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Fischer, Proctor, Mica, Craig, DuPont and Thrasher Win; School Tax Approved; Democrats & Amendments 4 and 8 Sink

| November 2, 2010

In Flagler County, all precincts are in, including absentee ballots and early voting. John Fischer, has won the school board seat being vacated by Evie Shellenberger, defeating Raven Sword with a 58-42 margin.

The continuation of the 25-mill school tax is approved, with 61 percent approval, which should boost the school board’s confidence.

Amendment 4, the most closely watched of the amendments on this year’s ballot, is going down to defeat, easily, with 67 percent of Floridians rejecting the amendment.

But while 55 percent of Floridians (and 56 percent of Flagler voters) want to see the class-size amendment amended, and made more flexible, that won’t be enough to pass that amendment. It needed a 60 percent majority.

The 60 percent threshold looks secure for two redistricting amendments designed to reduce the influence of political gerrymandering when legislators draw up new legislative and congressional districts every 10 years. Those two amendments are passing with just enough margin.

The closest race of the evening was between Scott DuPont and Don Holmes in Group 10 of the circuit court seat in the 7th Judicial Circuit. But by 9:30 p.m., DuPont was holding a 2-percent margin over Holmes. In the Group 5 race, which is the Flagler County seat (to replace Judge Kim C. Hammond), Dennis Craig is the winner, defeating Joe Horrox, the race’s top spender, with 57 percent of the vote.

In other races, Republican Bill Proctor easily won his third term in the Florida House of Representatives, defeating Democrat Doug Courtney with 65 percent of the vote.

The GOP’s John Mica defeats Heather Beaven to win his 10th term in the U.S. Congress. Mica won nearly two-thirds of the vote in Flagler, which is Beaven’s home county. Republican John Thrasher appears headed top victory over Deborah Gianoulis in the Florida Senate race for District 8.

Amendment 4 is going down to easy defeat across Florida, and Alex Sink is behind. She did poorly in Flagler, a county she needed to keep at least close if she were to carry the state. The GOP’s Marco Rubio, as expected, has won the U.S. Senate seat, handing Charlie Crist the biggest defeat of his career. Rubio appears to have crossed the plurality threshold into majority territory, with more than 50 percent of the vote. He’ll be no minority senator.

That does it for us tonight. Catch FlaglerLive’s Pierre Tristam on WNZF Wednesday morning at 9:15, on David Ayers’ Open Lines, for a recap of local and national races.

Note: the following results are for Flagler and Florida.

The Florida Constitutional Amendments: Need 60% for Approval

Amendments and Referendum% Yes% NoYes VotesNo Votes
Amendments need 60% majority or more to pass.
School Board Referendum
(Flagler Only)
No. 1:
Repeal of public campaign financing requirement
53% (54.96%)47% (45.04%)1,720,861 (16,847)1,528,751 (13,805)
No. 2: Homestead ad valorem tax credit for deployed military personnel78% (82.63%)22% (17.37%)2,476,375 (26,407)682,781 (5,553)
No. 4:
Referenda required for adoption and amendment of local government comprehensive land use plans
33% (34.65%)67% (65.35%)1,113,112 (11,121)2,237,701 (20,971)
No. 5:
Standards for legislature to follow in legislative redistricting
62% (61.40%)38% (38.60%)1,948,252 (19,323)(1,195,582 (12,150)
No. 6:
Standards for legislature to follow in congressional redistricting
62% (61.98%)38% (38.02%)2,054,518 (19,501)1,260,639 (11,961)
No. 8:
Revision of the class size requirements for public schools
56% (56.65%)44% (43.35%)1,756,455 (17,830)1,391,458 (13,642)
Except for the Flagler school tax referendum, state-wide results are listed first, Flagler results are in parentheses.

