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Palm Coast Man Accused of Battering Mother Sends Deputy to Hospital With Eye Injury

| September 26, 2016

Cid E. Ramirez. deputy jonathan kuleski

Cid E. Ramirez.

Cid Elliot Ramirez, a 47-year-old Palm Coast man is being held without bond at the Flagler County jail on more than half a dozen charges, including battery on his 74-year-old mother and assault on a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy, who sustained injuries to his eye and scratches to the face.

Deputies had been called to Ramirez’s house at 108 Brushwood Lane in Palm Coast Friday evening after getting the report of an altercation between him and his mother. Ramirez had allegedly grabbed his mother by the face.

When deputy Jonathan Kuleski arrived at the scene, Ramirez “confronted” him on the front walkway of the house, according to his arrest report. There, while Kuleski “was in contact” with Ramirez, Ramirez allegedly punched Kuleski in the eye with a closed first, then “proceeded to scratch deputy Kuleski numerous times about his head and facial area. At one point, deputy Kuleski believed that [Ramirez] was attempting to gouge out his eyes.”

Jonathan Kuleski.

Jonathan Kuleski.

Kuleski took Ramirez down to restrain him. After the incident, Kuleski went to Florida Hospital Flagler for treatment and to determine the extent of his injuries. A sheriff’s spokesperson today confirmed that Kuleski “has an eye injury and a followup appointment later in the week,” and that he would be off duty until that appointment.

Ramirez, his mother told deputies, was “reportedly diagnosed with schizophrenia by his mother / victim,” according to his arrest report. He was charged with three counts of battery on a law enforcement officer (a third-degree felony), two counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer (a first-degree felony), battery on a person 65 or older and resisting arrest with violence (both third-degree felonies), and obstructing an officer without violence, a third-degree felony.

Ramirez and his mother had jointly bought the house on Brushwood three years ago. Kuleski marked two years as a deputy with the sheriff’s office a month ago. He had previously been a police officer in Bunnell.

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13 Responses for “Palm Coast Man Accused of Battering Mother Sends Deputy to Hospital With Eye Injury”

  1. Sw says:

    Well looks like he might get some much needed help while IN PRISON LOSER. Tough guy beating up Mom where do these f’in people come from..

  2. Florida Gator says:

    By the way,good job Officer Kuleski.

  3. Pat Patterson says:

    This man needs to be caged for harming his mother AND the deputy. I don’t care if he is mentally ill. He is a danger to others.

  4. footballen says:

    I saw that deputies face today. Based on the damage which appeared to be focused on his left eye, there is no doubt in my mind that Ramirez intended to gouge his eye out. Thank you so much for your service and the professionalism you displayed in securing and caring for a person who was intent on taking your ability to see away from you forever. I find it amazing that you remained so calm as to secure this guy and not harm him (in the moment). Mental health disorders are so dangerous and ignored. Thank you to the deputies involved, I know 99% of you are out there getting this sort of treatment for pennies and you are not racist or crooked as the mass media would have us all believe.

  5. palmcoaster says:

    This mental case Ramirez is lucky that our brave and compassionate young Deputy Kuleski did not use his firearm on him to stop the aggression. A shot to one of Ramirez leg or any non vital body part, probably would have prevented Deputy Kuleski injuries and totally justified.
    Our law enforcement risk their lives daily and we should be very appreciative to them.
    Thank you officer!

  6. woodchuck says:

    Glad the deputy is o.k.this could have bad real quick.What trash

  7. Roberto says:

    See this dude all the time walking around talking to himself . I deliver and almost had to drop his ass because he’s ignorant and confrontational. Give him a few years in the big house .

  8. Old Lady says:

    Sch a shame, more bad apples off the Tree of Palm Coast

  9. footballen says:

    Trust me when I tell you I would never condone anyone disrespecting their mother much less hurting her; however the story does state that he is diagnosed with schizophrenia. With that being the case you have to understand he truly does not know what he is doing. His REALITY is much different than the version most of us share. He needs to be in a treatment facility where he can be helped and contained from people who do not understand his disability. He is all ready in a sort of hell or prison if you will, in his own mind.

  10. Sw says:

    I failed to mention “WTG, NICE JOB YOUNG MAN, UNDER FIRE,

  11. The Geode says:

    I wonder HOW that would have turned out had that been ME doing the assaulting. It seems that the police unbuckles his holster as soon as he approaches and had I DARE raise a hand? …you know the rest.

  12. palmcoaster says:

    Our mental ill Americans are released among us and are not treated as they should be and we sure pay enough taxes to fund the much needed treatment…but unfortunately we care too much to police and care for the world and pay for refugees for political reasons other than spending in our own first!

  13. Geezer says:

    Any updates on the deputy’s eye injury? I hope it leaves no lasting damage.
    Cid Ramirez needs to be placed in a facility so that he can be treated for
    his mental issue(s), and as a buffer between himself an innocent people.
    Now it is clear that he’s a danger–don’t drop the ball an release this guy
    until he’s demonstrated some stability for a substantial period of time.

    If he can attack is 74-year-old mother and a cop–he can do this to anyone.

    I am heartened to see that he (Ramirez) wasn’t killed in this melee.

    There was an unfortunate fellow with a machete in his garage (Troy Gordon)
    that was killed by the cops despite obviously being demonstrably mentally ill.
    Instead of exhausting all means to safely take the man into custody–he
    was basically executed behind some lawn furniture in his garage.

    It’s a fact that there’s a lot of mentally ill people in the population, and
    ongoing efforts to better educate law enforcement should be a priority.
    It would be safer for the cops, and for the affected persons.

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