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Same Accusations, Different Day: Palm Coast Man and Woman Jailed Again on Violent Assaults

| April 7, 2016

Shane Hefner and Shannon Cronin

Shane Hefner and Shannon Cronin.

Shane Hefner and Shannon Cronin both live in Palm Coast’s P-Section, but are otherwise unrelated except through the frequency and similarity of their offenses: they have four battery or aggravated battery charges between them in the last three years, three of those charges resulting from confrontations in the last three weeks, landing them again in jail—this time without bond for Cronin.

Cronin, 24, of 11 Pinto Lane in Palm Coast, had been arrested in mid-March over a domestic violence battery charge after allegedly holding down her 19-year-old sister, punching her in the face and biting her—all over a cell phone. The alleged victim’s phone had disappeared, and when she confronted Cronin about it after finding it outside the house, Cronin allegedly attacked her. Cronin claimed her sister had attacked her, but Cronin was arrested and handed a no-contact order. She was to be arraigned before County Judge Melissa Moore-Stens next Tuesday (April 12).

This morning (April 7), Cronin was arrested again at the same address and charged with aggravated batter—a felony—after deputies and paramedics discovered a bloody scene at the Pinto Lane house and Cronin’s ex-boyfriend required hospitalization for cuts to his head. He told deputies Cronin had attacked him with a lamp.

“I observed blood, smeared and splattered on the floor, walls and doors,” a deputy investigating the case reported after entering the house. “I walked into the bathroom in the back hallway and opened the shower curtain. This is where I found [Cronin] sitting in the shower.” She was “scared and disoriented” and crying hysterically. After calming down, she told the deputy that she and her ex had been sleeping when he woke up and struck her in the head with an unknown object. In self-defense, she said, she grabbed the lamp and struck her ex in the head with it twice, according to her arrest report, then ran to hide from him in various locations in the house.

Cronin’s story changed a few times, according to the deputy, and had no visible injuries as she was being interviewed, her arrest report states. She was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, and held at the Flagler County jail without bond.

Shane Hefner, 23, drew cops’ attention three years ago (in August 2013) when he was arrested following an altercation that began at Palm Coast’s bowling lanes, where he allegedly threw a pint-size beer glass at the bartender after getting annoyed at her: she’d refused to serve him . He was subsequently arrested at the wheel of his pick-up truck and charged with aggravated assault, a third-degree felony, and drunk driving. In a plea deal the following February the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon was charged and the drunk driving charge was reduced to reckless driving, to which Hefner pleaded guilty. He had to pay fines and his driver’s license was suspended, but avoided jail time.

Last May he was arrested and found guilty of driving on a suspended license.

Tuesday afternoon, Hefner, of 190 Point Pleasant Drive in Palm Coast, was arrested on an aggravated battery domestic violence charge, and battery by strangulation, both felonies. His victim—Hefner’s half-brother—had been hospitalized with a swollen knot about the size of a small marble “and a severe laceration” of about an inch over his left eye,” the deputy who interviewed the alleged victim reported. The half-brother was covered in blood.

The fight had been triggered by a T-shirt, the alleged victim told cops, and by a request to Hefner to move his truck so his half-brother and his girlfriend—a witness in the case—could go to the beach: Hefner was “getting an attitude” because his half-brother had asked him if he was wearing his (the half-brother’s) t-shirt. They started arguing outside the house. When the half-brother went in to gather his belongings, Hefner followed him then allegedly got him in a rear chokehold, keeping the alleged victim from being able to breathe. The girlfriend told cops that she head Hefner tell his half-brother: “Just die already.” She yelled at them to stop then went outside, not wanting to see what was unfolding.

The two men stopped and cooled off, only to resume their confrontation , which escalated as Hefner allegedly “grabbed him by the shirt and was slamming him into the wall multiple times.” The half-brother says he raised his hands saying “I’m done, this is over,” in an attempt to get away, but then after being slammed against the wall again, remembers losing consciousness and waking up in a pool of his blood. The girlfriend drove him to Florida Hospital Flagler, where he got several stitches to close the wound over the eye.

