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Flagler Beach Fire Chief and 3 Others On Leave as Drinking Allegations Trigger Investigation

| January 7, 2013

Controversy is again swirling over the Flagler Beach Fire Department. (© FlaglerLive)

Controversy is again swirling over the Flagler Beach Fire Department. (© FlaglerLive)

Flagler Beach City Manager Bruce Campbell on Friday placed a third of his fire department on paid administrative leave pending an independent investigation of “serious allegations” of violations of city policy by the fire chief and others. The alleged violations all have to do with drinking at the fire station or responding to a fire after drinking at a Christmas party.

Fire Chief Martin Roberts, Assistant fire Chief Shane Wood, firefighter Jacob Bissonette and Fire Police Captain Steve Wood have been placed on leave, according to city records. Robert Pace, a firefighter and paramedic, is the acting chief, as he was last year when a different set of allegations emerged against Roberts. Roberts survived that controversy—focused on his trip to inspect fire trucks without the city manager’s knowledge—with a three-day suspension.

The allegations originated with Pace, who wrote a two-page letter on Dec. 26 to Campbell and Libby Kania, the human resources director, citing “several incidents recently that are very concerning to me and several members of the fire department.” But he was not alone filing the complaints. Another firefighter sent a letter to Kania and Campbell on the 25th, and another–a volunteer firefighter–on the 28th. The names of those firefighters were redacted from the document turned over to a reporter. The documents also included two additional, undated letters addressed “to whom it may concern,” by firefighters, relating the events as they saw them on. Complaints were conveyed to Flagler Beach City Commissioner Marshal Shupe, who is also a volunteer fireman in the department. Shupe related those complaints to Kania, and produced a two-page narrative of the issue in as far as he became aware of it, or involved in it.

Campbell has retained Fishback Dominick, a Winter Park law firm, to conduct the investigation, for up to $10,000. Should the investigation cost more, the Flagler Beach City Commission, which learned of the suspension in a memo Friday, would have to vote approval. But until then the investigation is under the city manager’s budgetary purview and does not require city commission approval, Campbell said in an interview Monday morning. The law firm was recommended to him by City Attorney Drew Smith.

Pace’s allegations focus on two dates. The first was Dec. 14, when the fire department held its Christmas party at Friend’s Café. That same evening, the Flagler Beach Fire Department was the lead agency in response to a fire that partially burned a three-level house on North Oceanshore Boulevard. Roberts commanded the scene, and the fire, despite the discovery of a dry fire hydrant, was put out swiftly, and most of the house saved.

“I was not involved with the call that took place this evening, but I’m writing in regards to the events I personally witnessed,” Pace wrote in his memo.

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Pace said he saw Steve Wood drinking at the party.  Pace was at the party and “had a few drinks myself,” then left, with his wife as his designated driver. Pace was only later told of the fire on Oceanshore. He was not among the responders at that fire. On Dec. 19, Pace was told by firefighters Snyder and Turish that they’d seen Steve Wood responding to the fire and operating the city’s tower truck. “Both firefighters,” Pace wrote, “voiced their concerns of safety, perception, and complete disregard for our department’s standard operating policies.” Pace told Roberts of the firefighters’ concerns. Roberts, according to Pace’s memo, issued a verbal reprimand to Wood “and he was confident that Captain Wood would never attempt anything like this again.”

The memo then shifts to Dec. 25, when Pace and Snyder got to work for their shift, relieving Assistant Fire Chief Shane Wood and Jake Bissonnette. As the group talked over its “daily pass-down,” Pace claims that Wood and Bissonnette “retrieved two jars out of their shift’s refrigerator” and allegedly began drinking what “Snyder and I realized the content of the jars was apple moonshine.” Wood and Bissonnette were off the clock, but Pace says they “proceeded to consume a portion of the contents of the jars while still in the department’s kitchen and still in their uniforms.”

Pace also cited the moment later in the day when Steve Wood came by the station to ice down a beer cooler, as he was on his way to Shane Wood’s house. “In just a few short days, several infractions have occurred by multiple members,” Pace writes. “I would have to think that these kinds of acts have become commonplace, or by any means acceptable. The proper channels were explored with no recourse.”

The memo does not mention drinking by Roberts, but the Jan. 4 letter from Campbell to Roberts does so. “Allegations have been submitted to me that you consumed alcohol during the Fire Department holiday party on December 14, 2012 and immediately thereafter responded to a fire in a city vehicle,” Campbell wrote Roberts.

