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Flagler Detention Deputy of the Year Twice Reprimanded for Sexual Improprieties With Inmates in Last 2 Years

| October 29, 2014

Flagler County Sheriff Jim Manfre presenting Randy Stephen Vickers with the Detention Deputy of the Year award last December. (FCSO)

Flagler County Sheriff Jim Manfre presenting Randy Stephen Vickers with the Detention Deputy of the Year award last December. (FCSO)

The reigning Flagler County Sheriff’s Detention Deputy of the Year was disciplined in late May with a written reprimand for having sex with an ex-inmate, a violation of the department’s policy. It was the second time in two years the deputy was disciplined for a sexually-related infraction. The deputy, Randy Stephen Vickers, was disciplined two years ago for asking an inmate, jokingly, if she’d like to be sexually assaulted. In the interim, Vickers was promoted to Corporal.

In early March a jail commander was ordered to conduct an internal investigation of Vickers, who’s been employed at the Sheriff’s Office since June 2009. The inquiry that was “started by Senior Commander [Steve] Cole was made because a confidential source stated she had a personal relationship with Cpl. Stephen Vickers and received money for sex,” the internal investigation report states.

In an interview with an investigator the source would later specify that the money, which she got in August or September 2013, wasn’t “directly for sex but just that she needed some,” according to the investigation. “She also went on to say that she got special treatment from him when she was incarcerated at the Flagler County Inmate Facility.”

A month after Vickers was having the relationship with the former inmate that summer, he was among the four Sheriff’s Office employees recognized with quarterly awards. Vickers, the Sheriff’s Office said, “was recognized for his vast knowledge of detention services as demonstrated through his attitude, work ethic and interpersonal skills with inmates at the Flagler County jail.” In December, Vickers was again recognized, this time as the Detention Deputy of the Year, with emphasis on his positive influences on juvenile detainees and his interpersonal skills which, the news release at the time stated, “have created a better image for this agency.” In January, he was promoted to corporal.

Sheriff Jim Manfre, of course, was unaware at the time of the internal investigation that would be triggered five months later.

Evidence in the internal investigation included text messages from Vickers, interviews and two recorded phone calls between the source and Vickers. Vickers told an investigator that “he never gave money to her for sex or never gave her special treatment” at the jail, the internal investigation report shows. “He did state that he would talk to her but just in general conversation.”

Vickers and the source have known each other for about 20 years. On Feb. 24, she placed a call to Vickers after being provided the number by sheriff’s investigators. The call was “controlled,” meaning that detectives would be listening in then or later. During the call, the source asked Vickers if he wanted “to hang out or hook up.”

The source at the time had six arrests in Flagler. “This is not a person the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office would expect their employees to associate with on a personal level,” the investigation states.

The relevant Sheriff’s Office policy states: Personnel shall avoid regular or continuous associations or dealings with persons whom they know, or should know, are persons under criminal investigation or indictment, or who have a reputation in the community or the FCSO for involvement in criminal behavior, except as necessary to the performance of official duties, or where unavoidable because of other personal relationships of the personnel.”

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Vickers told investigators that the text messages were his but that the source had initiated contact, and that the last time they’d “hung out” was eight to 10 months before the investigation was conducted in April.

A detective involved in the investigation concluded that “there was insufficient evidence to indicate a crime had taken place or that Cpl. Vickers is soliciting the confidential source for sexual acts.” The interviews with the woman and with Vickers “also substantiates that this did not happen,” the internal investigation concluded. But since both stated that they were together in the August-September time-frame, in 2013, when Vickers knew the woman’s history, his continuing to see her violated the department’s Code of Conduct.

On May 27, Vickers received a written reprimand and was placed on six months’ disciplinary probation, which will not expire until the end of November. Vickers makes $39,000 a year.

In April 2012, a detention deputy who no longer works at the agency filed an incident report relating what he’d witnessed during a shift when Vickers was also on duty.

It was between 2 and 3 a.m. A 41-year-old Palm Coast woman had been brought in by Bunnell police on charges of cocaine possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Both charges were dropped two months later. Vickers and two other deputies handled the booking. Vickers, according to the incident report, started asking the woman questions about how long she’d been using cocaine. She hesitated. He said: “It’s just you and me talking here.” The conversation continued. Vickers then, according to the report, helped the woman make several calls from the pay phone and the booking phone, a favoritism not usually shown inmates. He then complimented her on the whiteness of her teeth and her smile and told her: “They are not going to let you sit out here all night but I will keep you out here as long as I can.”

