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Palm Coast Man, 23, Accused of Sexually Assaulting Two Teen Girls at Long Creek Preserve

| April 14, 2016

christopher hollinger statutory rape accusations

Christopher Hollinger.

Last Updated: Friday, 4:12 p.m., with additional details.

Christopher Hollinger, 23, of 43 Forsythe Lane, is at the Flagler County Jail on $270,000 bond on seven charges related to the alleged drugging and brutal sexual assaults of two girls, 14 and 15, on March 15. According to his arrest report, the assaults took place near Palm Harbor Parkway, in the area of the Long Creek Preserve, a park with many isolated nooks across the water from the old Yacht Club. Hollinger lives a short distance from there.

Hollinger is charged with five counts of lewd and lascivious battery, or statutory rape, on a victim over 12 but less than 16, and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to a sheriff’s release. (The county jail had incorrectly listed two of the charges as sex battery on a victim younger than 12.) The original arrest report listed four charges. The court docket lists seven.

“Both victims gave full, detailed disclosures of the events during interviews with [a member] of the Child Protection Team and stated that they repeatedly asked Christopher to stop while he was attacking them,” Hollinger’s heavily censored arrest report states. “Both victims positively identified the suspect’s photo when presented with a photo array.”

The alleged attacks took place around 2 a.m. on March 15, a Tuesday, according to the arrest report. The two girls had snuck out of their house and gone for a bike ride. They went to the docks at the preserve and “were hanging out” there, the arrest report states, when Hollinger arrived at the park, driving a silver gray sedan. (Hollinger has no arrest record in Flagler County, but last August he was stopped and cited for not having proof of insurance. He was driving a silver-colored 2004 Oldsmobile.)

On Friday, the sheriff’s office released additional details that indicate that after meeting the girls, Hollinger told them he would go to his house to get some liquor and return to drink with them. He was gone five to 10 minutes before returning with a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey. The girls told a deputy they drank about half a bottle between them but did not notice Hollinger drinking much, suggesting that he may have been consciously impairing their judgment.

Eventually, Hollinger, according to the incident report, asked one of the girls to give him five minutes alone with the other girl, but the girl wouldn’t accept.

After a while one of the girls agreed to go for a walk on a nearby trail with Hollinger. By then, the girls told the deputy, they were “both heavily intoxicated and felt as if they were drugged.”

Once on the trail, he allegedly pulled the girl’s pants down and raped her anally even as “she begged him to stop,” the incident report states. He then turned her around and allegedly raped her vaginally. At some point the second girl rejoined Hollinger and her friend. The report indicates that Hollinger allegedly continuously used force, pulling down one of the girls to the ground and forcing both of them to perform oral sex on him.

At one point, the report states, he turned his attention to one of the girls as the other was “vomiting after performing oral sex on him.” As he was allegedly raping her, one of the girls told police that “she was so weak that she could not get him off of her.”

The girls could partially identify the car their assailant was driving as he left the scene. The girls then returned home on their bikes, but did not initially speak of the incident. “When I asked why the delay in reporting, they advised that they were scared,” the deputy’s incident report states. “Both girls eventually confided in their mothers and advised them what had taken place.”

The incident report concludes: “At this time there is no physical evidence that this occurred due to the time delay and all the clothing had been washed.” At the time the incident report was drafted–distinct from the arrest report–Hollinger had not yet been arrested. The report summarizes the initial interviews with the girls or their parents on April 5. “Both victims refused victims’ advocates to respond,” the report continued. The case was then turned over to detectives. He was arrested at the Island Walk Shopping Plaza.

On his Facebook page, where he goes by “Dc Hollinger,” he lists his employment as a grill cook at McDonald’s and dishwasher at Denny’s and JT’s Seafood Shack. A former Matanzas High School student, he is the brother of Dalton Coxwell, the 9th grader who three years ago committed suicide at the same house where Hollinger lives.

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21 Responses for “Palm Coast Man, 23, Accused of Sexually Assaulting Two Teen Girls at Long Creek Preserve”

  1. wooderson says:

    If it weren’t for the girls ages I would say this rings of half truths. Messed up all the way around.

  2. Annie Welcome says:

    Why did Flagler Live have to mention his brother Dalton …that was unnecessary..he has nothing to do with all of this …he is deceased …let him RIP

  3. Scoobydoo says:

    Hopefully he didnt do anything to his younger brother, that could of assisted in that childs decision to commit suicide! Sad that these young ladies snuck out of their homes where they we’re safe!

  4. Dave says:

    Now will our justice system do the right thing by putting him in jail for a while or let him out on bond with some visits for a mental health issues and go to court with an attorney with a plea of insane at the time.

  5. Bob says:

    I hope our justice system will do the right thing by looking at the evidence and give him a fair and just trail like any American deserves when accused of a crime, guilty or not. It seems that you would prefer the legal system to throw the book at people as soon as they are accused of a crime, why not just stone him?

  6. Will says:

    You got caught you sicko finally justice done and that’s what you get for bullying young teenage boys chasing them down and beating them 6-7 years younger then you and that made you feel like a real man right ? Around you’re little group laughing with them as they watch they you hahahaha justice is served !!! I felt bad for the girls before this you probably done this before haven’t you ? Probably have bragging about it grotesque just ugh , everyone goes down eventually you nasty… thank God !!!

  7. proud yankee says:

    Wooderson, I agree entirely.

    there is no reason for a guy this age to even be in a situation like this and whatever happened, he will pay the highest price possible because his initial involvement is inexcuseable

  8. IMO says:

    I take this entire story with a “Grain of Salt.”

