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FHP Launches “Operation Race to Safety” on I-95, Targeting Aggressive Drivers

| February 19, 2015

They'll be watching.

They’ll be watching.

Coinciding with races and the traffic they bring at the International Speedway, Florida Highway Patrol troopers will be conducting Operation Race to Safety between Thursday, February 19 and Sunday February 22, 2015, starting at 10:00 a.m. and concluding at 7:00 p.m. This detail will focus on aggressive traffic enforcement on Interstate 95 in Nassau, Duval, Saint Johns and Flagler Counties.

The objective of Operation Race to Safety, FHP said in a release, is to reduce crashes, enhance visibility and save lives by taking aggressive traffic enforcement measures for all moving violations but with an with an emphasis on proper use of seatbelts and child restraints, on speed, the move over law (which requires drivers to move over one lane when law enforcement or utility vehicles are parked in the emergency lane), aggressive driving and following too closely.

Drivers and passengers using the Interstate are asked to report impaired drivers and aggressive drivers to the nearest law enforcement agency and to give the following information:

1. Where the vehicle was spotted and in which direction it was traveling.
2. A description of the vehicle: its color, make and model.
3. A description of the driver: sex, race, etc.
4. The vehicle license number and state.

Cellular telephone users may dial *FHP (*347) to reach the nearest Florida Highway Patrol Communications Center. This is a free call to the user and is a courtesy of the cellular companies in Florida. Cellular callers should continue to dial 911 for emergency medical or fire rescue assistance.

Aggressive proactive law enforcement is one part of FHP’s extensive enforcement plan to enhance safe travel for the citizens and the visitors to Florida, FHP said.

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20 Responses for “FHP Launches “Operation Race to Safety” on I-95, Targeting Aggressive Drivers”

  1. Lancer says:

    Better idea, FHP…target slow drivers, in the left lanes, who fail to get over to let faster vehicles pass!

    The slow drivers who don’t understand the simple rule,”The left lane is for passing and the right lane is for driving” are far more dangerous, generally speaking, than the average driver.

    • chas does says:

      You are 100% correct

      • rst says:

        I agree with both of you. Many patrol agencies have lost focus on their “real” mission: that of public service. “Targeting” drivers may seem like a good cause, but we all know the real truths: officers will patrol until they “satisfy” their supervisors and then go elsewhere until called for service, and from the management side: does’ the word “ruse” mean anything to you? I’ve seen it; every time they “say” they’re increasing patrols, they seem to be the same amount, or fewer of them. To them (management) it’s all a numbers game…

    • YankeeExPat says:

      ”The left lane is for passing and the right lane is for driving” ………absolutely correct! , but drivers need to make sure they merge back into the right lane after passing. No one should be cruising in the left lane especially those pulling trailers.

    • anon says:

      I agree 100% they are the dangerous ones!

    • SW says:

      better idea! if the speed limit says 70mph its not your cue to do 85mph in left lane in my trunk when I pass. Its not fast/slow drivers. Its the difference in speed that puts cars driven by impatient reckless people in accidents. That is why folks die. Stop risking yours, mine and other peoples families lives.

  2. PeachesMcGee says:

    There is a law in place for slow left lane drivers, but they must be driving below the posted speed limit.

  3. Heading North says:

    And at any given time there is only ONE trooper in Flagler county! Not to mention the “midnight” shift, which is actually 11pm to 7 am there is normally ONE trooper to cover Flagler, Putnam and St. John’s counties!!!
    Trust me, I WAS that trooper on many occasions . I always get a chuckle when the FHP public relations officer tells the press “all available troopers will be out for this enforcement action” !! What a joke!!
    All available troopers??? You must mean the single trooper in Flagler County!
    As always, my regards to all my good friends in Flagler, I miss all, but not enough to move back!!!!

  4. boomer says:

    OBEY the speed limit, plain and simple. how hard is that to understand…the sign says speed limit for a reason.

