nothing but show your willingness to show your true personalities.

  67. Shark says:

    Thirty years with a real police department !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Geezer says:

    20 years ago, there were some occasional low-brow characters roaming Palm Coast.
    For the most part PC was quiet and pretty boring. How things change!
    Time to consider bullet-resistant glass and iron gates for your doors and windows.
    (Heck, it’s overdue.)

    A crystal ball would have came in handy in back 1997.

  69. Dave says:

    Police should absolutely show no emotion. That is so obvious, the last thing we need is a bunch of emotional people with guns running around making life or death desicions. Police are not the jury, police are not the judge, police are only there to protect and serve. Police should not have personal opinions on legal matters for your opinions are not needed in your line of duty.

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