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19-Year-Old Palm Coast Man Accused of Raping Underage Girl Passed Out at a Party

| April 27, 2015

william demetrious kitts allegation of rape

William Kitts, 19, is accused of raping an underage girl at a house party in Palm Coast’s U Section in mid-April.

Update: On January 21, 2016, the charge against William Kitts was changed to aggravated child abuse, a third-degree felony, in a plea agreement that entailed a pre-trial intervention.

William Demetrious Kitts, a 19-year-old resident of 34 Pine Ash Lane in Palm Coast, was at the Flagler County jail on $50,000 bond this weekend, facing a charge of raping an underage girl who was partly passed out at a party a Friday night in mid-April.

The girl and a friend of hers were at a large house party at 337 Underwood Trail in Palm Coast on April 17 starting at 6:45 that evening. There, according to the girl, she consumed large quantities of alcohol including beer, mixed drinks and seven to nine shots of vodka. Her friends described her as extremely intoxicated. The girl got sick and passed out in the backyard. Her friends helped her to a bedroom to sleep for the rest of the night. The alleged incidents she then described took place after midnight, in the early hours of Saturday.

The girl’s age is not specified—only that she is older than 12 but younger than 18. She knew Kitts. In her account of what happened next, as reported in Kitts’s charging affidavit, she says she “half woke up” and noticed Kitts, whom she referred to as a friend, in the room, though when she wakes up he turned her back on her. She then noticed her pants—unbuttoned. She buttoned them back up then passed out again.

“The next memory the victim recalls is feeling hands on her shoulders and being penetrated in her vagina,” the affidavit states. The victim says she could not speak and can only describe herself as ‘in and out of consciousness.’ The victim thinks she passed back out and when she woke up the defendant was gone.” Her pants were unbuttoned again. She concluded that Kitts had had sex with her.

She got out of bed, left the room, found the friend she’d come to the party with and looked for Kitts. When she found him, she screamed at him and struck him in the face, according to his arrest report. She left the house at about 8:30 the next morning.

In her account to police, the girl the victim had gone to the party with said she checked on her friend in the bedroom several times, but at one point found the door to the bedroom locked. She banged on the door then managed to get it opened, only to find Kitts with the alleged victim. The friend tried to get Kitts to leave. He wouldn’t, insisting that he needed to sleep: he was under the covers, next to the victim. When her friend pulled the blankets, she saw that they both had clothes on.

The victim’s friend eventually left the room and sat on a couch nearby until, a short time later, her friend approached her and said she thought Kitts “just had sex with me.” When the victim’s friend confronted Kitts, he told her that he hadn’t—that he’d just “fingered her.”

The following day, the victim received several texts from Kitts, and Sunday Kitts sent several texts to the victim’s friend. The messages were included in the arrest report, but redacted. (Self-incriminating statements may be exempt from public record disclosure.) Kitts provided a statement to detectives recalling the events of that night. The details are redacted. But Kitts. according to the arrest report, said he did lower the girl’s pants and have intercourse with her.

Circuit Judge J. David Walsh signed a warrant for Kitts’s arrest. Flagler County Sheriff’s Office corrections deputy William Grant, completed the charging affidavit late Friday afternoon. By Monday, Kitts had posted bail on $50,000 bond and was released.

23 Responses for “19-Year-Old Palm Coast Man Accused of Raping Underage Girl Passed Out at a Party”

  1. ^ that was an iffy story homeboi.

  2. Hanna Snead says:

    are you insinuating the girl is lying?

  3. Who’s the girl? An how old? I’m just saying it’s prolly not as foul as it seemed. But regardless under aged is under aged.

  4. Hanna Snead says:

    “The details are redacted. But Kitts according to the arrest report, said he did lower the girl’s pants and have intercourse with her”

  5. Hanna Snead says:

    any man that had any respect or morality whatsoever would know having sex with a half conscious drunk girl is rape

  6. Wtf this is the forth or fifth time something has happened

  7. Hanna Snead says:

    and if u do engage in sexual activity with a girl who is clearly too drunk to speak or react – you are a rapist

  8. Megan Rizzo says:

    Are you kidding me Douglas? You think it’s ok to take advantage of someone’s whose had too much to drink???? He admitted to pulling her pants down and penetrating the poor girl, did you read the same article as me? Do you have a sister, or girlfriend ? Imagine this happening to them…would it be ok then?

