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What Makes Us Exceptional

| August 31, 2012

It is not that American Exceptionalism is being lost, it’s that those who want to “tabe back America” have lost sight of what has made America exceptional, argues Dan Gelber after watching the Republican National Convention.

Editorial Notebook: August 2012

| August 31, 2012

Vagrant scratches and notes from FlaglerLive editor Pierre Tristam on issues of the day, fugitive quotes, hit-and-run readings, insurgent observations and reflections picked up from the cutting room floor.

After Two Incidents, Secret Service Warns Of Counterfeit Money Circulating in Flagler

| August 31, 2012

At least two incidents involving large cash withdrawals from Bank of America and Prosperity Bank in the past two weeks, each including some fake $100 bills, led the Secret Service to issue the warning for Flagler County.

Romney-Ryan’s Voucher Plan for Medicare, Long the Third Rail of Florida Politics

| August 31, 2012

GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan said the nation must rethink Medicare as he and Mitt Romney propose changing the health-insurance program for 65-and-over Americans to a “fixed-amount” voucher that would essentially privatize the benefit.

Mitt Romney’s Faux Facts, Charlie Crist Explains Himself, Germany’s Assault on Google News

| August 31, 2012

Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s fact-challenged fair in Tampa, Germany wants to charge Google for news, India opens a “Hitler” store, Delta bans a passenger for wearing a satirical shirt , and Alan Thicke has advice for his out-of-work son.

The Tea Party, Missing from the Republican National Convention’s Big Tent

| August 30, 2012

Despite cluelessness by liberals and Democrats, those outside the tea party movement still don’t grasp that “people like me are the absolute last folks who would be invited to the RNC,” argues tea party leader Henry Kelley.

Conventional Wisdom: Florida GOP Dishes Up Victory Talk

| August 30, 2012

Florida delegates to the Republican National Convention dined on French toast, Allen West, John Bolton, Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich Thursday morning, a prime-beef line-up that fired up the faithful for the November elections.

Rumble in the Jumble: Marking Territory, Flagler Republicans Just Can’t Get Along

| August 30, 2012

John Ruffalo, a member of the Ronald Reagan Republican Assemblies, allegedly used force against a 72-year-old woman to keep her from going into Republican headquarters in the Staples shopping center Saturday, even though she is the wife of the chairman of the Flagler County Republican Executive Committee, and a member of the committee herself.

Almost 27% of Flagler Residents Under 65 Are Without Health Insurance; Reform Would Help

| August 30, 2012

Obama’s health care reform would almost eliminate the proportion of uninsured, but Gov. Rick Scott’s refusal to join reform’s expanded Medicaid eligibility means that many of Flagler’s 16,774 eligible residents will be shut out of the benefit.

Population Explosion at Humane Society as Flagler Favors $200,000 Spay/Neuter Grant

| August 30, 2012

For the Flagler Humane Society, the $100,000-a-year grant over two years would vastly expand a spay/neuter program and help Flagler aim to be a no-kill community, ending animal euthanasia.

Palm Coast Stormwater Fees Going Up 46%, Taxes Stay Level, Most Infrastructure Neglected

| August 29, 2012

With the Palm Coast City Council’s refusal to raise property taxes , the city’s infrastructure will continue to deteriorate, Mayor Jon Netts and the city administration warned. But a majority of council members, led by Frank Meeker–who’s running for a county commission seat–refused to budge.

“Just Stop Acting Stupid,” Jeb Bush Tells Republicans Over Immigration Extremism

| August 29, 2012

Worried about losing the Latino vote, Bush and other Republicans nevertheless brushed off questions about whether the still-extremist immigration plank of the Republican Party could prove to be too much of a hurdle for the presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The Tea Party as the American Taliban

| August 29, 2012

Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” features Jeff Daniels as an anchor on a cable-news program, who here goes off on the fictions of voter fraud and the not-so-fictional nature of tea parties as America’s verion of the Taliban.

RNC Notebook: Wednesday

| August 29, 2012

Republican National Convention quickies for Wednesday: the word on Alan Grayson, Republican lawmakers’ absence from delegate breakfasts, the Florida delegation’s buses can;t run on time, and big names, among them Newt Gingrich and Allen West, slated for Thursday’s breakfast.

Palm Coast Child Specialist at Rehab Center for Adolescents Arrested on Molestation Charges

| August 29, 2012

Corey Hodges, 34, a resident of 36 Barrington Drive in Palm Coast, was arrested on charges stemming from interaction with teen-age girls at Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare in Volusia, where Hodges worked. Stewart-Marchman fired Hodges. The charges are the result of a complaint by a 15-year-old girl, a client at the center’s Residential Adolescent Program, where Hodges had started working in February.

