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Flagler Kills Together:
Bill O’Reilly’s Re-Assassination of JFK

| March 14, 2014

Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Kennedy,” this year’s choice for the annual Flagler Reads Together event, is not the usual O’Reilly polemic and provides in parts a fair summary of Kennedy’s presidency and the assassination, but it also has many flaws, writes Pierre Tristam.

Hillary’s Movie: Spoiler Alert

| August 11, 2013

The Republican temper tantrum over the nascent NBC Hillary Clinton movie tells us only one thing: The GOP is scared to death of a Hillary presidential run. How else can you explain the weeping and whining over a film that hasn’t even been scripted, and may yet be produced by Fox Television Studios?

Fox News and the Politics of Hurricane Obama

| November 4, 2012

On Fox News, Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath was replaced with endless and largely manufactured claims of an Obama cover-up of the attack on the American consulate in benghazi. Fox’s latest Swiftboat attack on the president foundered.

Charter School Heist, Obama’s Surrender, Scrutinizing Fox: The Live Wire

| August 1, 2011

How Florida charter schools swiped all the construction money, the GOP’s disenfranchisement of voters, MTV at 30, pyramid-building, time to scrutinize Fox, and more.

The Greater Threat: Christian Extremism From Timothy McVeigh to Anders Breivik

| July 24, 2011

Those two men—two right-wing reactionaries, terrorists, anti-government white supremacists, Christians—have plenty in common with the fundamentalist politicians and ideologues among us who pretend to have nothing to do with the demons they inspire.

Murdoch’s US Hacking Scandals: 9/11 Victims, Bribes and “Anti-Competitive Behavior”

| July 23, 2011

It’s not just in England: federal investigators are probing claims that Ruper Murdoch’s News Corp hacked into a competitor’s computers, that Murdoch papers attempted to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims and allegedly paid bribes to British police.

Is Fox News a Terrorist Command Center? Stewart Asks, and Answers

| August 20, 2010

A couple of clips attempt to set Rupert Murdoch and other American mullahs straight on their opposition to the so-called Ground Zero mosque.

Socialism, Capitalism, and Other Fallen Stock

| May 9, 2010

We can rail about socialism’s evil and worship capitalism all we like. It won’t get us out of the hole we spent the last 30 years digging. History and Adam Smith are better guides.

Beck Goes Lecter on Palin’s Glass Eyes

| January 15, 2010

Sarah Palin’s round of Fox News foxholes landed her in Glenn Beck’s hole within obsequious distance of the Statue of Liberty (the Lady had no choice). The chat was vaguely lecherous.


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