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Criminal Backgrounds of Health Providers: Florida’s Licensing System Is All Cavities

| April 22, 2011

Dentists, doctors and pharmacists can still practice in Florida even after committing crimes, while the Department of Health passes over criminal backgrounds in a lax and self-reported licensing procedure.

Beanery Endeavour: Georgia’s Famed Tallulah Students Stop By For 46 Brown-Bag Breakfasts

| April 21, 2011

Georgia’s Tallulah School is one of the nation’s most celebrated schools. Its 7th graders have been making spring trips to Florida for years. They stopped by the Beachhouse Beanery for breakfast and a chat with Mayor Alice Baker.

Armed Robbery at Flagler Beach’s CVS on SR100; Oxycontin-Filching Suspects Caught

| April 21, 2011

At least two suspects entered the CVS just after 5 p.m., one of them brandishing a gun. They were caught at Old Dixie Highway and I-95. No one was injured. Oxycontin appears again to be the motive.

Preliminary Report Suggests Walker May Have Lost Consciousness Before Air Show Crash

| April 21, 2011

The National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary report of the March 26 crash at Wings Over Flagler reveals that to Bill Walker was unresponsive when a fellow-pilot radioed him immediately before the crash.

NTSB Preliminary Investigation Report: Flagler County Airport Crash on March 26, 2011

| April 21, 2011

Full text of the National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary investigation report, released on April 19, 2011, of the fatal plane crash at the Flagler County Airport on March 26, 2011, involving an Aerostar S A YAK-52, piloted by Bill Walker.

News-Journal Inexplicably Spikes Follow-Up Story on Drowning of 3-Year-Old Girl

| April 21, 2011

The story, spiked Wednesday evening after being approved for the next day’s paper, cited police saying that the girl’s 5-year-old brother had told his mother he’d drowned his sister–information that other media reported Wednesday evening.

Phantom of the Opera, Art for $100 or Less, Snake Farming: Culture Worth the Miles

| April 21, 2011

The Morse Museum’s new wing opens, the Works Progress Administration’s arts come to life at the Mennello Museum of American Art, Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera at University High School, art for $100, snake farming and more.

Varieties of Religious Experience: Watching an Eagles’ Nest, Live

| April 20, 2011

The Raptor Resource Project’s live, 24-hour streaming video of a family of eagles, from their nest in Idaho. With hatchlings and river sounds nearby. Warning: watching can be addictive.

TDC Approves $30,000 for Dual July 4th Fireworks Under Unifying Americana Theme

| April 20, 2011

With Palm Coast fireworks on July 3rd and Flagler Beach fireworks on the 4th, the tourist council is hoping Flagler County will be a destination for racing fans worn out by July 1 and 2 races in Daytona Beach.

Wadsworth’s Eco Swag Fair Thursday: Saving the Planet 900 Students at a Time

| April 20, 2011

Wadsworth Elementary school is inviting the community to its students’ first environmental community outreach Thursday, from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., with music, food, games and presentations mixing awareness and kindness.

Bunnell Police Miscues Helping To Lessen Case Against Ex-Cops John and Lisa Murray

| April 20, 2011

Lisa Murray faces one less count of official misconduct, but while a grand theft charge against John Murray was dropped, a charge of official misconduct was added. The cases, for now, are proceeding to trial.

Property Tax Reform: 50% Exemptions, Breaks for Investors, Losses for Local Governments

| April 20, 2011

Supporters of the overhaul say it’ll fill up empty homes. Critics say it’ll also slash local government revenue and further shift the tax burden to current residents, exacerbating inequities.

Putt-Putt Golf at Belle Terre Elementary: 9-Hole Course Meets School Board Bogeys

| April 19, 2011

Playground equipment at Belle Terre Elementary has been deteriorating, and causing a few injuries. But replacing some of it with putt-putt golf raised financial and “buy-in” issues from school board members.

More Losers Than Winners as HMOs Skim Off Florida’s $20 Billion Medicaid Overhaul

| April 19, 2011

Managed-car plans will take over almost all of Florida’s 2.8 million Medicaid patients. The overhaul does nothing to change the status of 3.8 million uninsured Floridians.

District and Teachers’ Union Seal Crucial Agreement on Vast Cuts and Shorter Days

| April 18, 2011

More than tree and a half hours into their latest bargaining session, the union and the Flagler County school district were almost ready to agree to cuts that would eliminate 40 teachers, shorten school days and save $3.5 million next year.