The RNC’s “You Built It” Fallacies

| August 29, 2012

The Republican National Convention devoted its first full day in Tampa to refuting Obama’s alleged claim that if you have a business, you didn’t build it. Except that he never made such a claim. Not even close. The convention’s twist is emblematic of thematic, systematic deceptions.

Isaac, Now a Category 1 Hurricane, Makes Louisiana Landfall With Huge Storm Surge

| August 29, 2012

Isaac became a Category 1 Hurricane Tuesday. The vast, slow-moving hurricane is combing with high tides to produce enormous storm surges as Isaac threatenes New Orleans and coastal areas stretching to Florida’s Gulf coasts.

Palm Coast Will Require Garage Sales to Be Registered and Pay $5 Fee to Ensure Tracking

| August 28, 2012

Palm Coast will impose a new permitting and fee requirement on garage sales to ensure that residents hold no more than two sales per lot per year, and to provide treasure hunters with a government-based database of garage sales by address and date.

What Six School Cops and $287,464 Buy: Mentor, Counselor, Law Enforcement Officer

| August 28, 2012

A trio of school and sheriff’s officials described to the Palm Coast City Council the impact of six school deputies in Flagler County middle and high schools, but not without triggering questions about what “went wrong” to make the cops necessary on campus.

Sheriff’s Office Seeking Public’s Help In Locating Aleksey Ravitskiy, Missing Palm Coast Man

| August 28, 2012

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s assistance in locating Aleksey Ravitskiy, 27, of Palm Coast, missing from his home since Wednesday, July 11.

Jeb Bush, the Elephant at the Republican National Convention, May Be Thinking 2016

| August 28, 2012

Jeb Bush, sought after for establishment Republican endorsements, appears ready to take his brand of policy-driven conservatism to a broader national audience, with the 2016 or 2020 presidentials in mind.

Rachel Corrie: Death, Court Case and Legacy of a Pro-Palestinian Activist

| August 28, 2012

Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American pro-Palestinian peace activist crushed to death by a bulldozer driven by an Israeli army soldier as she protested the illegal demolition of Palestinian homes by the Israeli military in Gaza.

A Few Florida Facts for Republican National Convention Delegates

| August 27, 2012

Florida under the leadership of Republican icons like Bush, Scott and Rubio, and supported by proud and unthinking GOP legislatures for the last 15 years, has happily served as the grow house for Republican policies. The results are stunning, writes former lawmaker Dan Gelber.

Farm to Flag: One Commissioner’s Idea to Cultivate Flagler’s Agricultural Powers

| August 27, 2012

Ideally, Farm to Flag would provide fresh foods to public nutrition programs while revitalizing the area’s major agricultural industries, creating more jobs and boosting the local economy through one of its traditional mainstays. But the program is rife with obstacles.

Jack Howell’s Teens-in-Flight Raising $10,000 for Aurora Shooting Victims’ Medical Bills

| August 27, 2012

Jack Howell was incensed to hear that some of the Aurora, Colo., shooting victims would have trouble paying their medical costs. He’ll be flying $10,000 to them in September through a fund-raiser he’s organizing.

Charlie Crist Bear-Hugs Obama Closer As He Excoriates GOP’s Rightward Slouch

| August 26, 2012

Ex-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on Sunday urged voters to support President Barack Obama in the crucial swing state where the Democratic incumbent and Republican candidate Mitt Romney remain in a razor thin race.

Isaac Forces Republican Leaders to Shutter Monday’s Convention Schedule in Tampa

| August 25, 2012

With Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on Florida, Republican leaders will convene Monday and immediately recess until Tuesday afternoon. Organizers are concerned, in part, about transportation problems as high winds and other storm conditions threaten the Tampa Bay area.

Lessons from a Storm: How to Prepare for Hurricanes

| August 25, 2012

From living through Hurricane Andrew at Ground Zero 20 years ago to rebuilding a home and a business in its wake, Frank Gromling shares lessons learned and advice for Flagler County and Florida residents, applicable in any hurricane emergency.

Dominic Mone, 21, Who Drowned Near Flagler Beach Pier Friday, Is Discovered Saturday Morning

| August 25, 2012

Dominic Mone of Orlando went swimming with his older brother in Flagler Beach Friday morning when a wave swept both under. Dominic never resurfaced. The drowning is the first in a lifeguard-protected zone in Flagler Beach in six years.

Judge Sides With Counties Again Over Juvenile Justice Costs Florida Is Passing On

| August 25, 2012

For the second time in little more than a month, a state judge has found that the Department of Juvenile Justice improperly carried out a law that requires counties to help pay juvenile-detention costs.



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