  5. David S. says:

    Great Point to Heading North. Can some one explain to me why they don;t hire more FHP to patrol these county’s you never see any out on 95 except if there’s an accident.

  6. TaintedMeat says:

    Aggressiveness is worse than speeding 5-10 miles over the posted speed limit on the highway. Someone tailgating where you can no longer see their headlights in the review mirror is very dangerous. People that are intoxicated, distracted by cell phones, people eating, people applying makeup, etc., puts everyone else around them at risk. I’m sorry, but this applies to Law Enforcement as well. I see many driving with one hand on the steering wheel and another on their laptop, with their head turned toward the laptop. No one is immune to causing an accident when distracted, regardless of how much training one may have.

  7. Lancer says:

    The “just go the speed limit” argument doesn’t work…and here’s why:

    People don’t. They never have and they never will.

    So…here’s the solution: Get in the right lane and let them go by. It’s not your job to regulate traffic by getting in the left lane…you then, are causing the unsafe environment. Feel free to drive the speed limit and complain about the speed others go…but, in the right lane.

    Law enforcement will catch those they deem to be driving at unsafe speeds…that’s their job.

    • ryan says:

      thank you, Lancer. It is wrong when people get over to the left lane and drive next to a semi truck, and refuse to move over. I see it all the time on the way to school. I drive normally, but I am sick of people blocking the left lane and slamming their brakes on someone, then causing a wreck, while making me and other courteous normal drivers late for school or dinner because they have to prove a point. just move over and don’t be an inconsiderate ass because you think you have a right. be considerate like the rest of us.

    • melinda guillory says:

      Probably the best comment on this article, drivers need to pay attention to what is ahead and behind them at all times.I have actually pulled over into the emergency lane as traffic slowed to avoid being rear ended, the other driver was glad I did also……

      Impeding traffic with not being aware of what is behind you can cost you you’re life without you knowing what hit you……we all know that some drivers drive entirely too fast and some too slow so stay alert and drive defensively not aggressively……It could be the deciding difference on arriving at your destination alive…..

      M Guillory

  8. The Truth says:

    Can any one here tell me where is the law written that says the left lane is for passing? There is none, at least in Florida. All lanes are for passing as long as it is done SAFELY. If I am already going over the speed limit I am not speeding up and moving over as if you are more important than me. And back off. We are all already doing 70+ mph. Why do you have to be 20 feet off my bumper? I do not trust your brakes or reflexes that much. You can still be doing 70 mph if you are 200 feet off my bumper.

    • Ken Dodge says:

      The left-lane provision is part of the 226-page House Bill 7125. It states that drivers on any road with two or more lanes in the same direction may not drive more than 10 mph slower than the posted speed limit in the left lane if they know they are being overtaken. It does not apply to drivers preparing for a left turn at an intersection.

      The minimum speed limit on all national highways is 50 mph when the posted speed limit is 70 mph, according to the Highway Patrol, and doing so is a moving violation that also can net a driver a ticket. But the latest slow speed left-lane provision means more troopers will be looking for slowpokes as well as speeders.

    • Eric Winbigler says:


      You will move over!!! Regardless of the speed of the vehicle behind you, you have a greater chance of causing an accident by bunching traffic up behind you than by just getting over and letting them pass. I you can’t over take a vehicle in a reasonable amount of time, you have no business being in the left hand lane. There is a law for people who abuse the left hand lane. “It’s called impeding the flow of traffic”. And I have cited motorists for violating that law. Better than half of the motor vehicle crashes I have investigated on the interstate involve in one way shape or form someone who was camped out in the left hand lane and impeding the passing of traffic.

    • rst says:

      Response to “The Truth says”: The sign says: slower traffic keep right…

  9. David S. says:

    If any of you have driven in the big towns in fla ,Jacksonville,Orlando,Weat Palm etc… either you go 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit or you will get run over ,stay out of the left lane unless its necessary to do so.

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