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16-Year-Old Matanzas High Student Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old in School Stairwell

| January 15, 2013

The alleged rape is reported to have taken place in a stairwell at Matanzas High School. This image is of a generic stairwell, not of Matanzas's. (Daehyun Park)

The alleged rape is reported to have taken place in a stairwell at Matanzas High School. This image is of a generic stairwell, not of Matanzas’s. (Daehyun Park)

For several years, D’Shawn Hosang has been a concern of school authorities and, at times, of police. He was enrolled in Flagler County’s African American Mentor Program when he was at Buddy Taylor Middle School. The program pairs young boys who are either at-risk of straying into destructive behavior or have already done so, with an adult mentor who supervises the boy’s academic and social activities. The program has had its successes, lifting many a student’s performance or righting his course. But it has its setbacks: mentors have been known to have to visit their charge in jail.

Last June, Hosang, who’s now 16 and who used to attend Flagler Palm Coast High School, was part of the mentor program’s annual end-of-year ceremony, recognizing its ranks. A month later, Hosang was under arrest, one of three teen-agers charged in a burglary spree in Palm Coast’s B Section.

Numerous electronics that had been reported stolen from several cars were found in the attic of the house where Hosang lived, with his mother, on Berkshire Lane. He was charged with a felony, and placed on probation. When school resumed, he was at Matanzas High School.

The latest charge against Hosang is far more serious. He is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in a stairwell at Matanzas High School.

The incident is alleged to have taken place at 9:46 a.m. on Monday (school starts at 8 a.m. at Matanzas). According to the arrest report, “the victim stated in her interview that she and D’Shawn Hosang were kissing in the stairwell and then D’Shawn Hosang pulled out his penis and forced her to perform oral sex on him. The victim then stated that D’Shawn Hosang forced her to turn around and penetrated her vagina with his penis.”

Matanzas is on block scheduling, meaning that class periods last 82 minutes. The alleged incident took place 10 minutes into the second period, which had started at 9:35 a.m. Both students had requested (and been granted) hall passes to go to the library and check out a book, according to the school administration. Two separate teachers provided the passes, unaware of the other’s actions.

How sexual activity could take place in a school stairwell may be a pressing question after an allegation of the sort, but Matanzas Principal Chris Pryor said it’s impossible to have eyes and ears in every segment of the school at all times.

“We can’t control everything,” Pryor said. “We don’t have cameras everywhere, we don’t have enough people to patrol every hallway and every stairwell. This was a well-traveled stairwell, I was surprised” that the alleged incident had taken place there. The school has its own School Resource Deputy.

There were security cameras in the stairwell–above and below where the alleged incident took place. But students are wise to the cameras’ emplacements, too.

Pryor is meeting with the faculty today to talk about strategies for greater attention. “Other than completely locking kids in classrooms 100 percfent of the time, all we can do is urge teachers to be more vigilant,” Pryor said, referring to when students are let out on hall passes.

Hosang was arrested at 5 p.m. yesterday after being questioned at the sheriff’s office’s Investigative Services Division (he still lives on Berkshire Lane). According to the arrest report, which was heavily redacted, Hosang gave a recorded statement to police, but denied having sex with the girl. He admitted meeting the girl in the stairwell.

The arrest was based on evidence from text messages exchanged between Hosang and the girl between 9:59 a.m. and 10:54 a.m. “Both the victim and the defendant showed me their cell phones and the text messages back and forth between the two,” the arresting deputy wrote in the report.

Hosang was taken to a youth jail in Daytona Beach. He is charged with felony second degree sexual battery, a legal term for rape, and also charged with violating probation.

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85 Responses for “16-Year-Old Matanzas High Student Accused Of Raping 14-Year-Old in School Stairwell”

  1. Kathy says:

    “We can’t control everything,” Pryor said (Uhm no, it is your job to control everything..figure it out)

    “…urge teachers to be more vigilant,” Pryor said (Uhm no, teacher are there to teach in the classrooms and frankly they have more to be concerned with beyond their teaching hours than hall monitoring…so what about telling us what you’re doing as well as other non-educating staff).