The woman had pleaded with Vickers not to be placed in a holding cell, but rather to be allowed to stay on a bench in the booking area. “I would like you to be able to stay out here too,” he told the woman, according to the incident report. When another inmate was reported to be coming into the booking area, the woman was placed in a holding cell.

The incident report then narrates the following sequence of events, in the former deputy’s words: “While I was seated at the booking counter [the woman inmate] called me to her holding cell stating that she was in distress. I then called over the radio for Cpl. Abruzzo to please step inside. Cpl. Abruzzo and Dep. Vickers came inside immediately and spoke with [the inmate] until she became calm. The final comment made between Dep. Vickers and [the inmate] was while Dep. Vickers was asking a series of questions. While asking [the woman] the series of questions, Dep. Vickers asked, ‘Have you ever been sexually assaulted?’ [The inmate] answered, ‘No.’ Dep. Vickers responded, ‘Would you like to be?’ He then began laughing.”

At 5:30 that morning, the woman bonded out, and was escorted out of the facility by Vickers.

That incident took place when Don Fleming was the sheriff. The incident was closed with an “oral consultation.”

“I believe that the statement was made in a joking manner but was taken offensively,” the disciplining officer wrote. “When dealing with inmates we have to stay professional at all times and even though we make a joke, it could be interpreted as inappropriate. A plan of action was discussed with Deputy Vickers.” The oral consultation record does not specify what the plan was.

Vickers was offered to speak about the issues by way of the department’s spokesman. He declined. The spokesman said there have been no other disciplinary issues involving Vickers.

Randy Vickers Internal Affairs Investigation, 2014

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23 Responses for “Flagler Detention Deputy of the Year Twice Reprimanded for Sexual Improprieties With Inmates in Last 2 Years”

  1. Jack Penski says:

    this is disgusting and i hope this guy is shamed to quitting. this type of man shoudnt be allowed to wear green. how is he alowed to work there?

  2. John Smallberries says:

    ‘The source at the time had six arrests in Flagler. “This is not a person the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office would expect their employees to associate with on a personal level,” the investigation states.’

    This right here. Oh this line right here. This is an almost perfect example of why internal invesigations are a joke. Anyone who personally knows police officers also knows that in many, many cases the only difference between the criminal and the cop is a badge and apparent immunity from prosecution.

    • reader says:

      “Anyone who personally knows police officers also knows that in many, many cases the only difference between the criminal and the cop is a badge and apparent immunity from prosecution.”

      This right here, John Smallberries , oh this line right here, is almost a perfect example of how ignorant some people are.
      John Smallberries do you personally know any police officers? Police officers are ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances, acting with courage, honor and self sacrifice.They risk their lives everyday to make our world a better place.
      Why dont you go get a badge and see if you handle 1 shift?
      Like John Wayne said “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”. This right here, oh this line right here, is almost a perfect example of why you just don’t get it.

      • John Smallberries says:

        I have a number of family members that are currently or were police officers. I interact socially with a number of FDLE and local sheriff officers, current and retired, on a frequent basis. Yes, I do personally know officers, and yes, there are good ones. There are also criminals wearing a badge, see or example the officer family that was busted for fixing tows and drugs in bunnell. Or the one that was recently sent to jail for shooting someone during a road rage incident. Or the one that pulled a handicapped man from his car beachside and beat and tased him because he wasn’t getting out of the car fast enough. Or the one in bunnell that was arrested recently for trolling little boys online for penis pictures. Or the ones that beat inmates to death and then cover things up. And this guy.

        As for risking their lives and making sacrifices, well, Warren v. District of Columbia means that the police have no duty to protect citizens. Taxi drivers, farmers, aircraft pilots, and roofers have far higher death rates than police.

        So yeah, I get it. And your post, oh your post, shows that you don’t.

      • Ena Marshall says:

        reader , it doesnt give you or him or any officer to act the way he did.Like LT. Cole said, YOU, or they (officers)are expected to act professional at all times. This officer in this article crossed the line, bottom line.

  3. Jim says:

    What kind of ship is MANFRE and STALY running over there!!!! SINKING!!!!

  4. Silvereed says:

    Flagler’s finest. After 35 years here…this city, this county, this state, is a joke. things change…not for the good here.

    • Howard Duley says:

      This city this county. this state. You are only partaley right. It is the whoje stinking nation that is rotting. if not already rotted out.