Shane Wood said he could not speak on the matter while it was under investigation. Roberts could not be reached. Small though it is, the Flagler Beach Fire Department has been riven by politics—if not exclusively internal, then by way of community pressures, as factions and allegiances have formed over one group of firefighters or another. When Roberts was reinstituted in summer following the controversy over out-of-town trips, some celebrated, others didn’t. The allegations in this case, however, are more serious. In summer, the controversy centered on unauthorized trips that the chief and others nevertheless conducted on their own time to inspect fire trucks, though a fire truck company paid travel costs. Some commissioners were unreservedly complimentary of the chief and the trips’ purpose, which the commission, in effect, had obliquely authorized.

Allegations of drinking on city property, or driving a city fire truck to a fire call, are more serious, as they would entail the direct violation of city policy.

“It’s serious enough that I believe that they needed to be placed on leave while this investigation took place,” Campbell said. “We have a third party conducting the investigation, there’ll be a series of interviews and we’ll find out fact from possible fiction, or fiction from possible fact, whatever it ends up being. But it was serious enough that I took that action Friday afternoon in fact.”

The investigation could take weeks.

“I’ve stressed that it be a timely and compressed cycle time,” Campbell said. “I hope that that doesn’t take us weeks to complete, and our attorney and our third party investigator is on board with that.”

The fire department has six paid firefighters, plus the fire chief. It also has some paid volunteers, two of whom were moved into the regular ranks of the department to cover for the other firefighters’ absence. Campbell said city residents should not fear for their safety in case of fire incidents, and that county and Palm Coast fire departments are always at the ready with assistance—as indeed they were on the Dec. 14 fire.

“I am confident that we’ve got our ship in order, and none of our citizens and none of our public should be alarmed with our level of services as we go forward,” Campbell said.

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32 Responses for “Flagler Beach Fire Chief and 3 Others On Leave as Drinking Allegations Trigger Investigation”

  1. Robert Lewis says:

    This is a classic case of mutiny. Robert Pace is the position of acting Chief, yet he is the author of a serious allegation. How is this not a conflict of interest? I find it interesting that after the nonsense that went on earlier this year, the same 3 individuals are named. Seems like it is more of head hunting and succession planning than acting as a “concerned individual”.

    I think Robert Pace motives should be exposed for what they are. A desperate attempt to become Chief of the Department. Furthermore, what qualifications and experience does Mr. Pace have to act in such a capacity?

    It is situations like the one we are reading that give first responders a bad name. In departments with little call volume creates an abundance of idol time for shenanigans and schemes. The City of Flagler Beach Fire Department has officially gained a reputation of being an incompetent department.

    It is time that the residents of Flagler Beach contract out with Flager County or Palm Coast. Or firefighters need the protection of an employee union or protection watch group.
    These little departments with inadequate chain of command and structure are prone to all out civil wars within the agency. Furthermore employees have no protection or job security when people make up accusations regardless if they are baseless or not.

    I would be interested for Flagler Live to dig a little bit deeper and see what Robert Paces motivations and qualifications really are. I would bet a steak dinner that he was the confidential informant that started the nonsense over the truck back in July.


  2. glad fly says:

    i don’t live in flagler beach although i like the town. i’m not familiar with the politics or the town for that matter. having said that,i do know that i have never seen or heard of so much drama to do with a fire department. i obviously don’t know those people but i do know if my house catches fire or i need a rescue unit i hope they (flagler county) show up in a timely manner and saves me and/or my family’s life. i don’t know what the flager beach fire department does when they’re not fighting fires nor do i care. not sure what the infatuation with this organization’s personal down time is.


  3. Steve says:

    Well that was a mistake huh? Interesting how the guy who turned all four in is now running the Department???? That just setting FB up for a Hostile Work Environment Law Suit, and isn’t impartial at all…. Its obvious this is just to get himself a new position as Chief…


  4. whodat says:



  5. ol' sarge says:

    Mutiny or not, if the allegations are true, a chief responded to a call and supervised more than one department’s employees after drinking and another guy drove a fire truck and operated it after drinking…call it what you want, I call it unacceptable!! Open your eyes Robert.


  6. just a thought says:

    Sounds like someone is trying to get some control over a department that has run out of control for a long, long time. I;m not sure if this man, Mr. Pace, is the answer, but good for him for trying. If the citizens of Flagler Beach do not want to lose their department to the County, then they need to scream for change.


  7. Bruno says:

    I here Don Fleming is looking for a job. How about Chief Melissa Holland ? This is one SCREWED UP county !