Stetson University Takes 3rd Place in National RecycleMania

| April 18, 2011

Stetson’s third-place overall showing was out of a field of 288 colleges and universities. The university won first in the paper-recycling division, earning it a trophy made of recycled glass.

Suicide Off Hammock Dunes Bridge, Near European Village

| April 18, 2011

Jane Allen, a 50-year-old resident of Oakmont Ct. in Palm Coast, fell to her death from the Hammock Dunes Bridge in early evening Saturday, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s Not Enough to Say No to a Seawall in Flagler Beach: An Action Plan Past Opposition

| April 18, 2011

Sherry Epley, a resident of Flagler Beach, lays out a six-point action plan on how to build and sustain opposition to a seawall while developing a viable alternative that saves the beach and State Road A1A.

M&E Cross Interior Design Moves Offices, to Palm Coast Parkway

| April 18, 2011

Palm Coast’s M&E Cross Inc., the interior design company, has moved from its location at 5 Utility Drive to a home office location at 138 Palm Coast Parkway N.E. #308.

1 On 1 Fitness Accepting Florida Health Care Clients From Palm Coast’s YMCA, Free

| April 18, 2011

1 on 1 Fitness in Palm Coast is extending a free invitation to former members of the YMCA at Florida Hospital Flagler, who are also Florida Health Care members.

“Education Savings Accounts” Would Shift Public Money to Private and Home Schools

| April 18, 2011

A vast expansion of school vouchers, Education Savings Account would shift 40 percent of per-student funding to children attending private school, to college savings accounts or to home-school spending, among other diversions from public-education budgets.

How Slashing Water Management Districts’ Budget 25% Endangers Our Way of Life

| April 16, 2011

Allan Milledge, a former water management district chairman, asks: Do you want to jeopardize protection of our rivers, lakes, springs, and wetlands and the protection of our water supply to save an average less than $20 dollars per household per year?

Textual Titillations, Chamber Scott, Perot Trump, Buying Legislators and Poetry in Jazz: The Live Wire

| April 16, 2011

Buy one legislator, get one free, what’s far worse than sexting, a free speech leap in Vancouver, the Rude Pundit on Obama, when Donald Trump insults “the blacks,” and more.

Flagler Power: From Bunnell By-Pass to Weigh Station to A1A Seawall, FDOT Retreats

| April 16, 2011

Three times in the past 12 months, Florida Department of Transportation projects in Flagler County have foundered on the well-organized shoals of local opposition across government boundaries and fiefdoms.

Charter Schools To Be Allowed To Go Virtual As Florida Expands Online Public Education

| April 16, 2011

A proposed law would let charter schools open full-time K-12 “virtual” charter schools, all students would be required to take at least one online class, and school districts would have to offer full or part-time virtual programs.

Stereotype This: “Lazy Mexicans” And Other Insolvent Myths of American Superiority

| April 15, 2011

As it turns out Mexicans are not only harder workers than Americans. They are the hardest workers in the industrialized world, while smugness, selfishness and the pursuit of inequality are becoming American brands.

Cops and Robbers Chase Through A1A in Flagler at 90 mph Before Crash in St. Johns

| April 15, 2011

The high-speed chase, triggered by a former Palm Coast resident, wound through Old Kings Road, Palm Coast Parkway, the Hammock Dunes toll bridge, the Hammock along A1A and Marineland before the eluding truck overturned in St. Johns County.

At 14.5%, Flagler Unemployment Drops to Lowest Level in 2 Years, Florida’s at 11.1%

| April 15, 2011

The unemployment rate locally and statewide appears to be trending downward consistently and finally following the national trend, which has been improving for most of the past year.

Upset That His Girlfriend Is Cheating, He Pistol-Whips Her and Fires 7 Shots

| April 14, 2011

Salvitore Kilday, 28, went to a home on Wendlin Lane looking for his girlfriend, found her with another man, and turned violent. Three young children were in the house. He was arrested and jailed.

Water Wars, Side B: Why a Subdivision With 10% of Bunnell’s Residents Is Suing the City

| April 14, 2011

Bunnell has been reading Palm Terrace Mobile Home park’s water meters and servicing its sewer station for 27 years. The city wants to stop doing so to save money, billing the park in one lump sum. The park owner says the city is breaching a 27-year-old annexation agreement.



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