  5. Truth be told says:

    Wow. You go sheriff manfre and staley. You ran for sheriff promising to clean up the office. I think you have more law suits and crooked deputies than ever seen before.

  6. Seminole Pride says:

    I believe it should be a policy that all female inmates should be under the supervision of a female detention officer at all times, have no contact. have so ever with a male detention officer. This should be protacol.

  7. Former FCSO says:

    Amazing how Manfre & Staly fired 2 Sergeants within the first 6 months of office. Both were Deputies of the year and had no sustainable internal affairs complaints under previous administration. BOTH Sergeants were cleared by eith FDLE, State Attorneys offices, or both and yet they remain out of a job.

    Yet someone not on Manfre’s hit list has 2 sustainable inappropriate interactions with inmates, which are moral character violations, is not only promoted, he gets officer of the year award.

    Ohh yeah an Manfre claims he wasn’t aware of the internal affairs! Really James, the internal affairs investigators report directly to Staly, your undersheriff, you know the #2 guy who reports directly to you daily about what’s going on.

    The residents aren’t as stupid as your trying to make them out to be, stop being so ignorant and arrogant and just face the facts that you’re screwing up the FCSO!

  8. gadfly says:

    I figured this would get blamed on Fleming and it did. I wish we had him back. He’s starting to look good lately.

    • Ena Marshall says:

      are you serious he is just as bad, if not worse. We need someone in here that will run this place like a business not a Country club.
      Hire you third mates, girlfriend into Finance, and fire the person that had her job.Beacuse the Sherriff wanted to use the company credit card on his business trip.
      Then you want to bring back a guy(Flemming) who let his buddy on the school board get his wife off for murder, and make some calls for him on a hit and run. Seriously?

      Wake up people.

      • Ray Thorne says:

        Let his buddy get his wife off for murder? First , you need to learn what constitutes murder and second, from all accounts I’ve read about the incident , Fleming did no such thing. What I did see is a manipulation of our local press and an exploitation of a woman’s tragic death.

  9. Funny says:

    I think we need a fresh start with a fresh new face that actually was a cop in order to understand how to run a law enforcement agency. Last two have had their chance!

  10. Brian says:

    Such disgust…. Great job Sherrif Manfre…. Why don’t you lock up your own ego driven employees who somehow slipped through the cracks and became Officers…. These bad apples need to be weeded out of the justice system.

  11. Enlightened says:

    Steve Clair for Sheriff! Get a real officer of the law that cares about his people and the people of this County.

  12. Interesting Posts says:

    I used to read Johnnie Smallberries posts and think the guy simply hated all cops because of some bad experience but I am no longer of that opinion. I would say two things about this article and the posts. First to the people who seem fed up with reading about police corruption and see a corrupt cop in everyone of them, the Murrays, Stavris, Koenig, Milstead, and Juretevac were all arrested following investigations conducted by other officers. You can’t really claim every cop is corrupt, or criminal, or immune from prosecution when they are being investigated and arrested by other cops. Those people are sad examples of police officers but the one’s that investigated and revealed their wrongdoings are good examples of officers who don’t allow these things to go on.

    Second those who are attacking this deputy as some sort of horrible officer did not read the article thoroughly. What it really shows is that a deputy had a sexual relationship with someone he knew for years who happened to get arrested, and that he has a poor sense of humor. That’s it. While it certainly shows poor judgement for continuing to associate with someone who has a lengthy criminal history, it is hardly criminal or disgusting. It’s no more horrible than those of us who continue to associate with friend’s or relatives from high school who have drug problems or criminal histories.

    • grow up says:

      What is amazing by all the comments is no one read the report properly all he did was talk to an old friend he has known for 20 years that not against the law and they text still not against the law he broke no law . You are just attacking him for wrong doing of other cops you can’t put this in with police corruption it has nothing to do with it all it is is poor judgement that IS IT GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!! Attack the ones that are breaking laws and using their badge wrong

  13. Former Flagler Officer says:

    I am a former sheriff’s deputy and corrections officer and know plenty of police officers. The fact of the matter is that while in the police academy and corrections Academy they teach you that the booking process is the most vulnerable time for the individual whether it be a woman or a man. It is nothing less then an egregious abuse of his position in both cases. Your an idiot if you think otherwise. Please save yourself the embarrassment of responding to this because my next response will just embarrass you further I promise. It’s easy to articulate the truth it is very difficult to defend a person who preys on women at their most vulnerable state.

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