    How about, for example, things that don’t make sense that go on year after year like…calling parents about 11 hours after their child didn’t show up to school to be sure the parent was aware and that nothing is wrong…who thought that was a good idea?

    Please put the focus back on yourself Chris.


    • sam says:

      wrong, as a student at matanzas high school dr pryor has done an excellent job of runner our school. There cannot be a camera that covers every inch of the school, and even if there were, us students would still find a way around them. i dont believe you have eyes in the back of your head, so dont expect him too. honestly i find it very aggravating that many people are so naive. This is how the world is. it happens when we have FREEDOM. And i wonder why you blame my principal instead of the parents of the kid! he has a whole school to manage,


    • maryann says:

      Of course – let’s blame the principal – when do we make the one who committed the crime responsible. How about the parents teach their children this is unacceptable!!!
      “We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions” (President Reagan) This is not the fault of the Principal. Get your heads out of your butts people – we need to make lawbreakers accountable – not everyone around them!


  2. Ralph Belcher says:

    Condolances to the victim and her family — and the family of the reported perpertrator – for being jammed into a really tough situation by the kid.

    Remember our civic organizations will plead for authorities to go lightly on our students because they are being come down on too hard for acting up. That’s right ->> for being disruptive to good order and dicipline in our schools.


  3. Anon says:

    @Kathy says:
    You beat me to it.

    The principal was real quick to shift the weight and cover himself up.

    I thought that uniforms were supposed to lessen the criminal behavior in schools.


    • Magnolia says:


      Uniforms won’t lesson this. While schools are so busy teaching liberalism, they have forgotten that morals must also be taught to children…moral’s and responsibility.

      Now that you are busy teaching kids that any kind of sex is ok and normal, you’d better teach them that sex by force isn’t. It’s a prison sentence.

      Anyone putting their children in public schools these days is absolutely nuts.

      I’m speechless on this one.


      • anon says:

        this could happen at any school. not just public school . i know Hosang personally and he would never do this. he has had a bad begining yes we has gotten into trouble but raping a girl he would never do . she is trying to make her out to be the victim when she should be getting in trouble also.


      • sam says:

        no one is being taught about sex. im sure you know this. your just trying to make a very good school look like a juvenile jail i can see. matanzas is the best school in this area, one incident happens and all hell breaks loose. this is America and you would be ignorant to believe that this is the worst thing to happen in a public school. get ahold of yourself


      • Nancy N. says:

        I’m so sick of liberalism being equated with a lack of morals.

        Since when is it a teacher’s job to instill moral values in a child? That’s MY job as a parent, so I can choose how I want my child to be raised.

        IF this young man is in fact guilty of this crime he is accused of, the blame lies in the lack of moral education he received at home, not at school.


  4. Jessica says:

    sounds like Chris Pryor needs to take responsibility for something that happened on his watch at his school and reenforce that he will do whatever it takes to avoid this happening again..instead he wants to not take any kind of responsibility. When I send my child to school, I am trusting the supervision by faculty, including the principal is held to the highest standards. In this case the principal is just like..well its a high traffic area..huh?…. Makes me wonder….



      Lets try something unique! Lets blame the person who committed the crime, let him take responsibility for what he did, and punish him to the full extent of the law. TRY IT! IT MIGHT JUST WORK.


  5. Anonymous says:

    We need a better system in place for the childrens sake. Lets get volunteers their are thousands of retirees that I’m sure would be glad to do some volunteer work. Give them a comfy chair and a book and place them in the hallways and bath rooms with a walkee talkee. I went to a Big city Highschool and we were definitley being watched. This needs to be dealt with right away. The comment that “we can’t control everything” It’s your job to give the students a safe enviroment …Make it happen!!! you took on the job and if you can’t make it happen let some one else do the job right.


