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Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent Problem

| September 18, 2012

In 2008 John McCain’s big challenge was to control Sarah Palin’s mouth. In 2012, Mitt Romney’s biggest challenge is to control Mitt Romney’s mouth. His characterization of 47 percent of Americans as victims and dependents, besides being demonstrably false, unravels the cynicism at the core of Romney’s campaign.

In Charlotte, Democrats Welcome Crist as Floridians Wonder Whether to Trust Him

| September 4, 2012

As Charlie Crist takes the stage at the Democratic National Convention to embrace President Barack Obama, Florida Democrats are facing a question that could shape their party’s future: How much do they trust Charlie Crist? It’s part of a soap opera unfolding before partisans in two states.

When Lies Are Elevated to a Campaign Strategy

| September 2, 2012

The lies of presidents could re-carve Rushmore by audacity alone, yet the lies of the Romney-Ryan campaign have taken the art of lying to new lows, but not without the complicity of voters, who, in the golden age of fact-checking, have no excuse to be misinformed.

Romney-Ryan’s Voucher Plan for Medicare, Long the Third Rail of Florida Politics

| August 31, 2012

GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan said the nation must rethink Medicare as he and Mitt Romney propose changing the health-insurance program for 65-and-over Americans to a “fixed-amount” voucher that would essentially privatize the benefit.

Charlie Crist Bear-Hugs Obama Closer As He Excoriates GOP’s Rightward Slouch

| August 26, 2012

Ex-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on Sunday urged voters to support President Barack Obama in the crucial swing state where the Democratic incumbent and Republican candidate Mitt Romney remain in a razor thin race.

A Micro-Bump for Romney in Florida, But Obama Still Leads, Especially on Medicare

| August 23, 2012

The latest Quinnipiac polls in swing states show President Obama maintaining diminishing leads over Mitt Romney despite voters saying Obama will do a better job on Medicare. The polls reflect Romney’s pick of Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan.

Ayn Rand vs. Paul Ryan

| August 15, 2012

Modern conservatives, Paul Ryan included, ignore the fundamental principles that animated Ayn Rand: personal as well as economic freedom, argues Jennifer Burns, while Maureen Dowd calls Randism “a state of arrested adolescence.”

Paul Ryan’s Budget: The CBO Analysis

| August 13, 2012

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office produced a 17-page analysis of the budget Congressman Paul Ryan submitted in 2012. The full analysis is presented.

Election Homework: The Goods on Paul Ryan

| August 12, 2012

Everything you always wanted to know about Paul Ryan but were afraid was true: profiles, backgrounders, an FAQ on his plans for Medicare, and some of the best reporting on Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick.

Two White Men Who Like to Cut Things: On Romney’s Nomination of Paul Ryan

| August 11, 2012

Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan, the seven-term Wisconsin congressman, born during the first Nixon administration, is a puzzling choice, more calculated than inspiring, more cautious than bold, and in some respects, just as strategically faulty as John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin.


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