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Flagler’s Constitutional Officers, With Combined Salaries of $1 Million, Get 0.4% Bump

| September 10, 2014

Where the money's made. (© FlaglerLive)

Where the money’s made. (© FlaglerLive)

Flagler County’s constitutional officers, who account for some of the highest paid local government officials, will be getting modest raises averaging less than half a percent come October, according to calculations released last week by the Legislature’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research.

The highest paid constitutional officer remains the sheriff, whose salary will increase $523, to $125,641, a 0.4 percent increase. The clerk of court, tax collector and property appraiser will each have a $500 raise in their annual salary of $116,701. The supervisor of elections will see her salary increase $440, to $98,330.

The five county commissioners’ salaries will go up just over $300, to $50,533, and school board members’ salaries will go up $134, to $31,774. Since 2009 and 2011 Florida law has enabled constitutional officers and school board members to voluntarily reduce their salaries. That has not happened in Flagler County. Such voluntary reductions are rare across the state, though Bunnell city commissioners, who are not constitutional officers, voted themselves a 10 percent pay decrease earlier this summer as part of broad budget cuts to close a $1 million gap.

Proportionately speaking, and since voting themselves a doubling of their salary in 2009–bringing their salaries in line with Palm Coast council members’ salaries–Bunnell commissioners are the mayor are still the highest paid local public officials, making $2.88 per resident. That compares to 13 cents per resident for Palm Coast council members and $1.28 per resident for the sheriff.

The roughly 0.4 percent raises are less than a quarter the rate of inflation, so in effect constitutional officers are losing ground in purchasing power.

Since 1973, the Legislature has required that constitutional officers’ salaries be set by the state, based mostly on a county’s population. The Office of Economic and Demographic Research estimates Flagler County’s population to be at 97,843. The Census Bureau places Flagler’s estimated population in 2013 at 99,956.

The state sets the salaries, but local government pays them. In the aggregate, constitutional officers (not including cities’ elected officials) cost taxpayers $985,609, not including benefits. That roughly adds a third to the cost. When the $140,406 in salaries to city elected officials is added to the figure, the combined total, for elected officials in Flagler County, stands at $1.13 million for the coming year, not including benefits.

According to the Census Bureau, the median household income in Flagler County was $48,138 between 2008 and 20012.

Salaries of Flagler's Constitutional Officers and Elected City Officials, 2014-15

Constitutional Office or City
2013-14 Salary
2014-15 Salary
Circuit Clerk (Gail Wadsworth)
Property Appraiser (Jay Gardner)
Tax Collector (Suzanne Johnston)
Supervisor of Elections (Kim Weeks)
Sheriff (Jim Manfre)
County Commissioners
School Board
Palm Coast Mayor (Jon Netts)
Palm Coast Council
Flagler Beach Mayor (Linda Provencher)
Flagler Beach Commissioners
Bunnell Mayor (Catherine Robinson)
$1,200 decrease
Bunnell Commissioners
$960 decrease
Source: Office of Economic and Demographic Research and FlaglereLive research. These salary figures do not include any special qualification salary available to eligible clerks of circuit court, property appraisers, sheriffs, supervisors of elections, and tax collectors who have completed the required certification program specified in the relevant sections of Florida law.

Constitutional Officers’ Salaries (2014-15)

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7 Responses for “Flagler’s Constitutional Officers, With Combined Salaries of $1 Million, Get 0.4% Bump”

  1. m&m says:

    I have’nt seen anything come out of any of these people. They should get thier pay reduced by 20% – 25%.

  2. Floridiots says:

    Interesting read, should be required for those who opposed the creation of a charter county yet want to complain about salaries. Per capita income in Flagler County is $24,788 (all residents divided by total population) and median household income is $48,134 (1/2 above, 1/2 below), just so we know where our Constitutional Officers are in the hierarchy.

  3. Jack Howell says:

    Sorry, this is so wrong on so many levels! I would ask that these officials do the right thing and either turn down the raise or donate it to charity!

    • just sayin says:

      I agree Jack. Why don’t we report how many local government employees have lost jobs in last 4-5 years?

      • teacher says:

        I did not know that these people make more than teachers. A first year teacher makes $36,000, and a school board member is earning $31,000 for a part-time job? Are you kidding me? this is so wrong in many ways my stomach is turning

  4. Pioneer Man says:

    Exorbitant salaries for a county of about 100,000 residents. What about the salaries of Craig Coffey and Jim Landon? People will be surprised at those figures.Wake up people as you are about to vote all of them into office again.

  5. tulip says:

    @ PIONEER MAN The voters do not elect the city and county managers. The City council choose theirs after interviewing many applicants, and the County commissioners do the same thing.

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