  9. There’s always more to a story is all. Whenever anyone is charged with anything it’s always pushed super negative.

  10. Toni Derry says:

    First off why & how the hell is a child between the ages of 12-18 intoxicated at all?!? Family party or house party that makes no sense. I know kids do it just like they do all other kids of stupid stuff but that’s just crazy to me. Where are the parents or the legal aged people at this party? And that kid… Forget it. Don’t even get me started on that POS. Cause admitting to raping someone isn’t gonna play out right homie.. People don’t like rapist.

  11. tomc says:

    RELEASED! Another thug back on the streets. This is one of the reasons why so many County residents carry weapons.

  12. Stacy says:

    Wow.. just wow.

  13. No one said it was ok. I’m not agreeing to any of this ladies and gents. Just would like more information. An regardless he shouldn’t be trying under aged girls anyways

  14. Hanna Snead says:

    it’s not about you thinking its “ok” it’s about you immediately questioning the credibility of the victim and taking away from the fact that this dude in some way admitted he raped her???? what more information do u need it should be enough that she remembered it but he also said he did it

  15. Sandra Reynolds says:

    It is amazing she did not die from all that alcohol.

  16. Scott Scott says:

    Where were the adults/parents allowing alcohol to be served to minors? Who purchased the alcohol? Someone needs to be held responsible for allowing minors to consume alcohol… nothing good can come when those two variables are combined.

    And… in this country everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Let the authorities sort through the evidence and the truth will tell the story.

  17. m&m says:

    Out of all the posta the one from Tonic is the only that makes sense.

  18. ItsTheFactsJack says:

    Is the Sheriff’s Department investigating who served alcohol to the underage kids?

  19. Anita says:

    Granted, those of us with sons must, as part of their education, impress upon them that having sexual relations with alcohol or any way impaired young women of any age is illegal, immoral and totally unacceptable in this society and we can only hope that they will recall our admonition in the midst of their own fog of testosterone and intoxication. That said, those of us with daughters must impress upon them that having a vagina means that you don’t leave it around carelessly to be plundered by some horny young man. As Sandy Reynolds pointed out, she’s damned lucky she’s not dead of alcohol poisoning from the amount she consumed, and I wondered if we’re realistically teaching our girls that you cannot assume that the sanctity of your body or your wishes will be honored by a stranger, just because the law says “stop!’ means ‘stop!”.

  20. A.S.F. says:

    It would be biologically very unusual for a person (especially a person of small stature) to consume that much alcohol and stay in any state of consciousness without having built up some sort of tolerance to alcohol. Most people learn to “tolerate” larger amounts of alcohol over a period of time where alcohol has been regularly consumed or consumed in “binge” amounts. I hope this is not the case with this young girl. If there is any possibility that this may be true, I hope she will not only get justice for the crime allegedly perpetrated against her and professional help to deal with the trauma of the event, but also possibly, counseling for any substance abuse issue she may have that might continue to put her at risk–or that might be further accelerated by her trauma. My fervent wishes go out to this young victim that she may receive all the positive support she needs to heal.

  21. Chuck says:

    Whats wrong with kids today? You never leave a friend alone to sleep it off. Thats party 101.

  22. Khory Del says:

    Im went to school at one point with him an He didnt seem like a bad guy but either way a dude should know better about that,Douglas is right tho there is two sides to the coin an its quite immature to react on only one, something else could have happened and the police didnt say anything about his side. Though that could be what really happened, most of Humanity’s fatal reactions are failure to acquire a look at both sides of the situation. I just try an glimpse the whole picture before i start running my tongue. Im just lookin at this from a neutral perspective like i said i mean either way dude was in the wrong but she coulda have woken up an d said an done things she didnt remember, beer mixed drinks an 7 shots of vodka with an untrained tolerance will cause anyone to blackout, myself personally had a moment where i blackout out and was running down the streets possibly streaking an the only thing i remembered was waking up in a ditch. So she coulda have said or provoked something and him being drunk acted without clearly thinking, or he could have raped her and she was really passed out but its about ignorant to look at one side.

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