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Mom’s 63-Year-Old Boyfriend Accused of Molesting 13-Year-Old Palm Coast Girl

| July 14, 2014

Robert Zetrouer

Robert Zetrouer

Robert A. Zetrouer, 63, of 4045 Pine Run Circle in St. Augustine, was held at the Flagler County jail on $75,000 bond on Friday on charges of lewd or lascivious molestation and attempted lewd or lascivious battery on a 13-year-old girl.

The victim is the daughter of the woman Zetrouer was seeing at the time, according to his arrest record.

The girl told Flagler County deputies on July 3 that Zetrouer had been touching her private parts over and under her clothes, and that there’d been incidents where he’d penetrate her with his fingers and ask that she fondle his penis. She said she would tell him not to touch her, but he would do it anyway. The incidents took place starting in May, in the master bedroom of the girl’s home, when she would come home from school, and Zetrouer, who does not live there, would allegedly stop by to check on the girl and her brother.

The family was initially living in Palm Coast’s B Section. The incidents continued, according to the victim, when the family moved to the L Section, with the last alleged assault taking place at the end of June.

The University of North Florida’s Child Protection Team conducted an interview with both children on July 10, when the victim went into more details about the extent of Zetrouer’s assaults–against her vagina, her anus and her breasts, with Zetrouer allegedly satisfying himself by forcing her to perform oral sex and undressing himself and her. When the alleged victim would seek to evade him in the house, he would pursue her, she told investigators.

In one case, the two children were watching a movie when the victim’s brother noticed his sister was shaking. When he turned around to ask her what was the matter, he noticed that Zetrouer was standing behind his sister, exposed. Once Zetrouer noticed the boy looking at him, the report states, he pretended as if he’d dropped something and left the bedroom.

Subsequent to the interviews, a sheriff’s investigator set up a controlled call from the girl’s residence to Zetrouer, in which the girl told him that she’d been reflecting on the incidents, and that his actions were wrong. Zetrouer, the report states, “went on to tell [the alleged victim] that he loved her, [her brother] and her mother and that they could get through all this if she wanted to.” The alleged victim told Zetrouer she did not want him touching him anymore. “I won’t,” he said, according to the report.

“So you’re just going to stop?”

Zetrouer “paused,” the report goes on to state, “and told her that he doesn’t think they should talk about this now.” When the girl asked him “why he did it in the first place,” he said he would talk to her later and hung up, as he said he was getting another call.

Zetrouer posted bail and was released.

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14 Responses for “Mom’s 63-Year-Old Boyfriend Accused of Molesting 13-Year-Old Palm Coast Girl”

  1. Missty says:

    This is sickening, at the same time I’m wondering if the mom ever talked to her kids about pervs… No offense but I was molested age 3 to 9 so when I had kids, I talked to them about ppl touching them at age 4, so when someone touched my kid at age 9 she told me asap and we had him arrested… Parents need to explain to their kids that there r ppl out there that r bad and if they r touched they need to know their parents will believe them and make them safe. And put the bad ppl in jail where they belong.

  2. A.S.F. says:

    I hope to God that this girl’s mother did not help him make his bail. Children’s Services should be immediately dispatched to enforce a safety plan with Mom that requires her “boyfriend” to stay the hell away from this girl, at home and everywhere else. If Mom is caught trying to sneak loverboy past, both children should be immediately removed from her care. Counseling should commence with all parties (including the brother) immediately, as well.

  3. ⓖⓔⓔⓩⓔⓡ Gadzooks! Pow! Bam! says:

    We have a lot of degenerates living around us.
    Seems that we have more than our share here.
    Some bedroom community huh?

    I’m glad to have digested my dinner before reading this article.

  4. Emily says:

    Is this the same “Zetrouer” of “Zetrouer Jewelers” in Palm Coast, does anybody know???

  5. confidential says:

    Unfortunately Yes! and married too.

  6. kathy says:

    I’m so sorry for that poor child…I Pray she gets the proper counseling as soon as possible. My son was a victim at the age of 5 thru 14 and I never knew until he came forward at 17 years old…. our lives have never been the same. My son will never be the same. The person who did this to him was my best friend. He is now a registered Sex Offender and did 8 years of probation.No jail time and legally is allowed to work in the hospital .I’ll never understand this state and their rules.I also know this man who worked at the jewelry store.This is a sad and crazy world. My prayers go out to this poor little girl.

  7. Seminole Pride says:

    I was completely surprised when I found out on th FDLE website that approx. 92 Sexual Predators live within 2 mile of me. This is totally mind boggling . .

  8. Levi Shnorrer says:

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This story makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t understand why these weirdos get these sick ideas of molesting innocent children. This poor girl is never going to be the same. It happened to me. I understand how she must feel.

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