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Flagler County Fires: All Locations, Latest Acreage, Maps and Firelines

| June 22, 2011

Espanola's inferno. (© FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: June 19

The following information on Flagler County fires is based on the latest data and maps provided by Flagler County Emergency Operations, Flagler County Fire and Rescue, and the Florida Division of Forestry. The data is updated as soon as it is available. We’ll make every effort to keep the information as current as possible. You can see a satellite image of the location of the fires, as linked through their precise coordinates, in the chart below. This document will remain posted at the top right column of FlaglerLive’s front page.

When clicking on the coordinates below, you’ll be taken to Google Maps’ satellite views. Look for the green arrow pointing to the precise location of the coordinates–not the “A” bubble, which Google puts in there as the nearest road, home or business.

Flagler Fires: The Latest Data (Updated June 22)

Incident NameAcresStart DateLocation (Latitude/Longitude)Active/Inactive
1Powerline #221May 829 23 16N,81 16 25WACTIVE
2Spaulding4.50May 1529 30 05N,81 26 27WInactive
3Dog Pen58.10May 1529 35 40N,81 22 56WACTIVE
4Yelvington15May 2729 36 33N,81 31 5WInactive
5County Line0.10May 2829 34 18N, 81 31 41WInactive
6Strickland 185May 2829 20 59N, 81 12 28WACTIVE
7Espanola (40% cont.)4300May 3029 32 47N, 81 22 10WACTIVE
8White Eagle (80% cont.)134.10May 3129 24 31N, 81 12 10WACTIVE
9Old Haw Creek0.50June 229 25 37N, 81 15 42WInactive
10Strawn #185June 629 20 33N, 81 23 43WACTIVE
11Spruce Street0.10June 729 26 42N, 81 23 47WInactive
12Strawn #28June 729 21 2.7N, 81 23 29.4WInactive
13Tattoo West5.84June 729 16 28N, 81 20 15WACTIVE
14Ranch House39June 829 35 51N, 81 18 21WInactive
15Espanola Cemetery0.10June 1129 30 14N, 81 19 45WInactive
16Road 800.2June 1229 32 56N, 81 22 57WACTIVE
17SW Pine Island0.8June 1229 31 3.7N, 81 26 22WInactive
18John Campell #10.5June 1229 28 50N, 81 26 32WInactive
19John Campell #23June 1229 30 33N, 81 26 22WInactive
20Relay Tower0.3June 1329 18 8N, 81 18 53WInactive
21Road 72/762June 1329 31 26N, 81 22 20WInactive
22Lehigh Road1June 1329 29 25N, 81 15 37WInactive
23Slippery Rock2June 1529.42266, -81.19626Inactive
24Honey Hill0.1June 1829.49747, -81.35822Inactive
25Junior Strickland6.5June 1829.33415, -81.20185ACTIVE
26John Campbell #31.5June 1829.55395, -81.45636ACTIVE
27Harget0.1June 1829.400774, -81.17318Inactive

All Flagler County Fires

Click on the map for larger view.

In the map below, showing the Espanola fire’s extent, the white brackets represent the dividing lines between the six different Division of Forestry divisions that are working the fire. Each division is identified by a letter.

Click on the map for larger view.

white eagle fire seminole woods palm coast

Click on the image for larger view.

13 Responses for “Flagler County Fires: All Locations, Latest Acreage, Maps and Firelines”

  1. w.ryan says:

    Thank you Pierre for the visual.

  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much for your excellent reporting on the wildfire situation – it’s been frustrating waiting for information from the County.

  3. DC says:

    Yes Thank you….

  4. Jim Guines says:

    You are really demonstrating the value of a news concept like Flaglerlive to a local community. Your services have been invaluable to this community. Flaglerlive is far faster that local print media.

  5. The Truth says:

    The county has done a piss poor job informing their residents of what’s going on. Many say to check the FlaglerEmergency website often but it’s always the same information.

    Thank you FlaglerLive!

  6. jc says:

    Thanks so much for your coverage of the fires. The maps helps quite a bit, kindly keep us updated.

  7. pmorrow says:

    I’ve lived in this county for 20 yrs. and until Pierre came along you could never find out important information about anything. It’s always been so frustrating until now! Thank you so much Pierre you are invaluable to our community! As someone commented earlier Flaglerlive is by far faster than print media, by the time you read the newspaper it’s old news and the coverage is questionable. I have donated to Flaglerlive in the past and intend to do so in the future, I hope that others will do the same it’s simple and easy to do. Pierre thanks again for all your hard work!!

  8. Jojo says:

    I sent my donation today for Flagler Live. Well worth the donation even though it wasn’t a whole lot. I hope other people donate to help cover costs.

  9. Jack J says:

    Being in New York State for the summer months makes FlaglerLive even more important to us. Thank you Pierre for the good news coverage.

  10. Laura says:

    This compilation is gold.
    The past weeks have been pensive to say the least.
    Every time I click on Flagler Live, I have been brought instantly up to date
    with the hot monsters that seek to devour us.

    We are grateful for the attention & energy you have given to this flaming season,
    in travel hours, communication with authorities, perfectly placed camera angles, the writing process,
    (with which you are gifted), and delivering the information to us in warp speed time.
    Kudos to your family for their support and sacrifice of your presence in these past weeks.

    Let it rain.

    {{* *}}

  11. palmcoaster says:

    Thank you Flagler Live for your unique and efficient approach to this vital information to us. Flagler Emergency web- site a real joke. What a waste of our tax dollars as usual by county officials.

  12. volusiareader says:

    Thank you! This is very helpful! Is there one for Volusia too?

  13. Jim J says:

    Thank you for the information. As others have said the Councy and Cities have done a piss poor job. Only flagler live has really keep the residents of Flagler County informed.

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