  6. cindy says:

    This needs to be dealt with right away. You took on the job you make sure those kids are safe when they get there. I went to a big city highschool and we had volunteers in every bath room and hallway. They sat in comfy chairs and had a great book to keep them occupied in between periiods. They also had walkee talkee to call for help from security that also roamed the hallways. we have thousands of seniors that I’m sure would love to volunteer. Letsget the ball rolling so that another child doesn’t fall victim


  7. Who Knows . . . says:

    . . . what really happened?

    Troublesome kids are often granted a pass to the library – guess why?

    Secondly, some HSs that I have taught in have ‘certain’ areas where ‘certain’ activities take place. stairwells are a ‘certain’ place. This has been going on since 1955 when I saw look-out students at ‘certain’ doorways. Teachers are warned by good students and fellow Teachers to “don’t go there!”.

    I think the problem rests again with the individual students and their ‘get away with it’ behaviors. Not the Teachers, Principals, Police, or Parents.

    The punishment has to fit the crime in this case. Once convicted DO NOT bail him out (like you have done too many times the past with this same guy), but “do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail” – for a long, long time.

    This is the only deterent society has – (until, jokingly, we fully institute the uniform policy and arm all teachers with guns!).


  8. bq says:

    Way to pass the buck Mr. Pryor. Lay this at the feet of the teaching staff!!! Give us a break!!!


  9. Deep South says:

    Take away the cell phones. All cell phones should be taken away while students are on school grounds, and return to students at the end of the day, when they leave school grounds. If you need to make a call go to the administration office. That’s the way I did it.


    • Student says:

      You are not considering many things. There are many students who go to DSC and just would never have the time to pick up and drop off their phone. Some kids also have to go to the bus after school. Who has time to do this? How would they track every single phone? There is a reason they allowed using phones in between classes now. Many parents would disagree with you on this.


    • annonymous says:

      By taking phones away from the kids, you make the schools liable for the cel phones. Instead block all cell signals while on school grounds. cell phone problem solved.


  10. "My Daily Rant" says:

    This kid should have been in a special school.I read awhile back that some Minority groups were saying that to many of their kids are in jail so My guess is he will get a slap on the wrist and told to never do it again.


  11. ???? says:

    I know from a good source that Matanzas is on an odd daily schedule. Each teacher has 7 classes each. 6 of them rotate on an every other day block so each teacher has 3 block classes one day, then 3 different block classes another. They also have one period that meets every day thats on a traditional 50 minute period. They also decide to have all 7 classes meet on Fridays for about 45 minutes each. During these 7 oddly placed classed do you know how many free periods each teacher has? ZERO. Throughout the entire school day when students are on campus every teacher is teaching their subjects in their rooms 100% of the time (outside of passing period). How could this be thrown on the teachers?


  12. tax payer says:

    This story has got me overly angry how can this happen in our schools after all that has happened in schools lately ?? Are we not on any type of heighten alert at all , last month the same school was locked down because it was feared someone was going to shoot up the place. There is no reason why kids that are on probation should be aloud to attend school with kids that were brought up right. All they do at school is think they are cool because they have been arrested and corrupt and intimidate our kids . I have a 14 year old daughter at this school and demand for this to be fixed. And for someone to say that they can’t be everywhere all the time,, and that’s your answer go get a new job buddy that’s a cop out . I feel for the parents of the victim here and they should hire a lawyer and file suit. , how is this kid on probation from the law and able to be in school with our kids, or to get hall passes he should have had to be supervised to go to the bathroom.. need tougher laws if your kid gets arrested expel them period.. at least until they are off probation, make the parents of these loser kids figure out what to do with them all day . don’t have the schools babysit them, home school or put them to work. Why should they get the same privileges that kids that make the right choices in life get,, like I said they will only corrupt and intimidate our kids ..