Copes were unable to locate Hefner that evening. He’d later explain that he’d gone to St. Augustine to cool off. The next day (Wednesday, April 6), Hefner turned himself in at the sheriff’s operations center in Bunnell. He described the confrontation as mutual, with both men having each other in a headlock.

Hefner posted bail on $6,000 bond and was released.


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42 Responses for “Same Accusations, Different Day: Palm Coast Man and Woman Jailed Again on Violent Assaults”

  1. David S says:

    In the P section again.

  2. Ken Dodge says:

    Each should wear a badge saying “Does Not Play Well With Others.”

  3. Outsider says:

    I think I’ve had an epiphany. In every town and city across America, there’s a black hole, the gravity of which only acts on morons and jackasses. They are pulled through the vortex at lightning speed, and dropped smack dab in the middle of Palm Coast.

  4. anonymous says:

    NO, she doesnt play well with others. The p section is really getting worse. Everything i read happened in p section.
    That family got issues. They will probably let her off scott free like judge moore stens seems to do quite frequently. So what the bond was raised but it doesn’t stop a violent person on drugs to stop their attack. That chick tried to attack me a while back. I stay the hell away from those ppl.

  5. woodchuck says:

    Maybe working acouple of jobs would keep what seems bored trash out of trouble.

  6. anonymous says:

    I happen to agree with you outsider.

  7. r&r says:

    Ditto Outsider

  8. Heading North says:

    And the prosecutors and judges will continue to drop or reduce charges, thus allowing these aggressive and violent offenders to stay free in the community!!! What a system!!!

  9. Veteran says:

    Glad we don’t live in P section. Seems to attract crime.

  10. I pooped today says:

    Crime happens everywhere. As well, so do stupid people.. Its not just the “P” section… the only ones you know about are the ones the police get called to deal with.

  11. GT says:

    You can beat someone and not go to jail but don’t get caught smoking pot you’ll do time.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Are there a lot of rental properties on the P-section?

  13. Be. says:

    Wow can it get any worse in palm coast the city is going down hill reel fast. It will be a ghetto soon the judges in this county won’t put this trash away. so we pay the price it’s a shame what used to be a nice place to live Is becoming a crime ridding city. Cause the judges won’t put them away put them away and send a message that this won’t flush here in Flagler

  14. Geezer says:

    You start with a nice neighborhood, then some noticeably crude
    people come in–next thing you know–their friends rent nearby
    and you know how that goes. The area becomes a magnet for
    low-brow people, and devolves into a crime infested area.

    I lived through this scenario in Cypress Knoll, off of East Diamond.

    I had too many windows, three sliders, and felt like a sitting duck.
    My dogs would bark at pre-dawn hours and it was the people across
    fom me walking around laughing out loud getting stoned.
    Car doors slamming, cars burning rubber, you name it.
    These losers were shooting off what sounded like a .22 during the day.
    (after sleeping through most of the day, anyway)

    I had a neighbor who I called “monsieur.” He had his plasma TV carried
    out in broad daylight by two men wearing mover’s t-shirts with a van.
    The crooks jovially waved at passerby. Another homeowner was relieved
    of his extensive (and valuable) coin collection at about that same time frame.
    The guy next to me was being robbed of his swimming pool filter by a thief
    wearing a BoSox Jersey. I took a picture of him after I called FCSO.
    The guy just walked into the back yard like he was doing a pool job.
    He aborted his mission and hopped into his 2000-ish, silver Silverado.

    In my house I feared not so much for me, but for my wife. I got out before
    I got involved in a violent encounter. Believe me, there were a few opportunities.
    This is not what I bargained for when moving here…..

    It’s a shame what’s happened to Palm Coast.

    Ditto me too, Outsider. I feel like we were at the center of the vortex.
    Too bad I couldn’t just click my heels and go to Kansas.

    As far as this article goes: Shannon Cronin is the scary one.
    Could you tell by her photo? I would never have guessed.

