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Off-Duty Deputy Witnesses Armed Robbery at Palm Coast CVS, But Suspect Gets Away

| April 27, 2015

cvs armed robbery

The CVS on Palm Coast Parkway, near Belle Terre, was the target of an alleged armed robbery Sunday afternoon.

An off-duty Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy was standing in line for the cashier behind a man at the Palm Coast CVS on Palm Coast Parkway Sunday afternoon when the man, claiming he had a gun, asked the clerk to put all the money in a bag. He got $120 and a bag of Jolly Ranchers.

“The off-duty deputy followed the male out of the store and called 911 while giving updated locations of the male and describing the vehicle that the male was trying to get into,” a police report states. The armed robbery suspect did not get into the car. Rather, when the suspect noticed that he was being followed, he ran across the parking lot and got away.

A perimeter was established and a K-9 unit brought in for the search, but it turned up no one.

Alyssa Terpenny

Alyssa Terpenny

Alyssa Terpenny, a 28-year-old resident of 23 Wood Amber Lane, who was on probation for theft, was located in the vehicle, which was parked behind Station 21, the Palm Coast fire station. She complied with all verbal commands during a “high-risk traffic stop,” according to an incident report. She was found to be driving without a license and to have violated probation. She was arrested, and remained at the Flagler County Jail Monday.

Detectives reached by phone a second individual suspected of having been involved in the robbery, and interviewed him or her, but like Terpenny, denied being involved. The incident report on the robbery is heavily redacted, with the deputy’s name also and inexplicably redacted, along with the identifying information of the vehicle, even though it has been impounded at Roger’s Towing.

No one was injured in the incident.

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32 Responses for “Off-Duty Deputy Witnesses Armed Robbery at Palm Coast CVS, But Suspect Gets Away”

  1. They need to charge her with something else she has been doing in the neighborhood

  2. Eileen Trinkle says:

    I would have shot him in the ass, then called 911, but that’s just me.

  3. WWWHHHAAAT??? says:

    Unless the Deputy is a narc and didn’t want to blow his cover that is a strange story. One thing the article didn’t say was whether Terpenny knew the guys identity? Not being involved doesn’t mean she didn’t know him.

  4. YankeeExPat says:

    Is it coincidence or just bad planning, but why is that every Walgreens and CVS have a direct route (getaway) to Interstate 95 either south or north?

  5. NOT says:

    Ah……Palm Coast the city of Peace and Quiet !!!!!

  6. Wow just wow.. Aren’t they trained for situations like this? Or is it because he was off duty..

  7. let’s not blame an off duty deputy because a store was robbed….

  8. We weren’t there and only know what was reported. Not everyone who has a concealed weapons permit or is an off duty cop carries. Plus off duty cops don’t wear their bullet proof vest either. Cops aren’t superman. They are trained to deal with situations but if they don’t have the proper equipment are no different then the rest of us.

  9. Jon Rimer says:

    That’s just straight stupid on her part. Really $120 bucks and a bag of Jelly Ranchers. You be better off robbing 1 of the 20,000 banks we have in PC.

  10. Freddy says:

    The robber claimed he had a gun but did not show one and the deputy behind him probably was not carrying one off duty or he could have effected an arrest and closed the case.

  11. do people really need to be shot with a gun for $120.00 and a bag of jolly rogers? Take a gun safety class and they tell you about ” priorities” I am sure the off duty deputy has taken that class….

  12. Flatsflyer says:

    Makes me feel real secure and safe, don’t most LEO’s carry a concealed weapon when off duty. What was his problem, did he know the “Perp” and didn’t want to get involved and why all of the redactions. Cover up’s are becoming very common in Ferguson and Palm Coast.

  13. tomc says:

    Pathetic! The deputy’s right to take his squad car home should be terminated, and he should be suspended for a few days.

  14. getwithit says:

    Give these people jobs so they don’t have to resort to this criminal activity.

  15. blondee says:

    “Give” these people jobs??? How about getting an education and EARNING a job?

  16. jack says:

    And this is the deputys fault how????

  17. Jim says:


    • Ray Thorne says:

      ….but we’ll just be building this new 400 bed jail building. There’s absolutely no reason for concern…go about your lives as normal.

  18. retired says:

    I was told it was an off duty detention deputy. Therefore he can’t carry off duty. I am not sure where the cover up exists. I also believe that if he did have a take home car and used it to go to CVS the scumbag probably would have gone somewhere else or not done it at all.