    • Dan says:

      Im not saying your right or wrong but If your daughter were to ever end up doing something stupid and get in trouble wouldn’t you want to give her a second chance? And most importantly get an education and have a chance to succeed in life? Also your innocent until proven guilty, everyone is thinking the opposite nowadays (Guilty until proven innocent) . No one knows if this even really happened…


  13. Lori says:

    Sounds like there is something worse than earbuds, hey Dr. Pryor? He’s always quick to place the blame on everyone else. Sounds like we need a new principal at MHS.

    This kid had this many issues, he really should have been in a juvenile detention center rather than MHS or FPC. He put the girls in both of these schools in danger. He also had a hand in the B section burglaries, why was he still allowed to attend school?! This is not the kind of article a parent wants to see after sending my 14 year old daughter off to this place.


  14. Really says:

    It can only be the rapist’s fault. Not the teacher or principal, they didn’t rape anyone.


    • Magnolia says:

      @Really, the teachers and the principal have an obligation to keep our children safe. In this case, they failed this little girl.

      Yes, the rapist is at fault. But in the schools, we expect our teachers and administration to keep watch on our children. And it was not the rapists fault that he was still in the public school system.

      Anyone on probation with the legal system does not belong around public schools. And take the damned cell phones or kids will text all day and not learn.

      Cell phones do not belong in school. How easy would it have been to plan those robberies if he didn’t have that cell phone? Might have made a difference.


      • RC says:

        You expect so many things from teachers yet you are probably the type of person who thinks they are over paid. An average salary of $40000, to not only teach your kids but supervise them (babysit) all day long, is awful. This is why it is hard to attract high quality people to the teaching profession. Why put up with all of this for a measly salary while paying off student loans? I know many people think, ‘I wish I made $40000′ but did you bust your butt in high school to get into college? Where they had to bust their butts and take out loans to one day do their best to help out society? Ah, screw that, they’re paid too much :/


    • Patrice says:

      Chris Pryor… Where should I begin?
      As a fellow student at Matanzas High School ( FPC graduate )
      Pryor doesn’t care about average students an there sucsees, he cares
      About the honors students an that’s about it.
      As people above stated he never takes the blame for his own
      mistakes,he commonly blames teacher, student or the deans office at matanzas,who deals with most
      Of the bullshit that goes down an get paid a quarter of
      his salary. Pryor might handle a few situations but
      For the most part he’s sitting at his desk, or making morning news annouOncements
      With irrelevant quotes. Or causally eating in the cafeteria.The only
      Reason I believe he still has his job is because the 38% of teachers, that actually teach
      Are really good ones. Being the reason for our test scores, Pryor has nothing to do with those. Not to mention he’s really close with the school
      Board. Just for things like this he has his buddy’s to keep his name clear so
      He can get away with blaming things on the teachers ect. I once asked pryor “why would couldn’t have
      Spent money on more speed bumps In the senior parking lot, instead of fancy tables in the dinning hall” he made eye contact but had no response of corse. I feel very sorry for the girl an I hope everyone got a better view of Pryor. This boy deserves serious punishment. If you want your teenagers to be in a real school send them to fpc until Matanzas gets a better principal.


  15. Bruno says:

    Military troops needed in schools NOW !!!!!!!!!
    No more tolerance……More DISICPLINE !!!!!!!!!!


    • robromat says:

      GOOD IDEA!!!This may be a better option or national guard personnel on rotating basis to free up our local law enforcement to serve their community all over the USA


      • NortonSmitty says:

        Great idea! Let’s declare Martial Law because a girl got raped!

        Get a grip people! This has happened occasionally for thousands of years and will continue as log as there are people. It happened when I was in school in the sixties, it happened in your school too. This is the first school rape I remember hearing about in years. This is a tragedy, but don’t pretend it is something new or another sign of the coming apocalypse. Your Good Old Days weren’t any better.


        • Bruno says:

          I REPEAT !!!!!!!!!
          Military troops needed in schools NOW !!!!!!!!!
          No more tolerance……More DISICPLINE !!!!!!!!!!


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