  15. Howard Duley says:

    Nothing but the finest citizens move into Palm Coast. I wonder if any of these quality people have jobs?

  16. gene says:

    P section and R section are ruining Palm Coast

  17. anonymous says:

    Shannon Cronin was just arrested on march 14, 2016. For battery domestic violenceagainst her sister. Now, not even 3 weeks and aggrivated battery domestic violence against former bf. Wtf? That judge will let her out. Flagler is so screwed up.

  18. Joe says:

    We all live in the p section..we are one village

  19. dave says:

    Looks pretty normal to me for Palm Coast a once nice town slowly turning into an area of stupid citizens and lax justice. They would rather throw money at a landscape to hide the real Palm Coast and argue about a golf course than fix the crime on this rise in this town.

    Reminds me of this saying on Andy Griffith with deputy Barney Fife saying ‘you got to nip it, nip in the bud ‘. Maybe our police force is only issued one bullet these days and our Justice system is just to scared of doing whats right to those that break the law.

  20. dave says:

    All I know crime is getting worst each month in this town. It would be nice to see action to slow it down instead of lawyers and the justice system letting people walk with a hand slap and then these same people are arrested yet again. Sad. .

  21. anonymous says:

    Joe, im happy for your p section village. You all should play nice together.

  22. anonymous says:

    I can’t believe this judicial system. They actually gave that psycho a bond $10,000. Two open domestic batteries in three weeks and shes out again.

  23. Joe says:

    What are you suggesting Dave? We shoot everyone who breaks the law? People are so stuck in their bubble they don’t realize it’s not just your lil town that is seeing more crime, it’s the world. Prisons and jails are full of non violent drug offenders so there is no room left, we need to rehabilitate not incarcerate

  24. Anonymous says:

    If it takes a village, Joe, what are the people in the P-section doing to try to help one another out? What do you think they can or should be doing? Otherwise, what do you expect other people to do or think? I know too many people who are chomping at the bit to leave Palm Coast, and this is one big reason why. What do YOU suggest we do to save our town?

  25. wow really says:

    Oh dear God, Help us all.

  26. Outsider says:

    Anonymous, regarding rental properties in Palm Coast, there are rentals scattered throughout Palm Coast, thanks to the multi-family zoning dreamed up and instituted by the city’s founders who were obviously proponents of “affordable housing” right in the middle of your neighborhood. Now, I am not trashing all renters; I was one myself and have one rental property and have great tenants who keep the place as nice as I did. Regardless, there is no escaping the reality that “pride of ownership” is not just a theory. My first house was in the “Bunker” section of Palm Coast, and it was great when just a few people lived there, but in later years the cocaine dealers moved into the duplexes. My next house was just a short distance away from the shooting on London Drive. Each time we made an investment, the place went to hell within a few years and the city helped create that. We moved out to the country in 2009, and, like Geezer, never looked back, nor will we consider moving back, unless they institute affordable housing in the Hammock Dunes, in which case I will be first on the list, and it better damned we’ll be oceanfront before I hand over my government check!

  27. Joe says:

    Anonymous, people need to get out on the street, meet your neighbors, walk in other neightborhoods, meet your palm coast community, start a outreach program for the young, volunteer, lead by example, spend some time with the troubled youth who have started down the wrong path, show love in every way possible and keep the negative out, this is all our world and you can’t just cast aside the ones who are having trouble, we are all family .you can’t just run n hide out in the country. it will most definitely reach all corners or this world. When people want to run from the problems cuz it’s bad for their investments, they have a problem.

  28. confidential says:

    I still believe that digging our heels and confronting/addressing our problems neighbors in a consistent way and with the collaboration of law enforcement and code enforcement works! Voila one’s neighborhood street then becomes peaceful, neat and safe.
    The problem is no one wants to be a snitch, because takes guts to be one.

  29. confidential says:

    These two need rehab and mental treatment. Not available because we have to spend our taxes policing the world.

