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Palm Coast Pledges to Stick to $158 Red-Light Camera Fines and Tackle Vanished Payments

| June 11, 2013

The Palm Coast City Council will forego adopting steeper fines, of up to $408, for red-light camera tickets, but it has yet to find a solution to a problem particular to the city: the large number of people who pay their tickets but whose payments appear never to register with ATS, the company managing–and profiting from–the system, causing drivers headaches and additional costs.

Bill Filed in Florida to Repeal Red-Light Cameras as State Report Points to Fewer Crashes

| January 5, 2013

A South Florida lawmaker filed legislation Friday to repeal the law allowing the use of red light cameras, following a report earlier this week that says intersections where they’re used have seen drops in crashes in most places.

City Thuggery: Florida Supreme Court Should Ban Red-Light Spy-and-Snap Traffic Cameras

| December 30, 2012

Florida’s new law legalizing red-light cameras ensures that state coffers are on the take. But it does not address the fundamental problems with spy-and-snap cameras. There are innumerable reasons to ban them. There’s only one reason to keep them, and it’s a slimy one: money.

How Companies Mine Your Facebook Profile, Tweets and Posts, and Sell Your Habits

| November 10, 2012

Some companies record — and then resell — your screen names, web site addresses, interests, hometown and professional history, and how many friends or followers you have, according to a report released this week. Some companies also collect and analyze information about users’ “tweets, posts, comments, likes, shares, and recommendations.”

Amendment 6: Narrowing Down Florida’s Abortion and Privacy Rights

| October 17, 2012

Sandwiched within a long list of issues on a crowded ballot, Amendment 6 is emerging as a multi-million dollar fight touching abortion, parental rights and privacy protections now guaranteed in the Florida Constitution.

Using Straw Man, Palm Coast Ridicules County’s Opposition to Red-Light Cameras

| September 26, 2012

Rather than address questions raised by County Commission Chairman Barbara Revels, the Palm Coast Council invented a claim that the county wanted to enable law-breaking, unsafe drivers, and dismissed Revels’s request to reconsider installing spy cameras on State Road 100.

Without Evidence But Plenty of Cash, Palm Coast Approves 52 Spy Cameras, Up from 10

| August 22, 2012

The Palm Coast City Council’s agreement to increase the city’s traffic spy cameras to up to 52 is backed by no crash data and no scientific evidence that the 10 existing cameras improve safety, but Palm Coast stands to make up to $437,000 a year from the new scheme.

Rick Scott’s Obsession With Other People’s Urine

| May 3, 2012

Anyone other than my doctor who’d ask me to pee in a cup isn’t just out of line. He’d be out of his mind. Yet an entire industry thrives on such cup-holders, Gov. Rick Scott among them, and millions of Americans are not only complying with the docility of circus animals. They’re encouraging the indignity and asking for more.

Anti-Abortion Religious Groups Launch Campaign to Abolish Privacy Rights for Teens

| April 12, 2012

The “Yes on 6” anti-abortion campaign by religious groups pushes for passage of proposed constitutional amendment 6 on this fall’s ballot, and would forbid Medicaid dollars paying for poorer people’s abortions.

Florida House Passes Sweeping Abortion Restrictions, Including 24-Hour Waiting Period

| March 1, 2012

The bill requires all abortion clinics to be owned and operated by a doctor (only one of Florida’s 68 clinics fits the bill) and presumes, with little scientific evidence, that pain for the fetus begins at 20 weeks.

Roe Back: Florida Would Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks and Require 24-Hr Waiting Periods

| January 25, 2012

A Republican-dominated House subcommittee approved three anti-abortion bills in party-line votes Tuesday, after testimony and debate that reflected the country’s deep divide over abortion.

When Cops Track Your Cell Calls and Location On Public Roads: No Expectation of Privacy

| September 8, 2011

Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeals Wednesday ruled that tracking a drug dealer through his cell phone as he traveled across the state was legal as long as he did not go onto private property.

Florida Court Rules Pregnant Woman’s Rights Override Presumptions for the Unborn

| August 13, 2010

In a circuit court decisions with wide implications about the rights of a fetus, a judge ruled a woman had the right to decline hospitalization against doctors’ concerns over her pregnancy.


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