  19. Amazed says:

    The Flagler county sheriffs office is more concerned about speeding tickets and speeding traps and then catching criminals that’s why it’s so easy to get away from them on or off duty. Remember that guy in the Intergra Woods section the entire swat team set up to catch at his house well you got away by climbing out the back window (I guess nobody thought of that one) I guess if you take the radar gun away from them they’re pretty much useless . No offense but wearing uniforms two sizes too small and getting flat top haircuts every other day not really qualify you to be Real cops.

  20. SJ says:

    First off, you guys are assuming way too much…TomC, do you know the facts behind the story to automatically say his squad car should be taken away from him and that he should be suspended..Law enforcement officers are normal everyday people, they don’t always wear their vest and sometimes leave home without their gun…do you have a family that sometimes in the middle of dinner or cleaning, you have to run out to get run out really quick and sometimes forget things…this may have been the case in this…SO BEFORE YOU GUYS JUDGE OR DOWN TALK THE GUYS IN GREEN….GET ALL YOUR FACTS!!! They cannot post everything on here so the story does sound messed up but only the deputy involved and the ones who worked this case truly knows what really happened! This doesn’t sound like a cover up to me but someone who thought before they acted..maybe he didn’t have his gun, maybe there were too many people in the store to shoot the suspect…WHO KNOWS WHAT THE TRUE STORY IS BUT SO MANY ARE QUICK TO BAD MOUTH AND JUDGE everything they read!

  21. Donna Heiss says:

    Where any of you there? How many customers were in CVS at the time? Would their lives have been put in danger if the LEO announced himself? Would there have been a shoot out?

    C’mon people, common sense here please. If you weren’t there, you have no clue.

  22. Palmcoastresident says:

    Maybe its time we allow store employees at grocery stores, gas stations, banks, CVS and so on to carry guns……If you choose to rob a person…you deserve to be shot……..with what is going on in this country right now, police are scared to do anything.

  23. Charles "Bub" Robson says:

    Unless its an internal NO-NO all active and retired LEO’S can carry firearms in every state at any time. The days of wine and roses are over in Flagler County, It is time to lock and load. After 20 plus years as an LEO in Flagler County, its not the GOOD OLE DAYS any more.

  24. Doc Holliday says:

    If he had shot him he would gotten flack for it, but instead he did the safest thing. No one was hurt and thank god for that!!! It’s sad that our boys and girls in the SO just cant catch a break.

  25. SW says:

    Its all over for our quiet little Town. Take a look around. Drug dealers at Publix, Drug delivery in E section, Robbery, theft,rape etc…Dirt bags have arrived Do something now or forever regret it

  26. Heading North says:

    I too am a veteran LEO, having served for 10 years in New York and 28 years in Florida, of which 24 were in Flagler County. I served with FHP, and FCSO both. I carried an off duty weapon EVERYWHERE I went. I will not second guess any officer, retired or active, but I do think those who are QUALIFIED should be armed. Today’s society is not what it was years ago, and we should be prepared to defend ourselves, our families, and all innocent persons around us at any given time. I no longer live in Florida because family health issues demanded I return to NY. I qualify with a weapon every year here as required by HR218 rules, and I carry my weapon no matter where I go. Mr. Robson “Bub” was correct!!!
    Wishing all of Flagler citizens well as always!

  27. Footballen says:

    Not claiming to have any inside information here but here is a scenario for all of you who are gasping that the “Deputy” didn’t take action. What if the off duty deputy mentioned was not a sworn law enforcement officer per say and only works in the jail. Those guys aren’t issued firearms and they are not trained to handle situations like that. If a “deputy Jailer” were to have attempted to play cop and things went wrong and he/she or some citizen got hurt or killed then everyone would join the thugs in Baltimore and burn the city to the ground.

  28. NortonSmitty says:

    So you people want the Deputy to pull a gun, forcing the Robber to pull his, and have a shootout in the checkout line of a crowded drug store over $120 of CVS money? Wow.

  29. Pat says:

    I saw both suspects while going into the auto parts store. Gave the police a description of vehicle. Looked awful suspicious going into CVS while wearing a hoodie. I can say that the mug shot looks like the driver to me. The perp hid his face while I was driving up. She knows who he is because she let him out of the truck. You can bet drugs were certainly the reason for the robbery. Just my opinion.

  30. GM2 says:

    Lets not make such hasty judgements without the facts. So the perp “claimed to have a gun”. Supposed he was shot by a deputy (off-duty or not) and it turned out that he was actually unarmed? We don’t need another Ferguson here in Palm Coast. In my humble opinion, common sense prevailed in this instance.

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