  8. FB citizen says:

    You guys can scream conspiracy all you want…does not change the fact that this chief responded to a fire after drinking, supervised more than one agency after drinking, and allowed one of his volunteers to respond to the same fire in a rather large, expensive piece of city property after he was drinking as well…I don’t care what kind of a witch hunt some say it is, nor do I care what Mr. Pace’s motives are…I care about how dangerous these allegations really are! You would all be singing a different tune if one of those firefighters were killed on scene due to the irresponsibility of others. What if one of those guys ran over a kid in a city vehicle on the way to the scene after drinking moonshine? WAKE UP!! As for the other guys who allegedly brought alcohol into their station and drank it (while clocked out), that is just flat out against city policy. If I brought alcohol into my office, waited until 5:01, and then knocked back a shot or two, I WOULD BE FIRED NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

    Believe what you want, but do not forget, they work in a job where safety and public perception mean everything…ignoring that means you have no place working there.


  9. Palmcoastconcernedcitizen says:

    I completely agree that, if the allegations are true, these men should be fired. But so should Robert Pace, as he failed to do his job and inform Law Enforcement of intoxicated firefighters working. He is as guilty as the rest of them.
    Talk about corruption!


  10. BrunoTars says:

    Small time politics with small tiny minds.


  11. Just a thought says:

    Unfortunately as the article states Pace had left the party so was not there to
    Inform law enforcement…. Besides that what happened to taking responsibility
    for your own actions!?!? Anyone defending the actions of any of the 4 them or saying
    Pace is looking out for himself, well your ignorance is proven! Is it now ok to drink in
    the work place? Above and beyond that of all fields where you have people’s lives in
    your hands, but that’s irrelevant! When’s the last time anyone interviewed where the employer
    had to inform you that unfortunately you can’t come to work drunk? They don’t, nor should they
    to that is common sense my friend! And yes I am aware that common sense is not so common
    but that doesn’t give the ones that protect us the right to drink in or around the work place! This is clear cut!


  12. Linn says:

    Advice to the “powers that be” in Flagler Beach: Tread lightly on this thin ice as you are throwing stones in your glass houses!


  13. Just a thought says:

    @ steve- do you consider a hostile work environment the truth? And as always Flagler
    live does a great job covering stories but have you ever thought maybe the “whole truth” has really not come out yet? That’s alot to go through w/ just one persons “allegations”! Maybe there’s more to all this that we just don’t know, I mean one person makes an “accusation” and 4 people’s jobs are on the line…. Seems this may go a little deeper to me!


  14. Concerned says:

    As they say what goes around comes around it was only a matter of time before they were caught.


    • Also concerned says:

      I totally agree with you Concerned. Totally NOT the first time alcohol was consumed in that station, as I have witnessed it myself in the past……nor is it the first time a city or county owned fire apparatus was driven to a fire scene by a firefighter who had been drinking alcohol or under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs. Many of current and former members of this department have been under investigation for the smoking of marijuana, as in the case of former fire chief Robert Creal, and several other former volunteer firefighters. The city also investigated and suspended the Firefighter Explorer program at the department after allegations of junior firefighters (those under 18 and not certified firefighters) responding to and participating in emergency scenes. This department has been plagued by conflicts of interests between the department’s hierarchy and the safety and interests of the city for at least the past 12 years! If you do not follow the clique, you were hung out to dry. I guess the clique finally got hung out to dry for a change!


  15. charlene mathis says:

    Apple cider/moonshine?

    I’m an older citizen and during my lifetime I have had many friends who were/are firefighters/first responders/paramedics. If any of the firefighters had “ratted” on other firefighters, they wouldn’t have been a true brother. The person that did the ratting in this circumstance was probably placed there for mutiny on the FB Fire Dept.


    • used to work there says:

      Responding to a fire in a city vehicle from a public place where alcohol is served always looks bad and shows a lack of judgement. Pace has engineered his move into the driver;s seat and I hope it is brief and is his last involvement with the Department. As for the firehouse rats, they are most likely Flagler County employees who run the ambulance out of that fire station, Flagler Beach does not employ medics and the County guys are whiners, snitches and union members who would like to take over the operation of the fire department and don’t like working with “scabby volunteers”. All of them do not have enough to keep them busy, they are sloppy workers, complain too much and have ineffective leadership that is reluctant to enforce discipline. Visit the firehouse, get your own impression.


      • Really? says:

        County employees are whiners, snitchers and sloppy? Thats a interesting take S.J/ used to work there before getting fired. So how does your take on County employees relate to the fact that 4 of FBFD are on leave for drinking and responding to a fire. Is this the first time they have responded to a fire in a city vehical after drinking? It’s funny reading the story all you read about is FBFD drinking and responding to yet another fire after DRINKING nothing is mentioned about your views on the County employees.


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