  30. Maiden says:

    no garlic knots?

  31. Anonymous says:

    All good ideas, Joe, but the problems run deeper than that. I think they require intensive intervention at a young age. The people above would not be deterred by “meeting with their neighbors.” Their problems run deep within them and, since they are adults, they need to be made aware of having two basic choices: Either you take a good long look at yourself and admit that there is cause and effect between your behavior and the consequences that result. If you don’t or won’t, you will end up in jail because other people do not deserve to pay the ultimate price for problems you refuse to admit to and/or get help to get under control. If you do want to change your life for the better, take advantage of whatever help is available to you, including intensive counseling, medications (Legitimate medications that, alas won’t get you high), behavioral modification and physical intervention if there is an organic issue, vocational training and whatever else you need that might be out there for you. It won’t be easy…but, if you want to retain your freedom and a chance for a better life, it’s worth it–Just take care to make good use of your supports and take it one day at a time.

  32. Sherry says:

    Thanks Joe. . . you are right on!

    If people in our society continue to be fearful and bigoted, and then stand back and disparage one another, a world of fear and hatred will prevail. It’s already beginning. . . with the obsession of some people who feel the need to be armed with AK47s!

    We need to get back to knowing, accepting and assisting our neighbors. . . spread the LOVE instead of HATE!

    Our government needs to be focused on rehabilitation and mental health treatment instead of just incarceration. Our courts need to step up and stop repeat offenders by requiring them to be removed from society until they are able to live in it in a peaceful and healthy way. Don’t just incarcerate. . . REHABILITATE!

  33. Richard S. says:

    Where are their parents?

    Raised as spoiled brats?

    No discipline?

    Are they exactly like their parents?

  34. anonymous says:

    I would have to call this karma and its a bitch and always comes back to bite u. Your never totally free on constantly doing the wrong thing. Its all going to hit those that deserve it.

  35. Reformed says:

    Spewing oppression and negativity will only bring more hardship.
    Plam coast caters to the elderly . The youth are extremely limited and act out with drugs and crimes.
    We need proactive solutions not this mindless pointing of the fingers.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Jeez you people would never make it in a city, mind your business and confront a problem when it occurs . All the kids around here are some wanna be thugs who will eventually get sent to state prison and get what they’ve needed all along

  37. anonymous says:

    Richard s. They were raised by grandparents. They have both died.
    The house is in probate court. Then it will be time to move. No more free rent and utilities.
    Parents died long time ago. Ppl say they were trouble since elementary school.

  38. anonymous says:

    Palm coast is not all that. Everyone is sadly mistaken. This place may look beautiful but its got a lot of crime and drugs. It just constantly continues. Same ppl in and out.

  39. Joe says:

    Everywhere is crime n drugs, every city in every corner of this beautiful country, u can not out run it, u can’t hide out in the country, like most everything in life ,the more u ignore it the worse it gets

  40. anonymous says:

    I take care of me, and my family. I help my neighbors. I do vunteer work. No one has had it easy joe. But, we all make choices as to how we are going to choose our destiny.

  41. anonymous says:

    Joe, i agree that there are drugs and crime everywhere. I come from a city. Its way different. Ppl of all races and everyone minds their own business besides helping neighbors and friends.
    We have a new election hopefully, the new mayor, sheriff, council members, etcwill care more about palm coast instead of their pockets and run this place appropriately.

  42. Chelsey hefner says:

    Wow you you people don’t know anything Shane’s family has lived here since the 70s. So this isn’t trash coming to your town. he also does work 7 days a week since he was 15. he actually raised his brother and that’s what the fight was about his brother going to the beach and not going to find work. Him and his brother started wrestling around and his brother hit his head on the tile floor that’s why he was not convicted only arrested. Because an arrest doesn’t mean you’re guilty and the thing with the bartender she said he threw a glass at her Witnesses said in court that that never happened so that was also thrown out so before you all slander somebody no what actually happened that’s what are courts are for. Remember innocent until proven guilty

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