2010 General Election: Final Results

Candidate and Race
Flager Votes
Flagler Percent
Overall vote in FloridaOverall Percentage
Peter Allen (IDP)9102.72%89,7142.43%
Michael Arth (NPA)91.27%13,525.37%
Farid Khavari (NPA)49.15%5,111.14%
C.C. Reed (NPA)91.27%13,842.38%
Daniel Imperato (NPA)113.34%9,883.27%
Rick Scott (Rep)1770252.91%1,882,10551.06%
Alex Sink (Dem)1442043.10%1,671,97745.36%
Candidates for U.S. Senate
Lewis Jerome Armstrong (NPA)25.07%3,098.08%
Sue Askeland NPA)97.29%11,310.3%
Bobbie Bean (NPA)17.05%3,182.09%
Charlie Christ (NPA)8,96326.58%1,069,78228.73%
Bernie DeCastro (CPF)34.10%3,518.09%
Kendrick B. Meek (Dem)6,75720.04%707,96719.01%
Bruce Ray Riggs (NPA)26.08%2,605.07%
Marco Rubio (Rep)17,61152.23%1,900,13151.02%
Alexander Andrew Snitker (LBT)133.39%17,350.47%
Rick Tyler (NPA)31.09%5,235.14%
US Representative, District 7
Heather Beaven (Dem)11,63735.64%71,16032%
John L. Mica (Rep)21,01464.36%151,43368%
School Board Member, District 5
John Fischer16,68458.19%
Raven Sword11,98641.81%
7th Circuit Court, Group 5
Dennis Craig16,03560.19%107,94357%
Joe Horrox10,60739.81%82,18243%
7th Circuit Court, Group 10
Scott DuPont13,29352.69%93,98551%
Don Holmes11,93547.31%89,81149%
Candidates for State Senate, Dist. 8
Deborah Gianoulis (Dem)13,32843.02%57,09640%
John Thrasher (Rep)17,58556.76%84,16260%
Candidates for State Representative, Dist. 20
Doug Courtney (Dem)1193040.18%19,20635%
Bill Proctor (Rep)1776459.82%35,69065%
Candidates for State Representative, Dist. 26
Fred Costello (Rep)153665.22%31,22560%
Tim Huth (Dem)81934.78%20,76040%
Attorney General
Pam Bondi (Rep)1888657.37%2,129,13157%
Dan Gelber (Dem)1273438.68%1,455,01039%
Jim Lewis (NPA)13013.95%143,1774%
Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Attwater (Rep)1864757.50%2,179,17559%
Lorrane Ausley (Dem)1202637.08%1,342,88137%
Ken Mazzie (NPA)12053.72%61,2762%
Tom Stearns (NPA)5541.71%82,1892%
Commissioner of Agriculture
Adam Putnam (Rep)1826755.85%2,145,40758%
Scott Maddox (Dem)1210337.00%1,318,59736%
Ira Chester (Tea)16725.11%152,2144%
Thad Hamilton (NPA)6682.04%75,0492%
Grand Haven Community, Board Member, Seat 1
Dennis Cross60338.93%
Marie Gaeta94661.07%
Grand Haven Community, Board Member, Seat 5
Tom Lawrence118675.64%
John Gary Noble38224.36%
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10 Responses for “Fischer, Proctor, Mica, Craig, DuPont and Thrasher Win; School Tax Approved; Democrats & Amendments 4 and 8 Sink”

  1. Richard Hamilton says:

    Nice work Pierre, you got more results up earlier than the supervisor of elections website.

  2. kmedley says:

    I was listening to local radio station, broadcasting from Flagler Beach, at 8:15 this evening. They were covering the election results. Patrick Kelly was so frustrated with the lenght of time it was taking to get results from the SOE’s office. He said, if he had a volunteer, he and the volunteer could have driven around the county to all 35 precincts and would have been able to get the results faster. You see, at each precinct, the precinct clerk prints a results tape and posts it to the door of the precinct. Early voting and absentee votes were uploaded first. When this happens, the GEMS computer, used to tally all the votes, reads votes from all precincts and as a result, you get a 100% all precincts reporting message. This makes it incredibly difficult to see which precincts have not yet reported. Even the reporter Ron Charles, reporting from the SOE’s office, was fumbling for reasons as to why there was such a delay.

  3. Richard Hamilton says:

    Yeah was a lot better at the last election. We need to get Peggy Rae Border back somehow.

  4. John I says:

    The local election results sends a clear message out from Flagler County to the Flagler County Democratic Party: get your act together!

  5. Ralph Belcher says:

    The Flow of information at the SOE Office definately needs improvement. I swung by and seen the GEMS computer scroll information so fast, once you read one candidate’s information and tried to read the opponent’s name on the next line, the information vanished and went on to the next race. I’m not by far the slowest reader in the county, but it was really tough to keep up with. I walked in, realizing it was open to the public and the coutner staff could not answer my question about conflicting information on the GEMS in relation to precincts reporting. Later they explained that there was one precinct held up on account of a long line of voters who had yet to vote at 7PM… they let everyone in line vote… so that was good news that no one in line was turned away.

  6. kmedley says:

    Ralph Belcher – When Peggy Rae Border and her staff uploaded results, the absentee and Early Voting were completed last so you could see, as the precincts reported, which ones had not yet come in. I am not sure who implemented the change, but every time those votes are uploaded first, you will see the 100% precincts reporting and it will confuse people everytime.

  7. cyd weeks says:

    What was the turn out? Did we have more people voting this year?

  8. It’s surprising to me that there is no PUBLIC gloating amongst the R’s over the results. Instead the comments from local folks seem to be concentrated on slow local return information, hardly a burning bush issue. Maybe the nationwide party we had from 1980 to 2008 will continue, with the R’s in control for 20 out of the last 30 years) 3 wars, a Depression, and a huge increase in wealth amongst the top 2% (wish I was there) and the rank and file R’s are not so sure that is a good thing. Now that they have won the House back, the R’s have to come up with some plans for the future. Saying NO is not a plan. One of them has to be how do we pay for 2 wars, the $600 billion a year in Defense, social security, veterans, parks and highways without the income to support it? The R mantra against taxes which has the certainty of the TEN commandments can’t continue to fly. HOW much security can we really afford? HOW many folks do we want to support in prison because they had cocaine in their possession? I’d rather be spending the defense and prison bucks on EDUCATION, infra-structure, and healthcare…

  9. Orion says:

    We the voters have no control over payment for medical ttreatment of prisioners, to include, those not yet convicted. ,or those who self-inflicted the wounds. A 1982 State law, requires the County to pay all of these expense out of our General Fund, where all or tax money goes. I agree, spend the $$ on education first..

  10. SAW says:

    Just, goes to show you, ONLY 33 % of the voters did their homework, and truly understood Amendment # 4, the others voted for higher taxes, including the “tea baggers”,and did not even realize it.

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