    “Sneaked out of the house at 2AM to go for a bike ride?”
    “Went to a particular location to hang out?”
    “One girl agrees to go into the woods while her friend waits for her?”
    “Both girls don’t immediately report the attack?”
    “Their clothing had been washed?”

    Something is not right here. My gut instinct is these 3 knew each other before that night.

  9. lisa says:

    First of all this mother has been through enough. Stop saying such ridiculous things regarding his younger brother. Let that child rest in peace. The news shoulden’t have mentioned that AT ALL.

  10. wow really says:

    Males are brought up to believe that they can do whatever they want with females and they prey on the young naive when they get nowhere with the older girls that are not so naive.

  11. John farrington says:

    Thank god he’s finally dealt with I hope he gets what’s coning to him

  12. Anonymous says:

    The girls drank half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s between them? Unless they are really incredibly BIG AND HEAVY girls with remarkable livers, those girls are already familiar enough with liquor to have developed the tolerance necessary to down that much alcohol at one go. These girls need counseling in more ways than just one. Hopefully, they will now get it, although it is awful to think of the trauma that has made intervention possible. I hope they get all the help and whatever support they need. And I hope this perp gets what is coming to him.

  13. Puddin says:

    I agree, imo there is more to this story………

  14. Anonymous says:

    Having had to deal with teen daughters my self ,I honestly believe if GD gave me extra life to live, I would not wanted,they are inhumane practice a level of brutality not yet reconize .specially when told 1milion times do not TEXT X DRIVE hit a tree and died doing exactly that.

  15. Layla says:

    If a 12 year old is out at 2 am, it sounds to me like the parents should also be charged. He’s not the only predator in Palm Coast. Remember that when you decide it’s a good idea to be out at 2am.

  16. shame on you says:

    I used to talk to him. (Not in that way) . Was very good friends with his brother dalton. I’m surprised he did this. But everyone has a beast inside.

  17. Cali says:

    I don’t care how late these young girls are out or where they was at the time this occurred, NOBODY and I mean whether you’re 12 or 45 should be raped as brutal as its saying. RAPE is RAPE NO MATTER the age, the place, or anything else if you say NO it’s called RAPE!! These girls have to live with the fact they was sexually assaulted by a grown man in ways that should never happen. And to the comment about alcohol, it doesn’t say how big the bottle was so before you even try to judge them find the facts first. It could’ve been a pint or whatever the smallest bottle is and given them half to drink could’ve made them intoxicated quicker if they haven’t had liquor before this!! As far as sneaking out how is that the parents fault? Unless you sleep with your child or have an alarm system activated any parent could be asleep and their children sneak out. Was it bad choice to sneak out? Yes. Wrong place at the wrong time? Possibly. But does any of this give a grown man the right at any time to brutally rape these girls? NO!! NEVER is it okay to rape any child or adult. Whether you know the person or not RAPE is something you will never get over. So think about that when you want to judge what you believe happened. I don’t know these girls or family but anyone who doesn’t think he should be punished should be ashamed of themselves. I pray he’s held for as long as the limited amount of time given for raping young kids so that it doesn’t happen to another child. I pray for them and their parents cause I couldn’t imagine what I would do if this happened to one of mine. Pray instead of judging next time. What if this was your child so brutally raped? Think about it!

  18. Annie welcome says:

    Calie say don’t judge ….however that exactly what she did with Chistopher…it states so far no evidence this happen …at this point it’s the girls word against his…yes rape is wrong …at this point are the girls telling the truth….this was written from the girls wording …I don’t see where anything was written from Christopher side …but what I read was the girls version…and strictly judgement against the young man…so before you judge ….take your own advise and find out the facts ….at this point I didn’t hear both sides to make any conclusions …but I do see alot of loop holes in the versions that were written so far .

  19. Mr concerned says:

    I feel bad that a situation arosed like that ive meet this kid him and his family are god fearing family. I can not see chris doing this without the females must have contacted him in some way how the hell does he just show up to the woods where these gurls were. Doesnt make sence they go to a park at 2 am knowing all the killings happen at most parks.. So they went their partied tried something didnt like the out come.. Now blaming someone for something he probably didnt do. I lnow simular happened to me vy a jealous female tried to accuse me but lie detectors took care of her lies lets pray it is like that. If not let the justice department. To handle proper punishe?nt.

  20. godscountry says:

    In reply to wow really,no normal parent would ever instil values like you stated in their children.Boys,just go out there and pickup young girls and abuse them,its okay.,their naive,so don’t worry about it.Not in the real world.In the real world,its not only against the accepted beliefs of our sociaty,its against the law and any type of act against a minor carries stiff sentences,up to life in prison for a rape,no loving parent would ever make light of any verbal,physical abuse,sexual assaults,rape etc.of young girls.If hes found guilty of assaulting ,raping these girls,he will find himself in in jail for a very long time.(99 percent of young men out in the world ,respect and admire young girls, women.and would never commit any type of agression towards them,let alone rape,abuse,etc..

  21. anon says:

    I’ve known Chris for a looooong time! Everytime I’ve ever hung out with him, alone or with a group of people, I always got this uneasy, creeped out feeling! And it’s not just me, everybody could feel it. I hope in some way this stuff isn’t true, because no one deserves to suffer the brutality stated above. And for Chris, if this stuff is true and you actually did hurt those girls, shame on you! Justice will be served!

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